Chapter 129

Edited and Proofread by KitKat

Mo Di used to think that the world was unfair. 

But as time passed and events unfolded, he believed that there was a balance to everything.

His life was once filled with bitterness and hardships that he had to do anything to survive but now, it was filled with happiness that every breath was like breathing in honey.

He had good friends, a successful career, a goal, and most importantly, the most amazing lover in the world.

Mu Tian Heng understood him, doted on him, cared for him, and loved him more than himself. Of course Mo Di also felt the same.

And loving someone else more than yourself doesn’t mean that they’ll love themselves any less. They both treasured their friends, career and also their health. 

And being in the pink of health had become particularly important to Mu Tian Heng because he was eleven years older than Mo Di, an age gap that was quite large. Once he reached forty, Mu Tian Heng had developed a new hobby – health management.

A good appearance could allow him to stand next to Mo Di and chase away suitors but a healthy body would allow him to accompany his little one as long as he can. He hoped that even when he was seventy, eighty, or even a hundred years old, he was still strong enough to protect his beloved.

In fact, he wanted to live a little longer than his Mo Di, just a little bit longer was enough…

That way, he could watch over his Mo Di till the very last second and not let him suffer any loss and sadness.

When Mo Di turned thirty-one, Di Yi Mu had become the third largest enterprise in the world. Mo Di’s assets had also soared, placing him only behind Mu Tian Heng as the world’s second richest. 

Mu Tian Heng was very proud of him and sent out bonuses to employees of both their companies. 

On the other hand, Mo Di may seem modest but he secretly made it his goal to surpass Mu Tian Heng one day. Mu Tian Heng made it to the top of the list at thirty-six and Mo Di was determined to get there at a younger age.

Compared to them, Lai De Si and Song Yu led a more simple life. 


Lai De Si proposed to Song Yu at thirty-two and they were married when he was thirty-three. Since then, he had put aside his high-earning career to devotedly serve his partner. He no longer slept in and would wake up at five-thirty sharp to prepare breakfast, making sure that Song Yu would have a hearty meal every day. 

With practice comes mastery, eventually, Lai De Si had become quite an outstanding chef. Every month, the pair would visit Mu Tian Heng and Mo Di and when Song Yu gave Mo Di a serving of dessert that Lai De Si made, Mo Di was in quite a shock!

He became increasingly suspicious that the Lai De Si in front of him who obeyed Song Yu’s every word was actually a … shou?

Mo Di was incredibly baffled until he happened to see Lai De Si pinning Song Yu down on the grass in his backyard, licking and kissing him like a big Tibetan Mastiff…

Poor Uncle Song, it must not be easy when your gong is a silly Tibetan Mastiff.


Mo Di and Mu Tian Heng lived until the end of the twenty-first century.

Crowned as the two most influential entrepreneurs in the world, they have become a role model for many to follow. They have become such illustrious figures that young people might not know who the president of a particular country was but they will know Mu Tian Heng and Mo Di’s name. This was because apart from being successful businessmen, they were also well-respected philanthropists. 

They have begun their charity work after their marriage. And the more they earned, the more they would give. Their donation helped to build schools, hospitals, libraries, and many more public facilities across the globe. Countless people of all nationalities were aided by the Mu Mo Charity Foundation, not to mention those who had benefited from the public buildings like stadiums and libraries that the foundation had constructed.

Even after the two had passed on, all their assets were donated to the Mu Mo Charity Foundation so it could continue to help as many people as it could.

Mu Tian Heng and Mo Di died on the same day. It was said that after Mo Di’s heart had stopped beating, Mu Tian Heng laid in the same bed and held Mo Di’s hand and in less than an hour, he drew his last breath.

That night, the areas that had been touched by the Mu Mo Charity Foundation all put up a flag to mourn their passing. All over the web and every media outlet across the globe had reported this sad news and billions sincerely mourned their deaths.

But what they did not know was that Mo Di… he had opened his eyes in another world.


