IHSC Chapter 20

Chapter 20

Maybe because of the bundle of hair that Wen Feng Jin dreamt of the past. 

Cloaked in red with a beautiful yet icy appearance, Wen Feng Jin hovered above and looked at the little boy watching his father being paraded through the street to the beheading ground. Once the prince regent of the Northern Empire, assisting the king to his throne and regarded as the incarnation of a god amongst the people, now was charged with the crime of colluding with an enemy state….

“His Majesty decreed, the son of the guilty minister will be sent to Xuan Feng Academy. However, the next three generations shall not be given any status…”

A groundless yet ironclad proof of the regent’s crimes was pinned on the several hundred people residing in the regent estate. The storytellers spread the words with indignation and the public who wanted to carve his father’s name on a monument now swore at him as a traitorous dog.

They praised the emperor for his benevolence in leaving the dog a descendant to light his incense stick.

But was that mercy or malice…

Leaving a four-year-old boy to watch his family beheaded one by one?

And what kind of mercy was it to send the boy to Xuan Feng Academy where one could learn all the knowledge but would never be able to excel for three generations.

Wen Feng Jin looked at the four-year-old boy that could only cry when watching his parents being cut under the rise and fall of the blade as the crowd cheered and threw dirty things at him.

Later, the despised child was sent to Xuan Feng Academy deep in the mountains.

A place for academics achievement? The four-year-old was called a traitor the very first day. Someone pressed him down and tried to push his head into the latrine. A group of students not much older than him was clapping and laughing.

“Make him drink! Hahaha make him drink! Look at his eyes. How can humans have such eyes?!”

“That’s why he’s the traitorous dog’s son hahaha….”

And that was how the young child lived for half a year. His bed was always splashed with dirty water or something else. His food was always knocked over and the teachers would always punish him to stand outside the classroom during lectures. But the skinny and dirty child still attached his ears to the wall to secretly learn….

And when he was caught, it was punishment with a bamboo stick….


Black hair drifting like a waterfall, Wen Feng Jin watched the scene without any emotion, not even a trace of anger. The child lived a stumbling life until the age of seven. When he went to the back mountain secretly to collect wild fruits to fill his stomach, he saw the dean and their Da Shixiong.

This Shixiong the child had only seen once because he did not study in the same group.

But their Shixiong was gentle as jade and even at such a young age, he had the reputation of being an unrivaled gentleman. The person was always carrying a smile and wearing robes of sky blue like a cloud floating along the mountainside.

When they first met, Little Feng Jin was blushing for a long time.

He heard the dean said: “How is the plan coming?”

Da Shixiong smirked: “It’s already been three years. That child is quite lucky. But I’ve already instructed the other children and teachers. Mentor, you can rest assured. He will never be better nor will he ever rise above.”


Watching this scene, the adult Feng Jin gazed at the smiling Mian Deng with a look of disgust. An unexplainable sneer appeared in his face.

Since then, the small little Feng Jin turned cruel and isolated. He was no longer tolerant and would retaliate even if it would cost him an arm and a leg!

And then a year later, he once again met the ‘jade-like gentleman’ Da Shixiong.

It was under the newly planted ginkgo tree that he saw Da Shixiong sitting on the stone stool, smiling as he admired the tree. And when he turned around and saw him, there was a dumbfounded look on his face….

The wind rose and the long black hair and light blue clothes fluttered gently. There was a radiant smile on the handsome face and an untainted sparkle in the pair of clear eyes. This time, he was not like the clouds on the mountainside but like the wind after the rain.

Witnessing the whole scene, the red mark between Wen Feng Jin’s brows glowed brilliantly and the indifference in his eyes and face was swept away. He raised his hand and nostalgically wanted to touch the lighthearted youth….

Shixiong said: “Little one, who are you….”

The child clenched his fist and glared at him with the eyes of a wolf cub: “Don’t you already know who I am?”

He was stumped and there was a little embarrassment on his face: “Ah….ha, there are so many children in this place, er, isn’t it normal for me not to remember? Let’s get to know each other one more time. I’m Mian Deng. What about you? What’s your name…..”

After asking, he then stood up and under the child’s guarded look, bent forward. The smell of pinewood engulfed the surrounding air as he put his hand on the child’s head and rubbed with a bright smile.

“I did hear they were saying that there’s a child in the outer court who has very peculiar eyes.”

Little Feng Jin slapped his hand away heatedly. He covered his eyes in shame and abasement but in the next second, his hand was pulled back. In front of him was the person who had been the root of his nightmares for three years. But now he seemed to have changed into someone else. He said: “What a pair of unusual pupils….”

“Throughout history, many outstanding figures had things that were different from ordinary people.”

“You will definitely be an exceptional person in the future….”

Maybe the sun was too dazzling that day, maybe the air was too fresh, or maybe that person’s smile was overly gentle….

“Come on~ tell me your name one more time. This time I will never forget.”

Little Feng Jin was stunned for a long time. The red-robed adult Feng Jin stood behind him and smiled.

In unison they said: “Mian Deng Shixiong, you remember well, my name is Wen Fen Jin…..”

And with that, a special person fell into a dark abyss and at the bottom, he found a child named Wen Feng Jin and became the eternal light in his heart.

