RCFN Chapter 33

Chapter 33

“No. Nothing’s bothering me. These snacks are for you guys. You can have them later. 

Mo Di took out the large bag of junk food and placed it on the table, then retrieved his computer and said to Xian Yu Chao and Lin Jun Feng: “The game you guys made, I’ve tried it. It’s not bad but just wasn’t innovative enough. The programming is also too simple.”

“Ah, please don’t mention that! I don’t want to get hurt again!” Xian Yu Chao grabbed his blanket and snuggled under it. 

Mo Di sighed, “Alright then. I was just going to ask if you guys want to join my team and make games together.”

“Ha?!” Xian Yu Chao came out of his blanket at lightning speed and stared wide eye at Mo Di: “Xiao Di, is what you said true?!”

Mo Di: “Um. But not for the current game. It’s for the next one. I’ll need your help with some of the codings.”

“I’m still pumped even if it’s not for now. I didn’t think that I could still participate in this competition. Ahh Ah Ah Xiao Di, you’re too good! Xiao Di, you’re my favorite younger brother!” Xian Yu Chao held out three fingers: “Forever love!”


Mo Di ignored him. This guy said yesterday that his love belonged to LeBron James.

Lin Jun Feng gnashed his mouth and said: “But both our skills are quite limited. Not to mention other, with just your Xin Wei Dao game alone, the majority of the programming is way above our league…sigh, although daddy wants to help, he’s not capable enough.”

Mo Di was determined to ignore the word ‘daddy’ and said: “That’s not true. There are still some programs you can work on. When it’s really helpless, then I can teach you guys.”

“Ai…our studies are so hard. The after class schedules are also tight, University is not easy.” Lin Jun Feng patted his tummy with a sigh and said firmly: “But I’ll still put effort into learning with you. Don’t worry Xiao Di, this father will not be a drag!”

“You’re in Jing Da, don’t even think about relaxing. And also, don’t take advantage of Xiao Di! Father my ass.” Chen Zhao opened his mosquito net and looked at Mo Di with puppy eyes: “What about me? Xiao Di, have you forgotten about your second brother?”

Mo Di smiled: “I don’t know what program you’re fluent with so I can’t designate a place for you. But when the time comes, you can also learn together with them and I’ll see what you’re most suitable with.”

“No problem! As long as I can participate!”

In his delirious state, Chen Zhao raised his hand to hit hard on the bed railing to bounce off his butt, very much unlike the handsome pose he used to make during the basketball game, “At that time, we’ll break through the frontline and straight into the finals. We’ll conquer every mountain and ….oww.”

Mo Di: “…”

The class meeting that Mo Di told Mu Tian Heng about was a lie. He did not go anywhere, just stayed in the dorm to code the whole morning. After which he went to have lunch with the others at the eatery behind their school. Then to the library to borrow some programming books to read.

Xian Yu Chao and the others decided to go have some fun before school started. They left and only came back in the evening to gather in the classroom.

There were three classes in the Computer Science and Technology department. Mo Di and the gang belonged to class one, or Ji Yi which they preferred to be called. There were forty students in their class, thirty-six boys and four girls, which nicely fit the number of dorms available.

Xian Yu Chao sat in his seat and complained angrily to Lin Jun Feng: “There are too few girls in our class. What kind of ratio is this, nine to one! How can I find a girlfriend in four years?!”

“It’s better than Ji Er and Ji San, do you know how many girls they have?” Lin Jun Feng held out one finger and flashed a smirk: “There are only three girls in their classes and they have more boys than us. The ratio is thirteen to one, they’re so much worse!”

“What?! There are only ten girls in our department?!” Xian Yu Chao scratched his head. I shouldn’t have enrolled in the computer department! I would’ve been so much happier with the Chinese department.”

“Oh please have some dignity. Even if you enrolled in an all-girls’ school, you’ll still be single.” Chen Zhao pulled down his collar and made a devilish expression: “real men will not restrict themselves within their class or department. You have to scan the whole school, the whole capital, the whole country, and …” Chen Zhao spread his hand forward: “the whole world!”

