RCFN Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Knowing that the Mo family members were all in the hospital, Mo Di was relieved. When the taxi arrived at the Mo residence, he hurriedly got off.

“Lit… little master? Why are you already back?!” The guard at the door was stunned, then he quickly approached Mo Di.

Mo Di looked at the security guard and pretended not to see the anger and disgust in his eyes. “I came back to get something. I’ll return to the hospital in a bit. Please give way.”

“Little master you…” the guard was a little surprised. He did not know why the little master seemed to have gotten tough. But looking carefully, it was still the same meekness as always.

In his stupor, Mo Di quickly ran into the villa. Disregarding the look of the other servants, he went straight to his bedroom and put his laptop, ID card, bank card, student card, and other things into a big bag. He did not even pack his clothes and hurried downstairs.

As a result, when he got to the middle of the stair, he suddenly heard a voice that he could not be more familiar with.

“Hurry up, where are you people? Bring Xiao Gui’s favorite juice over. It has to be cold! She didn’t have anything to drink in the car. It’ll be uncomfortable for her to have a dry mouth!”

It’s Mo Wu Hang!!

Mo Di froze a little. An uncontrollable nausea and anger surged from the core of his bones! In a flash Mo Di recalled the countless abuse and violence. Even before he was put in the mental hospital, Mo Wu Hang had once broken his calf bones with an iron bar and refused to let him get treatment to avenge Mo Liu Gui. His whole body was in uncontrollable pain and tremor.

How unexpected. He tried over and over to avoid it yet the first one he met was his good brother Mo Wu Hang!!!

Mo Di’s nails dug deep into his palm.

“Here it is, fifth young master.”

Sister Liu, who was in charge of the kitchen, rushed over and gave Mo Wu Hang a thermos bag. After receiving the drink, Mo Wu Hang did not even look at the stairway in the corner. He turned around and left. 

Mo Di was about to breathe a sigh of relief when he heard Sister Liu suddenly said with a smile: “Fifth young master, you’re not leaving with the little master? Just now I heard that the little young master was here to pick up some things.”

“!” Mo Di standing at the stairs felt his heart blocked.


Mo Wu Hang was stunned as his eyes gradually turned red. As soon as he raised his eyes and saw Mo Di standing at the stairway, he wanted to catch Mo Di and turn him into a blood cave. 

“Mo Di you still dare to come back?! You animal still has the face to come back?!!!”

Mo Wu Hang put the thermos bag containing the juice on the table and rushed forward. He clenched his fist and waved it violently. 

“I was about to come looking for you. Who gave you the courage to harm Xiao Gui! You beast!!!”

Seeing a blow rushing forward with the wind, even if Mo Di was willing to cover up his changes for his schemes to work,  he would not let himself be beat up. He turned sideways to avoid Mo Wu Hang’s fist but his hand accidentally slipped and the backpack slid off his shoulder and smashed down directly on Mo Wu Hang’s face on the steps below.


Mo Wu Hang was smacked in the face and let out a screech.

When the other servants saw that Mo Wu Hang was hit and fell to the round, they panicked for a moment. One of them was so shocked that he could not speak smoothly, his legs trampled and he shouted: “It’s broken, it’s broken! Fifth young master’s nose is bleeding. The little master beat him till he had a nosebleed!!!”

“F***…get away!!!”


Mo Wu Hang pushed the people who came to help him aside. He blinked hard, got up from the ground and stared at Mo Di, “ Mo Di you’ve got guts. You even dare to hit me? You’re pretty powerful now eh. You not only used Xiao Gui but also hit me. You’re trying to turn into a real animal?!!”

“I’m not, I…I was careless and the bag just happened to slip off.”

Mo Di looked at Mo Wu Hang in fear The look he would have every time that he was hit for the last seventeen years. The fear caused him to unconsciously step back. He shook his head vigorously, “I didn’t mean to, it wasn’t intentional, fifth brother, I didn’t mean it…”

“You still dare to lie?!!!”

In the future, Mo Wu Hang would be a world-renowned top model, also regarded as one of the sexiest male models in the world. Now he was already 1.85 in height and with muscles fully developed, the look of him trying to beat someone up was really terrifying.

He clenched his knuckles, ran up the stairs and grabbed Mo Di’s collar.

