RCFN Chapter 5

Chapter 5

After Mo Wu Hang finished pouring the coffee, he could not help snickering at the thought of what was going to happen this evening. To avoid any suspicions, he filled the remaining cups with coffee.

“Younger brother?” Mo Si Lang came down in his robe. Surprised to see Mo Wu Hang in the dining room, he let out a smile: “What’s this, is the sun rising in the west today? You actually got up this early?” 

“Fourth brother.” Mo Wu Hang’s face was a little uneasy. Although his actions were justified, he still did not want anyone to know that he had tampered with the coffee.

“Brother, I have an activity at school this morning. I’m going back to do my hair, talk to you later.”

Mo Si Lang looked at Mo Wu Hang’s departure and had some perceptions. He turned and went back upstairs.

Sister Liu was busying herself in the kitchen. Seeing that breakfast was almost done and it was about time the family members were gathering, she gave out instructions to serve the soup and beverage first. 

As a result, seeing that the coffee was already served, she got angry and raised her voice: “Huang Ya! Huang Ya! Where’s Huang Ya?!”

“Sister Liu, I’m here. What’s the matter?” Huang Ya hurriedly ran out of the kitchen with a piece of dishcloth.

“Who let you pour the coffee? This coffee is almost cold!” Sister Liu picked up the coffee pot on the table: “You’re just here a few days and want to make your own decisions? From here on you will only listen to my instructions, got it?!”

“So… sorry Sister Liu! I’m not the one who poured it. The fifth young master wanted some coffee, he even brought out the new set of cups each designated to the masters and misses. He asked me to leave behind the coffee pot, so I…”

“So you what? Shut up! The coffee is almost cold and it’s too late to grind a new batch. Let’s bring the coffee back to the kitchen.”

Sister Liu gave Huang Ya a quick stare before ignoring her. She then cleaned up the cup that Mo Wu Hang had probably used. As for the untouched coffee, they brought it back to the kitchen and poured into another pot to reheat. 


When Mo Di came downstairs, everyone,  except Mo Er Qian and Mo San Zhi who were abroad and Mo Wu Hang who was always late, was already at the dining room.

“Look at you! Why are you still standing there?!”

One look at the son he had hated since birth, Mo Shi Hong could not help but be irritated.

“Calm down Shi Hong, don’t be angry. Your voice almost scared our daughter.” Ruan Qing Dan gave him a reprimanding look. She then poured soup for Mo Liu Gui. “Good daughter, try this.”

“Thank you mom.” Mo Liu Gui’s eyes slightly bent as she picked a piece of chicken breast for Ruan Qing Dan and salted fish for Mo Shi Hong. “Dad, let’s eat. Don’t talk about Xiao Di anymore.”

“It’s still my baby daughter who’s the best. Unlike some ingrate that I raised.”

“Alright.” Mo grandfather suddenly coughed and stared at Mo Di.: “When you go back to school today, the most important thing is to apologize to Xiao Gui. Got it?”

“I know.” Mo Di lowered his head slightly.

“Uhm. Don’t even think of coming up with any other tricks. If you don’t apologize or refuse to do a proper job, then don’t come back here anymore. We Mo family cannot afford to raise a heartless white eyed wolf.”

Mo Di sat in his place with his head down. The coffee at the side was fragrant and inviting.

Mo Wu Hang swiftly went downstairs to the dining room. His hair was carefully combed and gelled. He smiled brightly: “I’m late again. Everyone has eaten?”

“Come here quick.” Second aunt looked at her tall and handsome son proudly. Seeing some dark shades below his eyes, she said with concern: “Xiao Hang, have you been too tired lately? Your complexion is not too good.” 

“No mom, I’m fine.”

“Fifth brother, you have dark circles!” Mo Liu Gui laughed coquettishly, “like a panda.”

“Even Xiao Gui is making fun of me. I can’t show my face anymore!” Mo Wu Hang wailed.

“Ai ya, don’t be sad. I have a special imported eye cream for dark circles. I’ll give you some later. It’ll be sure to work.” 

“Oh how kind of you. Thank you Xiao Gui. Indeed my beloved sister! I might not even bear to use it.”

“Haha…” everyone at the table laughed.

Mo Di experienced the harmonious and warm atmosphere of the Mo family. His lips slightly moved, unknowingly he also smiled.

After breakfast, there was a car allocated to take the Mo family’s grandchildren to school. Naturally, Mo Di could not be in the same car as Mo Liu Gui.

When the driver saw that Mo Di not only had his school bag but also a large backpack, he frowned: “Little master, why are you bringing so many things?” 

“These are for apologizing.” said Mo Di in a soft voice.

The driver stopped talking and stepped on the accelerator. Regarding this young master, he was not particularly fond of. Especially after he knew that he was unkind to the lovely young miss, his disdain multiplied.

But now that the young man was willing to apologize and even made a lot of preparations, it seemed he was not a lost cause. At least he had not turned entirely heartless and rotten.

