RCFN Chapter 29

Chapter 29

Due to the organizers’ sincere acknowledgment of its oversight and was reasonable in its explanation and ‘punishing the scapegoat,’ public opinion was gradually diminished.

The next evening, the official rules and regulations for the Hua Xia Innovative Game Competition were released along with the list of tentative rewards.

The reason the rewards were more lucrative was that the amount of public interest in the competition had increased tenfold thanks to the previous travesty. There was also an increase in the number of sponsors and the golden masters and daddies’ interest was also spiked.

The original prizes of five to ten million were now eight to twenty million, not to mention the influx of investors.

Mo Di went back to his hardworking days, coding and programming.

In the blink of an eye, half a month passed. Mo Di finally completed the majority of the coding and division of his storyboard. With some fine-tuning, the game could start its test run.

Currently, there were only five days left to sign up for the competition. Mo Di was not in a hurry as there would be an allowance of fifteen days before the audition round. That said, he only had twelve days to finalize the work because after which, Jing Da’s school term was going to start.

Pang Qiang Lang and Han Chao, whose work was only to draw, were finally liberated. After a ten hours long sleep, both of them were fully energized. They wanted to visit Mo Di and watch his game-making process, and at the same time, to be the first testers for the game. Because after learning of the game’s overall gameplay and settings, their eagerness was at its peak.

Although the game bore resemblance to the ‘Immortal World’ online game, there was an extra unique function called “were your wishes granted today?”

It was a special ability that the player would get when their character reached level twenty. There are different rankings to this ability and to rank up, the currency needed was ‘liver’ or ‘krypton’. And these two items, compared with the current large-scale online games in the market, were much more accessible.

This ability allowed players to use every NPCs (including the ones in dungeons) in the game world. The lowest level of the skill can be used three times a day and the success rate was thirty-five percent. By using this skill, the player can obtain information by reading the NPCs’ inner voices, opening new quests and secrets. Furthermore, by doing this, players were also able to obtain items including but not limited to weapons, weapons materials, potions, secret maps, armor, magic, pets, etc. The rarity and success rate was proportional to the level of the skill. Infinite possibilities and interesting features were possible depending on which character the skill was used on, the players’ affinity, and the level of the skill. 

In other words, the gameplay not only involved doing the typical dungeon exploration, boss fighting, looting, etc with other players, there was also an incentive for players to familiarize themselves with the NPCs and be immersed in the gameverse. 

This not only attracted players who liked treasure hunting but also those with a more relaxed playstyle and just wanted to unfold a certain storyline.

The skill may seem commonplace but it was a very interesting and unique function. This, however, was just the icing on the cake because Mo Di had also optimized other aspects of the game such as quests, upgrades, infrastructure, etc. All in all, the game was both conventional yet innovative.

From this, it can be seen how much work was put into the game. Not only were the concepts had to be well thought out but the vast amounts of programs to be written. Even with Mo Di’s talent, the effort he invested in this was undeniably admirable. 

But as long as his efforts paid off and the game was completed, it was all worth it.

The people who were involved all knew the hard work Mo Di had done. 

Every day, Mu Tian Heng tried his best to improve his already outrageous work efficiency just to come back and give Mo Di a hand. Pang Qiang Lang and Han Chao both pitched in their ten thousand yuan salary to get Mo Di a high-end notebook as his college entrance gift.

At the same time, they also decided that if the game managed to gain popularity and investors, they would only take seventy percent of their dividend and the remaining will be put aside for Mo Di to hire more programmers and illustrators for the next game. If not, their conscience was really hurting. 

What they did not know was when they made this decision, they had passed Mo Di’s final test.

On the third day after the registration period started, Mo Di finally completed the last few maintenances for the game and commenced the testing process.

This time, aside from Pang Qiang Lang and Han Chao, Mu Tian Heng and Lai De Si would also join them when they came back. It took several people a week to find three minor bugs while the rest of the gameplay went smoothly. At this point, everyone agreed that the game was ready to be registered. 

Mo Di spent another day writing the game’s introductions, tutorials, hints and tips, and also the storyline which he used beautiful language and literary style to arouse emotions.

Pang Qiang Lang was deeply moved after reading the script. He felt that Mo Di was just too talented. He was certain that the game would pass the auditions and Han Chao was sure that they could even get through the first and second elimination rounds. Their game was more conscientious than many others currently on the market.

Pang Qiang Lang and Han Chao exclaimed to their heart’s content, then turned to look at Mo Di. They suddenly realized that they were holding on to a big thigh.

After finishing the registration process, Mo Di slept for a whole night and morning.


For the first time, Mu Tian Heng felt this useless. He felt as if all he did was gnawing on the grass, and not much of anything else.

Hence, Mu Tian Heng decided to bring Mo Di out for some fun before he left for his military training.

