RCFN Chapter 11

Chapter 11

When they arrived at the construction site, Mu Tian Heng and Lai De Si got off and went to deal with their work, leaving Mo Di in the car.

Mo Di and the driver stayed in the car in dead silence.

“Want some water?” The driver uncle tried to ease up the awkward atmosphere.

“No thank you, uncle. I want to take a look outside.” Mo Di gave a good-boy smile and pointed outside the window. “There are many things over there I haven’t seen before. I want to have a closer look.” 

“Ok.” After saying this, the driver dropped his show of interest, lowered his head and played with his phone. 

Mo Di did not understand why the driver’s mood suddenly changed but he paid it no mind. He opened the door and stepped out.

Mu Tian Heng’s leg was disabled in Hua Xia. The more dangerous the place, the more likely it would happen there. He had to stay close.

The moment Mo Di closed the door, the driver uncle touched his forehead and grumbled unhappily: “I’m only two years older than the boss. Why does he get to be called brother and I’m called an uncle.”

Mo Di went to the edge of the site and looked towards its center.

There were all kinds of tools, shovels, concrete trolleys, steel pipes etc were lined across the construction site. The bright sun penetrating the dust in the air was like a fog covering the site, basking the place in a golden glow.

Mu Tian Heng was standing in the middle of the construction site talking with a person wearing a suit and a safety helmet. Behind them was a skeletal structure of a building. There were workers carrying buckets and shovels working on it. Bamboo poles and steel pipes were also placed on the platform. At a glance, it seemed harmless but a careful look could cause quite unease.

Mo Di raised his neck to the fullest to look at the dust-covered structure. A few rays of sunlight pierced through the framework with its rough and sturdy looking welding. 

Suddenly Mo Di had a bad premonition. Intuition made him stand up and run towards the center of the construction. 

A worker saw that a child had broken into the site and quickly yelled at him to get out.

Mo Di ignored the man and kept running. Another dark-skinned worker saw Mo Di running in and tried to stop him, yelling fiercely: “What are you doing. Children can’t just casually come in here! Get out!” 


“Where did you come from? Don’t you have eyes? Who let you in? Can you be responsible if any accidents were to happen?”

“I’m sorry, uncle. I’m looking for someone.” Mo Di apologized promptly and pointed to where Mu Tian Heng was standing. He said: “I’m looking for him. I need to talk to him.” 

“You’re looking for the tall-built boss?” The tall middle-aged man glanced in that direction and said: “Who knows if that boss actually knows you. You can’t go in. If we let you in and something happens, what’re we gonna do?”

“That’s right, what if something happened? What’s a child like you running about for? This is no place to have fun.” the short man reached out and pushed Mo Di on the shoulder: “Quickly get out! Stop making trouble here. Even if there’s something wrong you still can’t just run into the construction site. Leave!” 

Mu Tian Heng was listening to the engineer talk about the next phase budget and the final sketch when he heard what sounded like bickering in the distance. Looking up, he saw the boy who was supposed to wait in the car standing far-off, arguing with two workers.

“Your little fellow is so clingy to you.” Lai De Si, who was standing six to seven meters away talking to the deputy engineer, saw Mo Di and said to Mu Tian Heng.

Mu Tian Heng did not want to be bothered with Lai De Si but when he heard his words, he smiled and gave Lai De Si a sweeping look from head to toe: “What, you’re jealous again? Too bad there’s nothing you can do about it. The gap is too large.”

“Damn you!” Lai De Si glared back.

“Liu Cheng Cai, you take this and discuss it with Lai De Si.  I’ll take a look at the situation over there and come back.” Mu Tian Heng passed the documents in his hands to the sweaty engineer, Liu Cheng Cai, in front of him. 

“Ok. I’ll do it right away.” Liu Cheng Cai answered quickly and jogged over to Lai De Si. 

Mu Tian Heng clapped off the dirt on his hands and picked up an empty bottle that was thrown on the ground. He then turned around to leave. After taking two steps, he suddenly heard a man’s roar coming from above.

His sixth sense and survival instincts exploded from within. From his feet to his scalp, Mu Tian Heng was only guided by his subconscious to move forward as fast as he could.


There was a deafening blast, and a thick cloud of dust erupted.

“Mu Tian Heng!!!” Mo Di watched in the distance as a thick and long steel pipe suddenly fell towards Mu Tian Heng from the floor above. His hands and feet turned cold at that moment. He quickly pushed away the people blocking him and ran to where Mu Tian Heng was.