Mo Di could vividly remember that the moment he died, his vitality and strength were pulled from his body. He tried to reach for Mu Tian Heng but his fingers did not budge. He wanted to speak but his voice didn’t come out. Other than feeling Mu Tian Heng’s embrace and the tears that fell on his cheek, there was nothing else he could.

Just like that, he laid and listened to Mu Tian Heng calling out to him. He called him his little one, his darling, and asked him not to sleep…

At this point, Mo Di couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed, his last strength was probably wasted on him blushing. Upon his death, he was already ninety years old. The older he got, the more embarrassed he was being called by Mu Tian Heng as his baby or little one. But his brother would still insist on addressing him as such. Even in death, Mo Di could still feel his goosebumps coming out.

But Mo Di was still unwilling to part with this voice calling him ‘little one’, unwilling to part with the man who would forever treat him as a kid, unwilling to part with his brother…



A cry pierced the silence. 

The sound was getting louder, causing Mo Di a slight discomfort. 

Why is there a baby crying here? How did it get to his house and keep crying like this? 

Where’s his brother? Why would he let a baby come into their bedroom?

But in the next second, Mo Di felt a choking sensation and before he could ponder how a dead person could choke, a bright light flashed.

Mo Di realized: he could actually open his eyes!

And in front of him was the face of an old woman he was not familiar with. She looked at him and her eyes turned red. She smiled and exclaimed, “Thank goodness, thank goodness…”

Mo Di was still in a daze with befuddlement. He moved his hand to wipe his eyes… 

A hand that could only belong to a three-year-old at most!

“Wu ah!”

Mo Di was shocked and almost wanted to cry.

What the hell is going on?!

At this time, a middle-aged woman came in. She looked at him and smiled, “Mother Wen, this child is really fortunate. I thought he couldn’t be saved, to think he had opened his eyes.”

“Hai…” Mother Wen sighed, “It’s because we’re so poor that we couldn’t send him to a hospital. He could only fight for his life on his own.”

“Mother Wen, you shouldn’t blame yourself. There are tens of children here and they’re all cared for by you. When this child was discovered on the roadside, he was already in a fatal condition. You shouldn’t think too much.”


Mo Di listened to their conversation and finally understood the situation he was in. This was probably one of those cases like in the movies and novels, transmigration was it? 

And apparently, he had transmigrated into the body of a kid from the orphanage!

But what about his brother? What happened to his brother?! Where is he right now?!

Mo Di began to panic. He clenched his fists and two large droplets of tears formed in his eyes, “Brother, brother, brother…”

“Hey, he’s talking!” the middle-aged woman looked at Mo Di and smiled, “He’s calling for his brother.”

“Maybe this child has a brother.” Mother Wen had a sad look on her face. After saying that, she could hear a rapid knocking coming from the door.

“Teacher Zhao, Teacher Zhao, Mu Tian is fighting again! He’s fighting again!”

“What happened?” 

The middle-aged woman went to open the door. 

At the door stood several kids and a man. The man was holding the back of the collar of a boy of eight or nine. 

“Mr. Li, did Mu Tian fight again?”

“This kid’s simply unruly. You ladies deal with him, I’m only a volunteer and I’ll be leaving tomorrow anyway.” The man pushed the boy into the room and turned to leave with the other kids.

The boy seemed to be in bad shape, one push and he had fallen to the ground. 

When Mu Tian Heng fully gained consciousness, he found that he was facing the ground as though he just had a hard fall.

In fact, he was aware of being dragged about by the man but his body was still unresponsive. Only now was he fully awake.

Mother Wen saw that Mu Tian had fallen and anxiously ran to him, “Mu Tian, are you injured?”

Mu Tian Heng shook his head without much thought.

Seeing the boy shake his head, Mother Wen was relieved, “Why were you fighting again? Didn’t you promise me you wouldn’t fight anymore?”

Mu Tian Heng kept his head down and did not speak.

Does this mean that he had transmigrated? But his heart was heavy and there was no joy even when he was given a second life.

His little one is not here. What is the point of living this life?

But in the next second, Mu Tian Heng heard a sticky little voice calling out ‘brother’. 

There was a sense of familiarity close to his heart in that tone.

