RCFN Chapter 41

Chapter 41

Mo Di went to report the case at the police station. Coincidentally, he met with the policewoman who was also part of the team in charge of taking in Mo Shi Hong during the time he broke off with the Mo family.

The policewoman’s name was Yu Fang Yu. She was kind and responsible. She and several of her colleagues took Mo Di and his schoolmates’ statements with care. And because the interviews were done separately, Mo Di gave Yu Fang Yu the surveillance camera as evidence.

“Miss, this was something I accidentally recorded, can it be used as evidence?”

“Yes. With this recording, in addition to the bottle of shampoo and the witnesses, we can make a case quickly.”

The video would prove to be very useful. Yu Fang Yu did not question whether it was truly an accident that Mo Di was able to get the footage. People who had such family members and been through these experiences, she felt that it was justifiable to be hypervigilant. On the contrary, those who did not take caution after experiencing trauma would be the baffling ones.

After giving the police his statement, the first thing Mo Di did was to call Mu Tian Heng and report everything to him. After all, it was not right of him to hide such a big matter from him. 

Mu Tian Heng was furious after he got the news. He was enraged at Zhao Chun Cheng for being so vicious and at Mo Di for knowing that something was fishy with Zhao Chun Cheng but still decided to test him. He was also hurt that Mo Di did not consult with him about his suspicions. 

“You knew how to buy the camera but you don’t know how to tell me about this in advance? Little one, have you ever thought that he might get impulsive and decides to attack you head-on, then what will you do?”

“Brother, I’ll be fine. I was always cautious around him. But… but I know I’m wrong. Brother, I’m sorry. I won’t be like this next time.” Mo Di’s voice was soft and timid, and his attitude in apologizing was good and sincere, “I’m really sorry. Brother, please don’t be mad anymore.”

Dealing with an apologetic and obedient Mo Di, it did not take long for Mu Tian Heng’s anger to be doused. Other being comforted, there was really nothing else he could say.

“You really know your mistake?”

“I know. I really do.” Mo Di responded with a series of repeated nodding, like a chicken pecking at rice. He had a good attitude in admitting his mistake even though Mu Tian Heng was not able to see it.

“Do you dare to do this the next time?”

“I dare not. I dare not.” Mo Di promised compliantly.

“In the future, if you found out something like this, you have to inform me, got it?”

“I get it. I will.”

Mu Tian Heng was mildly satisfied. But he was not completely worry-free. He said calmly: “I will ask Commissioner Wang to supervise this case and get a verdict asap. You stick with your roommates and classmates for the next few days and don’t go anywhere alone. Also, if you find out anything else, you can tell me or send me whatever that you’ve found. Get it?”

Mo Di agreed but thought to himself that he really did find out something else. It’s just that now was not a good time to reveal it yet.


After Mo Di and the others left the police station, the officers went directly to the school to apprehend Zhao Chun Cheng.

Mo Di was not in a hurry to return to school and witness Zhao Chun Cheng’s downfall. He wanted to invite everyone to dinner but they obviously did not have Mo Di’s honed mental capabilities to stomach the situation. They only wanted to go back and have a rest. 

“Let’s just put it aside for today. We’ll have this meal next time.” Sun Ru Ru waved her hand and said: “This event was too disgusting and also very stimulating. Whenever I think of that Zhao Chun Cheng I feel nauseated and even chilling.”

“He’s too heartless. Really!” Sun Ru Ru’s roommate said: “Don’t these frightening scenarios only happen in movies? This is too cruel. It’s not just disfigurement we’re talking about, you can actually go blind!”

Mo Di bought a few beverages and passed to each of them, “The world is big, what’s there that’s not possible. It’s fine.”

Seeing how calm and collected Mo Di was from the beginning till now, Sun Ru Ru and the others looked at each other and inadvertently thought back to Mo Di’s ex-family members….

It was indeed adversities that made one grow. Being able to calmly say ‘it’s fine’ after such an ordeal, they could tell what kind of storm he had weathered before.

