RCFN Chapter 13

Chapter 13

Recently, Mo Di was in an upsetting situation.

In addition to Mo Wu Hang, who from time to time blocked him at the school gate, and Mo Liu Gui, who kept pestering him to come home, there was also the middle schooler Gu Ran Ju who he had accidentally met before. Almost like he was in a hysterical fit, he would crouch and wait for Mo Di at the side gates, shortcuts, and alleys of the school in a ready-to-fight manner. 

Mo Di had to keep hiding till he got really impatient.

However, generally speaking, amongst these three, Gu Ran Ju was the least detestable. This was because in his last life, this little jerk went abroad after Mo Liu Gui and Qin Cheng Yi got together. Hence, he did not participate in the ‘suppression and enforcement’ campaign against Mo Di that led him to be locked up in the asylum. 

But that did not mean that he will tolerate Gu Ran Ju. After all, before he went abroad, he had caused him a lot of trouble by impulsively destroying several of his business dealings. Even if he did not hate Gu Ran Ju to the extreme, there was absolutely no favourable impression.

According to what he remembered from the book, Gu Ran Ju did not have a good ending. This male lead number three was killed off in the extra chapters. Most likely because he was different from the other male leads who were determined to guard Mo Liu Gui for life and were deeply devoted to her, which caused many readers to be dissatisfied with him. And so he was written to die due to an accident.

When Mo Di thought of that chapter, he only felt ironic. It seemed that not only the ‘vicious villain’ type like him was put to death, even those supporters who were not devoted enough were also unworthy to have a good ending.


But then Gu Ran Ju was a male lead after all. When he was alive, he got to enjoy the freedom and happiness of life. Compared to Mo Di who was considered the ‘vicious villain’ since his birth, the lives they had were entirely different.

And he was not qualified to sympathize with someone whose happiness and favouritism was based on attacking him countless times.

Mo Di did not intend to deal with Gu Ran Ju, but he could not break his leg to prevent him from coming at him. With Mo Wu Hang’s besiege and interception, and Mo Liu Gui’s incessant advice, Mo Di decided to go home to review after he signed up for the mock exam at school. 

After all, it had been a long time since he left high school. There was bound to be some unfamiliarity and lack of practice. He needed the extra practice in advance. 

And this was Xia Jia’s final strictly graded mock exam. 

On the day of the mock exam, Mo Di got up early in the morning. As usual, he first sent a ‘good morning’ message to Mu Tian Heng, then washed up and made sandwiches, reviewing his notes in between. 

As he was about to grab his sandwich and run to the bus stand, he received a text from an anonymous number:

“Mo Di, I’m a student in the class next to yours. I want to make friends with you. Meet me in the ‘Afternoon’ coffee shop in Furong lane after school. I have something very important to tell you! Be sure to come, or you will regret it! Your strange friend.”

Mo Di raised his finger and deleted the message expressionlessly. He took a bite of the sandwich at the same time. 

Even without checking, he’d already known that the message was sent by the person who started the ‘hot’ thread in the campus forum. And he had also discovered this person’s identity, it’s Ruan Yan,

Ruan Yan was one of the three ‘cannon fodder with a tragic end’ in the book that he had absolutely no intention of working with.

Her methods were too unscrupulous. Moreover, she liked to spike people’s drinks and administer drugs. Although her schemes were never successful, he believed that he could not cooperate with her in any way. 

Therefore, after he found out that the person behind the thread and the analysis post was Ruan Yan, he completely put this event behind him. 

Mo Di ignored the matter and turned his focus to preparing for the upcoming mock exam. 

The exam period always made one feel like time passed quickly. In the blink of an eye, the two-day exam was over. Mo Di did the questions with high proficiency and had a good feeling about the results.

It’s just that when people are in a good mood, it is inevitable that their vigilance is slightly reduced. Mo Di was about to leave through one of the school’s side entrances when he was found by Mo Liu Gui.

“Xiao Di!”

In the last few days, Mo Liu Gui had been trying to persuade Mo Di to come home. At the same time, she also wanted to clarify whether he had poisoned their father or not, but Mo Di only ignored her. After classes and after school, he would promptly disappear. Even with her fifth brother waiting at the gate, he still could not catch him. This made her incredibly uncomfortable.

Today she decided to try her luck at the east gate. Unexpectedly, she actually found him!

Mo Di heard the call and his brows creased. He stopped and turned around: “Sister, what can I do for you?”

“Xiao Di, come home with me.”

Mo Liu Gui hurriedly approached and reached for Mo Di’s sleeves but he dodged her advance swiftly. Mo Liu Gui was distressed by Mo Di’s action and her eyes turned sour: “Xiao Di, what’s wrong with you? Don’t you like your sister anymore? Or you’re like those people in the school forum, you think that I don’t care about you?! Do you hate me?!”

“Sister, I’m doing pretty good outside. Don’t force me to go home.” Mo Di said lightly.

Mo Liu Gui could hear that Mo Di was deliberately avoiding the question. Her eyes turned red and she slightly raised her voice: “Xiao Di, how could you believe those people and think of me like that?!”