Just like the way his little one would call him, it was short and concise but carried a sweetness that would make his heart melt.

Mu Tian Heng raised his head.

In front of him was a woman with a three-year-old baby boy in her arms. The baby looked just like a super mini version of his Mo Di with his beautiful black eyes and long eyelashes. When the baby saw him, he cried even harder and reached desperately for him with his short stubby arms. The little voice repeatedly called out to him, “Brother… Brother!”

Mu Tian Heng was stunned for a moment. His eyes were red and his heart almost stopped.

He quickly ran up and carefully grabbed baby Mo Di from Mother Wen and embraced him. 

“Brother is here, brother is here…”

“My little one, don’t be scared. You’ll never have to be scared.”


The author has something to say:

This final world is the real world that Mo Liu Gui came from. For equilibrium, since Mo Liu Gui was smuggled in, the world conscious had sneaked Mo Di out. In addition, because the Mu Mo Charity Foundation had helped countless lives, the good wishes collected were powerful enough for the world conscious to send the old beast to this world for them to be united and have a happy life!

The translator has something to say: 

Thank you so much for following through this novel with me to the end. I sincerely mean it when I say you readers are the reason I can complete this translation project. To those who were there from the beginning of my blog, your comments really motivated me to not give up on this hobby! Special thanks to the author and my dear editor KitKat, who had really helped improve the quality of the translation. Hope to see you in my other projects too but if not, thank you again and have a great life!

KitKat: All aboard our next ship!(o´▽`o)ノ

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    I just love it their ending is their new life aaaah it’s so sweet
    Don’t want it to end because childhood sweetheart is my favorite theme
    Thank you for your hard work ;u;

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  2. This ending… Was unexpected but so sweet…
    Huhuhu I’m happy the old beast and Xiao Di still managed to stick together till the end. The world’s consciousness is the best wingman ever.
    Thank you so much for completing the translation! I’ve been holding myself back from reading this so I could binge read all the way. It took me a day and my heart is full of sugar.

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  3. I’m so glad I decided to read this, stumbled upon it by accident, I usually save and look for more this time I didn’t waste anytime I just click on it,
    and I’m so so glad I did ☺. I’m so happy and sad at the same time 😭 I’m happy they had the happy ending I wanted, I’m sad because I wanted more specially with the new world 🥲 but hey it’s fine.

    Thank you so much for the translation 👏🏾🌹💕

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  4. Yay! Such a satisfying ending!! But I really want to know what happens to PCL and HC!! But alas theres no sequel

    Thanks for the chapter ❤🧡💛💚💙💜


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    1. …I seriously don’t know where this came from:

      He harboured a crush on Mo Di an wanted to confess when he’s a bit older. He became sensible and became a good student but later saw the post that said Mo Di and Mu Tian Heng are married. He cried, his heart was broken and ended up fighting a bunch of people to vent out his anger. After he was rebuked by Mo Di a long time ago, he had stopped fighting so he’s a little rusty but he ended up winning (the ones that lost are kinda scums as well so dw about them).

      He was injured but he didnt want to worry his mother that thought he turned over a new leaf so he went to a convenience store to patch himself up but hes shiit at it since hes a young master and what not and the guy working at the counter saw it all and thought this cute rascal was a little useless, and because theres no one else at the store, decided to help him.

      Gu Ran Ju was starry eyed and like the tsun tsun he is, ended up coming to the store frequently all the way until the guy quit and he went to university (his original choice was Jin Da but he couldnt get in which started another round of fight). During this time the two’s relationship evolved into a ‘i-get-into-ambiguous-positions-with-him-and-it-makes-my-heart-beat-but-ofc-we’re-still-friends’. In this regard its not Gu Ran Ju’s fault because he did do a little self-reflection and he knows he likes Mo Di but he thought Mo Di was an exception.

      But still it scares him to try anything and so they’re at this frustrating standstill. Gu Ran Ju decides to woo the guy at last in his sophomore year but the guy sees him as a cute little brother only.