Mo Di: “…” I don’t know these people.

“Hi, can I sit here?” a boy in a white t-shirt walked up to Mo Di and asked politely. 

Mo Di raised his line of sight and looked at him, then nodded and said: “Go ahead. It’s not taken.”

“Thank You.” the boy unfolded the chair and sat down. He smiled and said: “my name is Zhao Chun Cheng. My room is across from yours. I actually wanted to come over to say hi but was worried to disturb you guys.”

“Don’t worry. You’re welcome to come over.” Mo Di had a vague impression of Zhao Chun Cheng. He had looked through their class list and remembered everyone’s name but some faces just did not match their photos.

“Junior! You’re here. Did you miss me?” When Zhao Chun Cheng wanted to say something else, Sun Ru Ru came in through the back door and went straight to Mo Di. She pulled out a chair and sat down. She smiled and said: “Do you want to be part of the classroom committee?” 

“Hello Senior, for now, I am not able to be part of the class committee.” Mo Di smiled: “I’m always busy and don’t have much time. I don’t think I can be of good service to my classmates.”

“You’re not in? What a pity. I and Zhao Qing Gong were planning to help you into the class committee, so I’ll have more chances to talk to you.”

“Even if I’m not part of the committee, I can still chat with senior. You can find me directly on WeChat. I promise I’ll reply when I get your text.”

“I’ll hold you to your words!” Sun Ru Ru stared at Mo Di and squinted: “When the time comes, don’t you ignore me.”

“Absolutely not.” Mo Di looked at the time: “Senior, when is the class meeting going to start?”

“It starts at seven. Another five minutes.”

“Then I’ll go to the restroom first.” Mo Di looked at Chen Zhao and the other. Seeing that they were busy talking among themselves, he did disturb them and went out alone.

After using the toilet, Mo Di went outside to wash his hands.

Two boys from another department came in and chatted in front of the urinal. 

“The Chinese department has a new flower. Do you know who it is?” 


“You’ve seen her before. You even praised her.”

“Who? Don’t leave me hanging. I praise so many beauties in a day, how do I know which one you’re talking about.”

“Ai, it’s that Mo Liu Gui girl. The one you keep complimenting whenever you see her picture on the internet.”

“F**k! Is that true?!”

“It’s true. She came to report this morning. So pretty. Our school forum already had pictures of her wearing a white dress, so pure, just like a princess. Definitely the most beautiful one in the department.”

“Then I have to quickly go have a look.”

“You only know how to lick faces. Don’t you remember how she is towards her little brother?”

“Ai, why do you care how she treats her little brother. We’re just talking about her looks. And don’t say it like you don’t like her, I know she’s your type.”

“Oi oi oi, you don’t have to out me like that.”


Mo Di shut the faucet and walked away. 

Unexpectedly, Mo Liu Gui only came to school today. Did she skip the military training?

He did not want to be bothered with Mo Liu Gui, but even thinking with his toes, he can tell that she will not leave him alone.

Therefore, it was better for him to get a head start.

It was just that the video had already been broadcasted on the internet, using it here would be ineffective. And hence, he had to come up with other means.

Mo Di returned to class and in a few minutes, the meeting officially began.

To start off, the seniors, Zhao Qing Gong and Sun Ru Ru, made a speech to rouse everyone’s enthusiasm and heat up the atmosphere before the election began.

Lin Jun Feng, Xian Yu Chao, and Chen Zhao all put their names up for election. Two competed for the class representative position, one for the entertainment committee.

In fact, Mo Di had no idea why Xian Yu Chao wanted to be in charge of the entertainment committee. Did he think that his silliness will give him an edge over the other contestants?

Mo Di felt worried for Xian Yu Chao.

Yet in the end, reality proved to Mo Di that nothing is impossible in this world. Xian Yu Chao was elected!

