RCFN Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Mo Di lowered his head. His fists twitched a little and then loosened. In the end he went inside without waiting for the guards to act.

When he was at the door, he lifted his head, showing eyes full of fear and begged: “Dad, can… can you not tie me up?”

Once Mo Liu Gui heard this, she immediately said: “Dad, why do you want to tie Xiao Di up? Don’t tie Xiao Di, he just came back from the hospital!”

“Ai, my silly daughter. Why are you…”

Mo Shi Hong looked at Mo Liu Gui lovingly and could not bear to say it anymore. He sighed and the anger towards Mo Di intensified. He stared at Mo Di with daggers in his eyes, “You’re still standing there! Look at your sister. Even though she was hurt by you, she still has you in her heart. Tell me where is your conscience!!!”

Mo Di kept silent and only looked at Mo Shi Hong with his red eyes. At this time Mo Wu Hang who had just recovered from the tumble was coming out of the bathroom. He saw Mo Di and lost his temper. 

He walked directly towards Mo Di and took a punch to his face.

Mo Di wanted to dodge but Mo Si Lang came up and stood behind him with a sneer. He could not dodge in time and was hit by an iron fist. The punch caused his vision to fade dark and a strong smell of rust accompanied by a sharp pain spreaded in his nose and lips.

Mo Di exhaled in pain as he bent his waist. Wiping his mouth caused his palm to be bloodied.

“Fifth brother what are you doing?!” Mo Liu Gui was dazed when she saw this scene: “fifth brother why are you hitting Xiao Di?” 

“Xiao Gui, he deserves it!!” feeling that one punch was not enough, Mo Wu Hang wanted to have another go at Mo Di.

“Xiao Hang, come back here.” Mo grandfather who was sitting in the master’s chair gave out a cough and finally spoke.



Mo Wu Hang was dissatisfied. He gave Mo Di a stabbing look. Mo Di shivered and kept his head down. The lower half of his face was stained with blood.

Mo grandfather looked at Mo Di discontentedly as if he could not see the blood on his face. He cleared his throat and said with a calm face, “It can be said that most of us are present today. I’d like to talk about what had happened these past few days.”

“Trying to frame a member of their own family, such a thing, I cannot believe that it actually happened to this family.” Mo grandfather raised his eyelids and looked at Mo Di coldly. “Xiao Di, what you did to your sister, don’t you feel that your conscience is hurting?!!”

Mo Di stood up: “I didn’t, Grandpa! I did not…”

“You don’t have to find excuses. Fact speaks louder than words. Everyone is not blind. Clean up that little trick of yours.” Mo Grandfather refused to listen and interrupted Mo Di’s words. His voice was angry: “The Mo family will not and cannot tolerate such behaviors. Even if Xiao Gui is kind and tolerant, we as the elderly cannot let this matter slide.”

“Grandpa is right!”

Mo Si Lang’s peach blossom eyes narrowed slightly and he cast a poisonous look at Mo Di. “Mo Di wanted to take advantage of Xiao Gui’s kindness and let people think that Xiao Gui does not care about him when actually we treat him pretty well. It’s like raising a white eyed wolf! The lesson cannot be taken lightly. Grandpa, let’s just kick him out of the Mo family!”

Mo Di’s heart moved and he lowered his head further. His shoulders trembled slightly. Mo Si Lang felt a sense of comfort when he saw Mo Di’s frightened body. 

“Fourth brother!” Mo Liu Gui said in a hurry: “No, absolutely not. You can’t let Xiao Di leave our family!”

“Sister why are you still siding with him!” Mo Wu Hang’s eyes could shoot fire but it’s aimed at Mo Di. “How can you protect him when he treats you like this. Silly girl!” 

“Fifth brother, Xiao Di is my little brother, shouldn’t I be good to him?”

There was a sudden silence in the hall for a few seconds.

Mo Shi Hong and the rest were deeply distressed and worried about Mo Liu Gui. The little princess who they watched grow up was so pure and kind. If they don’t protect her well, she would definitely be taken advantage of in the future!

However, seeing Mo Liu Gui’s insistence, Mo grandfather could not bear to ignore his baby granddaughter’s wishes. Finally, he knocked the ground with his cane, looked at Mo Di and said: “Alright. Since Xiao Gui does not want to pursue this matter then we’ll spare you this time. We’ll forgo the punishment but an apology must be made! Tomorrow when you go back to school, you have to make a public apology to Xiao Gui. Got it?” 

Mo Di raised his head and agreed.

“Grandpa, what if he doesn’t apologize? We have to get someone to supervise. I remember in Xiao Gui’s class there’s a boy named Zhu Wen Ze. He’s not bad. I’ll give him a call and let him help us overlook this matter.” said Mo Wu Hang.

