RCFN Chapter 30

Chapter 30

After suppressing Mo Liu Gui’s hot searches for a few days, Jing Da’s school term began for Mo Di. 

Mo Di packed his luggage, carried his backpack, and sat in Mu Tian Heng’s car to school.

Pang Qiang Lang and Han Chao wanted to send Mo Di as well, but seeing that Mu Tian Heng was coming along, they both retreated.

Forget it….let’s wait till the military training is over to visit.

The last time they saw Mu Tian Heng, there was a foreboding feeling that Mu Tian Heng was carrying ulterior motives, quite like a beast. But after knowing how much he had helped Mo Di, they felt a small sense of guilt for thinking so. Yet each time they met Mu Tian Heng, the feeling emerged again….

So it’s better not to see him for the time being.


When Mo Di arrived at Jing Da, he was welcomed by two seniors. The female senior student, Sun Ru Ru, was sunny and had a smile on all along, while the male senior student was a little cold but all in all, they seemed like good people.

“Junior, don’t judge Zhao Qing Gong by his looks. He has a paralyzed face but he’s very nice, you don’t have to fear him.” Sun Run Run gave Zhao Qing Gong a pat on the shoulder. She then looked at Mo Di: “He’s just nervous. In front of good-looking juniors, whether boy or girl, he’ll get nervous.”

“Stop with your nonsense.” Zhao Qing Gong glanced at Sun Ru Ru.

“Oh? You’re done with your face paralysis?”

“Seniors seem to get along well.” Mo Di laughed, “where shall we report?”

“See that long table? Go over there and sign, then you can pick up your bedding and other stuff. Afterwhich, just go to your designated dorm to report.” Sun Ru Ru looked at Mo Di, then at Mu Tian Heng in a pair of sunglasses. She came forward to whisper: “Junior, is that your brother?”

“En.” Mo Di held back his laugh and nodded.

Many students in Jing Da were more concerned with current affairs and things like the world’s richest list, even if they did not care, they were still familiar with it. So Mu Tian Heng had to put on a little disguise. With his figure and looks, even hiding behind a pair of sunglasses and wearing a suit, was still mesmerizing, like someone from a movie poster.

“Your brother is so handsome. He looks even better than movie stars! Of course, you’re very handsome too, but you two have different styles.” Sun Ru Ru couldn’t help but sighed, “this must be some powerful genes.”

Mo Di smiled and said: “Senior, you’re pretty too. There must be a lot of students going after you.”

“Oh you’ve got a sweet tongue. The juniors this year are so glib.” Seeing Mo Di done with his signature, Sun Ru Ru whispered: “Do you and your brother have girlfriends? I’m just being gossipy, no other intentions.”

“No. My brother is always busy. As for me, I want to study, no time for love.” Mo Di replied seriously.

The female student handling Mo Di’s administration burst out laughing: “No wonder you’re the No. 1 scholar. This’ll be fun.”

Other seniors also looked his way and said: “Now you’re a university, it’s ok to start dating. Don’t worry.”

“That’s right! It’s time to fall in love, don’t worry too much!”

“Although in the computer department, not many are girls, the accounting, language, and art departments have a lot of them. If there’s someone you like, just go for it bravely!”

“Little Junior, you’re not eighteen yet?”

“Aiya you bunch of bad examples, stop leading my junior astray!”

Mo Di did not know what to say, he just smiled at the seniors. After finishing the registration, he took the bed sheets and his belongings to the dorm with Mu Tian Heng.

Zhao Qing Gong wanted to guide Mo Di but several other new students arrived and he had to help them first. “Sorry junior,” he then pointed the way to Mo Di and told him to go there first.

“It’s no problem. You’re too busy, I can get there myself. Thank you for your help.” Mo Di said with a smile. Zhao Qing Gong and Sun Ru Ru went to greet the new juniors, while Mo Di and Mu Tian Heng went to the dorm.

Mu Tian Heng finally spoke: “Little one, you’re not an adult yet, don’t start dating too early. Understood?”