The news that Mo Di was returning to school Mo Wu Hang had long passed it on to Zhu Wen Ze. At this time, all the students in Mo Di’s class also learned of the news.

“He actually has the face to come back to school?”

A boy with a crew cut head kicked at an already dilapidated desk dirtied with chewing gum, graphiti, and other disgusting stuff. He scolded loudly: “How shameless!”

“Let me add something else to the desk of that shameless thing.” The boy next to him chuckled and spit on the dirty desk.


A girl close by quickly stepped back. She squinted her eyebrows: “Du Zhi, be careful, you almost spit on me.”

“Mei Ran, you move to the side a bit.”  A girl with a ponytail beside Wang Mei Ran rolled her eyes at Du Zhi. Liu Gui is coming back in a bit. She’s so kind and cares about that Mo Di. She’s not going to be happy to see what you’ve done.”

“It’s ok. Mo Di’s desk is at the back. We just block and she won’t be able to see it. And we have a way to silence Mo Di. You girls rest assured, don’t worry about it.”

“That’s right. This is nothing.” Zhu Wen Ze said as he walked towards the student locker at the back. He found Mo Di’s locker, pulled down the broken lock and threw a black garbage bag in. Inside the bag was a headless cat.

When Zhu Wen Ze was finished with his petty moves, Mo Di finally stepped into the school gate.

In an instance, Mo Di could feel razor sharp gazes pointed blindingly at him from all directions. A few of them were pure curiosity while most of them are full of disgust, malice, and anger. 

Mo Di was silent. He kept his eyes to himself, carried his schoolbag, and walked along the pathway. He placed one hand in his pocket as if holding on to his cellphone.

Some of the passers by who saw Mo Di went to spread the news and some directly confronted him.

“Well, isn’t this the shameless and scheming Mo Di. You came back to school.” A tall and muscular boy came forward and slammed his arm into Mo Di and caused him to stagger back three steps.

A few people laughed and said: “Zhao Guo Chen, you didn’t say it right. Mo Di is the cheapest most white eyed wolf ok?!!” 

“There’s more! There’s still the best drama queen and the most despicable!” A boy who was doing some cleaning swung a mop and the dirty water splashed all over Mo Di. “Oh no, I’m sorry. Are you also allergic to dirty water, will you die?” 

Laughter was then spread across the school ground.

Mo Di stood in the same place. He wiped the dirty water and mud spots on his face. The dirty water on his hair dripped down to his face.

He lifted his eyelids and glanced at the gloating crowd around him.

“What? What are you looking at?”

It was the first time Zhao Guo Chen saw that the person in front of him still dared to give out a cold stare. His subconscious jolted and his anger rose. He aimed a heavy punch at Mo Di’s shoulder. “What?! You want to fight?”

Mo Di stumbled as he received the blow and his heavy backpack fell to the side. Before he could stable himself, a kick to his thigh from behind dropped him to the ground. His forehead collided with the flower bed and for a moment it hurt as if a hammer had smashed his head!


“Damn you. How dare you insult my goddess?! Who do you think you are?!”

The one who kicked Mo Di from behind did not give him a chance to breathe as he continued kicking. “Why do you even come back? You garbage why won’t you die?”

“Ah…” Mo Di cried. He lifted his hand and felt a warm and sticky liquid oozing from his forehead.

“Zhong Dao Kang?” Zhao Guo Chen looked at the boy who kicked Mo Di with his foot and said: “Why are you attacking him here? It’s not good if our goddess were to see this!!”

“Our goddess is already back in the classroom ok. Not everyone is so ill informed like you.” Zhong Dao Kang squatted down, grabbed at Mo Di’s hair and yanked him brutally. He looked at Mo Di’s dirty and bloodied face and said: “Do you admit your mistake?”

“My…” Mo Di gasped in pain. His pale skin almost turned transparent. “My sister will not forgive you…”

“What did you say?!” Zhong Dao Kang did not expect Mo Di to threaten him. In a fit, he grabbed Mo Di’s hair and smashed his head on the flower bed.

“I dare you to say it again! How dare you report me to Lui Gui. F***ing shameless!!!”

“Ah!!!” Mo Di’s head was slammed on the flower bed and his sight suddenly faded to black. His skull was like tofu hitting the pavement causing him to shiver with pain. He clenched his fist and endured the urge to break every single one of their limbs. He forced his eyes to open and stared at Zhong Dao Kang, “You…you’re breaking the law.”

“Pei! I’m breaking the law? I’m acting on behalf of justice!” 

Zhong Dao Kang aimed at Mo Di’s head and gave another kick.

“That’s enough. Don’t beat him to death.” At this time several people came over. One of them even pretended to accidentally give Mo Di a kick. Several girls neered at Mo Di: “So disgusting and terrible. I heard he even scolded senior Zhu Wen Ze.”

But Zhong Dao Kang did not like Zhu Wen Ze because he was one of his stronger love rivals. He responded angrily: “but the goddess is just too kind. She would probably won’t even blame him even after being harmed.”

