RCFN Chapter 34

Chapter 34

Mo Di did not go with Chen Zhao and Song Yu to the Mo villa. He told them to meet up in half an hour near the compound. In the meantime, Mo Di hurried to Mu Tian Heng’s company. 

Mu Tian Heng did not expect Mo Di to come looking for him. He happily came down to the reception to fetch Mo Di. 

“Little one, you miss me that much?” Upon seeing Mo Di, Mu Tian Heng’s first reaction was to rub his hair. He said in a doting tone: “have you had your lunch?”

“Not yet.” Mo Di shook his head then shyly scanned the area. Seeing that no one was paying attention to them, he gave a sigh of relief and whispered: “Brother, I have something important to tell you.”

Seeing Mo Di’s secretive posture, Mu Tian Heng chuckled and said: “Come to my office.”

When they reached Mu Tian Heng’s office, Mo Di was about to say something when Mu Tian Heng gave him a flick on the forehead.

Mo Di was dumbfounded. He looked at Mu Tian Heng, completely oblivious of what he was being ‘punished’ for.

“Don’t know your offense yet?”

Mu Tian Heng looked at Mo Di’s confused and innocent expression and the slightly red forehead. Feeling somewhat annoyed for not controlling his strength, he reached to rub the pinkish spot for him. “It’s already past one. Why haven’t you had your lunch yet? Such an irregular eating habit, are you trying to ruin your body?”

Mo Di gazed into Mu Tian Heng’s eyes but felt speechless. His face was dyed red with embarrassment, but unlike the kind when he used to suffocate himself to create, this time it was beyond his control.

“Brother, I….I was too busy today.”

“No matter how busy you are, you still have to eat. I’ll tell Assistant Gao to get lunch for you. Try the roast duck I had before, it’s quite good. You can eat in my lounge later.” Connected to Mu Tian Heng’s office was another room with adequate facilities, a bed, a table, and even a simple bathroom, suitable to take a rest in.

“Brother, I can’t. I’m really busy today. And also I have something urgent.” Mo Di took a deep breath. When his face was less heated, he took a step back.

“My roommate’s uncle is back. We went to pick him up at the airport and later, we’re going to the Mo house.”

“You mean…the one named Song Yu has returned to Hua Xia?” Mu Tian Heng had a restrained look. “Is he going to confront Mo San Zhi now?”

“Um. He wants to settle this once and for all.” Mo Di looked to Mu Tian Heng and said: “Brother, we have agreed to meet up near the Mo house so I have to hurry. Previously I asked brother to help me get a special pinhole camera, do you have it now? I want to bring it along.”

“The kind with wifi charging? I just received it two days ago but it’s in the villa.” Mu Tian Heng frowned, “Little one, you’re planning to put it inside the Mo house?”

“Um. Uncle Song agreed to help.”

Mu Tian Heng’s gaze stayed on Mo Di for a few seconds but did not question him. He rubbed his hair and said: “Come, I’ll send you back to get it.”

Half an hour later, Mo Di took the items, got on a cab, and left for the appointed destination.

When Mo Di arrived, Chen Zhao and Song Yu had been waiting for twenty minutes.

“Sorry I’m late.” Mo Di said apologetically.

“No problem.” Song Yu looked at Mo Di’s backpack and asked: “You’ve brought it?”

“Um. But it’s not in the bag.” Mo Di pulled out two minuscule items and put them in Song Yu’s hand.

Chen Zhao, the ignorant party, was baffled. He did not know the secret plan they had hatched through WeChat and asked curiously: “What are those? Xiao Di, what did you give my uncle? Why don’t I get one?”

“It’s a secret.” In the half-month Mo Di spent interacting with Song Yu, he felt that he was more at ease with Song Yu than Chen Zhao. This was not only because Song Yu was more reliable, but also his status as a ‘cannon fodder’ gave Mo Di a sense of camaraderie.

“Thank you, Uncle Song.” Mo Di thanked Song Yu once again.

“Don’t mention it. Xiao Di, you’ve helped me a great deal. Doing you this little favor is nothing.”