Mo Di did not expect Mu Tian Heng to bring this up. He was a little embarrassed but nodded and let out a soft “hm.”

“When you’re an adult, if there’s someone you really like, then you can start dating. But at the same time, you can also tell brother about it, I’ll help you do a background check.”

Mu Tian Heng put on a smile but deep down, this was not the case. After the pain he had gone through to wait for his little one to turn eighteen in two months, if someone else got ahead, there was no way he could be happy.

Mo Di was a bit confused. Mu Tian Heng…what did he mean by that? Did he say that because of their friend status, or…

Mo Di felt that his brain was useless regarding this matter. He was never in a relationship before and had no experience. Hence, many things were not to his comprehension. And every time he tried to analyze it, it always felt like there was a layer of fog in his head, making him incapable of thinking clearly.

Mo Di decided to put this aside for now. Anyways, there was something else that mattered.

When Mo Di arrived at the dorm, two other students were already there. One was a white, tall, and plump boy, while the other was a striking opposite. He was skinny with protruding bones and had wheat-colored skin. 

“Hello.” Mo Di greeted first.

“Hi there.” the wheat skin boy raised his head and resulted in a shock. “You! You’re Mo…?”

“My name is Mo Di. What’s yours?”

“My name is Xian Yu Chao(咸与超). You’re really that Mo Di?!” Xian Yu Chao sprang to his feet. “Buddy, you’ve got it rough. Are you living by yourself now?”

Mo Di understood that this must be someone who had seen the video clip. He shook his head, smiled, and answered: “No. The yu and chao in your name, how are they written?”

“The yu from xian yu(咸=salted fish) and chao from chao shui(水=tide water). You can call him salted-water fish.” The boy packing his things beside Xian Yu Chao answered with a snort.

“Lin Jun Feng! Less nonsense!” Xian Yu Chao glared at Lin Jun Feng, then said to Mo Di: “this guy is in the same class with me since high school so we’ve known each other for a while. Don’t listen to his crap! The yu from my name is from yu er tong xiao wan gu chou (尔同销万古愁 words from a famous poem), and the chao is from chao ji ying xiong (级英雄 superheroes).”

“You two get along well.” 

“No way! He keeps calling me by that nickname. Besides, his name does not suit him at all! Lin Jun Feng is such a beautiful name but look at him!”

“Salted fish, you got a problem with me? Don’t mess with me or I’m gonna crush you.” Lin Jun Feng pulled Xian Yu Chao aside and said to Mo Di: “this guy is particularly talkative. Ignore him or else he won’t stop talking.”


Mo Di looked at the two of them, felt a little funny and envious, “have you known each other for many years?

“Six years.” Xian Yu Chao continued: “Mo Di, my mom is really fond of you. She also sympathizes with you. She said if only you were her son. If she hears that you’re my roommate, she’s gonna want to come to visit.”

Mo Di smiled in surprise, “if aunty comes then we’ll go welcome her. Then he turned to Mu Tian Heng and said: “brother, you should go back now, I can do it myself.”

Mu Tian Heng was relieved when he saw that Mo Di’s two roommates were quite alright. He said: “Call me if you need anything, got it?”

“Em. I know.” Mo Di excused himself and went to send Mu Tian Heng off, “brother, I’ll be able to go back after the military training. You don’t have to worry about me.”

“How long is your military training?”

“I think it’s ten days.”

“Are phone calls allowed?”

“I don’t know. If we’re in the training grounds, then maybe not. If we’re back in school then it’s ok.” Mo Di said: “brother you don’t have to worry. In such a short time, nothing’s going to happen to me.”

“Ok. Take good care of yourself.” Mu Tian Heng gently rubbed Mo Di’s hair, “you can go back now. Have a good time with your roommates. But of course, if you don’t think they can be good friends, then don’t bother with them.”


Mu Tian Heng drove away. Mo Di looked at the car disappearing at the corner and felt a sinking feeling of emptiness

But in the next moment, he shook his head and gave himself a smack on the head, trying to press down this feeling.