“Good.” Mo grandfather agreed.

It took half an hour for the Mo family’s charade to end. Mo Di with his bloodied face returned to his room. 

Mo Di shut the door and turned the lock. 

In the next moment, the panic and fear on his face and the shivers of his shoulders disappeared completely as if they were never there. In their place was an unshakable indifference and a dignified posture. 

Mo Di went to wash his face. Looking at himself in the mirror, he smiled coldly.

So it’s back to square one.

…back to being forced to apologize.

But that’s alright. Of course, this apology he definitely will not carry out. And today’s account, he will remember without leniency.

Mo Di grabbed a towel and wiped the water on his brows. He quickly got back to his bedroom desk and took out his computer.

Because of the crash earlier, his computer was a little laggy. Mo Di opened a program and his white fingers were flying all over the keyboard, inputting a series of complex codes.

Soon the screen suddenly changed into a gray background.

In his last life, after running away from home, he tolled for a few years before he could painstakingly open his own video game company which launched the world’s first 4D online game.

As the founder, it was not possible for him not to have any skills. Programming and coding to him was like a familiar companion. He was also equipped with some hacking abilities.

It’s just…

When he thought about the ending of the game company that he had poured his heart and blood into, he could not control the coldness in his eyes. This game company which became a legacy after his death, was taken over by the Mo family. And because it was a pioneer in it’s gaming system, it became the leading 4D gaming company in the Hua Xia market and eventually the world. Even when other competitors tried to imitate their system, they would always fall behind. In less than two years, his company had led the Mo family to become the second richest family in Hua Xia. Then the company was transferred to Mo Liu Gui who was praised for being not just a movie queen but also a successful entrepreneur. 

And him, he was described as a vicious man who finally got what he deserved. He was not only locked up in a mental hospital but also died violently. His whole life’s hard work had become the main character’s stepping stone and even gave the Mo family a big push in their status and became world renowned. 

Mo Di’s typing became a little louder.

After adding another string of codes, he opened another program and entered the license plate number. 

The information on the screen was refreshed.

Mo Di took a quick look and finally got the happiest news he had received since his rebirth.

The owner of this car was really Mu Tian Heng!

Moreover, the car frequently appeared near a large construction site in the eastern suburb of the capital. He remembered that that piece of land belonged to the Xiao family and they were using it to prepare for a big project. Did Mu Tian Heng catch wind of certain news and after dominating the foreign social network market, decided to develop his side business here? 

However, in his last life, Mu Tian Heng’s secondary industry was not established yet when he lost his leg due to an accident. 

Mo Di didn’t sleep until it was three in the morning. But when he woke up, the sky was still dark.

He looked at his phone and it was only five.

Having spent half a year at the mental hospital, Mo Di’s sleep routine was terrible. Everyday he would hear the shrills, scream, and crazy laughter of the patients. Plus the tortures that the Mo family member ordered the doctors to inflict on him, getting two hours of sleep was actually a norm.

But he didn’t expect that even after his rebirth, the restlessness in his subconscious still prevented him from having a good sleep.

Mo Di got up, turned on the light and went to wash up.

At this time, Mo Wu Hang, who never got up this early, appeared in the Mo family’s kitchen.

“Fifth young master, why are you here?”

Sister Liu was shocked when she saw Mo Wu Hang appeared in the kitchen.

“It’s nothing. I can’t sleep so I came to see if there’s anything good in the kitchen.” Mo Wu Hang looked at several servants washing and cutting in the kitchen and turned to sister Liu: “Sister Liu, what’s for breakfast this morning?”

“Fifth young master, today’s breakfast includes cod fish and tofu soup, honey chicken breast, shredded ham with scallion oil, shredded cabbage and lettuce in cold sauce, cold okra, pickled anchovies and pepper. There are also egg tart, dim sum, and little miss’s favorite pumpkin toast, oatmeal porridge, millet and red dates soup, and coffee and milk.”

This meal could be said to have included the favorite dishes of everyone in the Mo family.

Mo Wu Hang took a glance around and said: “Do you have bitter gourd?”

“Bitter gourd?” Sister Liu was stunned and shook her head. “Young master, if you want to eat it, I’ll have someone buy it for you.”

“Forget it.” Mo Wu Hang got impatient. He took a look at the porridge pot and said: “What about coffee?”

“I’m sorry young master, I haven’t ground it yet.” A nearby servant hurriedly replied.

“Then go and do it!”

Mo Wu Hang took a cold look at the servant and left the kitchen. He came back in about half an hour later after changing his clothes. Only his hair was a little messy. 

