RCFN Chapter 35

Chapter 35

Mo San Zhi turned ghastly pale. 

“You…you, you’re lying!” The second aunt pointed straight at Song Yu, her expression was unsightly. She picked up the things on the table and smashed them at him.

“Nasty thing with the filthy mouth, get out of here! How dare you say my son is gay, You’re the one who’s gay. You disgusting pervert! Get out! Get out of here!” 

Song Yu dodged to one side and did not elaborate further. He said with a cold face: “Auntie if you hurt me, I will post the evidence that Mo San Zhi is gay on the internet. At that time not only will everyone knows that he’s gay, but also that he’s a coward!” 

“You!” the second aunt froze in place. The things in her hand were not thrown but her insults did not cease: “You slander my son. You’ll die a horrible death! Song Yu you’ll die horribly!”

“Are you sure you got the right yu this time?” Song Yu sneered, “Auntie, I had no intention of coming to your Mo house but Mo San Zhi he’s just too much. Not only was he playing with me, he even wanted to fool me into staying in America and become his closet lover… heh!”

“I think this matter, as his mother, you have the right to know. Otherwise you would arrange a blind date for him and make him unhappy, as well as ruining another girl’s life. Such a vicious thing, I think I should try to prevent it.”

“Shut up! You pervert! Shut up! You’re the one who likes men. My son is not like that at all! You vixen! You tried to seduce my son! He rejected you, that’s why you’re trying to ruin him! Let me tell you, I won’t let you off. The Mo family won’t let you off! You’d better be careful, I…”

“That’s enough!”

The Mo patriarch roared angrily and struck hard with his crutch. “Everyone, just stop talking!”

The second aunt was shocked and her screeching stopped for two seconds before she started to sob: “Father, father, this is definitely slander. This Song Yu is lying! He’s a pervert, he’s trying to ruin San Zhi. We can’t just let this go. Father…”

Mo grandfather snorted. With Mo San Zhi’s pale and frightened look on the ground, how could he not tell whether this was a lie or not.

But regardless, he would not admit that his third grandson was a pervert who liked men.


“Xiao Song, regarding this type of thing, you shouldn’t talk nonsense. It looks like there’s a misunderstanding between you and San Zhi. That’s alright, if there’s a misunderstanding, we can talk it through but you can’t spread this absurd claim around!” The Mo patriarch looked at Song Yu coldly, “Otherwise, you’ll only bring trouble to others and yourself.”

“That’s right. This is all a misunderstanding! A groundless accusation!” Hearing his grandfather defend him, Mo San Zhi’s sinking heart was emboldened: “Xiao Yu, I know that you like me but it’s impossible between us. I only liked your sister, but now it seems we’re not meant to be. When you returned to America, you…”

“Mo San Zhi!”

Song Yu interrupted his words and retorted calmly with disgust: “You’re more unbelievable than I thought. Lying without any hesitation, just like your brothers and sister when they tried to distort the truth. You guys are really …birds of a feather”

“What crap are you talking about?” Mo San Zhi regained his strength. He stood up and looked at Song Yu with a darkened face. “You can slander me, but you can’t behave like those trash on the internet and slander my sister all because of a bullsh*t video. That Mo Di has never been a good thing!”

Song Yu looked at Mo San Zhi and let out a laugh.

“And I thought what they said about your Mo family’s twisted principles when it comes to Mo Liu Gui was exaggerated, it’s actually worse than that. Slander? Mo San Zhi do you even know what that means?!!”

“Like what I said about your homosexuality is slander? What that video showed about your family is slander?! Your family’s mentality is twisted. You’re biased to the extent of having no morality or humanity and yet you still think of yourself as a highly virtuous family.”

“You people are ridiculous!”

Song Yu’s lecture made everyone in the Mo family burn with anger.

“Song Yu, shut the f**k up!” Mo San Zhi’s anger burst. He aimed a fist straight at Song Yu but was knocked away by Chen Zhao. “You jerk! Stay away!”

Chen Zhao’s rage which had been accumulating all this time erupted into that one shove, blasting Mo San Zhi away by about five meters and causing him to bump into the table edge.

