RCFN Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Mo Di could feel that he was wrapped in a broad and strong embrace. The heat emitted from the warm chest enclosed him. This feeling was unfamiliar and strange which made him want to struggle out of.

But considering his plan, he had to endure. 

Principal Huang and the disciplinary teacher followed all the way to the hospital. After seeing that Mo Di had gone through the various health checks and gotten the results which was a dislocated right leg, multiple bruises, and a mild concussion that needed to be supervised by doctors, they were relieved.

Fortunately there were no complications.

Principal Huang wanted to solve this problem as soon as possible because he did not want the huge investment that their school was about to receive to disappear. He looked at Mo Di lying on the hospital bed and whose current appearance was so far removed from his original pretty boy looks. “Little student, the fighting this time is very bad. We need to know the situation. What were you fighting about?” 

He did not believe this was a one-sided bullying, it takes two to make a conflict. This boy, he recognized him as the little master of the Mo family. The rumors about him were not very good, there must be something wrong with his personality. If he managed to dig up the root of this matter, he might be able to regain some points with Director Mu and make an impression. Besides, if both sides were at fault then it would not be considered campus violence but simply a ‘conflict’. 

Moreover, the atmosphere of their Xia Jia International school had always been excellent, there had never been another campus violence before this. Therefore, this Mo Di must have done something really bad, otherwise, how could he be the only being bullied and not anyone else.

Mo Di opened his swollen eyes and looked at principal Huang and the discipline teacher Liu, then at Mu Tian Heng and a brown-haired foreigner, all of whom were standing beside his bed. He then shrank in fear and did not speak.


Upon seeing Mo Di’s reaction, principal Huang felt that his conjecture was right and he pressed on with confidence.

“This little student, if you don’t speak up, how can we teachers investigate this matter? Why did those students beat you? You have to tell us or we’ll have to question those students first.”

“I….because….because I was wrong.” Mo Di was just as principal Huang thought and the words he said were also music to his ears.

Sure enough, Mo Di only has himself to blame for being beaten up!

Seeing that Mo Di could not speak anymore due to fear and guilt, principal Huang did not continue to ask him. He turned to the frowning Mu Tian Heng: “Director Mu, as you can see, this was really not campus violence. The atmosphere of our school has always been good, this is just a mere conflict between students. And this student admitted he was the one at fault. The other students were provoked and in their impulse, they just used the wrong method to solve things…. Of course, we do not allow our students to use such violent methods to retaliate!”

Principal Huang said with a pleasing smile: “After all, regardless of how justified or angry they were, they can’t take such drastic measures to solve the problem. We will not condone this type of behavior. On Monday we will hold a meeting…”

“Principal Huang, I think it’s a little early to talk about other things.” Mu Tian Heng raised his palm lightly to cut off Principal Huang’s words. He looked at Mo Di and asked: “What wrong did you do?”

That was not a normal beating. In addition to splashing him with the dirty water, the punching and kicking, he was also grabbed by the hair and hit against the flower bed and then kicked in the face. How was this just a simple conflict between students?

Principal Huang had been refuted by Mu Tian Heng repeatedly. His face could not help but turn ugly.

“Be…because…” Mo Di grabbed the blanket with both hands and widened his eyes, seemingly unable to continue.

Seeing this, the discipline teacher at the side interjected in a stern voice: “Mo Di, what did you do that made the others so dissatisfied with you? It’s ok for you to say it now, we won’t do anything to you, we just want to find out the truth behind this matter. But if we find out about your mistakes from the mouth of the other students, then it’ll be in your permanent records.”

Once it’s in the records, don’t even think about entering a good university, whether it’s at home or abroad. Initially, he was worried that those students who attacked Mo Di would have this incident of campus violence entered into their records. After all, among them were aristocratic young masters whose families had given him a lot of benefits over the years to look after their children. He could not let such a serious crime be entered into their files.

Fortunately, Mo Di was a rotten egg. If threatened with this record, he probably would not pursue it. After all, he was not exactly innocent, this matter should be easy to solve.

Indeed, Mo Di was scared by the threat. The body under the blanket was obviously frozen and in a trembling voice, he said: “I’ll say! it’s… it’s because I made my sister faint.”


Teacher Liu entirely did not expect this to be the reason. Mo Di’s sister, Mo Liu Gui, was the only pearl in the eyes of all four generations of the Mo family. She was also the most attractive and popular girl amongst the upper-class community. She was beautiful and had a very good personality. This Mo Di actually caused his sister to faint?!

“What did you do?!!”

“I… I drank a beverage my sister gave me and had an allergic reaction and had to be sent to the hospital for emergency treatment. Before entering the ambulance I asked my sister if she didn’t know that I was allergic to cocoa. Then my sister was sad and she fainted from crying.” Mo Di lowered his head and dared not look up: “Teacher, I know I’m wrong. Really, I really know that I was wrong. I shouldn’t have caused my sister to faint and even hospitalized.”

