IHSC Chapter 13

Chapter 13

And your name is Zhen Bei, how unfortunate. Buddy, with such a name, you still have the guts to be a tomb robber. (TN: Zhen Bei’s name is 贞北, it sounds the same as 真背, which means very unlucky.)

“…..whatever. Just treat me as a grave robber.” Wang Xiao Mie sighed. He had not forgotten about the little monster Mu Yi drooling above Zhen Bei’s head. “Let’s talk somewhere else.”

Wang Xiao Mie led him out of the room and advised him carefully: “Zhen Bei buddy, I see you’re still young, you shouldn’t be disturbing the graves of the ancestors. There will be retribution. Later when my hus.. cough.. my friend comes back and tells you the way out, you should leave quickly.”

“You have a partner?” Zhen Bei’s black face lit up. “But that won’t do. My brother’s eyes were poisoned and blinded. Only the legendary fish pearl from this tomb palace can save him. Thank you for the warning but I have to get the fish pearl for my brother.”

“Blinded by poison?” Wang Xiao Mie eyed the valuable equipment and props that he was carrying. Many of them looked professional. Most likely this was a family business.

“That’s…” Sure enough, Zhen Bei stuttered and couldn’t go on explaining. He gave a dry laugh and stopped talking.

Wang Xiao Mie knew that everyone has secrets and so he did not ask further. He then began to rummage his memories.


Fish pearls? Wen Feng Jin had let him play with every priceless artifact and treasure there was in the tomb but why had he never heard of fish pearls that could restore one’s sight?

“Do you even know what it looks like and yet you came to such a dangerous place to look for it?” Wang Xiao Mie asked.

“Of course I know! I’m not an idiot!” He pulled out a picture from his backpack and showed it to Wang Xiao Mie. “Look, I secretly copied this photo from my second brother. This is the pearl we found last time, but it’d been used by someone.”

We’ve only met and you’re already showing me important information… Do your brothers know that you’re this trusting?

Wang Xiao Mie squinted at the picture. The pearl in the photo was not very big, it was white and about the size of a mung bean. Its only distinctive feature was a black dot in the center which made it look like fish eyes.

This thing……why does it look so familiar?

Oh, that’s it!

Wang Xiao Mie’s left hand hammered into his right palm. He pulled the long embroidered red ribbon that was used as his hair tie up to their eye level. At the end of the ribbon was a string of beads looking just like the one in the photo.



Zhen Bei’s mouth was agape and his eyes almost popped out. He pointed excitedly at the hairband in Wang Xiao Mie’s hand, unable to utter a word!

Wang Xiao Mie was tidying up his hair because pulling down the band had caused it to fall loose from the crown. He twitched his mouth and said: “You’re sure these little things can save your brother’s eyes?”

Aren’t these just decorations for his hairband? 

“That’s it! That’s the fish pearls! Aaaaahhhhh! My god my god!” Zhen Bei jumped wildly. “This is my family business, how could I not know! These are fish pearls! And there are so many of them! My god! My brother’s eyes are saved! Hahaha. And why do you have so many of them? Can I have one? Can I can I? I’m desperately begging you, the kind that people would go down on their knees to beg!”

Heh~ Then go on, kneel down and beg. Wang Xiao Mie was laughing inside when he saw him clasped his hand and prayed to him with pitiful eyes, like a puppy begging for food.

There was no way he could refuse.

Besides….. I have a whole trove of these hairbands! Wang Xiao Mie thought of the huge trunk of hair ornaments, from jade crowns to men’s hairpins, that Wen Feng Jin would open when he helped him to comb his hair every day.

But seeing Zhen Bei’s hysteria over just the one bead, he decided to mute the sentence.

Under Zhen Bei’s yearning eyes, Wang Xiao Mie broke the string and the beads fell into his palm. He picked the biggest one and gave it to Zhen Bei.

Why didn’t he give more?

Because he knew the saying “the precious stone will land its innocent possessor in trouble.” with Zhen Bei’s character, having too many of these will cause him more harm than good.

Fortunately, Zhen Bei was a cute little silly. He was not at all dissatisfied with Wang Xiao Mie only giving him one. Instead, he was happy as a dog that got thrown a bone, he held the bead happily and his face was full of gratitude.

“Thank you Xiao Mie! If you ever go to S City, come to look for me, I’ll definitely take you to have fun! Really!” 

As if. Wang Xiao Mie silently thought: you’re such an innocent idiot, the only place we’ll end up in is the dustbin.

Just when his thought wandered, the overly excited Zhen Bei came over and gave him a big bear hug!

As fate would have it, before Wang Xiao Mie could push him away, he saw Wen Feng Jin standing opposite in the tomb passageway with a twisted and murderous look. He would make a forced smile but the other side’s eyes were already bloodshot and the black pupils were looking even more distorted!

Wang Xiao Mie almost peed due to fear. He numbly looked at Zhen Bei clinging on him.

Ooohhh, sh*t. The big scene of catching the adulterate wife in bed!

Wang Xiao Mie: “Feng Jin ah…….you, you have to hear my explanation…..”

Zhen Bei got down from his body and looked back in confusion: “Xiao Mie, who are you talking to … wow! When did that man come in? You know him? Then that means he’s your friend?” 

After saying that, he even had to give it one last stab: “haha, your friend’s expression is so strange!”

It’s strange, right? It’ll even be stranger when he chops us both up into minced meat dumpling’s fillings…..Wang Xiao Mie covered his face.

Wen Feng Jin sneered coldly and said: “Friend? Oh, is that how Shixiong addresses me? Shixiong is ever as eloquent with everyone. But did you forget that we’re already married? Even in this tomb, you’re getting intimate with others, how improper for a spouse!”

Wang Xiao Mie: “……” The hell is improper for a spouse!?

Zhen Bei (stupid and cute emoticon): “What? What just happened?”

Looking at the cheating wife (did no such thing!) and the damned third party (I’m the most innocent here), Wen Feng Jin decided to shut the door and release the beast: “Mu Yi, what are you waiting for?! Tear that thing into pieces!”

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  1. Lmaooo not the caught cheating wife, your wife just wanted his toilet paper! Someone save the cute little silly third wheel o(T^T)o


  2. Hahahahaha! Oh man. This fellow has more than earned his name! Run while the main couple is arguing! Can’t help but have sympathy for this idiotic grave robber!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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  3. Last release for the week. Have fun with the cliff hanger. hahaha

    The next release will be after next week. Have to give my other project some love.

    PS don’t worry about ML hurting WXM, there’s no domestic violence in the tomb

    Have a great weekend everyone!

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