The construction site was in chaos. The person in charge of the construction and the supervising engineer were in a panic as they ran towards Mu Tian Heng. Lai De Si was also dazed for a moment before he ran and shouted for Mu Tian Heng as well.

Behind the layer of dust, Mu Tian Heng gave out a hiss. He propped his arms on the ground for support and shifted the leg that was slightly hit by the steel pipe.

“Mu! Mu! Are you okay?!!” Lai De Si looked anxiously at Mu Tian Heng sitting on the ground. “Where did you get hit?! Ha?!! Mu!!” Then he turned to the side: “Quickly call an ambulance! Call an ambulance!!”

Liu Cheng Cai and the engineer next to him were almost trembling. They frantically took out their phone and dialled 120. 

“No need to call an ambulance. I’m ….cough.. I’m fine.” Mu Tian Heng used his muscular arms to push himself up. He sat on the ground and rubbed his right ankle.

Although the steel pipe hit his ankle, the force was reduced greatly when it bounced after hitting the ground. The remaining force injured his ankle, but he could still feel his leg. It was not a big deal.

Lai De Si: “How can we not call? We have to call an ambulance!” 

“Mu Tian Heng, are you all right?!” The frantic Mo Di was gasping for air. His cheeks were red from the heat: “How are your feet?!”

Mu Tian Heng looked up and saw Mo Di standing in the sun against the light. The eyes that looked like an ink painting were full of panic. His hair was dyed golden and his lips were apart, panting heavily.

Mu Tian Heng felt an unspeakable emotion rising in his heart. His eyes narrowed: “Little fellow, why are you calling me by my name and not ‘brother’?”

“I…” Mo Di did not expect that Mu Tian Heng’s first sentence would be this. He mentally found a reason with no loophole and answered: “I was so anxious that I let it slip. Plus I checked your information on the internet, and my head was filled with your name, so…”

“That’s okay. Let’s not talk about this.”

Mu Tian Heng waved his hand as he tried to steel his heart. But he felt that at the moment, he was unsuccessful. He was not someone with a high IQ but low EQ who does not understand emotions. He was now very clear. Even though he had been suppressing it and telling himself over again that this was just a seventeen-year-old child, he still could not help but be interested in this little fellow that was only two years older than his nephew.

This is really…

Mu Tian Heng sighed and said to Lai De Si: “Come over and give me a hand.”


“You can get up now? It’s better to wait for the ambulance and use their stretcher!” Lai De Si was still in a panic.

“I’ll kick you if you don’t come over!” Mu Tian Heng frowned, “Quickly! I said I’m fine!”

Lai De Si looked at Mu Tian Heng’s purplish swollen ankle and insisted: “No, let’s just wait for the ambulance! Can’t you sit there for a while?”

Mu Tian Heng ignored Lai De Si and waved to Mo Di: “Little fellow, come over and give me a hand.”

“Me?” Mo Di hesitantly looked at Lai De Si and then the nearby old men who had no intention of moving. He went over and looked at Mu Tian Heng with clear eyes: “How can I help you?”

“Come over to my left. Just grab on to my arm. You’re acting like a crutch, got it?” 

“En.” Mo Di nodded. When Mu Tian Heng put his arm over Mo Di’s shoulder, Mo Di moved in closer and gripped Mu Tian Heng’s strong waist, working with him to help him up. 

Mu Tian Heng stumbled for a bit before he could stand firm on one foot. He then said to Lai De Si who was about to say something: “Someone threw a mineral water bottle on the ground, you pick it up and throw it in the trash bin.”

Whatever Lai De Si wanted to say was choked up. He then thought of how before the steel pipe fell, Mu Tian Heng had stopped to pick up the bottle. If he had not done so, Mu Tian Heng might have been able to fully avoid the accident. Lai De Si flared up: “The person who threw it should be the one to do that, why do you bother!”

He knew that Mu Tian Heng was very attentive even at regular times. Especially the details. Everything has to be qualified and in style. But at such a time couldn’t he just let it go?!!

“I’ll pick it up!” the supervising engineer who had been standing to the side quickly came forward and volunteered. He was sweating bullets as he picked up the bottle. This was the bottle he had finished and casually threw it aside. Who would have thought it could create such a mess!

Mu Tian Heng did not want to persecute the matter. He turned to Mo Di and said: “Let’s go to the car.”