None of them had the appetite so Mo Di did not force them. He noted down this favor and decided to treat them at a more appropriate time.

When they got back to the school compound, there were already murmurs of the police coming here to arrest a student trying to harm someone with sulfuric acid.

Lin Jun Feng and Sun Ru Ru who got the inside scoop quickly joined in the discussion and confirmed the fact to relieve their tension. They revealed the whole crime with details on who was involved and how the crime was committed, causing an uproar in the whole school.

And yet Mo Di, the central figure of the incident, did not pay much heed to this. As soon as he got back to his dorm, he brought his laptop to bed and closed the bed curtain.

In fact, he was curious about Zhao Chun Cheng’s motivation to commit this crime. He did not believe that he was simply bought by Mo San Zhi. 

Mo Di had Zhao Chun Cheng’s QQ and WeChat account information but after hacking into it, he could not find any chat logs between him and Mo San Zhi.

Mo Di suspected that he had a separate account and began his search. About an hour later, he finally found Zhao Chun Cheng’s hidden account. He accessed it and recovered the chat record which did prove what was expected…

Zhao Chun Cheng did come in contact with Mo San Zhi.

But Mo San Zhi was meticulous and cautious. Had Mo Di not overheard his talk through the hidden camera, he would not be able to ascertain he was the mastermind.

Mo Di then hacked into Mo San Zhi’s hidden account and recovered the chat logs as well. Next, Mo Di combined the information, which included the IP addresses of both Zhao Chun Cheng and Mo San Zhi’s hidden account and their chat records, and sent them to Mu Tian Heng.

Since he promised that he would inform Mu Tian Heng everything that he found, he would naturally follow through. More importantly, Mu Tian Heng was acquainted with Commissioner Wang. Having him pass the evidence to the upright commissioner would yield better results and also help to cover the fact that the evidence was obtained through hacking.

After sending the files, Mo Di pulled open his bed curtain, wanting to go to the toilet when he saw his three roommates staring at him from below. 

Mo Di was startled for a while.

“You guys…. What are you doing?”

“Xiao Di, you should not keep things bottled up. Don’t be scared. Don’t hold back if you feel like crying. We brothers will not laugh at you and we’ll protect you. Don’t just shut yourself in bed.” Xian Yu Chao said with a sincere expression.

“Xiao Di, I thought you were pretty calm at the police station but I didn’t think that you were still scared. Don’t be scared. Whoever wants to harm you, I will sit on them and crush them.” Lin Jun Feng proclaimed with might: “If there’s one, I’ll sit on one, if two came, I’ll crush the pair of them. This father will protect you from now on.”

“That’s right Xiao Di, don’t stay cooped up in bed and keep hitting the keyboard. How about we go for a ride? It’ll help ease up your mood.” Said Chen Zhao.

Mo Di: “…..”

“What wild thoughts are you guys having? I’m fine. I just had a few inspirations for my character designs and had to record it down immediately or else it’ll be forgotten.”

Mo Di got out of bed and strode to the bathroom, telling them as he went: “Thank you for your concern but I’m really fine. I’m going to the bathroom now, don’t follow me!”

Mo Di said the last three words in an assertive tone. The three who were behind him stopped on their track. They coughed awkwardly and found something to say: “Well then… Xiao Di, you should be pee with care!”

Mo Dis’ hand on his pants froze: “….”

What the hell is ‘pee with care’?!!

After flushing, Mo Di washed his hands and came out of the toilet. He said to the few who still had their eyes on him: “You guys should study, play, do some programming or coding. Stop staring at me. I’m really fine.”

Lin Jun Feng and the gang wanted to speak up but stayed quiet.

Finally, it was Xian Yu Chao who spoke: “Xiao Di, you’re sure you’re alright?”

“I’m really fine.” Mo Di climbed on his bed again and smiled at them: “Thank you but really, you don’t have to worry about me.”

Tucking in, he pulled the bed curtain and continued his investigation on Zhao Chun Cheng. As a result, through one of Zhao Chun Cheng’s deleted messages, Mo Di found that he had opened a bank account using his mother’s identifications.