Mo San Zhi’s mother burst into tears. She kept swearing even as she ran over to help her son. The Mo patriarch was also flaring, he directly called security to chase Song Yu and Chen Zhao out.

“Song Yu is it? Our family does not welcome people like you who sullies the reputation of others by calling them gay. You can get out now!” 

“Is that so? But I still haven’t shown you the evidence yet.” When the security guards were approaching them, Song Yu took out a stack of photos and splayed them in front of the crowd. 

“Chat logs, confession photos, and more! A few of the photos might be too stimulating in your opinion but you have the right to know.” Song Yu said contentedly, “But don’t think of using these against me. None of these has my information.”

Seeing that the guard was coming for him, Song Yu grabbed two photos and pasted it on their faces, “Hey you guys should have a look as well.”

The security guards stepped back and their faces turned red. They dared not look at the photos, the Mo family will kill them!

Out of curiosity, the eldest aunt picked up a couple of the photos and stared in bewilderment, her face then showed a look of disgust.

“Well, since you don’t want to see me anymore, I’ll be going then.” Song Yu smiled at the security guards and said: “Don’t have to see me off.”

Song Yu had just felt the vibration from his phone. This was the signal Mo Di designated in advance when he wanted them to withdraw.

The Mo patriarch’s face was red with anger and was on the edge of collapsing. The eldest aunt saw his declining state, threw the photos in hand, and ran to appease him. Not long ago because of that little animal Mo Di’s doing, the old man was sent straight to the hospital. He was only discharged recently. If he was to be hospitalized again…

Wouldn’t the Mo family fall apart?!

“Father, father, don’t be too agitated… I’ve already called Shi Qiang back, father…”

“Go put those photos away…put them away quickly!!” The Mo patriarch was red as a beet and his throat felt like there was a big lump lodged there. “Our family cannot afford to carry this shame!”

At this time Song Yu was already downstairs, running off with Chen Zhao.

In his hands remained a few provocative photos which he treated as his weapon, in case their path was blocked, those would go directly onto the guards’ faces.

But as they got to the gate, they met up with another Mo family member who was coming back.

Mo Liu Gui was surprised when she saw Song Yu. She then quickly greeted him with a smile: “Hello, you are…?”

“Since I just dumped your third brother…” Song Yu replied gracefully: “then I’m likely your third brother’s ex-boyfriend.”

After saying this, Song Yu ignored Mo Liu Gui’s ‘wonderful’ look, and dashed out the gate.

Chen Zhao picked up his pace to catch up. There was jittering in his heart when he saw the man standing next to Mo Liu Gui. Why are his eyes and facial expression that frightening? It’s like he wants to eat them alive!

They promptly found Mo Di’s rental car and scuttered inside. 

“That felt good.” Song Yu let out a long breath, then said to Mo Di: “Xiao Di, is it done?”

“Em.” Mo Di nodded. He had perfectly hidden any trace of connection the wireless camera would emit. And because he had seen clearly what happened in the Mo house, he was in quite a complicated mood.

When Uncle Song lets his mouth run loose, his soft and gentle image…was completely torn down. That mouth of his is a terrible weapon!

“Xiao Di, why did you signal us back so suddenly? Is it because of Mo Liu Gui?” Song Yu, sitting next to him, asked.

“Uhm.” Mo Di turned off his computer. “Especially the man next to her, Qin Cheng Yi. At present, we can’t afford to provoke him. He was the one who plotted against me in the college entrance exam case.”

“What?! He’s the one?!”

Chen Zhao immediately swore in surprise: “No wonder he looked evil. There is a strong anguish aura between his brows. He has the making of a mafia boss.”

“Anyway, turn around if you happen to meet them. Do not by any means confront them.” Mo Di advised.

“Uhm, we’ll listen to you.” Song Yu patted Mo Di on the shoulder and said in an elderly tone: “Thanks to you providing me with adequate information that your uncle, me, can lash out on them with my full potential. It’s a pity you had to do something else, otherwise, you could’ve joined us.”

