IHSC Chapter 14

Chapter 14

“Wait! Feng Jin just wait! He only came here to find something! Look! It’s this…” Wang Xiao Mie raised his hand and shook the end of the hairband. He barely managed to stop him just in time before the click click sounded. And once again, Zhen Bei, in a bubble of ignorance, escaped death’s door.

He did not know why his new little friend would quarrel with his partner but human instincts told him that the newcomer was not someone to trifle with. Zhen Bei stuffed the fish pearl into his bag and hid behind Wang Xiao Mie, poking out half a head to observe the commotion.

Wen Feng Jin saw Wang Xiao Mie waving his hairband and instead of calming down, his expression was all the more horrifying.

According to the customs of ages ago, from whence Wen Feng Jin came from, a man giving away his hairband, a woman giving away her handkerchief or hairpin, all represented a show of affection. On the contrary, asking for such items also implied an active pursuit.

But this, Wang Xiao Mie was clueless about. He looked at Wen Feng Jin in horror as he suddenly smiled. He said in a low voice: “Shixiong, I’ve changed my mind. I don’t want Mu Yi to kill him….”

Wang Xiao Mie was relieved: “As long as you underst…..”

Wen Feng Jin tilted his head and widened his grin: “Um, don’t worry Shixiong, I’ll do it myself.”

Phew~ then I don’t have to worry —— my ass!

Wang Xiao Mie saw Wen Feng Jin lifted his hand and the two-toned sleeves puffed even without a blowing wind. His red clothes fluttered, his ink-black hair was adrift, flowing across the pale white face, giving off a spellbinding sense of beauty.

Even at a time like this, Wang Xiao Mie was thinking to himself: Damn…..he’s so dreamy!

In the next second, before Wang Xiao Mie could even react, he was pushed back by a sudden gust of air. Before today, he never believed that anyone could actually hurl a person against the wall with a wave of his hand.

In the blink of an eye, he was sitting on the ground and Wen Feng Jin had appeared between them, grabbing Zhen Bei’s neck!

Woooww! Flash?!

“You think you’re worthy of my Shixiong’s hairband?!” Wen Feng Jin pinched Zhen Bei’s neck and could break it with little effort. Zhen Bei was now writhing painfully in mid-air as he tried desperately to pull off Wen Feng Jin’s arm.

“Shixiong, don’t be scared, I know you hate him too. I will finish him off for you, alright?” When he asked ‘alright’, the end tone was of a higher pitch, like that of a youth asking ‘can I eat this candy?’

He could kill someone on one hand and turn to smile at Wang Xiao Mie on the other. Wang Xiao Mie was scared silly by the powerful murderous intent yet in Wen Feng Jin’s mouth sounded like it was nothing. He leaned against the wall in a daze and watched Zhen Bei struggling.

Such a broad man struggling with all his might yet was unable to do him any damage!

He was not joking, he will kill Zhen Bei, this fact Wang Xiao Mie could clearly perceive.


Wang Xiao Mie snapped back to his senses when Zhen Bei’s throat gave out a painful groan. He quickly got up and hugged Wen Feng Jin’s arm vigorously with his trembling body, screaming: “It’s not the hairband! It’s the beads on it! Look! It’s these…”

Wang Xiao Mie showed Wen Feng Jin the beads in his hand frantically. 

Wen Feng Jin frowned as he looked at the beads on the bluish-white palm.

“He said that his brother’s eyes were blinded and needed the fish pearl, that’s why he came here to search for it! Please let him go! Let him go……I beg you…..please…..”

Wang Xiao Mie is an ordinary man, this point he admits.

He was scared of dying, of murder, death, and also of criminals…..

Even if he was regarded as a coward, he refused to witness a human life being snuffed out like this.

I’m just an ordinary man……

Zhen Bei’s resolve was beginning to weaken. Wang Xiao Mie quivered and his voice was close to crying, he begged the man that had seemed so ordinary the day before.

When Wen Feng Jin bared his fangs, Wang Xiao Mie then understood what Wen Feng Jin was, what he himself was…..

They couldn’t be considered humans anymore…..

His eyes could no longer shed tears. How could a body which had lost it’s life force and abandoned by time have tears?


Wen Feng Jin’s eyes widened. He was overwhelmed facing the man who was about to cry. A Mian Deng who was in tears begging him…..this scene overlaps with the one from the past. 

It was the same as that year. He had killed his hypocritical clansmen one by one, and his Shixiong, with the same look of despair, was begging by his feet.

And then what happened? He still turned those people into ice-cold corpses. And Shixiong never came back. Wen Feng Jin never again saw him….