Too much dependence on someone is not a good habit. 

More so if that person is Mu Tian Heng. 

Mo Di went back to the dorm room and busied himself with cleaning and tidying up his space. When he was almost done, their final roommate arrived. 

“Am I the last one?” A good looking boy in sportswear cast them a sunny smile, “and I thought I was early.”

“Call me Chen Zhao. And you guys?”

“I’m Xian Yu Chao, that one is Lin Jun Feng, this is Mo Di.”

“Nice to meet you.” Chen Zhao looked a little surprised when he heard Mo Di’s name. He turned around and gave out orders: “Uncle Wang, Uncle Li, you can put the luggage here. I’ll pack them myself.”

“We can’t have that. Young master, let us do it for you. We’ll make it quick.” After Uncle Wang came in, he gave Mo Di a courteous smile and said: “Sorry to disturb, this won’t take long.”

“It’s no problem, uncles, please go ahead.” Mo Di got off his bed and gave Chen Zhao a nod, then went to sit beside Xian Yu Chao. “Are you coding? Is this for a game?”

“Oh, bro, you have a good eye!” Xian Yu Chao’s eyes shone, “how did you know?”

“It’s a guess.” Mo Di smiled: “did you take part in the competition?”

“Bro, are you a fortune-teller? How are your guesses so accurate?” Xian Yu Chao turned his head excitedly, “did you also join?”

“En.” Mo Di nodded when he saw Chen Zhao and Lin Jun Feng also looked his way.

“What kind of game did you make?” 

“Cultivating kind.” Mo Di looked at Lin Jun Feng and Chen Zhao, “are you guys also in?”

“Not me. I went abroad to hang out with my little uncle.” Chen Zhao shrugged. “I played the whole summer and got this tan.”

“I participated with Salted Fish.” Lin Jun Feng pointed at Xian Yu Chao.

“Dunno if we can get past the audition. I’m kinda worried! When we finish our training, the results will also be out. Just hope it won’t hit me too hard.” Xian Yu Chao wailed.

“I believe you can pass.” Mo Di comforted Xian Yu Chao. “Let’s not think about the competition anymore. It’s twelve, let’s go for lunch. After lunch, we’ll take a look around the school and go get our training uniforms as well.”

All three agreed.

After Uncle Wang and Uncle Li finished packing Chen Zhao’s things and left, they locked up and went to the canteen.

In one afternoon, the four students chatted and found that their affinities were quite matching. Under Xian Yu Chao’s proposal, they decided to address each other as brothers. Xian Yu Chao was the oldest, Chen Zhao was the second, Lin Jun Feng who was the tallest but had just barely turned eighteen was third, and Mo Di as the youngest was the fourth.

At night, while Mo Di was brushing his teeth in the bathroom, Chen Zhao knocked twice and entered: “Xiao Di are you done?”

“You want to use the bathroom?” Mo Di turned to look at him.

“No, no. There’s something I want to tell you.” Chen Zhao squeezed in next to Mo Di and whispered: “Do you have a third brother named Mo San Zhi?”

Mo Di stopped his movement: “…yes. What is it?”

“Is he just like the other …family members? The way they treat you? The way their brains work?”

Mo Di was getting confused, “exactly what is it? Just say it.”

“Ai…” Chen Zhao raised his hand in agitation and pulled at his hair.

“I told you about going abroad to have fun with my little uncle right? My little uncle is a doctor. He once did a check-up for Mo San Zhi. According to his friend, Mo San Zhi fell in love with my little uncle at first sight. After that, he made his intentions clear and used all sorts of tactics to court my little uncle. Now… it can be said that he had succeeded. When I was in the States, my little uncle would keep talking about him.”

“If it weren’t for that Mo San Zhi being involved in the latest fashion design competition these past few months and couldn’t spend time with him, I’m afraid my little uncle would’ve fallen for him a long time ago!”

Mo Di’s expression changed a little. He suddenly recalled a certain person. “What’s your uncle’s name?”