There is a person who resides my heart.

He likes people who can smile, so I often smiled.

He likes people who are kind, so I mastered my disguise to become one.

He likes people who are strong, so I put on my armor.

He likes people who are righteous, so I stripped off my wolf skin and replaced it with that of a pure lamb.

But I was born to drink blood and eat meat, so I could only cover his eyes with lies, time and time again, to experience the warmth of being loved by him.

I’ve never pitied myself. I’m very blissful. I love him, but the lies will one day be torn down.

So I did everything, regardless of means, even if the light will be stained with dirt, I will still want to firmly imprison it in my heart.

Wen Feng Jin woke and turned to look at the person beside him. His white skin was firm and a radiant line could be drawn from the smooth forehead to the tip of his nose, giving his face a soft delicate look. His closed eyes were covered with thick and curly eyelashes.

A pair of tender lips whispered: “Mian Deng, it’s already a new day on earth.”

From the moment you opened your eyes and disconcertingly said that your name was Wang Xiao Mie with pristine eyes; when you called me Feng Jin as I requested, it was then that I knew.

You have returned….

Wen Feng Jin lowered his head and held on to the person’s lips with extreme care as if it was a melting treasure until the act woke the sleeping person.

Wang Xiao Mie agitatedly opened his eyelids with some difficulty.

“Uhm…. what are you doing! Trying to seduce me into a dream!?”

“Mian Deng.”


“I want it.”


Wang Xiao Mie with a wooden face: Want what? Do you want to die?

What the hell is an undead like you thinking?!

But Wen Feng Jin glued to him tightly. There was a new expression on his face. It was neither psychotic nor gentle but like a cat putting aside its ego and trying to please its master for the first time. Other than rubbing his body close, he was also silently grabbing at his clothes.

Can’t you at least meow.

Furthermore, I don’t think you’re a cat, more like a big wolf!

Why does it seem like the boss has gained another personality?! Could it be that I’ve slept for another year?!

And can’t you read the mood? I was giving you the cold shoulder before I slept!

Wang Xiao Mie’s hand and feet struggled to press down his clothes that were being messed up by Wen Feng Jin.

“Did I miss an episode or you had deliberately fast forward?! Stop pulling damn it! I know you’re a beast that loves your shixiong Mian Deng! I’m Wang Xiao Mie! This geek refuses to be oppressed— if you keep this up I will scream!”

“I refuse to be a stand-in!” Wang Xiao Dumpling was having his leaves stripped off as he made one last roar for his integrity!

But it was of no use…

The undead big dumpling remained uncooperative and continued with his birds and bees thoughts. There was no expression on his face but his eyes were filled with sparkling stars as he devoted himself to removing the dumpling’s wrapping.

And at the moment he was bitten, Wang Xiao Mie raised his hand and with a pa hit him hard in the face.

His clothes were disarray, his face showed anger, and his fist clenched tightly. 

“You’re a big liar! You said you can accept us starting from the beginning but the one you miss when looking at me is your Shixiong!”

“Wen Feng Jin, you clear your head and decide who I am!”

Wang Xiao Mie did not want to be unreasonable but he was firm about this. If Wen Feng Jin could accept this entirely new him, then he was willing to start afresh with him. But if the other party was only looking for the Mian Deng from his past using his body, then he could not allow that!

We men have dignities too you know!

I would rather starve to death than pick up what others have eaten!

“Ha, ha ha ha…..” Wen Feng Jin tilted his head and started laughing. There was a twinkle of excitement in his eyes, “It’s the same. This slap was the same as back then!”


Oh no, I’ve broken him with my fist.

Wang Xiao Mie swallowed his saliva. The person on top of him suddenly turned gentle again. His lips were bent and the strange pupils were densely filled with affection.

Just as Wang Xiao Mie’s hair was standing on end, Wen Feng Jin lowered his eyes and they both looked straight at each other. He said: “This outer form, I have never liked it. But ever since you entered this body, everything was different.”

“Since this is bothering you so much and even affected our relationship, then let me tell you this, there was never a past or present life, the one I love has always been you….”

The unruly devil vigorously reeled in their line of sight.

Wang Xiao Mie looked at his reflection in the man’s eyes. A finger was placed on his chest.

His lips moved as he said: “More than a thousand years ago the man I loved was called Wang Xiao Mie.”

“You said I’m a liar, but you’re the biggest liar!”


“You…. what do you mean?”


Wen Feng Jin pulled him up and opened the coffin. He reached for the box by the pillow. It was unknown what he did but the box opened with a click. Still in a daze, Wang Xiao Mie saw their hair along with several other little things and also two old and tattered books.

Wen Feng Jin removed the top book and quickly closed the box. He then handed the booklet to him.

“Have a look.”

“This… this is….”

Wang Xiao Mie blankly took the book that could easily be ripped apart with little force.

He turned to the first page and after reading the words on top, he was immediately taken aback!

“This… how is this possible?!!!”

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  1. My son is really too pitiful, all those things he went through….its too much!!!!
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  2. So the original Mian Deng was a scum, but then Wang Xiao Mie’ soul took over his body and that’s the man Wen Feng Jin loved?! But then why would he call him Mian Deng knowing they’re not the same?

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