RCFN Chapter 43

Chapter 43

The case caused a storm in the media.

After the verdict was passed, it was posted at the forefront of major websites.

Public opinion sparked a fire as people were not only shocked that Jing Da’s student could be this low and cruel but also extremely disgusted with Mo San Zhi. It was bad enough that he tried to cheat both men and women, now he even thought up of such a vicious method to harm someone, and that person was his former cousin!

What a miserable and cursed life for Mo Di. How did he end up with this family?!!

And Mo Di, who was at the center of the discussion, was indifferent to it. He spent his days working on his game till the wee hours, eating and drinking only when he had to which sometimes he would even forget. It could be said that he had cast aside his basic needs to pour everything into making this game.

Three days later, the results for the second elimination round of the competition were announced. Mo Di watched the broadcast on his computer in his dorm. Mu Tian Heng was not at the villa so there was no reason for him to go back.

As for Suan Suan, he snuck him into his dorm to stay for the next few days. When Mu Tian Heng returned, he would send him back to him.

Xian Yu Chao and the others were very welcoming towards Suan Suan, and the fluffball was now five to six months of age, he was no longer as timid towards strangers. The little guy got along quite well with the bunch of silly humans.

At this very moment, Suan Suan was happily riding the wind on top of Xian Yu Chao’s head.

Mo Di was helpless: “Old Xian, stop messing around. Even if you turn up the music to maximum, Suan Suan’s bark could still be heard from outside. If we were reported and the dorm supervisor takes Suan Suan away, I will detonate you.”

“Ah, Xiao Di, you’re getting more and more violent. You were so so so obedient and cute, gentle and virtuous…”

“Shut up.” Mo Di went over to retrieve the wildly playful Suan Suan. He patted its soft fluffy head.

The little tail wagged in delight, making the little body shook; the dark round eyes looked at Mo Di, and then he arched his head towards Mo Di’s hand.

Sure enough, he still liked Mo Di best.

“Ah Suan Suan still loves you the most.” Xian Yu Chao sighed with envy. “Forget it, I’m not hurt or angry. At this age, whose brain isn’t a little green?”

“What the hell is that metaphor?” Lin Jun Feng slapped Xian Yu Chao with a pop on the shoulder. “With this kind of language skill, how did you get into Jing Da?”

“With my abilities, dah! I have a 293 in science, ok?”

“Che, what’s so great about a 293? This father scored 290. Only because I was careless with a physics multiple choice question.”

Chen Zhao rolled his eyes, “You two idiots are actually comparing your high school results? A gentleman doesn’t talk about his past credit, got it? If you think you’re so great then how about scoring the top three in the department this semester.”

“This….” Xian Yu Chao coughed, “I don’t think GPAs should really matter. Acquiring knowledge is most important.”

“En… this father thinks so as well.” Lin Jun Feng chimed along.

Chen Zhao: “Pei, you guys are shameless.”

“Oh, no more talking. The broadcast has started.” Xian Yu Chao saw the host on the screen had begun announcing the list of games that will advance to the next round and rushed to sit next to Mo Di. “I think Xiao Di will definitely pass!”

Chen Zhao and Lin Jun Feng also came over to watch. Suan Suan gave a soft whimper nesting in Mo Di’s arms.

Xin Wei Dao getting through was nothing unexpected. After all, it was in the lead and was even updated with improvements, being eliminated was impossible. And Mu Tian Heng’s previous prediction was right. Several other teams had also upped their game, proving their potential. But not all could improve their game much and some only had minor tweaks.

And so Mo Di’s game was still in the leading few with an introduction time of up to three minutes.

In this round, more than fifty percent was eliminated and only fifty-six games remained.

Xian Yu Chao and the others cheered: “We made it! We made it! Xiao Di rocks!”

The Dream Chasing Team Wechat group was also being accessed non-stop. It seemed Pang Qiang Lang and Han Chao were already spamming in the chat interface. Mo Di unlocked the phone to reply to them when a call came in. 

Mo Di saw the caller ID and smiled instantly. He accepted the call and ran out to the balcony and closed the door.


“Hello, brother!”

“Congratulations, little one, you’ve once again passed the elimination.” Mu Tian Heng’s soft and magnetic voice poured through the phone.

“Brother, how did you know? You watched the live broadcast?”

“No that’s not the case. I asked Assistant Gao to send me the results once it’s been announced.” Mu Tian Heng smiled: “He’s still in Hua Xia and can watch the live show.”

“I see. Brother, are you working now?” Mo Di could hear it was quite rambunctious on Mu Tian Heng’s side.

“It is partly work. I’m currently at a business function.” Mu Tian Heng thought over and asked, “Little one, do you want to see it? I can turn on the camera.”

“Yes, I want to see.” Mo Di answered without even thinking.

Mu Tian Heng smiled and quickly switched to video calling.

Mo Di was amazed when he saw Mu Tian Heng. 

The Mu Tian Heng that he met every day was already full of excellence and a great temperament, let alone the Mu Tian Heng that was dressed to impress. His groomed hair and sharp attire only made the man more outstanding and any onlooker would not be able to avert their eyes or keep their hearts from beating fast.

Even Mo Di could not stop himself from blushing.

He remembered Lai De Si once told him that Mu Tian Heng did not flirt around but with him just standing there, countless people were still attracted to his crazy hormones and charm.

Mo Di’s heart was suddenly filled with a strange incomprehensible emotion.

“Brother, you…. Do you attend a lot of functions there?”

“Not that many, two or three times.” Mu Tian Heng could clearly see the little guy on the screen blushing and his ears dyed pink. Mu Tian Heng couldn’t help feeling delighted: “Why? Little one, are you worried that I will…. attract too many bees and butterflies?”