“Song Yu. What’s wrong?”

“Song Yu?” Mo Di’s heart jumped. “Which yu?”

Yu from yu shi (石 jade). Originally, it was supposed to be the yu word with a jin (金) attached to it (which is this 钰), but my grandmother was superstitious. The fortune teller she went to said that my uncle needed a softer word to his name so he can have a good life, and so the jin was removed. But my little uncle is not feminine at all, he’s just a little skinny.”

Mo Di unconsciously frowned and said: “Mo San Zhi is the same as everyone else in the Mo family.”

“Ha?” Chen Zhao did not respond in time, and when he did, he let out a shout, “This is not good! I can’t let my little uncle be with this type of high-grade weirdo!”

Chen Zhao yelled as he sped out of the dorm clutching his phone, about to make a call.

Mo Di looked in the mirror and spat out the toothpaste foam. He frowned again.

How unexpected, Song Yu was actually a man.

In his last life, Mo San Zhi was an outstanding designer. He built his career in America for about six years where he won in a prestigious design competition. A thoroughly devoted brother, he returned home to establish the brand “MLG”.

If he was not mistaken, Mo San Zhi should be coming back sometime the following month. In his last life, he did not bring back a girlfriend, much less a boyfriend. He only mentioned that he had a lover in America named Song Yu and was of Chinese descent, omitting the fact that Song Yu was male.

Even when the second aunt asked him to bring the girl named Song Yu back to meet the family, he did not contradict her. He only replied that the time was not right and that Song Yu had a job in America and refused to marry him for the time being. Even when Mo Liu Gui wanted to get a glimpse of ‘her’ photo, Mo San Zhi said that he did not have one because Song Yu did not like to take pictures.

Unfortunately, after half a year, when Song Yu decided to visit him in Hua Xia, his plane crashed and he died.

But this tragedy only helped Mo San Zhi gain publicity as an affectionate man.

Even until his death(Mo Di’s), Mo San Zhi had rejected the blind dates his second aunt set up for him. He said that he could not forget Song Yu and therefore, was unable to start a new relationship. He also claimed to regret that he did not bring Song Yu back earlier.

But even so, he never admitted that Song Yu was a man, fearing the prejudice the Mo patriarch and Mo Liu Gui might have towards him.

How laughable.

Mo Di thought that Mo San Zhi was just like the Mo family who treated Mo Liu Gui as the core of their universe, seemingly indifferent to any other individuals, but that was not the case. Look like Mo San Zhi was also quite good at being a romantic and affectionate….


For now, he felt that it was prudent to let Song Yu see Mo San Zhi’s true face. At least help him avoid the fate of even until his death, he still thought that Mo San Zhi was a worthy man.

After washing, Mo Di exited the bathroom and said to Chen Zhao who just came in: “What did your little uncle say?”

“My little uncle said he still finds it hard to believe. That Mo San Zhi is such a good actor!” Chen Zhao was frustrated, “but my little uncle also said that he believed me as well and now he was feeling overwhelmed. I can tell he was not in a good mood.”

“Give me your little uncle’s WeChat, I’ll have a word with him.”

“Yes yes yes, that’ll work.” Chen Zhao unlocked his phone and sent Mo Di his uncle’s contact information. He said in a serious and heavy tone: “Bro, my little uncle’s happiness and future are in your hands!”

Xian Yu Chao who removed his headphone just in time to hear this gave a ghastly look and howled: “What what what?! Your little uncle takes a fancy to our little brother?!!!!”

“What?” Lin Jun Feng who just arrived at the door was frozen in place, he asked with a face full of confusion: “Is that true? But I don’t care if it’s true or not, our fourth brother is still young! This father does not agree with the marriage! Absolutely not!”

Mo Di: “…”

What kind of roommates did he get?

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  1. Lin Jun Feng is a riot! Though his concern is kinda misplaced 😉 since MTH has already staked his claim, it’s rather nice.
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  2. aw… this is cute… it seems that modi has gain more good friends
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