“Even though I wasn’t there, I can still tell how handsome Uncle Song was.” Mo Di said with a smile, “now that everything is almost done, I’ll be getting off at the Chang Cheng road junction. I won’t be accompanying you guys after this.” 

“Xiao Di,  you’re going home? Uncle still wants to invite you for dinner.”

“Um. I have to go home. My brother is waiting for me.” Mo Di was oblivious that once he mentioned Mu Tian Heng, his mood would brighten and he would even want to smile.

“Brother? Which one?” Song Yu eyed Mo Di doubtfully, “Aren’t all your brothers a bunch of crazies?”

“Of course it’s not those.” Chen Zhao interjected. “It’s someone Xiao Di got to know outside. He’s super good and has helped him a lot. If Xiao Di isn’t this young and that guy isn’t that old, I would have thought that he had taken a fancy to Xiao Di. Isn’t that right, Xiao Di?”

Mo Di: “…”

“What’s more, he’s super handsome.” Chen Zhao bragged to Song Yu. “Uncle it’s true! That brother of Xia Di is super hot. He’s tall with long legs. I did not see his face clearly but I can tell he’s very good looking. Hundreds of times better than Mo San Zhi!”

Song Yu instantly gave out an “oh?”. Wanting in on the gossip, he asked: “Xiao Di, what does your brother do?”

But Mo Di at this moment asked the driver to stop: “Uncle, you can let me down here, I have to go.” Then he smiled and said to Song Yu and Chen Zhao: “Uncle Song, Chen Zhao, I’m leaving now. I can ride the subway from here. Let’s have a meal together when we have the chance.”

Then, Mo Di opened the door and ran off.

Chen Zhao and Song Yu: “…”

Why did Xiao Di suddenly act so strange? (TN: cause he’s running away from a potential love rival lol!)

After walking for some distance, he reached the subway station. As he was about to enter, he heard several weak whimpers coming from the sidewalk.


He turned to look and saw a cardboard box next to a trash can. Inside… is it a puppy?

The puppy had dirt all over and its white fur was clumped together. It could not open its eyes but could still sense the presence of someone approaching. Its tiny body moved forward with all its might, using the weak paws to scratch at the box and whimpered frailly.

When Mo Di saw the little puppy, he was slightly stunned. This little guy… why does he look like the one he tried to adopt before running away from home in his last life?

In his last life, after he failed to do well in the College Entrance Exam and had a broken arm and leg, his mood coming home after the hospital stay was gloomy. He wanted to retake the exam but no one supported it. Hence he ended up in a mediocre university.

After he enrolled, he only came back to the Mo house once a month. In fact, if Mo Liu Gui did not insist on wanting him to come back, and the Mos ordered him to do so to please Mo Liu Gui, he would not return at all. On his second trip back, he met the little puppy near the Mo villa. Although it was dirty, he could tell that it was white and had a brown spot, and also a broken tail.

Exactly the same with this one.

Back then, he saw the pitiful dog and he himself was quite lonely, so he brought the puppy to a pet store for a bath and treatment. He got some dog food and a kennel for it, thinking that he was going to have a companion in the future.

After getting the kennel for him and placing it near the Mo villa, planning to bring it back with him when he left for school, the dog disappeared the next day and even its kennel was thrown away.

According to what he overheard from the servants afterward, Mo Wu Hang had hit the dog and chased it away for scaring his sister.

Mo Di took a deep breath and exhaled the discomfort in his heart, then went over to pick up the box.

The puppy sensed that someone was close and that he was being held, his sobs became louder. The tiny paws continuously scratched the carton box’s wall, trying to climb out of the box with its soft body. It soon failed and tumbled backward.

Mo Di couldn’t help but chuckle. He said softly: “I’ll take you for a bath first, then to the vet for injection, and check up to see if you’re sick before I can bring you home.”

Mo Di hugged the carton box and walked to the nearest pet store three kilometers away. He let the puppy have its bath and also bought some dog food for it.

After the fluffball was washed and fed, Mo Di brought it to the vet and had them do several tests on it.

