RCFN Chapter 7

Chapter 7


Mo Di was a little sluggish as he looked straight at Lai De Si and Mu Tian Heng. It seemed that this was the first time he was told a set of teachings and moral values that were completely different from what he had always been taught. It was hard for him to digress.

Mu Tian Heng saw the confusion and distress in Mo Di’s eyes and the crease between his brows deepened.

“This is clearly Mo Di’s fault!” Zhu Wen Ze stared at Mo Di and said: “Mo Di, didn’t you promise your family members that you will make a public apology to Liu Gui when you come back to school today? Don’t you think you should do it now?”

“We can understand if you can’t come back to school now. Just a recording will do.” Without waiting for anyone else to speak, Zhu Wen Ze took out his cellphone, turned on the camera, and then took out a bottle from his bag, “Also, you have to drink this when you apologize, or it won’t be sincere enough.”

Zhu Wen Ze had no idea why brother Wu Hang asked him to make Mo Di drink alcohol when he made his apology. Although drinking wine and apologizing is a long-established custom, to them, as students, it still felt a bit strange. However, since this was what brother Wu Hang had repeatedly asked him to do, he must do his best to help.

“What is this?” Mo Di hid his doubts and looked at Zhu Wen Ze in confusion.

“It’s alcohol.” Mu Tian Heng suddenly spoke. His low voice was magnetic and sent a slight echo through the room.

Mo Di looked at him: “Alcohol?!”


“His injuries are so bad, he can’t drink alcohol.” Lai De Si said to principal Huang and the discipline teacher, “Tsk…this kid is trying to hurt people.”

“Of course, of course he can’t drink it.” Principal Huang and teacher Liu made several bows. Finally principal Huang’s face was filled with anger and he wanted to chase Zhu Wen Ze out, “You, go back and attend your classes. Don’t come here and cause trouble!”

“Principal!” Zhu Wen Ze could not comprehend at all and his anger grew, “Principal, Teacher Liu, this is all Mo Di’s fault. He has to apologize. That’s what he promised others. How can…”

“Shut up! Get out!”

Principal Huang signaled the discipline teacher to get the loose cannon out of the room.

Teacher Liu’s insides were bitter. Zhu Wen Ze’s family belonged to the second or third class family in the capital, he really did not want to offend the Zhu family’s young master. But in comparison, he was more reluctant to offend principal Huang and the other two men. He grabbed Zhu Wen Ze’s arm and dragged him out.

“Zhu Wen Ze student, this matter…”

After the door closed, teacher Liu’s voice got smaller until it diminished. Principal Huang rubbed his hands nervously and gave a pleading smile: “I did not expect this matter to have so many misunderstandings. It’s all a misunderstanding. But it can be seen that everyone wasn’t intentional, they were just impulsive, and there was a lack of communication, lack of….”

“Principal Huang.” Mu Tian Heng was fixing his cuffs with long and powerful fingers: “To be honest, I think that Xia Jia International School is a very good school, otherwise, I would not propose to invest.”

“Yes, yes, we Xia Jia are indeed….”

“But, I cannot tolerate campus violence at all.” Mu Tian Heng politely interrupted Huang Li Cheng, “How is principal Huang going to solve this problem?”

“This, this ….this definitely will be reprimanded!”

“A reprimand? I’m afraid that is not enough.” Mu Tian Heng looked towards the door grimly, “I remember your discipline teacher said just now that if you make a serious mistake, it will be entered into your students’ permanent records. Is that right?”

Mo Di looked up slightly.

Huang Li Cheng’s heart gave a loud thunk but he still nodded. “Yes, that’s right.”

“Those students involved in the attack, and the boy Zhu Wen Ze from just now, record the incident this time into their files and I will invest 80 million yuan.” Mu Tian Heng said lightly.

“Eight, eighty million?!”

Huang Li Cheng was both surprised and happy. When they discussed before, the investment was at 50 million, now it was up by 30 million!!!

“This is only the first batch. I will continue to invest in the future.” Mu Tian Heng smiled and said: “So does Principal Huang think that my request is too much?”

“Not much, not much at all!”

“I also think so. The school spirit is closely related to the learning and growth of every student. If no severe punishment is issued after committing such a violent act, it will have a bad impact on the rest of the students. In fact, I think that my request is very reasonable. They are only getting the punishment they deserve. Principal Huang, what do you think?”

“Of course. Of course!” Principal Huang went over all the students involved in his head. Other than Zhu Wen Ze’s family which was second or third rate, the rest were small fries. Even if he provoked them, he would not receive much backlash. What’s more, he still had the surveillance video.

