RCFN Chapter 42

Chapter 42

With a common man’s mentality, it would be difficult for Mo Di to comprehend Qin Cheng Yi. But if he put himself in the shoe of a tyrannical authoritarian who had no three views, rationality, or any regard for the law but an overly obsessive love for his wife, then he could quite see the logic.

To Qin Cheng Yi, no one was more important than Mo Liu Gui, whether it was her family or his family, none was comparable to a strain of her hair.

Even if it was his father who mistreated Mo Liu Gui, he would still be merciless, not to mention a Mo San Zhi.

So when he found out that Mo San Zhi was planning to find someone to deal with Mo Di, he prepped and led Zhao Chun Cheng to him with both of them being none the wiser.

As long as Zhao Chun Cheng could mutilate or kill Mo Di, the deed was half done.

His next step would be to coerce Zhao Chun Cheng to turn the knife towards Mo San Zhi and destroy him the same way he did to Mo Di. And finally, pin everything on Zhao Chun Cheng and make Mo San Zhi a total victim.

With Mo San Zhi mutilated or disabled, there would be a wave of sympathy from the public. Furthermore, Mo Liu Gui could take advantage of this to gain some publicity and revitalize her waning public image.

That’s right. As long as he could eliminate those who harm Mo Liu Gui and even those who could have a negative impact on her image, whether that person was handicapped or dead, they were justified sacrifices.

Alas, he did not expect Mo Di to be this highly alert. He not only found Zhao Chun Cheng’s handiwork but also bought a camera and secured the shampoo bottle as evidence. Even their communication was traced. 

With the pieces of compelling evidence against him, Zhao Chun Cheng was done for. Mo San Zhi was not better off either, his reputation was in the mud. And Qin Cheng Yi’s plot to help Mo Liu Gui gain publicity was also down the drain. 

Her reputation would only get worse from here on out.

However, even with adequate proof that Qin Cheng Yi was pulling the strings, Mo Di did not intend to expose this yet.

Coercion was not the most fatal crime to pin on Qin Cheng Yi. His exposing this matter would only reveal his cards to the enemy, and to Qin Cheng Yi, this would only tickle him.

That’s fine. He was not in a hurry. Whether it’s the Mo family or Qin Cheng Yi, sooner or later he will send them their retribution one by one to their doorstep.


With the adequate evidence and Commissioner Wang’s supervision of the case, in less than three days, the panic-stricken Zhao Chun Cheng and Mo San Zhi had an ‘offline meeting’ for the first time at the police station.

When their eyes met, they both lost their composure and began cursing and shifting the blame, accusing the other as the true mastermind. 

No matter how they passed the buck, the police already had the evidence to close the case. According to the law, they were charged as complicit accomplices.

After the case was made, Mo San Zhi and Zhao Chun Cheng were temporarily detained in a detention house, awaiting their hearing.

The Mo family was once again in a mess. The second aunt was crying for them to get Mo San Zhi out but with all that happened before, they had either exhausted or offended their connections. And with their dwindling financials in these troubled times, no one was willing to risk for them.

“My son did not break the law at all! He’s not a criminal. And that animal is fine, isn’t he? What right do they have to take my son away?! What right do they have?!”

The second aunt had tears all over her face. She held Mo Liu Gui’s hand and said: “Oh Xiao Gui, Xiao Gui, help your third brother, help him. You’ve been the kindest and most caring girl ever since you were little. And your third brother had always been doting towards you. Please help him. I beg you. I’ll even get on my knees so please help him.”

Mo Liu Gui’s hand was grabbed by the second aunt vigorously. She had a flustered and scared look on her face and was moving aside to distance herself but she was gripped forcefully and couldn’t move. Her eyes turned slightly red as she said: “Second aunt, please don’t be like this. There’s nothing I can do. There’s really nothing I can do.”

“There is, there is. Your words are the most effective in this family. Xiao Gui as long as you speak up for your brother, everyone else will be willing to help him. Your third brother will be saved. Please I beg you. Please help…”

“What’s wrong with you?! What does this have to do with Xiao Gui?” Mo Shi Qiang grabbed the second aunt and pushed her to one side.