The coffee bean that had been grounded was now brewing and a strong fragrance emitted into the air.

Seeing Mo Wu Hang coming, the servant quickly said: “Young master, the coffee is ready.”

“Um.” Mo Wu Hang raised his chin and waved at the servant, “Bring the coffee over here.”

The servant quickly picked up the pot and followed Mo Wu Hang out of the kitchen and into the dining room. A set of exquisite and high-end cups were placed on the dining table, arranged according to where the family members would sit. 

Mo Wu Hang cleared his voice: “I had this set of cups custom made. There is a number at the bottom corresponding to our seniority. Second and third brothers are not home so I didn’t bring their cups out. You tell sister Liu to pour the coffee into those cups, do not use the old set. Understood?”

“I understand.” The servant replied.

“Alright. I’m going to have a cup of coffee now. Leave the pot here and get back to your work in the kitchen!”

After Mo Wu Hang drove the servant away, he looked around to ensure that no one was coming. He took out a small packet from his pocket and poured all the powder inside into the cup marked with the number “7”.

Then he filled the cup to the brim with coffee.

The dark rich liquid swirled in the white porcelain. Under the light, the white steam rose with a strong aroma of coffee.

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  1. Sus how Liu Gui doesn’t want Mo Di out of the family. This environment is literally a Liu Gui hell, everywhere he goes, that gui thing is the priority! I’m glad he’s not as innocent as before, but, he definitely had been hurt before.. The scars remain Q ~ Q

    [This game company …was taken over by the Mo family. …Then the company was transferred to Mo Liu Gui who was praised for being not just a movie queen but also a successful entrepreneur.
    …he was described as a vicious man, not only locked up in a mental hospital but also died violently.]

    I want to talk about logic and morals to the author to that story. Narrative wise, who would enjoy that!??? Mo Di’s not vicious or evil, I can’t imagine enjoying a novel like that!

    Wu Hang must die. hahaha. What is his allergy? let’s trigger it too.
    or we’ll just go with knives, most humans are allergic to that.

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    1. Well if you were to read the og novel surely the brother would be made to look like a jealous prick ,an unscrupulous man who uses any method to make her sis look bad ,a talentless psychopath who had actually psychological problems which caused him to push his preggo sis but refused to admit his defects.

      And at last as we know a happy ending will only be possible if the protag gets the villain’s everything. That justifies the company thingy
      It’s all about the viewing point and if you are reading a mary sue novel that’s enough logic listed above.


  2. Never in my time reading novels, i was so angry only after two chapters…..even 100 torture skills not enough for what Mo family done to Mo Di…..im stress for him…..

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  3. At this point I’m just scanning my way through the whole “abuse/torture” scene and it’s just the fourth chappie QAQ. I do understand that this novel is somewhat doesn’t require that much logic but dang that fl’s protagonist’s halo is too dang strong and OP, literally gives everyone rose-tinted lenses that’s so thick they might as well be blind. My hand is literally itching to beat someone up right now. rawr.

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  4. Thanks for the chapter! I think that Mo Di is like a battery for his rotten white lotus twin sister’s good luck. The more luck she siphons off him, the more charmed her life, and the more miserable he is. That’s why she refuses to let him go away, because if goes too far away, the power behind her golden finger existence fades…

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    1. I hope Mo Di hates coffee or “accidentally” spills it. Also what a trashy gift, just shows what kind of person 5th is that he put there family positions on the cups instead of his his family actual names. Though seeing as he’s about to poison Mo Di he is literal TRASH and I hope 5th gets what’s coming to him. How dare he hurt Mo Di.

      Thank you for uploading and please continue to do so!

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  5. Is it too much spoilers to ask what chapter things start to turn around for Mo Di? I want him out of this house asap, and to give him everything.

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  6. why is he so hated? are they not his own flesh and blood, then why the whole abuse? i wish mo di was older that he can get away from the house easily, but unfortunately, sighs
    i want all of them to have regrets and maybe some of them to feel guilty of what they did later on, but definitely not the parents and the white lotus sister, they are the worst. actually all of them are horrible, even the grandpa. patriarch my ass!
    but for the sister i want her to suffer the most, to be beaten down till there is no way out, all bloodied out and still noone cares about her even a bit. to feel regret but there is no way to atone for it, and i want her to understand what she did wrong before she dies!

    thanks for the update and all the work ^_^

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    1. Hmpfh, I don’t care if they feel guilty towards Mo Di. Their treatment is so senseless, I think their brains are wired wrong. I just hope they sincerely, from the bottom of their heart, regret they were born.

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