RCFN 113

Chapter 113

Edited and Proofread by KitKat

The fatter man in the yellow shirt began to turn pale. He looked at the skinny drug addict-like middle-aged man next to him, beckoning him to turn the female student away.

The short and skinny man was the storeroom keeper of the nursing home who had been bought. In his forties, he still had no wife or children. He spent his days being high and having fun with prostitutes, burning away all his savings. A typical example of a failure.

He had agreed to commit murder not only because he was bewitched by the enigmatic man but also because of the money he was offered. Furthermore, he would not be jailed and could be freed after staying in the mental hospital for half a year. When he was released, he could have enough money to marry a young wife and indulge in his latest hobby of gambling.

All in all, this greedy, incompetent, good-for-nothing man with no conscience did not waste a lot of Qin Cheng Yi’s time and saliva to persuade him to do the deed. 


The skinny man immediately understood what the other man was beckoning him to do. He gave Mo Di a threatening stare then turned to open the door.

“What is it?! What are you knocking for?!”

The scrawny storeroom keeper shouted loudly with a mouth full of yellow teeth. Seeing Mo Liu Gui at the door, the man said to himself that when he had the money, it’d be no problem to get himself a young and beautiful college student like this as his wife.

Mo Liu Gui was only naive on the surface, in truth, she was very perceptive. The moment she saw the way the man was looking at her, she knew what he was thinking which made her incredibly disgusted.

The storeroom keeper was about to drive Mo Liu Gui away when the cellphone in his pocket rang.

He looked back at the man in the room and saw him nodding, telling him to get her the items so as not to make a scene.

“Brooms is it?” The keeper turned back and stared at Mo Liu Gui with an annoyed look. “I’ll go get it. You wait out here.”

“Thank You, Uncle,” Mo Liu Gui smiled but she was not happy one bit. The man was looking at her with smitten eyes before but his attitude took a sudden turn and became rude. Is there something wrong with his brain?

The keeper went to a cabinet behind the door and took three brooms from it. He went back to Mo Liu Gui and threw it at her feet. 

Mo Liu Gui forced another smile and said, “We need three more mops…”


Another loud noise came from inside and this time, it was followed by a faint murmur, like someone was trying to make a sound while being gagged.

Mo Liu Gui was starting to sense that something was amiss. She saw that there was panic on the man’s face. When he looked back at her, he had a flustered look and even anger in his eyes, a reaction which was not akin with professional killers.

The man immediately pushed her away, “Go away! Get lost! There’s no mop. Take the brooms and go!”

Mo Liu Gui staggered back when she was pushed. She was quite bitter but at the same time, she knew that something was wrong. It looked like someone was kidnapped and being held inside the storeroom. 

In her head, she remembered the news of a high schooler being kidnapped and how her rescuer, a white-collar woman, was highly praised by the media for her bravery. Mo Liu Gui wanted that.

If she was mistaken, she would lose nothing. But if she was right, she could end up saving someone. When this got on the news, she would be portrayed as a hero. With a powerful water army and effective campaigning, she could completely overturn her image!

Not only could she restore her reputation, but she could also restart her acting career again!

The idea sprouted in her head and gave her courage. She bent down to pick up the broom and hit the man with a horizontal sweep. 

While the feeble storeroom keeper was caught off guard, Mo Liu Gui rushed into the door.

She then saw a plump man in a yellow shirt standing over someone she could not make out. 

The person on the ground was clearly tied up, this was indeed a kidnapping!

Mo Liu Gui was shocked for a few seconds before getting excited again. She immediately turned and ran while grabbing for her phone.

But in the next second, she was caught by the storeroom keeper by the feet. She fell to the ground and was suppressed.

The man in yellow came out and kicked Mo Liu Gui’s phone away and then covered her mouth.

“What do we do?!” The skinny man was discomposed. Could it be that they have to kill more than one person?!