Mo Di’s inside flashed a fierce color but he did not show it. He stepped to one side, turned around and ran. As he ran he begged for mercy: “Fifth brother, I didn’t mean to. I really didn’t mean to. Please don’t hit me. I just came back from the hospital. I haven’t fully recovered yet. Please don’t hit me!”

“I’m going to beat you up, you savage! You even dare to mention that you just left the hospital? Xiao Gui fainted and had not left the hospital yet! Did you apologize?! Did you visit her?!!” 

The more he said, the angrier he got: “Damn. Xiao Gui was kind enough to hand you a drink yet you accused her? Even asked if she knew you’re allergic to cocoa?! Let me tell you Mo Di, you better get rid of those garbage intentions of your or I’ll kill you. Whether you have allergies or not has nothing to do with us. Besides, if you died due to your allergies then our family would be clean and void of rubbish like you!”

Mo Wu Hang kept swearing and chasing after Mo Di. As his face got redder with his swearing, he ordered several security guards to block Mo Di’s escape.

Mo Di was blocked in all directions. His eyes turned cold and he simply turned back and ran towards Mo Wu Hang.

Mo Wu Hang did not expect Mo Di to rush at him. He squinted, clasped his fingers and aimed hard at Mo Di’s chest. But unexpectedly, once his feet moved, he somehow slipped and fell on his back. The back of his head hit hard on the ground!

Mo Wu Hang’s fall was so brutal that his sight turned black and he couldn’t even cry out.

The servants were shocked silly and everyone just stood in place but their hearts were shaking involuntarily. Luckily someone then responded and hurriedly helped Mo Wu Hang who was still lying on the ground.

Everyone was pondering what actually happened today. In the past when the fifth young master was teaching the little master a lesson, it always went smoothly. But today the fifth young master not only got his nose bled but also hit his head!!!

It’s the head! If something were to go wrong, them servants would not be able to handle the Mo family’s grudge. 

Mo Di then went to casually pick up the empty jelly packet and put it in his pocket, leaving no trace. Then he walked timidly to Mo Wu Hang and picked up his own backpack.

“I… I’ll go look for second uncle and aunt. I’ll ask them to send fifth brother to the hospital!” 

Mo Di threw out the sentence and hurriedly ran out of the villa gate. The servants and security guards were in a mess and no one came to stop him. But as soon as he was relieved, he saw the Mo family’s largest elongated Lincoln slowly stopping at the iron gate of the villa.

Mo Di’s heart stopped and he clenched his teeth. 

It’s amazing how coincidental this was. It seemed that no matter how hard he tried, the power of the world would always urge things to move in a direction that was disadvantageous to him.

“Oh? Isn’t it Xiao Di? Xiao Di is back.”

The first ones to get off were his eldest uncle, Mo Shi Qiang, and his wife, Lin Rou Fen. Lin Rou Fen saw Mo Di at a glance, smiled and shouted towards the car. “Third brother and sister in law, your family’s Xiao Di is back!” 

“How dare that ingrate come back!”

When Mo Shi Hong pulled down the car window and saw Mo Di, there was anger and undisguised dislike in his eyes. As if he was not looking at his own son but an enemy. 

However because of his precious daughter, Mo Shi Hong did not immediately teach Mo Di a lesson. He turned his head, shifted into a kind and gentle mode, and said in a soft voice, “Come good daughter, careful when you get out of the car. Later on, don’t pay attention to that savage. You have to recuperate. Don’t get angry or think too much.” 

“Dad, don’t say that about Xiao Di. I…was actually wrong. Is he home? I also wanted to see him. Mo Liu Gui’s sweet and soft voice was vaguely heard from the car.

“Xiao Gui, you didn’t do anything wrong. Third uncle is right, Mo Di did such a thing, his mind is particularly poisonous. You can’t just forgive him for everything. This will make him more unbridled!” A young clear voice interrupted Mo Liu Gui, then gently said, “Xiao Gui, you are still too kind, too naive. Just let us deal with Mo Di. Are you still dizzy now? Anemia is actually a big problem. Don’t take it lightly. Even though those doctors said it’s ok doesn’t mean nothing’s wrong!”

“Thank you fourth brother. I’m not dizzy. Right now I’m not dizzy at all.”

Mo Liu Gui said as she smiled under the care and concern of others. She then lifted her skirt and got out of the car. When she alighted and saw Mo Di, her eyes suddenly brightened. “Xiao Di you’re back. I was about to visit you at the hospital. Are you better now?”

