RCFN Chapter 8

Chapter 8

After principal Huang left the hospital, he hurried back to the school. On the way back, he received numerous phone calls and they all happened to be from the parents of the students involved in the campus violence incident. It seemed like someone had secretly tipped them off. 

Principal Huang frowned with discontent. He switched to his business mode and answered the phone. “Hello? Oh, it’s Mr. Zhong. No, I can’t. I quit drinking recently and don’t eat out much. Sorry I have to accompany my children. Is there a problem? You can tell me over the phone….” 

“Aiya, Mr. Zhong’s son is involved in the campus violence incident? About this… Mr. Zhong, your son really went overboard. Not only did he gang up with other students to abuse one student, but he also gave him several life-threatening kicks. The boy’s skull was kicked till his brain’s blood vessel almost burst!” 

“What? I’m sorry, Mr. Zhong, I cannot agree with you. Your son is still a child but the boy who was attacked is also a child. This is not something you can solve with a little money. Do not threaten me, and also don’t threaten that student. Stop piling up your mistakes. In fact, adding this to his record is also to give him a small lesson. It’s not that big a problem. For many regular universities, this will not affect admission…”


It was twenty minutes later that principal Huang ended the call. But just after he hung up the phone, another one came in.

This one afternoon, principal Huang had spent it on answering phone calls. Even when he was about to turn in at night, he still received a call from the Zhu family.

He broke his back trying to appease them for the time being. In actuality, there was also a fire in his heart. That group of students were so brutal, there was nothing wrong with him giving them a severe punishment! As a result, none of the parents realized this. Some of them even threatened him. 

What a joke. Do not test his limits. Let’s see who’s worst off were he to release the video.

On the other hand, Mo Di, who had been listening to principal Huang’s calls, adjusted his plans.

He was not going to expose the video for now. This video had a more suitable use.

His reputation in school was very poor at the moment. Although not everyone hated him, there were very few who would stand on his side. Were the video to be exposed, there would still be a large majority that could topple the truth. Even if he bought a water army, he would still be caught in the scuffle and splashed with dirty water. The effect was not what he wanted.

If he used it for another purpose, at least it would give him more satisfaction.

For example….a tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye!

He remembered vividly that in his last life, at noon on the second day of his college entrance exam, he was assaulted by Zhong Dao Kang, Zhao Guo Chen, and the others just as he was about to leave the school gate. They broke his right hand and dislocated his left leg, causing him to miss out on the last English exam. 


Even though he could score well on the other subjects, it was still impossible for him to be admitted into Jing Da, his dream university of six years. His body was in pain but he did not cry and yet when he received the results, his eyes could not help but turn red.

And the Mo family, on the last day of the exams, they took Mo Liu Gui on a family trip to celebrate. As for him? He did not even receive a phone call.

The next day, it was announced to the whole school that the transgressors in the campus violence would be severely punished and have a serious demerit in their records. This also included Zhu Wen Ze who had defamed Mo Di and swore at Lai De Si. The whole Xia Jia was in a frenzy.

Actually, principal Huang decided to add Zhu Wen Ze to the list because he was enraged by his father’s threats. If not he would have let him off with a little punishment. Another reason was that he also wanted to kiss up to Lai De Si and Mu Tian Heng, and hence, Zhu Wen Ze’s punishment was just as severe.

But Zhu Wen Ze was not wronged in any way. Although in the video, he did not participate in the attack, he did it in less conspicuous places. Especially in his last life, he liked to rough up and insult Mo Di in the men’s room.

“How dare Mo Di rectify me!”

Zhao Guo Chen heard the announcement and flared up on the spot. He kicked hard at the basketball and wanted to leave the school to deal with Mo Di immediately. It took several people to hold him back and calmed him down.

“Zhao Guo Chen, calm down! Look at Zhong Dao Kang and Liu Yang Feng in the next class, they’re not as impulsive as you.” A girl next to him advised.

“Both of them are going abroad. They already got the offer. How can it be the same as me. How can I enter a good university with this record.” How could he possibly show his face in front of his goddess after going to a third rate college. How can he even compete for his inheritance?!!

The more he thought about it, the angrier he got. He gritted his teeth, “I must kill Mo Di.”

“Stop freaking out. Senior Zhu Wen Ze is not even as anxious as you. I heard he wanted to go to Jing Da.” Another girl chimed in.

Hearing this, Zhao Guo Chen bit his teeth and looked at the senior class classroom which was located halfway across the sports ground. He found that it was indeed quite quiet. There were whispers but no obvious commotion.

Unknown to them, Zhu Wen Ze’s heart could not help shivering. His cheeks were drained of color.