The busiest period for his company was already over as his first large scale project in Hua Xia had finally taken root. Mu Tian Heng decided to hand out the bonus to his staff and also give himself a half day’s rest.

Mo Di woke up in a daze, not knowing the time of day. He walked out of his bedroom with messy hair and pajamas. Seeing Mu Tian Heng put him in a state of confusion.

“Brother, you didn’t go to work?” 

“I’ve just come back from work.” Mu Tian Heng looked at Mo Di tenderly, “it’s already noon.”

“Ah? I’ve slept for so long?” Mo Di, still confused,  scratched the back of his head, “Brother, why are you back at noon today? Aren’t you always back late at night?”

“The crucial part of the project is over so I give myself half-day off.” Mu Tian Heng walked over and gave Mo Di’s hair a rub, making it even messier. “Go wash up, brother’s taking you to lunch and have fun. We’ll come back at night.”

“…oh.” Mo Di nodded, turned around, and went to freshen up. Only when he finished washing his face did he finally digest Mu Tian Heng’s words.

Mo Di raised his head: “…”

It’s quite harmful to stay up late for so long.

At noon, the sun was shining bright. When they reached the parking lot, Mo Di realized that Mu Tian Heng had driven him to the authentic Beijing restaurant they had dined before. 

“There are a lot of dishes here that are to your liking, just right to help you get your strength back.” Mu Tian Heng got out of the car and slightly turned to block Mo Di from the glaring sun, then said: “Little one, don’t mind me using your favorite place to hang out.”

“Of course not.” Mo Di shook his head, feeling warm in his heart, he smiled and said: “then next time let’s go to the restaurant in Chun Xiang Road. Brother, you like the food there.”

Mu Tian Heng laughed and rubbed Mo Di’s hair: “Aren’t you a smart little one.”

“Of course!”

They both entered the restaurant in a good mood. Mu Tian Heng picked a piece of Lu Da Gun and took a bite then said: “last time I bought some of these and had Lai De Si bring them back to my parents, they both liked it very much.”

“Really! Then should we buy some and mail to Uncle and Aunty?” 

“Let them finish the old batch first or it might expire.” Mu Tian Heng looked at Mo Di and remembered one thing. He put down his chopsticks, “there’s something I haven’t told you yet.”


Mo Di stuffed a piece of yellow pea pastry into his mouth. The delicate, sweet, and soft flavors were truly delightful.

“I’ve already found out who proposed the previous ban on minors participating in the game. I was worried that it would distract you so I did not tell you before.”

“Who is it?” Mo Di was indeed curious about the person who made such a suggestion.

Mu Tian Heng: “it appears he was called…Ye Guo Sheng.”


Mo Di stopped his chewing midway, looking at Mu Tian Heng in surprise.

“Ye Guo Sheng? Brother, you’re sure it’s him?”

“Yes. what’s wrong? Little one, you know him?” Mu Tian Heng noticed something’s wrong with Mo Dis reaction.

Mo Di did not answer but he sure knew who Ye Guo Sheng was: the father of the supporting male, Ye Cheng Feng.

Although Ye Guo Sheng was old-fashioned, his focus was never on gaming. He was not interested in it and therefore did not pay it any heed. Why would he get involved with this?

This is not right at all!

Mo Di ground his teeth as a conjecture formed in his head, making him both outraged and sick.

Did Mo Liu Gui also meet Ye Cheng Feng ahead of time? And this….did she have something to do with this?

But this did not make sense. Mo Liu Gui at this moment couldn’t have known he could make games.

Seeing Mo Di’s pale-looking face, Mu Tian Heng asked again: “What’s wrong, little one? You knew this Ye Guo Sheng?”

“Well, strictly speaking not really. It’s the Mo family that’s acquainted with him. And their relationship is… not bad.”

“A good acquaintance with the Mo family?” Mu Tian Heng’s brows kneaded together and his expression was heavy, “do they know that you can make games?”

“I don’t know. I remember that they don’t.” Mo Di was also curious about this point. Was this just a coincidence or the Mo family’s handiwork? If it was the Mos, then how did they know that he could create games?

“Forget it. Brother, let’s not talk about them. We’ll cross that bridge when we get there. Things won’t go their way.” Mo Di intentionally tried to bypass the topic: “I haven’t had a good rest for almost two months. Today I’m going to have a good meal and a great time!”

“No problem.” Seeing Mo Di not wanting to talk about it, Mu Tian Heng went along with him, “where do you want to have fun?”

“How about the amusement park?” Mo Di said: “no one has ever taken me to one before, now it’s finally time to make up for it.”

Mu Tian Heng glanced at Mo Di’s smiling face and his heart melted. He said gently, “alright, we’ll do whatever you want today. I’ll accompany you no matter how many times you play.”

“You better not regret that! It’s a promise then!”

