IHSC Chapter 16

Chapter 16

Mists and clouds hovered over a mountain ridge, passing through a black pagoda covered in fog. A handsome and bright youth in light blue clothes was holding a rolled-up book. His gentle eyes looked at the radish heads spinning in their seats as they recited from their textbooks.

As he swept his gaze across and paused on one of them, the child’s evasive eyes and face turning blue caused him to smile helplessly.

“That’s it for today.” He put down his book and the short radish heads became rambunctious and started to gather around his feet, calling: “Da Shixiong, Da Shixiong.”

After he coaxed the mischievous children away, the light blue sleeves scented with pine wood, drifted towards the remaining boy who was older than the rest of the other children.

The expressionless boy was packing his books. Because of his soft features and special pupils that gave off a gloomy feel, he was particularly unsociable. His eyes would carry a demonic vibe as he looked at anyone, making them feel queasy. At such a young age, he was isolated even in this secluded mountain school. 

But the Da Shixiong who was approaching adolescence was not at all repulsed by the boy. He looked at the scrawny boy with his head down and once again smiled uncontrollably.

The boy continued to act indifferent but his cheeks were gradually turning red. He blinked twice and murmured in low voice: “I won in that fight….”

“Right, right, right, but you didn’t even gain anything.”

“Mian Deng Shixiong!”

The child finally raised his head and yelled angrily, revealing his one black eye like a panda.



“Ha haha haa!”


The little boy was angry with embarrassment. He clenched his fist and lunged right into the embrace of the youth with the warm and gentle smile, clutching his slender waist. The lighthearted youth was tightly hugged by the small arms.

“I hate Shixiong the most!”

Although these were the words of the little brat who buried his head into Mian Deng’s chest, the way he rubbed his cheeks against Mian Deng and the reddening ears said otherwise. 

“It’s almost your eleventh birthday, what do you want? Hm?” 

Mian Deng lowered his eyes on the kid. His jade white face was filled with tenderness as he dotingly combed through the back of the boy’s head, picking out the bits of leaves sticking on it.

No doubt, he must’ve been rolling on the ground during the fight….

“I can ask for anything?” the boy in his arms raised his head and asked. His narrow and long eyes with the large black pupils were bright and full of hope. “I can really have anything I want?!”

“Of course.” He said.

The little boy was instantly jubilant as if he had just received everything in the world. He said: “Then I want Shixiong to be my wife! I must marry Shixiong when I grow up. Mian Deng Shixiong, is that ok?”

The stunned Shixiong started laughing again.

“There has to be Yin and Yang in everything. Little fool, two men cannot get married. Do not speak such unorthodox things again, got it? Don’t make Shifu angry and punish you again.”

The furious boy yelled: “Shixiong is a liar. Shixiong said I can wish for anything! If the world doesn’t allow it, I will change the rules to my liking in the future.”

The smiling Shixiong turned pale, “Quiet! Anyone can say that in private but you can’t. Do you hear me? You absolutely cannot say such things!”

Tears began to swell up in the boy’s eyes. Mian Deng only saw those evil looking eyes as those of a deer, he couldn’t help but feel tender towards it.

“Shixiong lied…” The boy did not cry when he was bullied for his weak appearance and background. He did not cry when pressed on the ground and hit till he bled. Every time that he was humiliated or punished, he would only stare obstinately. 

And yet at this moment, he silently let the golden droplets fall.

Mian Deng’s heart melted into a pool, he held him close and said helplessly: “Fine, fine, I agree. Happy now?” When you grow up, see if I don’t use this to make fun of you.

The boy was happy again. He rubbed his tears with his sleeve and said with a serious face: “Mian Deng you have to wait for me! I will definitely marry you in the future!”

Shixiong knocked on his head: “Little rascal, address me as Shixiong!”

“I don’t care! Mian Deng, promise me quickly!” 

“Fine fine fine, I promise you…”

“I will wait for you, Feng Jin…”

I will always wait for you. Until you grow up, until you have the power to protect the ones important to you…

Until then, I will continue to open my arms for you. 

You have to live on…

Feng Jin.

In the coffin, Wang Xiao Mie’s two-tone wedding clothes were loosened and pulled down to his elbow. Red love marks were imprinted on his skin from behind the ears to the chest and even lower…

The bare shoulder was covered with kisses from the beautiful lips. The long hair scattered and intertwined with each other.


Wang Xiao Mie woke up in a daze from the pain of being bitten. For a moment, he was confused as to where he was.

“Feng Jin… I think I just had a dream.”

The person on top of him paused and spoke in a low hoarse voice that tickled his ears: “I also had a dream. And it was a good dream….”

Wang Xiao Mie could not stand the man’s smile and shrugged his shoulders to gently push him away.

“Stop doing that….”

Wen Feng Jin responded with an ambiguous ‘uhm’. Every time the flat abdomen was pressed, this person would make minute trembles, arousing his interest to continue. 

The view below the neckline was even more beautiful but Wen Feng Jin did not continue. For today, this was the limit that Wang Xiao Mie could accept him.

He neatly closed the loosened collar.

“This will be the last one….”

Any other sound from Wang Xiao Mie was muffled as Wen Feng Jin raised his head and used his lips to gently pinch Wang Xiao Mie’s lower lip. The act was filled with an unwillingness to let go.

The shuffling sounds from the clothes eventually died down. The man pressing on him turned the mechanism inside the coffin and the huge lid slid open. The tree with the bright burning blossoms loomed into view and its charming fragrance wafted in. 

Wang Xiao Mie raised his hand to cover his mouth. He was most alike a living person the closer he was to the tree. His eyes were spirited and his face was blushing red from the afterglow of the intimacy.

The beautiful man who had undressed him before was getting unruly by the minute. He stepped out of the coffin and turned back to Wang Xiao Mie with a full-bloomed smile, reaching out to him inside the coffin.

“Come, Mian Deng, I’ll help you tie your hair.”

8 thoughts on “IHSC Chapter 16

  1. So the bits and pieces of his memories as Mian Deng are coming back.. huhu what will happen if he fully remembered T.T

    Thank you so much for the chapter!!!~ 🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇

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  2. I think Wang Xiao Mie will gradually remember/piece together what really happened between Feng Jin and Mian Deng, but he won’t really become Mian Deng.
    Thank you for the chapter! ❤

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  3. How can you pick such addictive stories? Always wanting more! But really, I’m glad to see more of this storyline too. Is it a bad thing that our MC is remembering his past life? Considering how he reacted then and his intelligence at spotting the danger now, I predict a rough road ahead. I am glad to see my foolish child from the previous update tossed back to his brother at least!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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