There were no big deposits but suspiciously large amounts of internet loans.

Over the summer, Zhao Chun Cheng had been accumulating debts from several online money lending websites, and now, the interests had snowballed into a terrifying number. His current debt was over three hundred thousand yuan.

But for this few hundred thousand, he had tried to cause him harm? This was something he would not be able to understand. Just like he couldn’t understand those who kill after they have robbed or killing someone over an argument, and even killing for love. Sadly, these incidents were numerous.

Mo Di continued to trace Zhao Chun Cheng’s financial records to find out where he had spent the money, and again found another Weibo account. This account was very well hidden, almost seemingly had no ties to Zhao Chun Cheng, or even used in this city. The account was logged on with an IP address in the capital, but after that, the IP address was pinging all over the country and sometimes even abroad.

It appeared that Zhao Chun Cheng was getting more cautious in the later period. But the more cautious he was, the more suspicious it was.

Mo Di recovered all the information from the Weibo account and combed through the information. At one point, he hit a clue that he would never have guessed before.

There was an ongoing exchange of texts with another user, under the pretense of a joke, discussing methods of harming someone without getting caught. The person even gave details such as where to obtain sulfuric acid and other lethal substances, how to make an alibi, and also after cooperating with someone to carry out the crime, how to get rid of him to spare future troubles.

The messages sounded like two people with similar interests planning out the perfect crime.

Mo Di traced the other account and realized it was also not a fixed IP, but that did not mean it was infallible. In the end, it was just another batch of IPs provided by the operator. As long as one is willing to look, it can still be discovered.

It took another half an hour to pin the location of the account owner, which at this point, caused Mo Di to stiffen.

The IP address’s true location was in the most luxurious villa area of the capital: Emerald Sea Heaven.

That was where Qin Cheng Yi lived!

But what did this mean? It was impossible that all this was just a coincidence. There was no way Zhao Chun Cheng just happened to establish a friendship with a millionaire living in The Emerald Sea Heaven and discuss such topics at length. 

But then what would Qin Cheng Yi’s motive be? If he wanted to deal with him, why use Zhao Chun Cheng as well? And hid it under so many layers, and even at one point….

…he suggested how to get rid of the partner?

Qin Cheng Yi has an enmity towards Mo San Zhi?

But where did this enmity stem from? Mo San Zhi was Mo Liu Gui’s cousin and had always been devoted to helping her, why would Qin Cheng Yi set him up?

What was going on, a dogfight?!

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  2. Just letting you know that there’s no bubble links for the next chapter, previous and index buttons at the bottom of this chapter (ch. 41).

    Thanks so much for translating this lovely novel, I’ll be continuing to read on 🙂

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    1. Omg, or maybe!!! Maybe he’s even jealous of white lotus sister’s family??? And want to remove all clingy pests around her even if it’s her fam. I mean, they’re all pests but you know what I mean.

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  4. Qin Cheng Yi and a Mo family member turning on each other? Why does this sound like a great idea. Mo Di should find more ways for the other Mos to upset Mo Liu Gui. Mo Di mentioned that he wanted to do more than prison to them, but I don’t want him to dirty his hands and live the rest of his life with this stain.

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    Do this halo make the people around act evil? , or only improve the evil within their hearts? both options make scared.
    Thanks for your hard work!!!!

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      1. Does that mean her halo only affect to bad people? An extreme egoist white lotus-princess with her villain slaves? Good, those good and not-so-stupid characters be hypnotised with her fake holy (🤮) halo.

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    And damn, but Qin Cheng Yi IS sick! Does he want to get rid of all the members of MLG’s harem? Be the last man standing, so to say?
    Thank you for the chapter! ❤

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    thanks for update and all the work ^_^

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      1. her halo… so there’s no chance of him betraying her huh? i was sorta hoping that he is so damn evil that he doesnt care much of anyone that he loves. those who comes in his way must be eliminated sorta
        hence mlg will experience the feeling of being betrayed by someone who could be in the future the closest to her

        hahaha, my evil thoughts are taking over again

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