Mu Tian Heng smiled: “Cross my heart.” 

And thus, after their meal, they went to the largest amusement park in the capital.

Both men played on every attraction available and only came out when it was almost dark. Each had a hotdog in hand.

“Brother, this is also delicious.” 

Mo Di took a bite of his hotdog which was overloaded with cheese and other toppings, feeling a small sense of bliss.

“Are you going to eat dinner? You’ve eaten so much junk food.” Mu Tian Heng shook his head helplessly and indulgently at Mo Di, “no more after this lest you upset your stomach. We’ll have some soup for digestion tonight.”

“No more meals. I’ve eaten so much. Egg tarts, sausages, waffles, pancakes, fruits, and hotdog. Too much food, I won’t eat dinner anymore.” Mo Di seriously and decisively shook his head.

“So you do know how much you’ve eaten.” Mu Tian Heng laughed at Mo Di, “alright let’s go home. Make sure to drink some soup for digestion.”

“En.” Mo Di nodded.


When they returned to the villa, Mo Di drank two large bowls of hawthorn soup and turned lethargic. He immediately said good night to Mu Tian Heng and went to wash up.

Mu Tian Heng also bid him goodnight and finally let him go back to his room.

Mo Di went to take a shower, brush his teeth, changed into his pajamas but did not go to bed. Instead, he went to his desk and turned on his computer. With a heavy heart, he strewed his ten fingers across the keyboard and ten minutes later, a report came back.

It was Mo Liu Gui’s WeChat account.

To check if Mo Liu Gui was indeed messing with him, her chat records would probably give out some clues.

There were a myriad of contacts in Mo Liu Gui’s WeChat but they were very well organized. Mo Di was able to quickly find Ye Cheng Feng under the ‘C’ heading.

Just as he thought, Mo Liu Gui had met with Ye Cheng Feng ahead of time. But what they talked about, he would need to restore their chat records to find out.

When Mo Di finished retrieving the chat log between Mo Liu Gui and Ye Cheng Feng, it was already twelve midnight. He could hear Lai De Si coming back like a drunk because he was singing in a tone-deaf manner. 

At this moment, Mo Di was not in the mood to go greet Lai De Si. The chat log in front of him had proved a situation that he dreaded the most in his heart.

“I did not expect that those internet mobsters would oppose your good suggestion. Xiao Gui, don’t be upset by it.”

“It’s nothing. It seems I gave this too much thought, unlike everyone else. I don’t blame them. Cheng Feng, You don’t have to take this matter too seriously either.”

“How can I not take this seriously….”

It was indeed Mo Liu Gui’s meddling, but why?

Mo Di’s mood was dreary. He recognized that he was too reliant and constrained by the knowledge from his last life. In his last life and even the beginning of this life, Mo Liu Gui was still the pure and innocent little princess who never took the initiative to harm others. Even if she wanted to step in, she would do it cleanly with her subtle words which always sounded harmless on the surface. She would not actively do anything by herself.

Now it seemed the situation had changed. 

Mo Di closed the page and shut down the computer.

In that case, his previous plans would have to be altered.

Mo Di then created a little algorithm that would monitor the hot search and each time there was news regarding Mo Liu Gui, he would be notified.

If he sees one, he will suppress one, sees two and they will have to face the same fate.

He will suppress it to the lowest! Don’t even think about showing up in the top twenty or thirty!

Was this method too crude and underhanded?

Sorry, but for the time being, being a gentleman had never crossed his mind.

In this life, he refused to let Mo Liu Gui become the national goddess like before where she gained countless more supporters.

In less than two days, Mo Liu Gui’s newly assigned broker and Sun Yi Lun’s staff felt that something was amiss. Every time they bought a hot search for Mo Liu Gui, in less than ten minutes, it would slide down the list or get overtaken by some other random news! As if the internet was trying to bury their hot search, this was just too mysterious!

Mo Liu Gui’s agent, Li Zhao Cai, was frustrated. He called and questioned Weibo’s management but the feedback he got was all bullsh*t. It was either they had a problem with their internal programs or that coincidentally, the other topics were also getting a lot of popularity. They guaranteed to fix the problem as soon as possible and compensated them with a free hot search with their next purchase.

Li Zhao Cai was angered beyond reconciliation but he did not know that Weibo’s staff were also at their wit’s end. They suspected that a hacker was eyeing their network and had been thinking of ways to deal with it.

After throwing a tantrum, Li Zhao Cai managed to restrain from smashing his phone. He then bought another two hot searches and when it did not even reach the top twenty, he decided to abandon the idea of buying heat for Mo Liu Gui.

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    1. Thanks for the info. I have absolutely no knowledge in this department and I think the author does not know much about it either, the whole process is glossed over, luckily for me, that’s a lot easier to translate 😊

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