Wen Feng Jin panicked. He threw Zhen Bei aside and like an entirely different person, his face turned fear-stricken and despondent. He kneeled on the ground and hugged Wang Xiao Mie.

Wang Xiao Mie was slightly trembling being hugged, but Wen Feng Jin only held him tighter.

“Don’t be afraid Mian Deng, don’t be afraid….I misunderstood you, I was wrong. Please don’t be mad at me, alright? Please don’t leave me. I’ll let him live, I’ll let him go, alright? I’ll give you anything you want, don’t go..…”

“You will definitely forgive me, right? You’ve always been so understanding. You’re also soft-hearted……. Mian Deng, I was wrong, I’ll carry you back….”

“Mian Deng, why aren’t you talking to me?”

Wang Xiao Mie’s horror could not be concealed even with his expressionless face. He was like a lamb feigning death due to extreme fright. As for Wen Feng Jin, there seemed to be a filter in his brain that had removed the previous occurrence. He smiled, then picked Wang Xiao Mie up and carried him back.

On the way back, he occasionally dropped his head intimately to rub Wang Xiao Mie’s hair and used the tip of his nose to sniff.

Wang Xiao Mie laid in his cold embrace, swallowed his saliva, and dared not move.

“……see, you’re angry with me again. Why aren’t you talking to me for so long.” Wen Feng Jin bowed his head and complained softly and a few strands of hair slid down as the two beautiful faces got close to each other. The black pupils then twitched, and after he pulled his lips into a grin, his eyes had turned blood red….


“I, I….” Wang Xiao Mie could not control his shivering. The “I” was stuttered between his trembling lips and clattering teeth for a long time and nothing else was said.

But Wen Feng Jin replied as if he did hear something: “I know, I know. I will let Mu Yi escort him back to the tomb’s passageway. He came with others and I will tell Mu Yi to drive them out as well. You don’t have to be concerned. Ha ha ~ Mian Deng, wasn’t my work good?”


I’m certain now, the big guy is definitely sick! And his sickness belongs to the psychiatric department! But how would Wang Xiao Mie dare to refute, he quickly went along and replied: “Yes.”

The frown on Wen Feng Jin eased up completely as he strode on happily. The road continued for a long while, and Wen Feng Jin was holding onto him tightly the whole time like he was fearful Wang Xiao Mie would run off.

Just as the jittering Wang Xiao Mie who dared not even breath saw the familiar palace, Wen Feng Jin froze on his tracks.

Wang Xiao Mie looked up. He saw Wen Feng Jin’s perfect chin and the psychotic smile had disappeared. In its place was a cold look of indifference.

Wen Feng Jin lowered his head and asked: “By the way, Shixiong, did he come in when you were using the toilet?”


“At that time, was Shixiong covered?”

“Not everything….”

“That won’t do…..I will be fatally jealous if Shixiong was seen by someone….” When every strand of hair on Wang Xiao Mie’s body was standing up, Wen Feng Jin continued: “Therefore….. I have to give Shixiong a small little punishment oh~…..”

16 thoughts on “IHSC Chapter 14

  1. I feel so sorry for my baby Feng Jin, It seems like nobody has ever cared for him, after all this time, nobody loves him ah. who would not be psycho after all these years…..I want to hug him!!!!!!!


  2. Comic relief? Rival ml? Hard to tell. Hm, crazy out already, not quite what was expected… Still, worth seeing through. Characters refreshing.

    Also nice twist on usual transmigration – ml is the one out of time, everyone else modern day/millenial. Lizard man doesn’t count.

    Thank you for the chapter! But can assure that 13-friday relationship is non-existent~

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  3. So, the title should be My husband and I woke up in a coffin. Me goes in front, I goes in back. I keep thinking that Zhen Bei isn’t going to make it out alive since he will be escorted out.

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    1. Thank you for the advice. I did consider putting “my husband” first and you’re right, that’s the right way but then I felt putting “I” first would give it a more emphasis on the MC and also that’s the order the author placed them, so I’m going to go with that.

      As for Zhen Bei, ML did let him live, but he’ll be back

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  4. Yay! Surprise update! My dear gong though- I don’t know what kind of kinks you think normal people have, but walking in on seeing someone using the toilet isn’t one of them… your brain is 1000x more perverse than this lovable unlucky passerby!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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  5. I hope Zhen Bei is alive.. and well haha.. but deym he’s going pyscho in a flash tsk3x WXM better be ready hahaha

    Thank you so much for the chapter!!!~ 🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇


  6. I just realized that the previous chapter was thirteen and today is Friday, two things that shouldn’t go together, so surprise! Here’s chapter 14 fresh out of the oven. This should be a nice stopping point before the next release.

    Enjoy and have a great weekend everyone!

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