The veterinarian said that the puppy was fine, only slightly weak. He told Mo Di to bring it back the following weekend to have its vaccination shot. After Mo Di noted it down, he went to purchase a medicine box, a kennel, and a doggie toilet.

The little white-ball was a lot more energetic after being stuffed. It clawed at Mo Di’s clothes and looked at him with its black round eyes, incredibly adorable.

“What are you looking at?” Mo Di lightly touched its nose and said with a smile: “Later you have to behave well, if brother doesn’t like you, then we’ll both have to sleep on the street, got it?”

“Woo.. woo…” the little puppy gave two soft barks, as if saying that it understood.

Mo Di’s smile widened with delight. He rubbed the little head, “You’re so cute, let’s see…what name should I give you?”

But with his disastrous naming sense, even when he reached home and saw Mu Tian Heng, he still could not come up with a good name.

Mu Tian Heng was quite surprised seeing Mo Di return with a little puppy in his arms. He walked over and said: “Little one, how did you end up coming back with a puppy?”

“I picked him up. But I’ve let him take a bath and injections, he’s germ-free.” Mo Di said softy, then looked at Mu Tian Heng anxiously: “brother, let’s keep him, shall we? See, he’s cute and very obedient. He only needs a little space in the courtyard. That’s it.”

Mo Di stared at Mu Tian Heng nervously but unknown to him, Mu Tian Heng was laughing in his heart.

The little one probably did not know that his expression and the puppy’s were exactly the same, surprisingly consistent. The two pairs of eyes looked at him pleadingly, this picture …. is inexplicably effective.

When Mu Tian Heng did not speak, Mo Di called out again: “Brother, are you mad at me?”

“Of course not.” Mu Tian Heng was just at a loss for words. He reached out to rub Mo Di’s hair, “I’m trying to think of a name for it.”

“So brother, you agreed?” Mo Di beamed and his eyes bent. Apparently, his ‘sympathy act’ was still useful. 

That’s right, Mu Tian Heng did not know that he had once again witnessed a stage play.

“Thank you, brother!”

“That’s ok, don’t have to thank me. I actually also like dogs. Do you have any name in mind?”

Mo Di wanted to say that he was not done thinking but changed his mind and said: “I haven’t thought of it. I planned to let brother name it. Brother, please help him think of a name.”

The first step to cultivating affection between the master and pet: naming it!

But this time, Mu Tian Heng saw through Mo Di’s little routine immediately. He was laughing inside but went along: “Really? But I’m not good with names.”

“It’s ok it’s ok. I’m not good at naming things either. Brother, just randomly give him a name. Whatever name you give him, I’m sure he’ll like it.”

“Alright…” Mu Tian Heng agreed. He put on a thinking posture and said: “Uhm, I think a pet name should demonstrate spice, ferocity, and zest.”

Mo Di echoed: “That’s right!”

“And it has to be cute, and also not too strange.”

Mo Di once again echoed: “That’s right, That’s right!”

“So…” Mu Tian Heng laughed, “let’s call it da suan.” (TN: da suan 大蒜 = garlic)

Mo Di choked at the last ‘that’s right’ that he was going to say. His expression froze as he shouted a “ha?”.

Mu Tian Heng nodded with satisfaction, “Well, there is the spice and zest, but doesn’t sound very cute, let’s get rid of the da and call it suan suan.”

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  1. Wow, the first part was… explosive. But I’m concerned that this psycho Qin Cheng Yi has seen both Chen Zhao and Song Yu. I hope they won’t suffer because of that.
    And Mu Tian Heng finds everything about Mo Di cute 😉 I think even if Mo Di brings a baby elephant home, Mu Tian Heng will immediately decide that a pet elephant is a nice addition to their household.
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  2. Wow! What a chapter… Too many emotions, with Chen Yu and the Mo’s, that family deserved to pay his hypocresy. I holded a bit of hope for Mo San Zhi before the last chapter, but after what he said to Su and mostly how he acts with him in front of the Mo’s really boil my blood.
    But then the author chance a bit the mood with a puppy! Garlic, what a cute name.
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  3. aw… this chapter is so satisfying and so damn cute as well
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