Mo Di did not want to continue talking to Mo Liu Gui about this matter. He turned and walked briskly towards the gate. Mo Liu Gui heatedly followed him. Her curly hair fluttered in the wind and her small face indeed had the making of a goddess. And because her eyes were a little moist and crimson, it gave off a pitiful look that made people just want to protect her. 

“Xiao Di, if you don’t want to go home then that’s fine. If that’s how you think, I also do not mind. But father’s poisoning, did you do it? You have to make it clear. I’ve always believed it wasn’t you and tried to stop our brothers from coming to school to find you. But you have to give me confirmation! Let me know that I didn’t help you in vain, I didn’t trust you in vain!” 

The few students who were nearby glanced their way, their eyes twinkling as they focused on the gossip coming their way.

Mo Di just wanted to laugh. There it was again. There it was again.

The reason why Mo Wu Hang and the others did not come in to get him was that Mu Tian Heng had vigorously ‘reminded’ principal Huang to strengthen the school’s security. This had prevented Mo Wu Hang from entering and had nothing to do with Mo Liu Gui’s efforts.


But since young, he had been repeatedly reminded that his ‘fine’ living condition was thanks to his good sister, Mo Liu Gui.

When he was six, he scored first in his grade, making the Mo Liu Gui who scored third, very upset. Mo Wu Hang and those brothers hit him till his legs were fractured and almost disabled. It was Mo Liu Gui who tried hard to hold back her tears and shouted for people to take him to the hospital.

He was supposed to be grateful.

On his eighth birthday, because everyone thought that he would affect the Mo family little princess’s birthday party, Mo Si Lang had locked him inside the toilet overnight. It was Mo Liu Gui who had considerately left him a piece of birthday cake.

He was supposed to be grateful.

When he was twelve, he saved up and bought a guitar but it was smashed by his father for the reason of affecting Mo Liu Gui’s rest. His father had wanted to cane him but Mo Liu Gui magnanimously expressed that she did not mind, letting him escape a beating.

He was supposed to be grateful?!

There were countless of those incidents that he could not remember all. Mo Di looked at Mo Liu Gui trying to block his way and gave a sudden smile: “Sister, of course I did not do it.”

“You didn’t?!” Mo Liu Gui widened her eyes slightly and said: “Since you didn’t do it, Xiao Di, why don’t you come home. If mom and dad know that it wasn’t you, they will forgive you. It’s very good at home. How can living outside be better than at home?”

Mo Di gave Mo Liu Gui an incomprehensible smile and looked at her without hesitation: “Sister, do you really think I have a good time at home?” 

“What…what’s there that’s not good?” Mo Liu Gui felt a little uneasy for some reason: “There are good food and good lodgings at home. And also chauffeurs to drive you to and fro. Isn’t it much better than you living alone outside?” 

“Is that so….but I disagree.” Mo Di did not want to continue this redundant conversation with Mo Liu Gui anymore, so he turned and left.

Mo Liu Gui gazed at Mo Di’s back and for some reason, felt that her brother was not the same as before. For a short while, she did not dare to catch up. But when he was almost disappearing at the school gate, she bit her teeth and caught up.

“Xiao Di, you have to come home with me today. If you don’t come back, mom will be very sad! And …”

Mo Liu Gui’s voice stopped abruptly. She gawked in surprise at the two figures sparring in front of her. It took her a moment to react before running forward and shouting at them to stop. She reached out her hand to hold them back: “What are you guys doing? Don’t fight! You can’t fight!”

“Go away!” Gu Ran Ju shook off her hand impatiently and pushed Mo Liu Gui aside. Mo Liu Gui stumbled and almost fell.

Mo Di: “…?!!”

Mo Di inclined his body and once again avoided a blow from Gu Ran Ju. He grabbed his wrist, lifted his foot and kicked his leg: “Do you know who she is? How could you just push her?”

“Who? Isn’t she your sister? What? I can’t even shove her arm a little? You’re pretty worried about your elder sister.” Gu Ran Ju had never lost in a one-on-one fight before but he did not expect that the seemingly weak and obedient student could suppress him into a compromising position. His teeth itched with rage as his fists threw out punches wildly. 

“If you’re worried about your sister, then tell her step aside and stop being an eyesore!” 

Mo Di then gave Gu Ran Ju a jab and his nose bled. He looked dubiously at Gu Ran Ju who was flaring up and Mo Liu Gui who was covering her shoulder. 

Gu Ran Ju wiped off the blood and his unruly face was gradually covered in sweat. He gave Mo Liu Gui a scornful look and said: “Good for you. For your sister, you want to avenge her? Come on!”

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  1. Lmao i think mo di was just shook bc gu ran ju was supposed to fall in love with his sister but he just pushed her aside and focused on the fight lolol 😂

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  2. ah, time pass so fast when you have something good with you
    now for sure gjr is an ally and also he seems not to be affected by mlg’s aura yay!

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    1. I think this comment is reasonable… maybe when the babies were born mlg’s and md’s auras were aleady wprking but everyone came tp see her first and the spell?? Took place

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