He actually got, actually got a serious demerit in his records?!!

How can he even apply for Jing Da!!!!

How can he get admitted to Jing Da?!!!!!

As though his eardrums were filled with blood, Zhu Wen Ze completely could not hear any external sound. The sunlight that shone on him turned cold. In order to be with his Liu Gui during their four years of university, he did not apply for a university abroad. He did not expect his path to be cut off by getting a serious demerit in his record.

How can he still apply for a first rate university in the future? How is this possible?!!!

Could it be that in this life he can only enter a third rate college and be trampled by his rivals!!!

When someone pulled Zhu Wen Ze back to his senses, his face was already dyed with rage and fear and his legs were rooted in place. Then he heard bursts of furious profanities coming from the students of the class opposite.


He took a look and saw that the noise came from the boy named Zhong Dao Kang who was quite popular amongst the juniors. But he did not have the heart to be concerned for others. After forcing himself to calm down, he grabbed his cell phone and ran to the men’s toilet,

He has to quickly tell his father about this!

Meanwhile, Zhong Dao Kang who had received the notice was partly enraged yet partly relieved. After all, he had already been offered a place in a very good university in America which ranked in the top 100 worldwide. Unexpectedly, when he was about to console and gloat with Zhao Guo Chen, he received an email from the university.

He thought it was an email regarding his enrollment procedures, but it turned out to be a refusal of his admission!!

The university stated that they had received an unsettling report about him and, after verification, decided that he was not suitable to study there and hence had turned down his application!!!

How could this happen?!?!!

Zhong Dao Kang felt like he was hit by lightning. He immediately rushed out to call his parents and catapulted into Zhao Gui Chen and Liu Yang Feng heading towards him. The collision caused them to stumble and fall.


It was a nasty fall. One of them hit the basketball rack on the head and their skull gave out a loud bang. The other grabbed Zhong Dao Kang out of reflex and they both fell flat on their faces which were then covered in blood.

Mo Di turned off the screen that was monitoring the Xia Jia basketball court. A smile flashed through his eyes.

This was not a bad start, but it’s not enough.

Mo Di opened another page to check on Mu Tian Heng’s upcoming itinerary and found that his car was already at the intersection outside the hospital and would arrive momentarily.

Mo Di thought it over and his fingers flew across the keyboard, pulling up the surveillance of the hospital ward.

A few minutes later, two familiar voices entered the headphones. 

“That piece of land is not bad. It’s very suitable to be the first base of our operation into the Hua Xia market!” Lai De Si laughed, “Don’t you think so, Mu?”

“I told you to stop watching wartime movies and do some market reports instead. You didn’t listen.”

Lai De Si choked and gave a dry laugh, “Well let’s go visit that little brother and see how he’s doing. Do you really plan to leave him alone after he gets better? I thought you will at least protect the kid till he’s discharged or even till the end of the college entrance exam.”

“How’s that possible.” Mu Tian Heng’s voice was undulated, “Let’s just make sure that he’s ok and that all he has to do is rest. We don’t have to keep bothering him. Actually this matter to this point should be over.”

“Tsk….Mu you’re so…” Lai De Si clicked his tongue, “Business oriented and unromantic.” (TN: the idiom used here is 公事公办,which means business is strictly business, personal feelings shouldn’t affect it, and 不解风情 means unromantic)

“Let me say this for the last time, if you don’t know how to use idioms then don’t use them.” Mu Tian Heng then raised his hand and rolled his sleeve.

Lai De Si thought that Mu Tian Heng was going to hit him and hurriedly jumped aside. After the jump, he felt a little ridiculous. He then straightened his neck and said: “I didn’t say anything wrong. Tell me one thing that’s not good about the kid. He’s sooooo good looking. Can’t you be nicer to him? Why do I feel you’re more considerate towards your other admirers and ex-lovers than this.”

“Hey I’m serious. I really think this kid is not bad. And he probably likes you. The last time we met, he even forgot to walk after seeing you. You helped him so much yesterday, the way he looks at you is different now. There’s so much adoration and appreciation in his eyes! Ah I’m jealous! Why doesn’t he look at me more?”

“Shut up.”

“Why do I have to shut up? I’m being serious. You’re such a protective person, you won’t let him be bullied. From what I can tell, he’s also very miserable at home. If so it’s better to be with an abnormal animal like you, at least you’re super protective….Ow! That hurts! How can you hit me so hard!!!”

“Anymore nonsense and I’ll let you know the joy of being hospitalized.” Mu Tian Heng pinched his palm and smiled: “You can even have designs for such a small child. If I don’t teach you a lesson, it’ll be a misuse of my hands.”

