IHSC Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Holding on to Wang Xiao Mie, Wen Feng Jin was not aware of his dirty thoughts and how bold the current generation in the outside world had become (advice to pretty boys, you have to protect yourself when you’re outside)

In his hoarse and magnetic voice that could impregnate anyone’s ears, Wen Feng Jin coaxed: “Mian Deng, call my name…”

What’s with this sexy voice and pretty face, Wang Xiao Mie was dazed. All he knew was that one side of his shoulders was numbed.

Wang Xiao Mie’s face turned red hot in a beat: “Feng….Feng Jin…” What the hell am I blushing for? To think that I’ve been a BL addict for six years, what haven’t I seen before?!

How can I fall for a face so easily? No, I can’t—but….but this dumpling is too beautiful!

“Then…then you should call me Wang Xiao Mie.” being addressed as Mian Deng made him feel like a substitute.

Wen Feng Jin tilted his head. The peach blossom in the background shined. Black hair, red crown, the red pattern in between his brows, the narrow eyes filled by the large dark pupils, just like the demon boss in his online games.

The big boss opened his mouth: “Xiao Mie.”


….this name in the boss’s mouth sounded like a joke.

Wang Xiao Mie sighed: “….forget it. Just call me Mian Deng.”

Just as the big boss wanted to say something, a lyrical sound echoed from the surrounding. Like the sound of a woman singing in a low voice, especially in this deep underground palace, it gave a chilling sense of terror.

Wang Xiao Mie gave a start and subconsciously grabbed the big guy next to him. Then he realized the one next to him was also dead, and he himself had turned into a zombie, what could be scarier?

And so he let go of his hand, looked around and asked: “What was that sound?”

Could there be someone else living in this underground palace?

Wen Feng Jin shook his head. One hand around his waist, Wen Feng Jin single-handedly helped Wang Xiao Mie up. He flicked the long sleeves as his face sank.

He said: “It’s the graverobbers. They’ve triggered the mechanism in the underground palace.”

“Graverobbers?” subconsciously, Wang Xiao Mie pictured the scenes he had seen on tv and read in the novels.

There was a time when he was obsessed with this genre.

“That’s right. In order to revive you, I’ve searched the edge of the world for exotic treasures. There are countless legendary artifacts and also common things like gold and silver in this underground palace. I wanted them to be buried together with us. Since we couldn’t get married when we were alive, after our deaths, these are my betrothal gifts to you…”

Wen Feng Jin said as he turned and gently raised his hand to rub the side of Wang Xiao Mie’s face. “But now that you’re awake, I have no use for these things….” After saying this, his expression remained gentle but in those eyes were distorted killing intent, “however, today is the day you finally woke up, they are too insensible….”

“Mian Deng, don’t be scared. I’m going to get rid of them cleanly, alright?” The boss said this in a gentle tone with a delicate smile.

Wang Xiao Mie couldn’t hold back his shivers and he turned into vibrate mode again!

Oh f**k! Mommy, there’s a psychopath here!

The Wen Feng Jin in front of him was like a dark and terrifying evil spirit in a horror movie. His mannerism was too ghastly and spine-chilling which would cause anyone to feel numb. It was as if he was born to be superior, to sit on the throne, and laughed as the people below trembled in fear.

“Now, can you wait here for me?” Wen Feng Jin pointed to the coffin, “After I’m done with them, I’ll come back immediately to accompany you.”

“I have to sleep in the coffin again?” Wang Xiao Mie frowned. This thing really caused the hairs on his back to stand.

“Um…” Wen Feng Jin creased his brows, “originally, you can come with me but you seem to have forgotten the martial arts you’ve learned before. And your body is not the same as mine, it’s still a corpse. It’s best if you just stay here to absorb the energy from the tree. If you leave the tree for too long, your body might rot.”


Wang Xiao Mie looked at his bluish-white hands and then touched his face. In the end, he submissively turned around, climbed into the coffin, then waved his hand towards Wen Feng Jin.

Bye bye big boss, I won’t be seeing you off.


Wen Feng Jin let out a low chuckle. He stood and gazed at Wang Xiao Mie’s silly look for a while before stepping off the towering stone platform. He then hopped onto a large iron chain that connected the palace to a distant pillar. In a few light jumps, he leisurely left the place.


After Wang Xiao Mie laid back in the coffin, he watched the peach-blossom-filled tree and felt a tranquilizing sense that usually goes with ‘haa…the weather’s great today’.

In his head, he was puzzled with things about his last life, what Wen Feng Jin had told him, and also the days to come. As his thoughts wandered, he unconsciously closed his eyes.

An exquisitely carved red coffin lodged under the huge peach blossom tree. The person in it had long black hair, soft and sleek, strewn across his body like a flowing waterfall. The soft light was reflected by the golden and red lustrous coffin lining.

The jewels encrusted crown made with gold firmly positioned on top of his head. The beautiful boy has snow colored velvet skin and with the falling petals, the sleeping face was becoming more alive. The red and black wedding gown was slightly creased.

As peach blossom petals float down into the coffin, even if my body remains in this secret underground palace, I still wish to kiss awake the waiting bride…

Meanwhile, a group of dust-covered individuals in military outfits, with flashlights in their hands and large backpacks on their backs were sitting on the ground to rest. All of them were uncouth looking men and some were even armed with guns. Not a group to be meddled with.

The middle-aged leader took out a map and listened to the person next to him.

“Uncle, where are we now? Why haven’t we seen the motherload yet?” the fellow next to him asked in a low voice.

The middle-aged man who was being questioned frowned: “We’re currently at this position.” He pointed to a certain point on the map and said: “This underground palace occupies the area of three mountains. The identity of the tomb master to this day is still a mystery. Countless lives were lost to obtain this map. Now we’re only at this point, eighteen thousand away from the main mausoleum! Where we’re at now is just the courtyard of their front door!”

TN: I’m not sure 18000 what, the author did not mention the unit of measurement. 

“Ah?!! But we have already lost seven people! Are we going to lose out on this one?”

“Lose out?” the middle-aged man raised his brows, “Let me f**king tell you, even if we only pick up a piece of stone behind the big gate, we’re still going to make a profit!”

“For a long time now, this tomb is no longer a secret. Many have entered but other than one or two who could run fast, the rest all perished here! But it’s thanks to the one or two with quick feet who managed to record down the inscription at the entrance. That’s how they can sell us at such a price!”

The middle-aged man used his hand to gesture a number and sneered: “Haha as long as we can enter the gate, we’re rich! We can put behind this business and enjoy our life!”

The middle-aged-man deliberately did not lower his voice, allowing the surrounding group to listen with their eyes filled with excitement. They stared at the middle-aged-man, eager to hear more.

Knowing that they already had too many deaths, the man worried that these fellows would turn cowards. Hence, he continued to show off his knowledge regarding the inscriptions.

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  1. Aiya. Those tomb robbers are dumb… if everyone else has died, why would they take the risk?

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