A smile loomed on Mo Di’s face. He said to Song Yu: “Uncle Song, at this time, there will only be several daughters-in-law and the Mo patriarch at home. Are you going to wait for Mo San Zhi or go in to pay the others a visit first?”

“I actually have the same thought as you.” Song Yu looked straight at Mo Di and put on a devilish smile. “Of course it’s the latter.”

Mo Di smiled: “Um, that will be more exciting.”

Chen Zhao looked at both of them with a head full of question marks. What game are these two playing?!


After pinpointing the Mo house’s location to Chen Zhao and Song Yu, Mo Di rented a car nearby. He sat in and waited quietly with his laptop in hand. Once the pinhole camera was connected to the wifi, he could immediately hack into its data and store its information.

Chen Zhao followed Song Yu to the Mo house. He was worried that the unreasonable people of the Mo family would beat up his uncle on impulse.

The Mo members were not expecting an unidentified guest at their door, but, maintaining a hospitable front had always been their forte, and so, they were not chased away. After being asked several questions, the Mos realized that the person was Song Yu’s brother and quickly invited them in.

The second aunt was particularly enthusiastic. She kept inviting Song Yu to some tea and snacks.

“Aiya, so you’re Song Yu’s brother. Such a talented person. I can tell just by looking. That girl Yu Er must also be a beautiful and elegant girl with good virtue. Your names are also meaningful, one with jin(gold) and the other a pure jade. Why didn’t Yu Er come with you?”

“She’s busy.” Song Yu smiled and said: “Mo San Zhi…what did he tell you about my sister?”

“Hai…my son really likes your sister. A few months ago, he told me he fell in love with a girl named Song Yu and said she’s like someone from the heavens. We wanted him to bring her back but he kept saying that it was inconvenient for her. Ai, this boy has been like this since young. For the things and people he likes, he always wanted to hide and protect it. He was worried that we’ll bully her. Xiao Song, you don’t have to worry, my son knows best how to protect and pamper his girlfriend.”

“Indeed, I also feel that he’s very good at protecting.” Song Yu smiled.

Well, he did protect his existence with care, even his gender was changed.

“Cough…” The Mo grandfather cleared his throat abruptly and said: “Second daughter in law, call that kid San Zhi back. His girlfriend’s elder and younger brothers are here to visit, how can he not be around to host, what kind of behavior is this?!”

That’s right. Chen Zhao was pretending to be Song Yu’s younger brother who was now fuming mad at Mo San Zhi. But he still warned himself not to give the game away.

The second aunt said: “Yes father, I’ll give him a call right now. Isn’t he busy these days? He’s creating his own brand in Hua Xia, it’s not a simple task.” She took out her cell to dial Mo San Zhi’s number, then said to Song Yu: “Xiao Song, our family’s San Zhi is the most capable one. He would rather tire himself to death than let his wife suffer.”

Song Yu lowered his head to take a sip of tea, hiding his ironic smile.

Song Yu had not even been married to their house and yet, she was already jabbed at.

“Hello, mom?” when the phone got through, Mo San Zhi’s voice could be heard faintly from this side: “What is it? I’m still busy here.”

“Ai, big news! San Zhi, come home quick, your girlfriend’s brother is here.”

“What? What girlfriend’s brother? Mom, what are you talking about?”

“Auntie, let me talk to him.” Song Yu put down the teacup.

“Good good good. Xiao Song you talk to him.” She handed the phone to Song Yu.

“Wei? Mo San Zhi? I’m at your house right now. Why don’t you come back for a visit?” Song Yu said to the phone with a smirk: “I came to say hello to auntie on behalf of my sister.”

Clang—!” The noise that came through sounded like the phone had dropped and someone hurried to pick it up.

“Mo San Zhi, I’m not in a hurry, I’ll wait for you to come back.” Song Yu did not wait for Mo San Zhi’s reply. He handed the phone back to the second aunt. “Thank you, auntie.”

The second aunt was actually dissatisfied with Song Yu’s attitude but she did not say anything. “Son, did you hear that? Stop your work and hurry back.”