Mo Di looked a little scared and he took a step back. He quickly replied: “I’m…I’m ok.”

At least I’m not dead.

“It’s good that you’re ok. I’m sorry, I didn’t know that you were allergic to cocoa.” Mo Liu Gui said apologetically. “I’ve never seen you have any allergic reaction before, so…”

Never seen it before?

Mo Di felt laughable in his heart. He bowed his head and whispered: “Sis, actually… actually after the mid-term exam in junior high I drank cocoa by mistake once and was given emergency treatment. Sis you were travelling with dad and mom and fifth brother. You even gave me a call. Did you forget?”

That time he laid in the hospital for eight days. In the depth of his memories, his family members only called him once and not a person paid him a visit.

Mo Liu Gui’s face turned red with shame, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I don’t remember, I…”

“Mo Di!!!”

Before Mo Liu Gui could finish speaking, Mo Shi Hong’s deep voice exploded. Suppressing his infinite anger he said, “You ingrate! You still want to hurt your sister?!!”

“You are trying to anger me to death. How could I give birth to a thing like you!”

When Mo Shi Hong saw that Mo Di tried to repeat his offense of trying to make his baby daughter blame herself to the point of falling sick, he suppressed his anger and said: “You’re really daring, even got the guts to blame your sister right in front of us!”

Mo Di looked as though he was shaken by his words, he shook his head quickly: “No, Dad, I just wanted to say that I’ve always been allergic to cocoa. My allergy did not suddenly appear and I did not want to harm my sister, I just…”

“You just what? Shut up for me!” A beautiful woman with a clear face came over quickly and gave Mo Di a menacing look. Mo Di hurriedly lowered his head and his eyes turned red.

The woman then looked at Mo Liu Gui anxiously. She held her hand and said softly: “Xiao Gui, my Xiao Gui, don’t think about it. Don’t let mom worry. It’s not your fault for not remembering! None at all! No one in our family remembers what he’s allergic to. Whatever he’s allergic to has nothing to do with anybody. Nothing to do with you. My dear daughter you don’t have to be so kind. Don’t take responsibility for everything. If anything were to happen to you because of his little problem, what will mom do!”

“Alright, let’s talk inside. Why are you making all this ruckus out here!” Mo grandfather who got off last knocked his cane on the floor and voiced his dissatisfaction: “Third son’s wife, it’s too sunny out here, take Xiao Gui inside and let her have a rest.”

“I know father.” The woman quickly responded and pulled Mo Liu Gui’s hand: “Let’s go Xiao Gui. We’ll talk inside the house.”

“That’s right that’s right. It’s so sunny outside, better to talk in the house. Xiao Gui is anemic, we can’t take it lightly. Don’t let her stay in the sun for too long.” 

A group of people walked through the courtyard and into the villa. The Mo Di who was standing at the side was to them almost like a transparent person they did not need to bother with. 

Mo Di hung his head. This familiar treatment, his heart had long been numbed to it.

Since little, except when being scolded and beaten, wasn’t he just like an invisible person? Neglect, unfairness, mental and physical abuse… these treatments he knew them by heart. 

Mo Di endured. Just endure till those people entered the villa then he could leave.

As it turned out, before he could move, Mo grandfather’s voice suddenly rang, “Third son, bring your son inside. We Mo family has rules and regulations. There’s no way he can get off without receiving any punishment after hurting someone!”

Mo Shi Hong flashed a look of disgust. He impatiently ordered the guards: “Go and bring that beast in and tie him up!”

The author has something to say:

Mo family has seven grandchildren: Mo Yi(1) Cheng , Mo Er(2) Qian, Mo San(3) Zhi, Mo Si(4) Lang, Mo Wu(5) Hang, Mo Liu(6) Gui, and Mo Di. If you can’t remember who they are just remember the middle character of their names. Yi, Er, San, Si, Wu, Liu (numbers one to six in Chinese. Mo Di’s name does not follow this pattern and there’ll be an explanation for it in a later chapter.)

Amongst them, Mo Yi and Mo Si (1 and 4) belong to the eldest uncle’s family. The twins Mo Er, Mo San, and Mo Wu (2, 3, and 5) belong to the second uncle’s family. Mo Liu Gui and Mo Di are Mo Shi Hong and his wife’s children.

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