If they tried anything, he would release the footage.

In the recording, those students were fierce and ruthless. If it weren’t exposed, they could still buy their way into some universities. If it were to be exposed…they would be miserable. Not only would they receive public condemnation and no university would accept them, but their ruined reputation will further affect their family businesses.

Mo Di had been lying on the bed and listening to Mu Tian Heng dealing with this matter swiftly.

After sending both principal Huang and teacher Liu away, Mu Tian Heng went back to the ward to find that the child on the bed had already fallen asleep.

“This kid actually fell asleep. I wanted to have a chat with him.” Lai De Si took out a lighter from his pocket and spun it between his fingers.

“Let’s go out and let him have a rest.” Mu Tian Heng took a quick glance at Mo Di and walked out of the ward.

Lai De Si followed behind, chuckling: “Mu Tian Heng, you’re really skillful. I remember you said that the investment was between 50 to 80 million. Now that 80 million is spent, not only is the principal happy but you also captured the heart of a beautiful young man. Damn you’re good! Just before, the kid was looking at you like a savior!”

“Please shut up.”

Mu Tian Heng looked at his watch and his expression was light: “I just wanted to give it a little push. Besides, I really can’t tolerate campus bullying.”

“I know I know.” I knew that you were bullied in junior high because you were a lot smaller than the local children.

Lai De Si did not dare to say the latter sentence. He only looked at the 1.87 meter tall Mu Tian Heng with resentment. How did this person grow? Once they reached high school, his height spurted through the roof! Moreover, even though he was bullied, it wasn’t long before he got his payback ok! Those kids were even crying for their mommies!

Lai De Si sighed. Some people were destined to be abnormal, unlike ordinary folks like him.

“Alright, let’s put this matter aside.” Mu Tian Heng looked in the direction of the sleeping boy, then said to Lai De Si: “Let’s go, we have to check on the project in the eastern suburb.”


After Zhu Wen Ze was kicked out, he was so angry he could vomit blood but he did not forget to report to Mo Wu Hang.

As a result, Mo Wu Hang immediately dropped the cup in his hand with a clang and the beautifully crafted glass broke into pieces.

“Wu Hang, what’s wrong?” A man with devilish make up came over with a smile. “Although it’s a bit hot, you can’t be impatient. There are still a few more photos to be taken.”

“I’m fine. I want to take a rest.”

Mo Wu Hang put on a cigarette and took a sip.

When the man saw that Mo Wu Hang did not want to be bothered with him, he was not annoyed and left together with everyone else.

Mo Wu Hang turned on his phone and several messages from an anonymous number popped up.

“It’s true but don’t try it casually!”

“It’s not guaranteed to cause death, but there is a possibility.”

“A few days ago, our hospital also had a patient who needed emergency treatment after accidentally taking a cephalosporin capsule together with wine. When he arrived it was almost too late!”

“Let me show you my class notes: When cephalosporin and alcohol are mixed together in the human body, it is easy to produce a disulfiram-like reaction, for example, high blood pressure, increased heart rate, dyspnea, and in serious cases could be life-threatening. Therefore, when using cephalosporins, do not drink alcohol. It’s best to stop drinking for a week to prevent accidents.”

“Don’t try this just to skip class!”

“Do not consume alcohol after taking cephalosporins!”

“Don’t ever do that!”

“I’m going to cry. Why the hell am I telling you this?”

“I’m going to blacklist you. I’m not giving you any more medical tips.”


Mo Wu Hang frowned and replied: “It’s ok, stop worrying. I wasn’t successful and won’t do it again in the future. Ok?” 

The reply came in a split second later:

“Not successful?!! That’s meant you actually tried it?!!!!”

Just as Mo Wu Hang wanted to send a reply, a phone call came in.


“Something’s happened! Fifth brother something’s happened!” Mo Liu Gui’s cry was at the other end.

“What’s the matter?! Xiao Gui, don’t panic, what happened?”

“My dad… daddy he suddenly fainted while drinking. He had a seizure and was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment! I’m really scared, fifth brother….I’m scared….” Mo Liu Gui was stuttering between words: “I just received a call from mom and she said his life could be in danger. What to do? Fifth brother what to do?”

Mo Wu Hang’s heart sank as he realized something but he hung on to the speculation that it was untraceable and said: “Don’t worry Xiao Gui. Uncle will be fine. Where are you now, I’ll come to pick you up.”