“I.. I’ll be right back.” Mo San Zhi’s voice was tense and he hung up the phone soon after.

“The boy was too nervous.” The second aunt frowned, then turned to ask Song Yu: “Xiao Song, what do you do? Are you a doctor like your sister?”

Mo San Zhi came back in less than half an hour.

What he saw when he charged into the living room with sweat on his face was Song Yu chatting heartily with Mo grandfather. 

“San Zhi, you’re back.” The second aunt came to meet him but only saw him dashed over to Song Yu and grabbed his arm, “you…why are you here?”

“I can’t come here?” Song Yu smiled and looked at Mo San Zhi coldly.

“San Zhi, what are you doing…”

“Mom, I have something to say to Xiao Yu’s brother, we’re leaving first.” Mo San Zhi interrupted his mother. He held on to Song Yu’s arm and was about to leave when Mo grandfather stopped him.

“What is wrong with you?! Is this how you treat our guests? People will think our Mo family does not know how to educate their children.”

“Grandpa, we really have urgent matters to discuss, I….”

“How about this? We can discuss things in your room first. I still want to have dinner with auntie later.” Song Yu smiled as he retracted his hand from Mo San Zhi’s grasp.

“You…” Mo San Zhi was exploding with anger in his head but he knew that now was not the time to get physical and drag Song Yu away. He suppressed his anger and shifted closer, blocking any incoming sight. He then spoke to Song Yu in an affectionate tone: “Can’t we talk outside? There’s a cafe around the corner. Let’s go…”

“No. I’m not leaving until you give me an explanation.”

When the second aunt heard Song Yu’s words, she thought that Mo San Zhi had wronged Song Yu’s sister behind her back. Although in her heart, nothing her son did could be wrong, she still had to put on the act of a decent mother-in-law and said: “Aiya San Zhi, if there’s a misunderstanding somewhere, you have to clear it up with Xiao Song. Don’t let others think our Mo family picks on others.”

Mo San Zhi ground his teeth in anger as he stared at Song Yu, but things were out of his control, he had no choice but to take Song Yu upstairs. Chen Zhao was distressed, he called out: “Brother?!”

“It’s ok. Xiao Zhao, you stay here and have a good talk with auntie and grandpa.” Song Yu gave Chen Zhao a pacifying look, then followed Mo San Zhi upstairs.

Song Yu paused when he passed by Mo Di’s room. He raised his hand to touch the damage on the door and stayed there.

Walking ahead, Mo San Zhi saw that Song Yu had stopped following. He pressed down the anger and said: “Xiao Yu, hurry up.”

“Uhm.” Song Yu quietly withdrew his hand from the door and said: “This room looks different from the others. The door even has a crack, you guys don’t fix it?” And with one look, he could tell the damage was caused by someone kicking it open.

“That room belongs to that ani…” Mo San Zhi put on the brake in time and swallowed back his words: “That’s my cousin’s room. He doesn’t like us touching his stuff. He won’t let us fix it, so it’s better for us not to.”

“Oh.” Song Yu put on a fake smile and continued to follow Mo San Zhi to his room.

Immediately after Song yu entered the door, Mo San Zhi shut it tight. He turned and stared straight at Song Yu, lowered his voice and said: “Xiao Yu, what’s the matter with you? Why did you come to Hua Xia all of a sudden, and even came here? This matter cannot be…”

“Cannot be what?” Song Yu no longer wanted to look at Mo San Zhi lest he would feel nauseous. He turned to face the bookshelf and sneered: “Cannot be exposed to your family that the Song Yu you’re dating is a man?”

“Xiao Yu!”

Mo San Zhi frantically looked at the bedroom door. Fearing that someone might be lurking behind it, he ran over like a schizophrenic, opened the door, and quickly checked the corridor. Seeing that no one was there, he closed it and immediately looked at Song Yu with a sad face: “Xiao Yu, I know, I know I’m wrong. I know it’s wrong to hide your gender but I really have no choice. For our future, we have to plan this slowly. My family doesn’t understand the love between two men. If we tell them this, they will get mad.”

