RCFN Chapter 12

Lai De Si did not expect Mu Tian Heng’s first response was “no”.

Mu Tian Heng refused?!

Not to mention this was to help a troubled child, he was also Mu Tian Heng’s benefactor. No matter what he should not have refused.

Moreover, the kid was so cute, it’s like eye candy having him in the house.

Lai De Si strongly opposed Mu Tian Heng’s refusal: “Why not? If we let him rent a place outside, what if he’s found and beat up?! A lifesaving debt should be repaid with a fountain of water*. This saying…. did I use it right?”

TN: the proverb used here should be 滴水之恩当涌泉相报. Literally, it means receiving a drop of water out of kindness and repaying it with a spring. 

It’s too bad no one was paying attention to Lai De Si’s proverb usage.

Mo Di puckered his lower lips. He also did not expect Mu Tian Heng to say no even though he was not going to agree either.

It seemed he had underestimated Mu Tian Heng, or rather he did not really understand him.

For Mu Tian Heng, such a small favour might not mean much but after all, he did help. Alas, he could not count on this tiny ‘affection’ to make Mu Tian Heng his future ‘shelter’.


He not only had to improve his own abilities and broaden his connections, but also needed to continue strengthening his ‘affection’ points with Mu Tian Heng.

It’s just, how should he do it? Does he really have to use the plan he had put down yesterday?

Mu Tian Heng did not know that his firm refusal had caused Lai De Si and Mo Di’s thoughts to derail.

The reason why he did not want Mo Di to live with him and Lai De Si was in fact, very simple – he did not want to have deeper and more intimate interactions with this little fellow.

Why was that? That’s because there’s already a ghost in his heart. 

The initial feelings could not be avoided but how it developed afterwards, at least he could have some control. Otherwise, he really was an old beast. 

In the span of time that they were lost in thoughts, the ambulance arrived.

Ten minutes later, they arrived at the hospital. Mu Tian Heng and Mo Di had a full body checkup.

There was no major problem with Mo Di’s injuries, just some bruising that had not completely healed. He only needed to rub some ointment and have a good rest. As for Mu Tian Heng, he suffered from the dislocation of the ankle and severe contusion of the soft tissue. This was also nothing serious. He had to take some medications and for the time being, refrain from physical activities. 

After the checkup, Mu Tian Heng did not stay in the hospital. He ordered the driver to take Mo Di to a residential area in the western suburb.

“I asked my subordinates to do a little research. The residential areas in the west suburb are quite good. There are a lot of places for rent and the standard is ok. The nearby transportation is also very convenient. You can choose a place there.” Mu Tian Heng said to Mo Di: “If there’s anything you need help with, you can give me a call. I will not refuse. Got it?”

“Got it. Thank you, brother.” Mo Dis eyes bent and he smiled obediently at Mu Tian Heng.

“Too stingy.” Lai De Si looked at Mu Tian Heng with indescribable eyes. “I thought you were going to buy him a house.”

“Really, please don’t. I don’t want it.” Mo Di refused decisively.

He did not want to use his hard-earned ‘gratitude’ to exchange for a house, which was meaningless to him. This was really out of line with his plan.

“I did actually think about it but buying it for you at this time is not suitable. It’s better to wait after you’ve finished your exams. I’ll get you one that’s close to your school.” Mu Tian Heng could see that Mo Di really did not want it but he still had to explain himself: “How can I be stingy with you over a few million yuan.”

“No, you really don’t have to.” Mo Di waved his hand and pretended to be embarrassed: “If I really need brother’s help, I will tell you. I won’t be polite. But please don’t buy me a house.” 

“Fine, as long as you don’t act polite with me, I won’t get you a house for the time being. If there’s anything you need help with, you have to tell me”

Mu Tian Heng looked at Mo Di’s slightly lowered head and wanted to pat on the soft-looking hair that seemed very nice to the touch. Fortunately, he stopped the brake in time and coughed lightly: “When are you going back to school?”

“Tomorrow.” Mo Di gave it some thought and said: “After all, there are more than two weeks left till the college entrance exams.” 

After Mo Di was brought to the western suburb, he quickly rented a two-bedroom apartment. Mu Tian Heng paid for the three month’s rent and one month’s deposit. This, Mo Di did not refuse.

He truly did not have much money. The Mo family never gave him any allowance. The little bit of New Year’s money that he saved up was mostly spent on the several hospital trips. 

The next day, Mo Di went back to school.

