RCFN Chapter 9

Chapter 9

When Mu Tian Heng stepped into the ward and saw the teenager sitting up, his heart felt a jolt for a moment and skipped a beat.

The boy on the bed had blue and purple bruises on his face but his eyes were like an ink painting covered with stars. He looked at him with all his heart and soul, with expectations, gratitude, and an indescribable emotion. It was like admiration but there was also something else.

Mu Tian Heng had a slight pause in his steps. He had to cast out a certain budding thought in his head. It seemed he had been influenced by Lai De Si. He could not believe that he had given birth to such ridiculous and savage thoughts. 

“How are you feeling?”

Mu Tian Heng walked over and stopped by Mo Di’s bed, “Does your head still hurt? Is there anywhere that’s particularly uncomfortable?”

“My head doesn’t hurt anymore. Only my face, left arm and right leg still hurt a little. Thank you brother.”

Lai De Si who happened to hear this immediately shouted: “Who’re you calling brother, little fellow? He’s eleven years older than you. Calling him uncle is more like it!”

“But brother doesn’t look like an uncle. He’s very young, very…” Mo Di lowered his head stiffly. “Very handsome. The most handsome person I have ever met.”

Lai De Si at once was jealous with grief. He was now eighty percent certain that this kid had fallen for his perverted best friend!

Shit! Such a heartache. Why were there so many beautiful women and handsome men falling for Mu Tian Heng! Yet no one would even spare him a glance!


Mu Tian Heng was in a complicated mood. If it weren’t for Lai De Si’s foolish babble from before, he would have accepted the praise without any misgiving, and might even have rubbed the child’s head, but now…


However, he would not because of that and assume that the child actually liked him.

“I’m already twenty eight. I’m indeed older than you quite a bit but you can call me uncle or brother. Whichever is fine.” Mu Tian Heng pulled a chair over and sat down. He smiled and said: “You need to have a good rest and listen to the doctor. I heard from your principal that you’re a senior?”

“Yes.” Mo Di nodded.

“Are you about to take the college entrance exam? Is it on the 7th and 8th of June?”

“Yes, there are only twenty days left till the exams.” Mo Di frowned and said anxiously, “I hope I can get better soon so as to not affect my performance.”

“You’ll be fine. I wish you success in your exams in advance.”

“Thank you brother. Can… can I…” Mo Di cast a careful and expectant look at Mu Tian Heng and held his breath nervously: “Can I have brother’s contact information? When I’m better, I would like to invite you for dinner.”


Lai De Si just wanted to *fly to the sky and spin 720 degrees and then stab himself with a big fork. He was very envious. This beautiful boy named Mo Di had definitely fallen for his beast of a friend! *TN: sounds weird but that’s really what the author wrote

Mu Tian Heng paused for a bit then said: “You don’t have to treat me to dinner. I’m just glad that you’re ok. As for anything else…” Seeing the child’s originally bright and expectant eyes turned dim, Mu Tian Heng could not bear to finish his sentence.

Ai…well, anyway, his phone number in Hua Xia had already been in use for several months now.

“How about this, tell me your number and I’ll send you a message later?”

“Okay!” Mo Di immediately got excited. He raised his head and tried to nod hard. As a result, his wounds were pulled and he hissed in pain. 

Mu Tian Heng’s eyes slightly bent unnoticeably and a little smile flashed between the deep and noble brows.

In fact, the child’s appearance not only poked at his heart but his personality was also very likeable.

It’s just that he’s too young.

Mu Tian Heng and Lai De Si did not stay for long and they left after less than ten minutes.

When the door of the ward closed and footsteps could no longer be heard, Mo Di’s restrained and obedient face, with the shy and expectant eyes, disappeared without a trace.

Mo Di laid flat on the bed and closed his eyes.

The choice to be Mu Tian Heng’s lover….may really be beneficial for his next plans.

But for the time being, there were still some things that he could not do. Or rather, at the moment, he was unwilling to do so. After all, he was not down to his last resort yet.

However, this alternative, he will keep it in mind.

As for taking advantage of Mu Tian Heng….he could only say sorry.

That night, Mo Di received the text from Mu Tian Heng. He did not reply immediately but continued to revise his strategy.