“My father, mother, and brothers, even my classmates are very angry. Everyone knows that my sister really cares about me, I also know that. I was very wrong. But I really wasn’t trying to smear my sister’s name by purposely drinking the cocoa as everyone said. I really didn’t! But nobody believes me, so…”

“You’re full of bullshit!”

A loud voice suddenly intruded and the door was flung open, making a loud ‘bang!’ as it hit the wall.

“Hello principal, teacher Liu.” Nobody knew when Zhu Wen Ze arrived but he came in and looked at Mo Di with scorn and anger. “It’s a good thing I came here after school or you would’ve turned the truth upside down.”

“Principal, teacher Liu, I am very clear about what happened. It’s better to listen to a bystander like me.” Zhu Wen Ze turned to face principal Huang and the disciplinary teacher, entirely ignoring the other two men whom he did not know and for some reason did not have a good impression of.

“I’m Mo Di’s good friend, logically I should be partial to him but I will not hurt my conscience and let him flip the truth like this. Mo Di’s sister…Liu, Mo Liu Gui has always been very very kind, very very caring towards him. But Mo Di would always slander Mo Liu Gui. This time after Liu Gui gave him a drink out of kindness, just because his allergic reaction got a bit serious, he said some strange stuff to smear her reputation and let everyone misunderstand her. Moreover, cocoa can be detected by smell but he drank it on purpose and pretended as if he’s almost dying. He will do anything to discredit Liu Gui and yet she still treated him kindly. That’s why this time everyone’s anger was at their limit, so we just decided to give him a little warning. I hope the teachers can…”


“Wait.” Mu Tian Heng abruptly interrupted Zhu Wen Ze. He looked at Mo Di who still did not dare to raise his head and asked in a steady voice, “You said that that was just a little warning?”

Zhu Wen Ze did not know who this strange man was but he felt pressured by his cold eyes. And the sudden burst of anger in his voice caused him to be dumbfounded for a moment.

Lai De Si who was fidgeting with an unlighted cigarette finally shipped in: “That is, if you say that him being punched, kicked, splashed with dirty water, getting his head smashed and face kicked etcetera ….was just a little warning, then I really doubt the truth in your words. What you said about his allergic reaction being just a bit serious, then it must’ve been very fatal otherwise why would he need emergency treatment.”

Lai De Si suddenly gave out a chuckle: “To be honest, I’m very skeptical about that something Gui girl, could it be that she was ….guilty, and so because of that, she got agitated by a very general question. Which actually meant that she never truly cared, or else she would’ve known that the food she gave to her family member could kill….”

“Shut up! What nonsense are you talking about?!” Zhu Wen Ze heard this and could not help but get furious. He spoke without filter: “What the f*** are you to insult Liu Gui?!!”

“Zhu Wen Ze! You can’t talk like that!” Principal Huang frantically reprimanded him. Then when he saw Mu Tian Heng who had been silent for a while knitted his eyebrows, he could feel the cold sweat appearing on his back.

“It’s no problem. I’m very forgiving.”

Lai De Si waved casually: “Where was I? Oh right be killed. It was not just an ordinary allergy, it’s the type that could kill. The person who really cared about this kid wouldn’t know about this? That’s just funny. The way I see it, this very common sentence had unintentionally pointed out a certain truth. How could it be considered a slander or a malicious frame-up? Over this, you even went so far as to attack and bully him. You people are really sick. And not only sick….” Lai De Si sneered at Zhu Wen Ze: “you even mutated the truth and hurled insults and violence at this child, how heartless.”

“You….!” Zhu Wen Ze glared at Lai De Si with killing intent, “You’re the one mutating the truth! You’re the heartless one!”

“Yo kiddo, wanna have a round….”

“Lai De Si.” Mu Tian Heng suddenly spoke and gave Lai De Si a glance. Lai De Si twitched his mouth and stopped talking.

“Principal Huang.” Mu Tian Heng looked at the two men standing next to him. His cold eyes narrowed: “This matter, you should have fully understood by now, how are you going to deal with it?”


Smoke was rising in Principal Huang’s heart. His back was sweating bullets as he unconsciously looked at Mo Di who had been a wallpaper this whole time, “Mo Di, how do you want to solve this?!”

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  1. Everyone forgot that all this play is written, direction and acted (together with those side characters that beat him) by my baby Mo Di
    Aiya Scheming protagonists is life.

    Mo Di don’t hurt yourself too much in the process,
    As for the principal he doesn’t even know that he’s been played in the hands of Mo Di 😂😂.
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