“So I’m just like any other girl?” Song Yu did not want to hear Mo San Zhi’s excuse. This type of excuse sounded noble and reasonable but in fact, it’s disgusting.

Moreover, Mo San Zhi’s every little move and expressions just further demonstrated to him what kind of person he was.


Before deciding to blow this matter up, Song Yu actually gave Mo San Zhi ample opportunities but…clearly, he did not cherish them. 

“Baby, I know I’m wrong. I really do.” Seeing Song Yu was not paying him any heed, Mo San Zhi concealed his anger and impatience, walked to Song Yu, and took his hand. Gently rubbing it, he said tenderly with some grievances: “All that I did was for us, I’m doing this for our future.”

“When my career is stable, no one can control me anymore. And you, you should stay in America for a few more years. Get American citizenship, then we can get married there. How good is that? We can live our own little lives in peace, no one will disturb us. But now is not a good time. We have to hide this from my family temporarily, otherwise, their opposition will be more severe in the future. It’ll be even harder for us to be together.”

“Really?” Song Yu suddenly smiled.

“Of course it’s true.” Mo San Zhi replied instantly when he saw Song Yu eased up, “That’s what I’ve been planning all along. But baby, your coming was too abrupt, it almost ruined my plan. Were you deluded by someone into doing this? That’s underhanded, I’ll have to deal with him!”

Song Yu ignored his words and asked: “What if even then, your parents still do not agree?”

“No, that won’t happen. I’ll persuade them with everything I’ve got.” Mo San Zhi assured: “They will understand.”

“Is that so?” Song Yu looked straight at Mo San Zhi’s handsome face and finally for the first time, he felt that a man can be this disgusting. “It’s a pity, I don’t believe you.”

“You…” Mo San Zhi saw Song Yu’s smile and finally understood that from the start, Song Yu was just mocking him, never intending to trust him. His face turned ugly but he held back his enmity and said in a warm voice: “Baby, what exactly don’t you believe?”

“It’s nothing. I just feel that those words of yours just now, your mom and the others should have a listen.”

“What? You recorded it?!!”

Mo San Zhi was in full-blown shock. His expression turned brutish. He reached out to grab Song Yu’s phone but missed. “Mo San Zhi, what are you doing?”

“Baby, give me your phone.” Mo San Zhi tried hard to keep his voice and temper in check: “Give it to me.”

“Why should I give it to you?”

The fear of being exposed as a homosexual and the anger of being played by Song Yu finally took over. Mo San Zhi lost it and went straight for Song Yu, grabbing his hand, and was even taunted to hit him: “I said give it to me!!”

“Mo San Zhi! You even want to hit me?!”

“Give me!!”

 The truth was there was no such recording. Song Yu just wanted to give it a last shot but Mo San Zhi’s reaction to this moment not only disappointed him deeply, but it also infuriated him.

When Mo San Zhi charged at him again, aiming for his neck, Song Yu suddenly remembered a little trick Mo Di taught him beforehand. At that time, he felt that it was too cruel but now, there was never a better time to use it.

Song Yu raised his feet and brutally kicked at Mo San Zhi’s third leg.


Mo San Zhi’s scream rang through the hall. His face was bleached and his lips were trembling. His legs gave in and he fell to the ground, covering a certain place, unable to lift his head.

Song Yu raised his hand and discreetly placed another pinhole camera in the crevice between the books on the shelf.

At this time, several sets of hectic footsteps could be heard coming from outside and before Mo San Zhi could even stand up, the door was forced open with a bang.

“Uncle! Are you all right?” Chen Zhao was the first to enter. He hurried to Song Yu’s side and took a-head-to-toe scan of him. “Did this garbage hit you?”

“He wanted to but wasn’t able to. Thanks to Xiao…” Song Yu stopped and swallowed back the word “Di”, “Thanks to your little classmate who’d taught me not only how to test his nature but also to defend myself.”

