IHSC Chapter 15

Chapter 15

In the tomb passageway, several cylindrical light beams were shining on the ground. A group of people who had just chased away a long-haired monster was leaning against the tomb wall to rest. All of them were wounded to some degree and the one with the heaviest injuries had already blacked out, lying on the ground and breathing heavily.

The man who had accompanied them knelt down on one knee. His hand gripped the handle of an ancient bronze sword, plunging it into the ground to support his weight. If it wasn’t for the ancient sword that was normally used to repel evil spirits, he wouldn’t be able to chase away the terrible monster that attacked them just now. But when the monster was pushed back, his brother Zhen Bei had also fallen into a trap door!

His fingers groped the ground and an anxious look took over the cold face.

“Second brother, Xiao Ju Zi’s treatment cannot be delayed any longer…” Another wounded man said impatiently: “This is only the tomb palace’s entrance and already we’ve met with such danger. It’s already not a job for only a few men like us. If we stay here any longer, I don’t know what else will come out!”

The second brother, namely Zhen Mu, frowned and said: “So we’ll just let Zhen Bei wait here for his death?”

“…..of course that’s not what I meant. But …” but this place is so dangerous, can you even survive after falling into a trap door?!

But he could not be so blunt with his words. The strong-looking man sighed as a hint. He then squatted down next to the seriously injured Xiao Ju Zi to feed him some water.

Looking at the youngest guy of the group, Zhen Mu clenched his fist and punched the ground. He mulled over the matter for a while before standing up with his sword in hand, he said to his underlings: “….alright, let’s go. We’ll send Xiao Ju Zi out for treatment. Then I’ll come back here with the people above the ground. No matter what, even if he’s dead I still have to see his corpse.”

The group was a little relieved. They packed in a hurry, carrying their injured ones and prepared to leave. Zhen Mu carried his backpack and followed behind with a sullen look.


Suddenly, a succession of clicking sounds like someone was being choked encroached from the tomb pathway!

“Something is coming!” Zhen Mu shouted, his sword was already drawn. When the group was frozen in panic, a red lizard-like monster hurled a humanoid object towards them!

Before Zhen Mu could react, the monster had turned and left.

“Ow my waist—!” the thing on the ground cried out in pain and tried to stand up with some difficulty. He hugged his waist and spat. “Pei pei! I swallowed a mouthful of dirt! Oh? Second brother! I finally get to see you!”

“Zhen Bei?! Why are you here!?”

Zhen Mu helped his brother up with a surprised look. Before he could say anything else, Zhen Bei became excited like a child and took out a small bead from his bag, “Brother! I found the fish pearl!”


“This is the punishment you were talking about?”

Wang Xiao Mie was wearing a white unlined garment and his pants were removed and left to one side. He squatted and dipped his butt in the basin. All he needed now was a bottle of feminine wash and he could finish his hygiene care in the span of a song. 

Wang Xiao Mie who had thought that he was going to be beaten or hanged was washing his buttocks with an expression he would use to attend a funeral.

Damn it! What the hell?!

“Why? Shixiong feels this is not enough? Do I have to do something to you so you will feel satisfied?” Wen Feng Jin laughed with ridicule and assumed a posture like he was going to grab his clothes, “since it’s Shixiong who wanted this, I will comply…”


The moment he put down his hand, Wang Xiao Mie’s whole body gave a slight startle. Because he was scared silly by Wen Feng Jin before, even when he smiled now, the fear still lingered in his heart, preventing Wang Xiao Mie from acting mischievously in front of him like always.

The peaceful interactions between the two disappeared in a flash. In fact, Wang Xiao Mie was now much more fearful towards Wen Feng Jin than when they first met.

Seeing Wang Xiao Mie’s listless look as he dropped his head. Wen Feng Jin took back his smile and the hand that was lowered clenched into a fist…..

The Wang Xiao Dumpling who was squatting and scrubbing was suddenly embraced by the other person. He kneeled close and held the back of his head with one hand and the other slid into the water basin and pressed on the cold and soft place where the water was bubbling.



“There’s no need. No need! I’ll do it myself—damn it, don’t touch me! I’ll do it myself— Aaah!” Wang Xiao Dumpling gave out a pathetic cry. My god, the big dumpling is acting up!

He flopped like a mud fish in the arms of the big dumpling but he could not slide away from the iron-like shoulders. In the end, he gave up and laid like a salted fish, obediently letting the paws of the big dumpling gently scrub him clean.

After washing for a long time, every part of him was scrubbed over by the big dumpling. He pulled the little dumpling up like a child and gently wiped the water droplets on him with a cloth. 

“I don’t want Mian Deng to be touched by anyone. I also do not allow anyone to see your body. If Mian Deng was seen, then his body will be stained….”

“The dirty parts have to be cleaned up.”

“If the stain is on the skin, then we’ll wash it off. If it’s in the flesh and bones, then we’ll tear it down, if it’s in the heart …..then we’ll pull it out and throw it away…”

“Alright, you’re clean now Mian Deng….”

Wen Feng Jin threw aside the cloth and hugged the pantless Wang Xiao Mie. He loosened his outer garment and lunged forward to paste his chest close. Through the thin white fabric, they could feel the cool temperatures transmitting where their skin touched.

“Mian Deng, you smell so good, I want to eat you up. Can I have a bite?”


“Ha~ I’m just kidding….”

Wang Xiao Mie’s chest was a degree colder. Wen Feng Jin’s chest was also cold but there was a weak series of heartbeat underneath.

Wang Xiao Mie looked at the crazy infatuation and stubbornness in Wen Feng Jin’s eyes and swallowed hard.

Whoever tells me that this guy ain’t’ sick I’ll have a bone to pick with him! How is this normal? This is clearly the last stage of an incurable mental disease!

“Shixiong, are you hungry?”

“I…. I’m not hungry. I just ate….”

“No, you’re hungry. You need me.” Wen Feng Jin shifted his head and looked at him with a smile. The black pupils dilated and the blood-red symbol in between his brows dazzled, inducing a sense of dizziness.

Wang Xiao Mie’s head swayed back and forth, feeling incredibly sleepy. He couldn’t help dropping his eyelids. In his daze, he vaguely saw Wen Feng Jin pulled down his collar and revealed his neck. The long fingernails cut deep into the skin…..

Isn’t that painful…..

“Mian Deng, go ahead and eat. Look at you, you never speak your mind. You keep saying things to provoke my anger. Ha~ but I can never be mad at you. When you wake up, you will once again accept me like before….”

Wang Xiao Mie’s lips touched the soft skin and he gave it a lick.

Hmm, it’s bitter….

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  1. The imagery of Wang Xiao Mie dipping his booty in a basin to wash is too funny! And Wen Feng Jin is…very psychotic 😳 Thank you for the chapter update!

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