“That’s right.” A boy with a basketball in his hand approached. “Say, why didn’t he just die of the allergy?” Having said that, he smiled and wanted to follow Zhong Dao Kang’s action and gave Mo Di a kick.

All of a sudden, an angry voice stopped him in his tracks.

“What are you doing?! What are those people in the east garden doing?”

“Shit! Someone is coming. Run!”

Zhao Dao Kang and the gang were startled and they ran off immediately. The dozen or so others who were watching also scattered in an instant.

Mo Di’s released his clenched hands. He laid on the ground breathing heavily as he just managed to overcome a deadly ordeal.

He tried hard to move his eyelids which were covered with blood and dirt. A cold smile and a fierce look in his eyes flashed for a second on his face.

He had just won a gamble.

Two security guards hung up their phone, hurried over and helped Mo Di to stand.

“Student, are you ok? Do you need to go to the hospital?”

“Principal Huang. I don’t think this kind of thing needs to be asked at all, does it?” In the school surveillance room, a tall and handsome man looked at a middle-aged man with a cold expression.

“Yes…yes. They should’ve just called an ambulance directly.” The middle-aged man answered awkwardly. In his heart he was annoyed that those stupid young students actually caused trouble at such a time. He was also annoyed that the so-called hi-tech monitoring system actually broke down and all the screens were focused on that flower bed!! He could not even try to hide it!!

“Director Mu, this is really an accident. This kind of behavior absolutely did not occur before in our school. We Xia Jia’s school spirit is very high. Almost all our graduates are now elites and excel in all walks of life. There must be a reason for the incident today, we will…”

“Principal Huang, I think it’s better to check up on the boy first. As for the cause of the school violence, I don’t particularly want to know at this moment.”

Mu Tian Heng coldly interrupted the chattering principal Huang as he turned and walked out.Lai De Si quickly followed behind.

Principal Huang frantically wiped his sweat. He wanted to follow but almost dared not. He thought about how Mu Tian Heng, who was always putting on a smile and spoke in a gentle voice, but when provoked would emit such a terrifying aura that made others dare not approach!

He wiped his sweaty hands. Determined to secure this investment, he trotted after Mu Tian Heng.

Mo Di endured with the security guards for a few minutes, only when his eyes almost could not stay open that he saw the tall man coming towards him in big steps. The deepest string in his heart moved slightly.

“Little student, how are you feeling?” Mu Tian Heng walked up to Mo Di and squatted down.

“I…” Mo Di’s eyes were filled with Mu Tian Heng. His voice was hoarse and dry: “My head hurts..”

“Can you stand up?”

Mu Tian Heng looked at the young man before his eyes and frowned. He was covered in dirt and his face was beaten black and blue. He had already recognized that the boy was the little fellow he had caught a glimpse of at Chun Jing road. The youth who was beautiful like an ink painting at the time was bullied and beaten to such a state, this simply made him feel uncomfortable.

When Mo Di heard his question, he tried to stand up. As a result, his head buzzed with pain and his body sunk back. 

“That’s it. I’ll take you to the car.” When Mu Tian Heng saw this, he reached forward and carried Mo Di in his arms. He looked at principal Huang who was coming up from behind: “First, let’s send this child to the hospital.”

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  1. No offense but who would like a novel with a protagonist like that? I mean how dumb is this girl to not even notice what’s happening? Honestly i just think she’s doing this on purpose. If i read a novel like that i would probably drop it after the second chapter, it just makes me uncomfortable.

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  2. Each time they have Liu, her brainless zombies, and Mo Di in one place, my eyes go overtime eyerolling.

    Everyone in this family is so rude, but the sisters mixed all the coffee together! thank god!

    [If you don’t apologize or refuse to do a proper job, then don’t come back here anymore. We Mo family cannot afford to raise a heartless white eyed wolf.]
    Ew. who even wants to be family with you.

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  3. Fuck! Finally ML saved him! I’m skipping chapters because though this novel is not good for my blood pressure, I’m still curious about MC’s counterattack.

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  4. Thanks for the chapter!
    So does our MC already ‘like’ ML like the line ‘the deepest string in his heart moved slightly’ hints at? Or has he just decided ML is his best shot at escaping his current abusers?
    I like the ML’s reaction. It’s feels like the first normal response in this novel… 😐

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  5. I’m happy Mo Di got rescued but I can’t help but think he’ll still suffer in the hospital, I hope he gets nice doctors and the ML protect him from his family even though they don’t know each other yet.

    Also the hole apologising to the hole school is ridiculous what’s he going to say. “ I’m sorry that I thought my sister would Know that I’m allergic to coco ( to the point he could die) and that she fainted when I confronted her about it. While I was in intensive care I realised the error of my ways please forgive me.”

    Anyway thank you for the chapter!

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  6. ML to the rescue, I hope Mo Di sent each of those who beat him to jail and learned how stupid they are and exposed the school too

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