Mo Di was happy for Xian Yu Chao but at the same time, he began to have doubts about the duties of the entertainment officer for the class.

As for the two who ran for the class representative, Lin Jun Feng and Chen Zhao, there could only be one winner.

Chen Zhao was defeated and Lin Jun Feng won.

According to the only four girls in class, they chose Lin Jun Feng because of his reliable physique: tall, stout, and strong, which gives a sense of security. It was as if he would still be standing should the sky fall down.

Mo Di: “…”

The girls in their class are quite naive.

The loss was a big blow to Chen Zhao. One had to realize that he had been elected class rep for six years in a row in middle school. Never would he have thought that he could lose the election. Mo Di did not know how to comfort others. He patted on Chen Zhao’s shoulder and said: “Just use the time to learn coding from me and you can do more useful work.”

Chen Zhao was stunned and almost verbalized his cry.


On the third day after the allegation of the class committee, Jing Da’s classes finally began.

Lin Jun Feng had become a very busy person. Counselors, seniors, peers, teachers from various classes…everyone came to him whenever they needed anything. Of course, there was a secretary to help him cope. It was one of the four girls in their class, Li Lian Meng. She had short hair and a small figure, not even half of Lin Jun Feng’s size. Both of them standing side by side just gave a very sharp contrast.

The lecturers at Jing Da were humorous and had a vast accumulation of knowledge. Mo Di attended every class with great interest. And with that, five days of classes passed and it was finally Friday.

Even when it was just a short weekend, Mo Di still packed his stuff and prepared to leave school.

Chen Zhao stopped him on the way. He dragged him inconspicuously into the men’s toilet.

Mo Di eyed Chen Zhao suspiciously: “Chen Zhao, do you have a problem?”

“Of course I have a problem. It’s urgent! My little uncle is back in Hua Xia today, did you know that?”

“I do.” Mo Di nodded. He not only knew that Uncle Song was back in Hua Xia, but also that Mo San Zhi had returned just yesterday and had been buying hot searches. 

Unfortunately, it had been suppressed by him.

“Therefore, isn’t this a big deal?! Xiao Di, dear little brother, you have go pick my little uncle up with me. And then we can discuss the specific countermeasures. You’re our valuable tactician and mole, you can’t go offline now!”

Mo Di sighed, “But I’ve told Uncle Song everything that he needs to know, I really have no use now.”

“You do, you do! Absolutely need you. Aiya I’m begging you Xiao Di, please accompany your second brother this time. When my little Uncle and Mo San Zhi break up, you’ll be a great benefactor to our family!”

Mo Di was somewhat reluctant. He couldn’t possibly accompany them through every little thing.

But looking at Chen Zhao’s prostrating himself and the unrelenting posture, Mo Di agreed. “….alright. But this better be quick. I have to go home tonight. I’m still busy with things to do.”

“No problem, no problem. We’ll be quick.”

Mo Di and Chen Zhao hurriedly called a cab to the airport. To one side was Chen Zhao’s incessant chatter. Mo Di let his sight drifted outside the window.

He had not seen Mu Tian Heng for eight or nine days. He regretted that the last time, due to his guilt and unease, he went back to school early, and ended up not able to see him even until now. 

He felt that he was still dependent on Mu Tian Heng. Although not a romantic feeling, there was a feeling. Maybe it’s friendship?

Fifteen minutes later, they met up with Uncle Song.

Mo Di’s first impression of Song Yu was that his name really suited him. His visage was like a piece of jade, with a warm and gentle temperament. Just a bit skinny.

No wonder his third brother would rather live in fear of being found out than breaking up with him.

At this time, in Song Yu’s eyes, Mo Di was like a piece of landscape painting. This was the first time Song Yu saw a young man with the same charm as a portrait of ancient ink painting. Every stroke was clear and meaningful. His looks were unrivaled compared to those beauties online with eighteen layers of filter.

In conclusion, these two people had a good impression of the other.

“Uncle! Uncle! Over here!” Chen Zhao waved vigorously.