“Ah!” the second aunt fell to the ground and cried even harder. “You all refuse to save my son! You’re just going to let him go to prison! Mo Shi Qiang you’re a bastard! Is San Zhi not your son? Is he not your son? I only wanted to beg Xiao Gui for help. I can’t even do that? Do you not want to see your son well? Does he even matter to you? Do you even have me in your heart? All I did was ask Xiao Gui for help and you even wanted to hit me! Are you still human?!”

“Enough!” The Mo patriarch smashed a piece of china on the ground.

“All this screaming and crying, it’s very unbecoming!”


The second aunt was stunned for two seconds before resuming her hysterical cries: “San Zhi, my son, no one is willing to help you. That animal harmed you and yet no one will help you…”

“What’s going on?”

At the door was Qin Cheng Yi’s sudden appearance. Because the Mo family had regarded him as their own, so there was no need for the servants to inform them of his arrival.

“Cheng Yi…” Mo Liu Gui looked at Qin Cheng Yi with red eyes, “It’s…it’s regarding third brother. My second aunt, she couldn’t accept it. She wanted the Mo family to find someone to help him but our hands are tied, there’s nothing we can do.”

With one look at Mo Liu Gui’s tearing eyes and uneasy look, Qin Cheng Yi’s face immediately turned black. He quickly approached and held her close, asking in a heavy tone: “Did she give you trouble?”

When the second aunt saw Qin Cheng Yi, her eyes sparkled with hope. But as she reached out to grab his clothes and asked for help, she was brutally kicked by the agitated Qin Cheng Yi.

“Ah!” the second aunt instantly cried in pain.

The whole Mo family was in silence.

Although they had always known that Qin Cheng Yi had a bad temper and even a violent tendency, they accepted him because his love for Mo Liu Gui was comparable to their own. And since the beginning, he had always shown them the utmost respect. 

They never would have thought that he would one day vent his anger on them.

Mo Liu Gui glanced at her aunt lying on the ground and her eyes turned redder. She pushed Qin Cheng Yi to one side and said: “How could you hit my second aunt! What are you doing?!”

“Since she bullied you then don’t even think of currying up to me.” Qin Cheng Yi only had Mo Liu Gui in his sight. He took her hand and said: “I only care about you. I won’t let anyone bully you.”

“But you can’t just hit people!” Mo Liu Gui pulled her hand away and went to help her second aunt up. “Second aunt, are you alright?”

“Daughter-in-law, you better open your eyes. Even after you tried to bully Xiao Gui and use her, she’s still so kind towards you. If you have a conscience, you better stop making a fuss!” the Mo patriarch coughed and said.

“Exactly. Second aunt, why are you bothering Xiao Gui, you should be looking for that animal instead.” Mo Si Lang said. “Even after how you treated her, Xiao Gui was still caring towards you. How can you mistreat her?”

The second aunt who just got a painful kick at the waist had to be supported by Mo Liu Gui to sit up. But as she looked at Mo Liu Gui, there was a sudden …. surge of a nauseating feeling in her stomach.

All she did was begged for help, how did it become such an unforgivable crime? She not only got denounced but also assaulted, and all her good niece said was ‘but you can’t just hit people’. Wouldn’t that mean she also agreed she was bullied and used?!

That was Xiao Gui speaking up for her, being kind to her?!!

The Mo second aunt clenched her teeth and stood up but the hatred and resentment in her heart could not be suppressed. She suddenly remembered when the little animal was still in the Mo family, he had received this type of treatment from childhood to adulthood. His experience was many times worse than this.

But back then, she only stood by and happily watched the things that played out, not knowing that one day, she would also face such treatment.

However, this did not mean that she will sympathize with that thing. If it wasn’t for him, her son would not be in this mess!!