After his rebirth, he would never let go of his chance to enter Jing Da. Although not going to college would not prevent him from re-establishing his company, Jing Da was definitely a good platform and springboard.

To him, english and mathematics were very simple. He was not worried. But science and Chinese, he still had to review. After all it had been so many years, the knowledge he had learned was also blurred.

After he had reviewed his tasks for the night, Mo Di turned on his computer to check on the current situation of the Mo family. Unexpectedly, he found a piece of terrific news.

His good father Mo Shi Hong was admitted to the hospital! 

And it was this exact hospital.

The Mo family members did not know that the forgotten Mo Di was just nearby. Besides, no one even noticed that he had not come home since yesterday. Everyone was frantic with Mo Shi Hong’s situation.

“Shi Hong, are you feeling better now?” Ruan Qing Dan’s eyes were red as she grabbed Mo Shi Hong’s hand. Mo Liu Gui beside her had wet eyes and was sobbing in a soft voice: “Dad, dad, are you ok, dad…”

“I’m okay now. Didn’t the doctors all say that I’m out of danger.” Although Mo Shi Hong was a little weak, he was in a good spirit. He rubbed Mo Liu Gui’s hair and felt a heartache, “Don’t cry, my dear daughter. It’ll make me sad.”

He then cast a displeased looke at Ruan Qing Dan and said: “Why did you tell our daughter about this?! You’re just making things worse!”

“I’m sorry Shi Hong. I was shocked and scared at the time.”

“You should be old enough to think straight even in a panic! There was no need to tell Xiao Gui.” Mo Shi Hong’s eyes were red with anger. He just wanted to admonish Ruan Qing Dan.

“That’s enough son. It’s good that you’re fine. Your wife should have also learned a lot this time.” The Mo patriarch was sitting in his chair with a sullen look. He knocked his cane twice, “You cannot be agitated or exhausted for now. The doctor says it’s no longer fatal but who can guarantee that you’re absolutely fine? Xiao Gui is your daughter and she cares so much about you. Even if we didn’t tell her, it’ll only make her feel guilty when she knows.”

“Dad.” Mo Shi Hong raised his eyebrows.


Mo grandfather waved: “We’re just here to check on you. In a moment, other than your wife, we all will leave so as not to disturb your rest. I just wanted to ask if you took cephalosporin or any antibiotics before drinking? If not how did you get poisoned?!” At this point, Mo grandfather was filled with anger.

“I also do not know. I wasn’t taking any medications the past few days.” Mo Shi Hong’s expression was also unsightly.

“If you weren’t taking any medications, how can there be a reaction. The doctors were saying something about a sulphuric reaction. How did you get intoxicated?” 

“Father, someone must have tried to poison him!” Ruan Qing Dan wiped her tears and cried in a sharp voice: “Someone must’ve done something. Brother-in-law also drank the wine and he’s totally fine.” 

“Little sister-in-law, what are you insinuating? Are you saying that your brother-in-law is the one who poisoned the wine?!” The eldest aunt was furious when she heard this. “How can you say such heartless words!”

“Sister-in-law that’s not what I meant. What I’m trying to say is I think this was done at home and not at the restaurant.”

“Little sister-in-law, you really know how to twist your words. I just don’t believe that you weren’t accusing…”

“Enough! Stop arguing!” Mo grandfather stomped his crutch. His face darkened with rage. “Now is not the time to argue amongst ourselves!”

The eldest aunt twitched her mouth and stopped talking.

Mo Shi Qiang, who was standing next to her, sighed. “I understand little sister-in-law’s mood and what you’re trying to say but there was absolutely nothing wrong with the wine. First of all, I’m the one who uncorked the bottle, and the wine glass was also clean. Third brother was the only one who had access to his glass, there was no one else who could’ve added anything into it. This point, third brother can testify!” 

“That’s true.” Mo Shi Hong responded.

Mo Shi Qian continued: “As for whether or not it happened at home…. That I do not know. But I think we can investigate the servants. It’s unlikely that this has anything to do with someone in the family. Who in our family would want to hurt their own? It’s not possible.”