Although Mu Tian Heng said that he was fine, his wrists and feet were actually hurting. But with each step he took, the hairy head of the youth brushed against his chin and brought out a light waft of shampoo scent that drilled straight through his skin and caused his heart to itch. By shifting his sight slightly, he could see the young man’s delicate chin, white long neck and the beautiful clavicle hidden under his collar.

Mu Tian Heng told himself that it was not right to keep staring. He turned around to avoid but the other body that stayed close to him was seductively warm and it carried the youth’s unique scent and touch. At the same time it also reminded him he was taking advantage of a seventeen-year-old boy. 

Mu Tian Heng then felt that he had just made a wrong decision.

“Just now, why did you come into the construction site? Didn’t I tell you that it was ok to stay in the car?” Mu Tian Heng decided to divert his attention by conversing. 

“I…” Mo Di lowered his head slightly. He responsibly continued his duty as being a crutch, “Actually it was nothing.”

“Nothing? If it was nothing then why did you go to the construction site?”

“I just thought that the place where you were standing was a bit dangerous.” There was some restraint in Mo Di’s voice, “Where you stood, it was too close to the scaffolding and workers were working up there. I was worried when I saw them moving the steel pipe. It felt unsafe, so I wanted to remind you…”

“Just because of that?” Mu Tian Heng stopped walking.

“En.” Mo Di nodded.

Mu Tian Heng’s mood has a somewhat indescribable complication. For a moment, it felt tender and itchy, and also a little sour.

“Actually, I really want to thank you.” said Mu Tian Heng.

“Ha?” Mo Di looked up with some uncertainty, “I did not manage to warn you.”

“If it weren’t for you and those two workers arguing, I wouldn’t have wanted to go and see what was the situation. I really would have been hit by the steel pipe.” Now that Mu Tian Heng thought about it, he was starting to feel the delayed fear. At the critical moment, had he not managed to move two or three steps, even if he was saved, his leg would still be struck.

And if that was the case, the leg that was hit….would most likely become useless.

Lai De Si who was following behind the two also heard this. The brooding mood turned into a delightful one. That petty man had such a wonderful fortune. Not only did he snag a peach blossom love, but the peach blossom love even saved his life. This really made him speechless. 

He was jealous but also happy for him.

“No no. I didn’t do much at all.” Mo Di shook his head.

“Yes, you did. At least you can consider yourself one half of my life saviour. If not, it’s a leg saviour.” Mu Tian Heng endured the pain in his ankle and smiled, “You don’t have to be too modest.”

“That’s right that’s right.” Lai De Si chimed in, “Little brother, whatever you want you can tell Mu to buy for you. If you have any problem just open your mouth and Mu will solve it for you! At least before we leave Hua Xia, we must repay this debt.”

“You’re leaving Hua Xia?” Mo Di looked at Mu Tian Heng in surprise.

“Not in the next two weeks.” Mu Tian Heng was helped into the Maybach parked at the side of the construction site. Sitting in, he said: “But Lai De Si is right. Little fellow, whatever request you have, if I can help you, I will definitely do it.”

“I….I don’t have any request.”

Mo Di quickly analyzed the pros and cons in his head and finally decided to say nothing. The result he wanted was not the so-called ‘he made a request, Mu Tian Heng helped him to solve it’ and then they went their separate ways. This would cut off the bond and affection he had tried so hard to cultivate.

The ‘shelter’ he wanted was not to be used right now. At the moment, the powerful male leads and supporters behind the Mo family and Mo Liu Gui had not appeared yet. He could still manage alone. Good steel should be used on the blade. He could not afford to waste these feelings and opportunities now. 

“No requests?” Lai De Si disagreed. “Don’t be silly. Whatever you want, you can say it!”

When he said this, Lai De Si was suddenly struck with an idea and said loudly: “Your group of brothers and classmates are all so sickos. Even if you were to rent a house it’s still very likely something will go wrong. Why don’t you just live with us!”

“Right Mu?” Lai De Si looked at Mu Tian Heng, “Our villa is so big, it’s totally ok if the kid lives with us!”

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  1. none of yall are concerned about him liking an 18 year old? if he’d been atleast 18 it’d have been fine but he’s 11 years older!???😭


    1. He mentioned something about liking his aura or something, thus he was seeing the mature soul but yeah he feel guilty because the appearance is too young

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    2. Good to see that I’m not the only one who thought so.. It’s quite disturbing to see twenty eight years old men having such thoughts about a minor just after a few meetings..


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