“F***!” Lai De Si hissed and immediately kept a three meter distance from Mu Tian Heng. He stubbornly said: “I’m not even one tenth of an animal like you!”

In front of the computer screen, Mo Di’s eyelids twitched several times. His hands under the quilt clenched and then loosened. 

What the man named Lai De Si said, what did he mean by it?

Mu Tian Heng, could it be….

He liked men?!!!

So…in his last life, when Mo Shi Hong and Qin Yi Cheng, who were homophobes, mentioned Mu Tian Heng in their conversation, ‘mentaly perverted’ ….

…actually was referring to the possibility that Mu Tian Heng liked men?

A theory formed inside Mo Di’s head that he never would have guessed before. He could not help but feel slightly baffled. He settled down and closed his eyes, pretending to sleep. 

After some time, when the door of the ward was pushed open, Mo Di slowly opened his eyes again.

13 thoughts on “RCFN Chapter 8

  1. I’m a bit weirded out by these uncles (LAI DE SI) talking about that ONE time that Mo Di stared at Mu Tianheng, and that he’s still in school while the uncles are working adults already

    But I’ll roll with it.
    At least Mo Di was reborn….

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Agree, it’s hella weird how working adults are talking about a high schooler that way, but it could be just light teasing since we know now that Mu Tian Heng is gay, but also half praying that the ML is also young and just has successful business/ rich family, and since they seem like they talking about college exams makes me think MC is around 18~17 which in itself very young but hey you can’t ask much with these novels since for some weird-ass reason they like making the MCs young and naive but the MLS this old scums, it’s weird culture thing that is in 2. Place in my list of what I hate most in this genre first place is properly how in every-single-protag has to have jade like skin, that’s paler and softer then a babies and those fucking dimples!! I swear if I have to read one more MC with smiling dimples and top beauties but is also hated cuz Uwu they are a ‘Cannon Fodder™‘ or whatever that means! Sorry for ranting but I truly needed to share my frustration at these repeated tropes (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡


  2. Sweet, sweet vengance! Oh it’s like breadcrumbs but at least it’s something >:D

    Is Mo Di gonna honeypot ML? Careful you don’t get caught in your own trap >w<

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  3. what infuriates me about this story is that, how most characters that do bad things doesnt seem to understand that they are in the wrong when they did bad things. or when karma bites them in the end its not the fault of others but themselves. though, for most cases when that happens, the fault was never because they are bad and just plain ugly evil, instead its most likely to be modi’s fault. like wth?
    then again, that also happen in real life isnt it? those privileged and entitled people who love to blame others for their own misery and fault.

    anyway back to the light at the end of the tunnel, hahaha
    will modi begins courtship for our taciturn ml?
    or just plain straight up seducing him?
    or just use this advantage to at least have a shelter to protect him for now?

    anyway thanks for the update and all the work ^_^

    Liked by 6 people

    1. I’ve added a bit of chapter 9 to chapter 8. Don’t know if you read it yet.

      And regarding why ppl blames Modi for everything I feel like it’s because they’ve been under mo liu gui’s ‘conditioning’ from the beginning to dislike modi cos he’s immune to her protagonist halo (there’s a reason for that).

      Another point the author always repeats is that mo liu gui’s aura only make people like her, but their nature doesn’t change, so if they’re evil they’re evil from the start.

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      1. ooohhh…. i didnt realise the added bits, thanks for notifying me

        the author note kinda intrigued me
        since i always believe that people always have two sides with them good and bad
        sometimes what triggers their action is a simple encouragement from something such as the one they like, situation and such
        either doing good or being bad
        so now… hmmm….

        i am guessing, it will easier to see it as, for the school kids, them ws already arrogant and bad in the first place and mlg was just a catalyst and he needed push for their abuse toward mo di
        while those people in the mo house, as in the maid and such, they might have bad perception on mo di because of mlg’s influences, and yet they didnt do anything bad, since they dont have the inclination of being bad
        so in all sense, those who did bad to modi, basically has no redemption

        sorry for the long note, i think i should refrain myself while waiting for the novel to unfold and reveals more

        anyway once again, thanks for all the work ^_^

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    2. I agree… That fifth brother, sigh… He was planning murder. Murder, does he even realize? Even if he doesn’t give a damn about Mo Di, he will go to prison for that!!! It’s not the same as hurling abuse or throwing a punch!
      What’s even more unsettling was that his reaction to his poison accidentally going to his dad was so mild. He doesn’t even know if his dad will live or not, and he only thinks… ‘It’s fine, it’s untraceable anyway’… Your dad is dying because of you!!!!! Wake up!!!!!!!

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