“Dad, It’s not that impossible. Isn’t there a white-eyed wolf in our family?” Mo Si Lang who was standing to the side suddenly spoke. He came straight from the stage right after knowing about his third uncle’s recovery. His make up was not removed and he did not stop to sign for his fans. After all, those fans combined could not even measure up to a strand of his sister’s hair.

“Yes, Mo Di!” Mo Wu Hang who was standing near the door said heatedly. “He must have done it! Unfortunately, we don’t have monitoring at home or we would have caught him!”

The more Mo Wu Hang said, the more convinced he became. It has to be it! Otherwise how could the medicine he gave Mo Di ended up in his third uncle’s cup? This was all Mo Di’s fault! He’s too insidious. Just when did he switch the coffee cups?!

“Where’s the little beast?” Mo Shi Hong grabbed his chest, suddenly realizing that he had not seen Mo Di for quite some time.

Mo Wu Hang: “Dunno. Haven’t seen him since yesterday. Did he flee after committing the crime?”

“Go find him! Ask around and bring that little beast back! If he really did it, then even if it brings shame to the family, I’m sending him to the police! I have to get rid of this evil seed from our family!” Mo grandfather was so angry that he pounded his crutch repeatedly. 

“Grandpa, don’t be mad. I’ll go to school tomorrow and ask if anyone knows where he is.” Mo Liu Gui looked at her grandfather anxiously and poured him a glass of water. “Grandpa, have some water. Don’t be angry. This matter might have nothing to do with Xiao Di.”

“That’s my good granddaughter. Unlike that heartless white eyed wolf.” Mo grandfather took a sip of water and breathed out. 

Mo Di did not know that after the unfateful ordeal, the Mo family had unanimously made him the culprit. But even if he knew, it wouldn’t be a surprise. After all, from a young age, he had often been ‘logically’ charged with committing crimes he did not even know happened. 

A day later, Mo Shi Hong’s health was confirmed to be stabilized. The Mo family also got the news from Mo Di and Mo Liu Gui’s classmate, Zhu Wen Ze, that Mo Di was hospitalized after he was beaten up for ‘doing too much evil’. 

And that he was staying in the same hospital Mo Shi Hong had stayed in. 

Not only that, Zhu Wen Ze also ratted on how Mo Di managed to ‘turn shit into gold’ and reversed the truth, making those students charged with the crime of committing campus violence and had a serious demerit in their records! How terrible was that!!

Mo Wu Hang voluntarily took the task of bringing Mo Di back. He asked for Mo Di’s room number and prepared to leave. When he was at the door, he saw his eldest brother coming back from work. 

Mo Yi Cheng was wearing a black shirt with suit pants. He was tall and handsome, worthy of being called the youngest and most promising general director of the capitol. But his face was obviously not good at the moment. Seeing Mo Wu Hang was about to leave, he asked: “You’re going to find Mo Di?” 

“Yes big brother. What’s the matter?”

“I’ll come with you.” Mo Yi Cheng was intolerable as he explained: “Later, take him to apologize to those students and their parents first, then we’ll bring him to the police station. Those parents almost blocked the company’s door! That thing only knows how to cause trouble!”

“Right, we should do that. Even if they are just regular families, we Mo family still need to be reasonable. We can’t bully others.” 

Mo Wu Hang spoke as he walked towards the parking lot: “Mo Di at least has to apologize in person and also write a written apology to see if he can get those students’ punishment revoked! Brother let me tell you, Zhu family’s young master, Zhu Wen Ze, was originally his good friend. Just because he spoke up for Xiao Gui, Mo Di hated him and blamed him for the bullying incident. Mo Di is just too poisonous!”

“All right, get in the car quick.”

Mo Di had stayed in the hospital for another day. Thinking left and right, he still felt that it was not too safe. After all, Zhu Wen Ze knew where he was, which meant that his good relatives will also know sooner or later.

However, with his current injury, it was not the right condition to leave the hospital. If he wanted to leave, he must at least get the consent from his parents or guardian. At the time of his admittance, the so-called ‘parent or guardian’ who signed for him was Mu Tian Heng.

Mo Di thought to this point, hooked his lips and rang the service bell.

In a good-boy and determined voice, he said to the nurse: “Sister, I want to leave the hospital.”

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