“What’s going on? What exactly is happening here?!” When the second aunt arrived at the scene and saw Mo San Zhi on the ground, writhing in pain, she was immediately enveloped in rage. She screeched: “Who hit my son?! Who did it?! It’s you, isn’t it? Song Yu, it’s you who hit him!! What kind of understanding do you have to use violence?! Ha?! Assaulting people is against the law, you’re going to jail! I’m going to call the police! You wait and see! The Mo family will not let you off. Just wait and see!”

“Mom…!” Mo San Zhi was the most anxious of them all. He reached for his mother’s clothes and said: “Mom, don’t make a big scene…”

“What are you afraid of? Are you still worried about that girlfriend of yours? Silly boy, wake up! I’m telling you, her brother is such a rotten thing, she’s definitely the same!”

After her scorn, she looked at Song Yu and said: “Pei! Your sister, tell her to never think about entering our Mo family! We will never accept such an ill-bred thing!”


Song Yu laughed. His glance swept the room from the second aunt to the Mo patriarch and the others who had gathered at the door and said serenely: “Auntie, I’ll just tell you the truth then. I don’t have any sister. Mo San Zhi also does not have a girlfriend because from the start, the one named Song Yu, has always been me. The one Mo San Zhi went after, the one he repeatedly confessed his love to, there’s only me.”

“If you don’t believe me, I have proof.”

9 thoughts on “RCFN Chapter 34

  1. Why is Mo San Zhi pitiful ??? He was a physical abuser of his cousin and a mental abuser of his lover…

    Forcing to come out is bad unless he played his lover like a fool.. Even after Song Yu’s death he never revealed his real identity…


  2. Everyone is chanting about how they find msz pitiful, but please I don’t.
    I would have accepted it have he kept mum about his relationship and try to figure out how to bring his family to accept his sexual orientation, but no he didn’t do that he instead change SY gender (what an insult).
    And what did he do now try to make sy go back to America when he knows he’ll never bring the truth to light, someone said that it’s just like keeping a mistress and agree with that. He’s so deceitful.
    So he deserves everything he got.

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  3. MSZ is a pitiful character and I would have felt forcing him to come out was a bit too much if not for the author describing his anger at Song Yu like… Bro, you can be sad or scared but feeling angry at your partner for “disturbing your plan”… sounds like you want to hide him away… even until death he never disclosed the gender. Serves him right

    Thanks for the chapter 💞

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    1. I’d agree if he hasn’t been stringing SY all along. He knows there’s no future for them but still decided to woo him. If you’re not planning to come out then don’t get others involved in a dead end relationship. And his speech about them being together dragged out for years and SY actually died waiting. I guess this is his retribution

      But yea, msz is actually quite a tragic character

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    2. I normally don’t think forcing someone to come out is a good thing however he was clearly playing him. He had no respect for song yu either. If he really did he would have actually tried to ease his family into accepting his relationship not telling them he was a girl . I know I would feel extremely hurt if the person that chased me for so long told his family I was a girl and wanted me to stay in America all my life with the intention of hiding me away like a mistress. At the end of the day MSZ is both tragic and disgusting

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  4. Not a fan of where the author cuts her chapter so I’ll be releasing chapter 35 some time tmr (sorry to those waiting for MHSC… what? no one?).

    And also Chapter 35 introduces another member to MD’s family, plus don’t you just love to see SY in action?

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    1. Well, I’m certainly waiting for new MHSC chapters, but guess what? – I can wait some more ;););)
      Thank you for the translation and for not leaving us to enjoy that minor cliffhanger over the weekend ❤
      P.S. Well, I find MSZ pitiful but also a bit hateful, esp. the way he reacted when he thought Song Yu had recorded their conversation. That family has caused his personality to become thoroughly twisted.

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    2. I don’t feel pity for MSZ. Sure forcing someone to come out isn’t right but it’s a different story if that same person changed the gender of their lover, coaxed them to staying abroad for years just to hide their existence, all without discussing it with the person in question. Additionally, he’s a scumbag and is confirmed to have contributed to the abuse Mo Di has received. He still deserves pity? The one who’s pitiful is Song Yu, if he did enter a relationship with this guy he probably would’ve been kept in the dark forever and looking at the events that just happened the relationship probably would’ve been a toxic one at that. Seriously…

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