“No, that’s not it.” Mo Di was taken aback by Mu Tian Heng’s ambiguous words. His face was redder and his heart beat faster. He immediately denied: “I’m just curious.”

Mu Tian Heng’s grin was brighter. He said gently: “What else do you want to know? I’ll tell you everything.”

Mo Di was about to answer when a voice interrupted.

“Mu, there you are.”

Two blond-haired and blue-eyed foreigners approached Mu Tian Heng from behind. One was a dazzling woman with a gorgeous body, another was a handsome and elegant looking man.

“Mu, who are you secretly talking to? Smith is looking for you.” The beauty wanted to peek at the screen but Mu Tian Heng covered it with his hand.

“Alright. Tell him I’ll see him later.”

“Mu, you’re not coming with us now?” Asked the handsome man.

“You guys go ahead, I’ll be there in a minute.”

Seeing Mu Tian Heng’s irrefutable attitude, the two people were slightly stunned and head to turn and leave.

Mu Tian Heng returned to Mo Di and said: “I’ll get busy now. I’ll call you back when I’m free.”


Mo Di said ok but he was a little uncomfortable inside. The two just now were looking at Mu Tian Heng … with very passionate eyes. It did not look like that of a friend, more like ….a crush.

As soon as Mo Di thought so, his brows shifted to a frown.

Why was it that he felt uncomfortable knowing that Mu Tian Heng had secret admirers? Was it because then, Mu Tian Heng wouldn’t return and prolong his stay like before?

What was the relationship between those two and Mu Tian Heng? Were they business partners?

Mo Di contemplated twice but still could not get over this. He had always been an initiative person and after planning how to extract the information from Lai De Si, he decided to give him a call. After all, he had always given Lai De Si the impression that he was secretly in love with Mu Tian Heng.

Just as he made the call, coincidentally, he received a text from Lai De Si.

“Have a look at that showoff Mu Tian Heng! Dressing up like that, how many people is he planning to mesmerize today?! Can’t he spare me some thought?! Little Mo Di, please discipline him!”

“I’m so mad!”

Lai De Si: [pic] [pic] [pic]

Mo Di looked at the beautiful men and women in the photo, it was not just one or two, but quite a few. His mood sank lower. He typed in a flash: “Does brother have a lot of admirers around him?”

Lai De Si replied with a voice memo: “Plenty. I don’t like to admit it but that guy is almost perfect. He was never low on admirers.”

“Oh, but you don’t have to worry little Mo Di. Although Mu is a beast, he’s a man of high principles who always keeps an appropriate distance and never gets intimate with them. You don’t have to worry at all!”

Mo Di sulked: “Those people are also talented, right?”

Lai De Si: “They are pretty capable. But little Mo Di, you can completely ignore them. Whether it’s appearance or talent, they can’t be compared to you. I think you’re even comparable to Mu Tian Heng in his younger years. But your personality is just too different from his!”

“Anyway, you don’t have to feel insecure. You’re the most excellent. If Mu really does like someone, it’ll definitely be you.” In fact, he already knew that Mu the beast had long fallen for Mo Di.

Mo Di on the other end was motionless.

Lai De Si’s casual words were like a broom sweeping away the lid on the feelings that he did not want to admit.

It seemed that his true concern was not that Mu Tian Heng would come back less often were he to have a lover in America, but it was that Mu Tian Heng would fall for one of them. And his disapproval did not end there, he did not want Mu Tian Heng to fall in love with anyone at all, regardless if they’re from America or Hua Xia.

But why would he have such thoughts? He couldn’t have fallen for Mu Tian Heng, could he?!

Mo Di felt his brains turned to paste. He turned and walked back to the room. On the way, he hit a stool and almost tripped.

“Xiao Di calm down, you can’t take out your excitement on the stool.” Xian Yu Chao laughed and patted Mo Di on the shoulder. “Careful.”

“Have you liked someone before?” Mo Di asked Xian Yu Chao out of the blue.

Xian Yu Chao was stumped by Mo Di’s question but he answered casually: “Of course! Who had never liked anyone before? Oh? Xiao Di, are you facing a relationship dilemma?”

“If the person you like is also liked by a lot of people, will you feel uncomfortable?”

“Dah! Of course I’ll feel uncomfortable. I’ll take them one by one away from my goddess and ship them off to Siberia. Seeing them close to my love just pisses me off.”

“Yes, yes, yes.” Chen Zhao joined the discussion and said: “I also felt the same. I was always scared my goddess would take a liking to one of them. My heart was like it was on fire. Xiao Di, you wouldn’t understand. After the high school graduation, I wanted to ask my goddess how she felt about me but I never had the courage….”

Mo Di suddenly smiled.

How could he not understand?

Xian Yu Chao and Chen Zhao’s feelings were probably a tad deeper than his but what he felt earlier was indeed in the same category. His heart was uncomfortable, he just wanted those people to stay away from Mu Tian Heng, and he was worried that Mu Tian Heng would fall for someone else. Now he even had the urge to ask Mu Tian Heng whether he liked him or not.

Mo Di could not describe his exact feelings. It was sour and swollen, with a little numbness mixed in with nervousness and panic. But even with these emerging feelings, there was always a constant surge of honeyed sweetness whenever he thought of Mu Tian Heng.

It seemed he had really fallen for Mu Tian Heng.

And Mu Tian Heng had always been indulging towards him, was it possible…. that he also liked him a little?

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  1. Yes!!! YES!!!! YEAAASSSSSS!!! I love it when the characters have a little “sht am i in love?” moment

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  2. I see you over there MTH, video calling just to show off! So subtle, ah. This was such a sweet chapter though! Mo Di, as calculating as he is, succumbing to the innocence of first love.

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  4. aw… this chapter is cute, seriously adorable, and modi finally realise his feeling
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