When Mo Shi Hong was discussing with a business owner about an important contract, he suddenly threw up. His face was flushed and he had difficulty breathing. He went into shock and fell on his own vomit. He was then sent to the hospital for treatment.

Coincidentally, he was sent to the same hospital as Mo Di.

But Mo Di did not know about this. He, who should have been asleep, slowly opened his eyes.

After confirming that Mu Tian Heng and his foreigner companion had left, he propped up to look for his large backpack but the injury to his neck and head made him ‘hiss’ in pain and his movement lagged.

It seemed he let things go too far this time. If possible this strategy should not be used again. The beating he suffered this time was not even a drop in the bucket compared to what he received in his last life. This pain was really nothing to him who had experienced all kinds of tortures. However, this kind of ordeal, he did not want to experience again.

Mo Di saw that his backpack was placed on the bedside table. Gritting his teeth, he stretched for the shoulder strap and lifted it to the bed.

He quickly pulled out his computer and turned off the black screens with the codes flashing across one by one until only a blue window remained.

At the same time, the two hundred or so monitoring screens in Xia Jia International School suddenly returned to normal. Several security guards and teachers in the surveillance room looked at each other, totally confused.

Next, Mo Di copied a video footage and saved it into his secret folder before closing the program. He then opened the largest social network in Hua Xia: Hua Xia exchange network.

Mo Di browsed the hot search page for a while. Afterwards, he minimized the window and opened a strange page. He typed in a string of codes, then took out an earphone from his bag and put it on.

A few expected and unexpected conversations passed through the headset and entered his ears.

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  1. After rereading this story many times I still get kinda confused on who Wu Hang was texting with. I thought it might be Qin but he and MLG hadn’t met yet right…?


  2. This Mo Liu Gui, I thought she was very frail. But she didn’t faint again when her fifth brother punched her other ‘beloved’ twin brother, and she didn’t faint when her father had a seizure and was in a life-threatening state. She also presumably never fainted when her ‘beloved’ twin brother was yelled at and beaten by their own family members in the past.
    Bitch… She either faked that fainting spell, or she’s completely self-centered and only fainted because her image was tarnished, making her feel stressed and panicked. Being spoiled to the point of knowing no bad experiences also contributed.

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    1. Definitely faked it, if you really care about your siblings, you don’t just talk about it, it’ll always show. You’d know their serious allergies and minor illnesses, that is if you actually spend time with them and care about their wellbeing. You’d know what kinda of food they dislike, at least.

      MLG talks about loving her brother with her mouth, she doesn’t actually run to him when he’s hit, or walk with him in school to protect him or be clear-cut w his bullies. As the ‘older’ sister, she doesn’t take care of her brother, but instead expects him to cater and give in to her by making herself the victim.

      Maybe she’s twisted due to her family being crazy? But I don’t think so… allergies can be life threatening, forgetting your ‘family’s allergies = they don’t mean that much to you or you actually want them dead.

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      1. They keep saying,
        yes, that’s my good grand/daughter, unlike a certain ingrate/white eyed wolf
        [grovel to your elder sister] or our Mo family won’t want someone like you anymore
        Oh Guilissimo, you are just too kind, don’t worry about blablabla things don’t faint again
        it’s very void of content ahhaha this novel the Gui novel) sucks big time

        Which I kinda see as a reverse of current situation, as if that novel’s author wants to do a world where the girl is rarity and the family dotes heavily on ‘the only baby girl’ in the family, as opposed to ‘the only baby boy’ in real life. I even brain-holed that that author has a baby brother and got treated like Mo Di by her family so she wrote this as revenge….. then I sigh at my own imagination cus abuse in retaliation of abuse is just hurting more people ((my dear cute idol Mo Di))

        Thanks translator for braving through these for us!

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  3. what the? he tried to kill him? this is just…
    adding mo wu hang into the future torture list!
    what will happen next to mo di? i’m scared now

    thanks for the update and all the work 💕

    waiting anxiously for next week 👀

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      1. at this moment i think, even if anyone even coughs or have a misstep, or forgot to charge their phone or anything, it’s all mo di’s fault
        cant wait for the day, when if anything happen just anything, it’s really is mo di’s doing

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  4. At first, i thought the translator is missing word because i feel the plot is so fast but then i try to mtl and i’m laughing because the plot really like that.. still, sorry and thank you for translating this

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    1. Thank you, thank you very much I love this novel I do not know who I love the cunning Mo Di or MTH most, I am looking forward to seeing him use his skills to expose each and every one of those scum especially to his family

      Thanks for the chapter! ^ ^

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