“Umm… umm!!” Mo Liu Gui struggled hard.

Worried that Mo Liu Gui would make noise, the skinny man went to help the other man cover Mo Liu Gui’s mouth as well.

The man in yellow warily scanned the surroundings before crouching lower to whisper to Mo Liu Gui, “Miss Mo, I know who you are. Please don’t shout.”

His words caused Mo Liu Gui to feel even more fretful. She continued to struggle vigorously.

The man in yellow couldn’t hold her down but he dared not use force or stun her. Unable to control the situation, he had to persuade her softly, “This is Master Qin’s plan, Miss Mo, please don’t make a fuss. I won’t hurt you but please do not interfere with Master Qin’s plan.”

“!” Mo Liu Gui stopped struggling and looked at the man with baffling eyes.

What did he mean?!

“What I’m saying is the truth. Miss Mo, if you make any more noise, it’ll not only ruin the plan but also bring trouble to…” he did not continue but he knew Mo Liu Gui would understand.

Qin Cheng Yi was now the Mo family’s only beacon of hope, if something were to happen to him, the Mos would also be painfully affected.

Just as he thought, Mo Liu Gui had ceased her struggling. The man then ordered the storeroom keeper to release her, “She’s with us, let her go and quickly apologize to Miss Mo.”

The storeroom keeper was confused but he still apologized obediently.

The man in yellow smiled and said to Mo Liu Gui, “Miss Mo, you should leave now. And don’t tell anyone about this, we still …”

“I want to see the person in there,” Mo Liu Gui interrupted the man.

Since the man seemed to know everything, he was probably Qin Cheng Yi’s closest confidant who had only worked in the dark and never shown his face. He was also Qin Cheng Yi’s last confidant and if that’s the case, he would never harm her.

“That…” the man hesitated.

“I just want to take a look, I won’t get in your way,” Mo Liu Gui demanded and went straight inside, completely disregarding the man.

She wanted to know and see with her own eyes… If it really was the person she’d guessed!

The man had no choice but to comply. He hurried behind her and had his phone in hand, ready to give Qin Cheng Yi a call.

Mo Liu Gui walked towards the person on the ground. She turned on the flashlight of her phone and shone it at the person’s face.

Sure enough…

It really is Mo Di!!!

Mo Liu Gui couldn’t tell what she truly felt. Looking at Mo Di in that depressing state, she was elated from the bottom of her heart but there was also inexplicable anxiety.

She knew how Qin Cheng Yi thought and now that they had come this far, Mo Di was not going to live. Leaving someone to die was something she had never done before, it was inevitable that she would feel upset.

Mo Liu Gui comforted herself mentally before turning to leave. When she was almost at the door, she heard a harsh bang and the muffled humming sounds Mo Di was trying to make.


From the start, Mo Di had been trying to make the tape wet with his saliva and now the inner side was quite loose. 

Hearing Mo Di’s desperate call, Mo Liu Gui was quite satisfied. She turned and looked at him, “Didn’t you refuse to call me sister?”

She knew that Mo Di was going to die soon. Even if it’s not here and now, he would still be dead when Qin Cheng Yi sent him to be a human display at his overseas casinos. Before that happened, she wanted to make a clean break from the vicious scum that had caused her so much misery for such a long time.

When the man in yellow heard that Mo Liu Gui wanted to have a chat with Mo Di, he frowned and pulled the storeroom keeper outside to guard the door. No matter what she had to say, it was best not to let him hear it.

Mo Liu Gui saw the two men leaving obediently under her command and felt the return of the long-lost pleasure of having people at her beck and call.

Mo Liu Gui went up to Mo Di and kicked him like livestock that was about to be slaughtered. She then squatted down and looked at him.

There was fear in his eyes and a desperate plea for help.

Mo Liu Gui’s lips curled up. She suddenly felt that the dark and cold days were soon to be bright and joyful.