“Sorry Xiao Gui, forgive me. I’m just too anxious and afraid. Please help me.” The second aunt was insightful enough to tidy up all her negative emotions and cried to Mo Liu Gui: “Please think of how your brother had been caring for you since you were young. He always put you first, even above his mother me. Please help him. Please…”

“Sister-in-law, are you trying to guilt-trip my daughter? Why?” Ruan Qing Dan walked over and dragged Mo Liu Gui away. “Our Xiao Gui is just an ordinary girl, how can she help you?

“But she had the most say in this family. Xiao Gui, Xiao Gui, please show some sympathy! Just try something….”

“One more word and I’ll make sure that Mo San Zhi is worse off.” Qin Cheng Yi looked at her with a cold face and said: “If you want to do him good, then you better shut up!”

Mo Di did not know what had transpired in the Mo villa but at this moment, he was not in a good mood.

Because Mu Tian Heng had to go back to America all of a sudden, Lai De Si as well.

“Don’t pull such a long face. It’s not like I’m never coming back. I’ll be gone only for a few days then I’ll be back.”

Mu Tian Heng gently rubbed Mo Di’s hair and said with a smile: “Alright. Don’t have to send me any more. I’ll call you as soon as I get off the plane, ok?”

“…..en.” Mo Di nodded, “Brother, you’re sure you’ll be back in a week?”

“I promise.”

“Then… that’s good. I wish you both a good trip.” Mo Di could clearly feel that he was reluctant to part with Mu Tian Heng, there was no ulterior motive or disguise.

And this reluctance was accompanied by a trace of bitterness. 

Something in his heart was stirring. He doubted it was just simply because he did not want to be alone….there were other feelings in the mix.

Not long after Mu Tian Heng and Lai De Si left Hua Xia, Mo San Zhi and Zhao Chun Cheng’s case was brought to court.

Mo Di, as the plaintiff, naturally had to attend.

Everyone was worried about Mo Di, and so Lin Jun Feng, Xian Yu Chao, Chen Zhao, even Pang Qiang Lang and Han Chao, all accompanied him to the courthouse.

At the end of the session, although it was an attempted crime, their intention was too malicious, one was sentenced to eight months’ jail time and the other was six, effective immediately.

When he was being taken away, Mo San Zhi had his eyes on Mo Di and he mouthed a sentence: You will die horribly. 

But Mo Di just laughed.

Indeed, he did die horribly in his last life. But in this life, someone else will take this role.

Because there is not only law but also karma, some people are doomed for retribution.

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  1. …. So amazing. People usally reflect on themselves objectively at least once in their childhood and adulthood, right? Although the end result may be them justifying whatever they did or said, normal people usually experience this!

    But somehow, there is no ‘reflecting’ with these bunch of mentally icapable… people. Not to mention, ‘objectivity’ may not even be in their dictionary!

    They are simple cool mmp!!

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  2. Is not the same see others been hurt, that suffer the punishment by herself, but not even with that the aunt thinks right. So selfish… She doesn’t hace a chance of redemtion, not one in that family I believed.

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  3. The scales sure fell off of second aunt’s eyes real quick! Funny how that works when this negative IQ halo is used against you… I feel no sympathy. When the abuser gets abused, its simply karma. It’s also only a few months in jail. This fuss made it sound like he got the death penalty!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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  4. Mygod. The Mos are really twisted. If I were to have that kind of family then I’d rather live on the streets and fend on my own than stay with them! Nauseating. Blergh. And geez, that Qian something is really the embodiment of a yandere-type of guy I really really loathe!

    Hope nothing bad happens to Mo Di while Mu Tian Heng is away! ><

    Thank you for the chapter! ❣️

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  5. I hope nothing bad happens to Mo Di while Mu Tian Heng is absent. And the Mos are incorrigible. Honestly, they make one wonder how this family didn’t fall apart before because of all the acrimony and spite. Can Mo Di have been that effective as a scapegoat?
    Thank you for the chapter! ❤

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    1. Yes, with MD around, everyone just uses him as their chopping board. From here on, the ladies-in-law should start to kind of see the effect that MLG has on this family, but then sadly they’ll still hate MD

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