This time it was very different. On his way to the flower bed where he was assaulted by Zhong Dao Kang and the others, no one came to pick on him. Even the people who would look at him with disdain and disgust were not as many as he expected.

Mo Di, though a little confused, did not show any change and remained quiet as usual. He turned and walked around the flower bed to the nearby toilet.

Mo Di pretended that he was going to do a number two, went into the cubicle and locked the door. He then opened the school forum page.

He was too busy the past few days to check on the situation at school but judging by these people’s reactions, something involving him must have happened.

When Mo Di opened the school forum page, he was stabbed in the eye by the topmost post with the bright red ‘hot’ word.

“Rational discussion, this time who was in the wrong, Liu Gui goddess or Mo Di?”


Mo Di frowned slightly, clicking open the super hot post which had already accumulated more than 8000 floors.

What immediately entered his eyes were the direct scoldings from several recent posts.

 “Landlord are you mentally disabled? You want to blacken our goddess’s name?! Don’t get hit by a car when you go out.”

 “Landlord your thoughts are obvious, too disgusting! What’s there to discuss?”

 “Landlord is bs, authentication completed.”

 “My goddess is beautiful, white skin and long legs, rich and talented, kind and intelligent. It’s useless for you to feel jealous. Take your disgusting thoughts together with that nasty vicious garbage Mo Di and get lost!”

 “Landlord you’re that drama queen Mo Di who tried to malign Xiao Gui right? I wish you an early death due to allergies! Don’t have to thank me.”


But this one-sided abuse was suddenly changed at the 30th something floor after an ultra-long post with a few hundred words of analysis. 

 “It seems at present I’m the only one who is seriously answering the post. Let me briefly analyze. First of all, I think the landlord started this post because he/she was stimulated by Zhu Wen Ze and the others’ severe punishment. Indeed, the actions of Zhu Wen Ze, Zhong Dao Kang and the others were just in the eyes of many people at that time because it was to seek justice for the goddess! Then how could they be punished so severely? After all, something like this had happened in our school before. Some students also used violence to retaliate violence. But they only received some verbal criticisms in the end. And the one that received real punishment was the student that was beaten. Because he made a serious mistake and what he did was also very disgusting.

 At the same time, this incident was the same, ‘violence against violence’, Zhu Wen Ze and the rest were severely punished but Mo Di, the ‘culprit’, was not. Doesn’t that mean that Mo Di did nothing wrong?

 That is indeed so!

I also just realized that our initial thinking was very distorted. If you get out of this strange circle, you will also find that Mo Di is the innocent victim! And Zhu Wen Ze and the others’ behaviours were plainly campus violence. This is not justice at all let alone retaliation against injustice. It’s simply campus bullying! Their so-called justice is twisted!

 All along people think that Mo Di deserved to be beaten, ostracized, abused, bullied, all because of that allergy incident right? Then can I ask based on what you call him vicious and rubbish? Everyone said that he said it on purpose to sow discord and smear the reputation of Mo Liu Gui, but does that sentence really entice that? To tell you the truth, I’m allergic to mango and will swell up like a balloon if I eat it. My parents and friends know that. If they gave me a piece of mango (of course, they won’t) I will subconsciously ask them ‘did you forget that I’m allergic to mangos?’. This is just a casual subconscious question. How is it vicious and calculating? And the goddess actually got so agitated and sad that she cried and fainted. How weird is that?

 Finally, I’m going to say something unpleasant. You people just don’t want to admit one truth: you keep saying that the goddess is very concerned about Mo Di (she also consistently shows it), but she doesn’t really care about him at all. If not how could she not know of his fatal allergies? My junior classmates told me that Mo Di was once sent to the hospital for emergency treatment due to his allergies and could not attend the class party. Can you say that you really care about someone when you don’t even know that he could die after drinking cocoa? And that you even offered him the drink? To be honest I don’t believe it. It’s either you don’t care about this person, or…. Haha.”

This one post set off a storm in the forum.

What followed were angry accusations and curses. It was hard to imagine those vicious words came from the students. But down the list, some people began to agree with the thread owner. 

 “I actually think it makes sense”

 “That’s right! I won’t even say that I’m close with my deskmate but I know that he’s allergic to cheese and will never give him cheese. So this is really baffling.”

 “The few people upstairs, what are you pretending? It’s disgusting. You were hired by Mo Di to slander our goddess! So obvious! Saying things without conscience. Aren’t you scared of being struck by lightning?”

 “Upstairs plus one.”

 “???Some people are just sick. I have never spoken with Mo Di. What, people can’t have a say? In this matter, your goddess is the one unreasonable.”