      It wasn’t until the guy’s friend was like hah “date with your special someone?” And the guy is like “Dont be stupid, you know him” “Yeah but the way you two act is a little suspicious” “Shut up” “Hey im just saying if it is, congrats. You know homosexuality isn’t seen as bad anymore, right? I mean especially after that Mu and Mo got married, now a lot of people are coming out. There’s even fanfics and shitt!”

      Hearing Mo Di’s name the guy is a little upset because he found out about the tiny ex-crush Gu Ran Ju harboured at him. “Yeah whatever, see you later.” But the thing is the guy started to think about it a bit more. Yeah homosexuality is accepted by the public but its still considered illegal in Hua Xia and they don’t really have benefits that het couple gets. He’s not like Gu Ran Ju with the wealth so even if (and this he admits to himself –

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      1. quietly) he’s gay he’s reluctant to date. But Gu Ran Ju is still wooing and he sees Mo Di everywhere. In ads and stuff and decide to woo harder and he has this weird competition with Mo Di as if its for revenge or something.

        They both have their own committments and Gu Ran Ju is pushed to taking over his family’s business (that deals with Mu Tian Heng a lot) and so their frustration from before had waned and instead there’s some comfort in the wooing act. Gu Ran Ju likes planning things to make the guy happy like dates and gifts and the guy likes to receive them even if he does think theyre slightly embarrassing, feels guilty and his friend group teases him a lot. They focused on other aspect of their life then Bam! Arranged Blind Date.

        His parents arranged one for him since he’s know 25 and should probably marry someone and have kids and all that so they discussed this over dinner. Gu Ran Ju was aware that Mo San Zhi was mocked for what he did to Song Yu and personally he also thought it was despicable so he came out on the spot. His mother cried and his father was all stern and shiit until Gu Ran Ju mentioned that if Mo Di and Mu Tian Heng could do it then why cant he???? And their parents were like ‘yes thats true’ and Gu Ran Ju dropped a bomb on them “Currently im dating someone so” “who is sh- he?” “Dont worry ill definitely bring a good man in dw”

        Gu Ran Ju mentioned this to the guy and the guy was like??? We’re dating?? And Gu Ran Ju was all indignant and was like “of course we are!! We date! We hold hands! We kissed (though it was very quick and more of an afterthought to the guy as a thank you) !! I go to your house and call your mother mom!! We’re dating!!! And the guy realises that Gu Ran Ju probably already noticed and eased him into a comfortable atmosphere to come out to. And the guy thinks he can’t really do any better than this brat that chased him (and again he admits that he has been allowing the advances) so in his heart hed already decided theyre a couple but outwardly he nagged at Gu Ran Ju and asked why he never asked him to be his bf???!! And Gu Ran Ju was overjoyed.

        Later on, Mo Di met with Gu Ran Ju again but this time hes not that embarrassing but MTH took note of the encounter and well 😳 and the guy and Gu Ran Ju became very happy husbands


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  7. Thank you very much for all the work translating this novel, with an unexpected but very pleasant ending, just knowing that you have one more opportunity to enjoy your love is so sweet 😍😍😍

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  9. Thanks for your hard work translating. I’m so happy Mo Do and Mu Tian Heng got another life together, also was it ever explained whatever happened to Mo Di’s original sister who was replaced?

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    1. umm, what I think is that there was no sister in the original book. When the system brought MLG into the novel, it was then that she was ‘born’ 🤔


  10. I like how the author offsets the diabetes-inducing sweetness of the previous chapters by a touch of humour at the end 😅 And this finale is really appropriate – Mo Di and Mu Tian Heng can have another life together and make whatever they want of it, free from the constraints of the fictional world and the plot.
    Thank you for translating this novel 💖 It was a pleasure to read 😻

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    1. Thank you so much for allowing us to enjoy this novel. It is a wonderful story. One of the best transmigration/reborn/revenge stories. 😀😀🤗🤗😍😍😗 Endless happiness to Mo Di and Mu Tian Heng!!

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    Do we have a sequel?? What's the title?
    Anyway, I'm really thankful that you and your team finished translating this lovely piece of work. Thank you.

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