Song Yu saw his nephew’s enthusiasm and increased his speed towards them. “You guys took the trouble to come and pick me up.”

“No no no, it’s nothing…ah no, it was actually more troublesome for Xiao Di.” Chen Zhao grabbed Mo Di’s shoulder, “he’s a really good brother!”

Song Yu smiled and looked at Mo Di: “You’re Mo Di? Thank you. You’ve helped me a lot the past few days.”

“I’m glad to help. Uncle Song, you’re welcome.” Mo Di smiled, “let’s go. Where do you want to go first?”

“Xiao Di, you don’t have to be so polite with me, just address me normally.” Song Yu kept his eyes on Mo Di. He was quite fond of him, like a little nephew or brother. “Let’s see, our first stop is to take a look at the Mo family.”

“What?! Little Uncle, you….” Chen Zhao’s eyes widened: “You’ve just arrived and already decided to make a big scene?”

Song Yu had a sarcastic smile: “Isn’t there a great saying in Chinese ‘strike when the enemy is unprepared’? Although we’re not soldiers, to get the most realistic result, we’ll need to do this when they least expected. Don’t you think so, Xiao Di?”

Mo Di nodded.

This was the strategy he sent to Uncle Song in WeChat some time ago. He also told him to be decisive. To think that Uncle Song remembered his words so clearly.

“But… but we need a proper plan and script. We can’t just charge into the Mo house!” Chen Zhao looked at his uncle, then shifted his sight to Mo Di, giving him a ‘please persuade my uncle’ look.

But Mo Di said: “I agree with Uncle Song. Going now will yield the best result.”

“That’s right. I also do not want to be involved with Mo San Zhi for too long. I’d rather get this over with than having to face a long-term pain. I’m most disgusted with men who can’t even own up to their relationship. And if he’s not that type of person, I’ll transfer my work back to Hua Xia to be with him and you guys.” Song Yu looked at Chen Zhao, “but if he’s that type of person…”

“Even if he’s that kind you should still come back here. It’s great here! I and Mom miss you, isn’t this a good enough reason? What’s so good with your workplace in America, didn’t you meet a jerk like Mo San Zhi working there?” Chen Zhao held Song Yu’s shoulder.

Song Yu smiled: “Of course I’ll come back. Regardless of what he’s like, I’ll come back. Anyways, to me, you are much more important than him. Besides, I’m tired of living in America. When the contract expires, I’ll return home.”

Mo Di felt a discrepancy. He slightly frowned and said: “Uncle Song, when is your contract due?”

“In another three months. Something wrong?”

“…nothing. It’s just that you should contact the local hospitals in advance, they’ll all be scrambling to get you.”

“Thank you Xiao Di. I’ll keep that in mind.” song Yu patted lightly on Mo Di’s shoulder. “Alright, let’s go.”

Mo Di walked next to Song Yu with a heavy look in his eyes.

Since Uncle Song had already decided to return here after his contract expires, why did he delay and stay in America for so many years in his last life?

Was it because Mo San Zhi coaxed him with some excuse to make him stay out of concern that the Mo family would discover? He could’ve told him to stay there to get his citizenship, and when he got back, they could get married in America.

Come to think of it, that’s not impossible.

If so, then the Mo family and Mo San Zhi’s reaction should be pretty dramatic. Such a big play, maybe it won’t disappoint him.

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  1. Blegghh! This mo san zhi . How disgusting. He limited this guy’s life just because his of a fake green tea bi*ch. MLG is obsessed I’m convinced. Is the hatred that deep 🤔 😕

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    1. Hmmm msz is actually quite different from the other Mos, he’s less vicious I think. The thing is he really does love SY, just not enough to break away from his family


      1. So, Mo San Zhi is just weak? Sincerely attached to his lover but at the same time afraid of coming out to his family? Maybe it’s for the best if Song Yu breaks up with him – if they stay together, I think the day will come pretty quickly when Mo San Zhi starts blaming Song Yu for the estrangement from the Mos.
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