“I don’t think it’s just unreasonable. This matter is quite scary if you look at it closely. If it was unintentional, then it proves that she was just pretending to care for Mo Di this whole time. That’s some nice acting skills. And then if it was intentional…that’s even worse!” 

“Upstairs watch out for the death of your whole family! It seems Mo Di’s goal has been achieved. Now there is rubbish coming out to attack our goddess!”

“Upstairs your mouth is so poisonous and rotten. Does your goddess know? Did she let you out to bite people?! Your goddess dares to do it but not admit it. ”


And so, the posts kept arguing back and forth in a swearing competition. In just one night it gained nine thousand floors and was still rising.

But on the last page of the thread, there was an increasing number of people supporting Mo Di and the landlord. Those posts combined could account for ten percent of the total posts. Adding in the other posts which questioned Mo Liu Gui and her supporters, this number came up to nineteen percent. 

Mo Di was in a delicate mood. It was as if ….there was a crack in Mo Liu Gui’s ‘godhood’.

He really wanted to thank the person who started the thread and also the person who posted the analysis. Inadvertently, it had helped him cause a dent in the magical phenomenon of ‘everyone will brainlessly and insanely love and protect Mo Liu Gui’.

First off, he really wanted to know who posted this thread. And also the one and wrote the analysis…who was that?

Principal Huang’s overly severe punishment of Zhong Dao Kang and the others shocked some people. Plus the crack in Mo Liu Gui’s halo, Mo Di rarely had such a tranquil day.

But the calm was broken when he was leaving school in the evening. 

There was a bright red Maserati parked at the school gate and standing beside it was his good 5th brother, Mo Wu Hang. He was scanning the area with an impatient and raging look. Evidently, he did not come for Mo Liu Gui, which meant his purpose could only be one.

Mo Di pressed down his surging dark mood. He gave Mo Wu Hang a stare then turned around and walked away from the flow of people. He went back towards the school and followed several trails of winding paths until he reached a hidden wall that was relatively lower than the others. Swiftly and steadily, taking advantage of his long legs, he climbed over the wall and then jumped off.

“AH!” There was a scream coming from below.

Mo Di inspected and saw a boy lying on the ground, wearing the school uniform of the middle school opposite. He was shocked and confused that he made no immediate movement.

This is Gu Ran Ju?!!

“Damn… You want to kill me?!!” Gu Ran Ju raised his eyelids and glared at the expressionless high school student who was staring at him. He got into a fight with some thugs before and now his head was injured. There was bleeding and he was dizzy and nauseous. When he felt like passing out, he was suddenly stepped on by someone and almost vomited blood. 

And this high schooler just looked at him frigidly without any intention to apologize. Shit! To think that he had such good looks, turned out he was insensitive and cold-blooded!

“Damn it! Say something!”

Mo Di looked at Gu Ran Ju lightly and remained speechless.


Accordingly, after Gu Ra Ju had the fight and was about to faint in the alley, he was supposed to be rescued by Mo Liu Gui. He then developed a strong and irresistible affection for the angel Mo Liu Gui. This Gu Ran Ju was an important supporting male in the book, he could also be considered the third male lead. 

Then what is this situation? Because of the butterfly effect that he had accidentally come to replace the absent Mo Liu Gui? 

He did not want to fill this role.

Besides, he had just stepped on Gu Ran Ju. Even if he pretended to be some angel and comforted his wounds and soul, it probably would not work. Furthermore, he did not want to imitate Mo Liu Gui’s behaviour of ‘saving the misguided juvenile’. 

Him not throwing a brick at Gu Ran Ju at this time meant that his conscience was still intact. 

Gu Ran Ju’s head was in splitting pain but now he could no longer faint. He gnawed his teeth and looked at the high school student standing against the light. His teeth itched with anger. What’s wrong with this person. Didn’t he see him lying there with his head bleeding? Why did he have no response?!! Not to mention not sending him to the hospital, he did not even help him call an ambulance!

Gu Ran Ju clenched his fist but he knew that this was not the time to be impulsive. He suppressed his anger and straightened out his emotions, trying to organize his plea for help. 

Just as he opened his mouth, he saw the young man in front gave him a final indifferent glance and left without any remorse….

He left!

He just left?!!


Gu Ran Ju was furious to the extreme. With all his strength he climbed to a trash can in the corner of the alley. Holding in his disgust, he took out the bag that was thrown in, dug for his cell phone and dialled 120.

Wait and see!

He had carved that boy’s face in his memories!

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