As long as Mu Tian Heng and Mo Di were completely destroyed without redemption, the Mo family could shine again and she would have a beautiful life of endless possibilities. As for Mo Di… He could only lie deep in the ground.

The joy in her heart was overflowing.

She looked at Mo Di and said in a sympathizing voice, “To be honest… I know that you were reborn. But so what?”

“Xiao Di, you should know that we are being judged by what we do. You are such a wicked person, it’s useless for you to have a second life.”

“Besides, don’t you feel that you’re too cruel? Tell me, wasn’t I good to you? Xiao Di, tell sister, have I ever been bad to you? I treated you so well but you never knew how to be grateful to me! You have tried to cause me even more harm than the last life.”

“You tried to ruin my life and that’s why you deserve to die even earlier this time!”

Mo Liu Gui no longer tried to hide the vile emotions inside of her when looking at the fearful Mo Di. With much satisfaction, she stood up, turned around, and left.

This place, she was never here.

After Mo Di’s death, she would visit his grave every year to tell him the Mo family’s happy news, her ever-blossoming career, and how she would still become the most sought after and admired person in the world.

When the man in yellow saw Mo Liu Gui coming out with red eyes, he tried to comfort her, “Miss Mo…”

“I’m fine. I know who treats me well and who is bad for me. I will not be softhearted like before. I know that my kindness will only bring harm to the people I care for. I won’t make things difficult for your master…” Mo Liu Gui’s eyes were red and a layer of tears was accumulating. 


In the warehouse, Mo Di kicked the tiny camera he had dug out from his pocket into a pile of green cushions while the two men were talking to Mo Liu Gui.

In the next second, the warehouse door was opened again.

The man in yellow came in and said to the storeroom keeper, “Drag him near the entrance and quickly finish the job!”

The storeroom keeper swallowed his saliva and nodded. He recalled the process that the man in yellow had told him: Get the boy near the door and make it look like he was there to ask for a broom but unfortunately met with a lunatic on the loose. He would then kill the boy and pretend to be a madman dancing with knives. 

That’s it, it’s very simple. There’s nothing to be nervous about…

When it was about time to carry out the job, the storeroom keeper got inevitably jittery. He took a bottle of Er Guo Tou from the cupboard and drank a mouthful, then dragged Mo Di to the door. 

(TN: Very strong spirits)

Ten million is going into my pocket!

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  1. I wonder if she even have a protagonist halo 🧐?? I know its a novel but other than reborn being mentioned multiple times, nothing else seems fantastical. The Mo’s treated Mo Di like shiit because of a superstition or wtvr and MLG grew up being spoiled af. No system is being mentioned, even MLG doesn’t know about her power. Like she knows she can affect people but whenever things go wrong she always blame it on Mo Di but never think something went wrong with her halo.

    Thanks for the chapter 😘


    1. It’s late but I want to reply ahaha. Her halo is to be able to charm others and trigger their heart thus gaining a lot of golden finger (Mo Fam, Qin Fam, Ye Fam and Gu Fam) that’s why her life has been so smooth

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  2. What a “sweet” girl – wants her brother dead but also wants to continue feeling good about herself! Very flexible morals (if the set of principles she operates on can be graced with the name of morals).
    Thank you for the chapter ❤

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  3. kldchsjdh I am so angry for Mo Di! I hope he caught everything on camera so the situation turns his way once he’s free. He still has his tracking device and I know that his senior told MTH about his disappearance.

    Please save him quickly!!!!

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  4. I don’t understand why she thinks he harmed her? He ruined the Mo family, as revenge but also simply to be safe. After all, they got ruined mainly because they tried killing him and got sent to jail. They just got the consequences of their actions. Even when he poisonned his dad, the poison was what his brother tried to make him drink. He didn’t really retaliate against MLG? She said she was kind to him so he should have been grateful and instead destroyed her, but he never destroyed her? After all, she was spared of his revenge, only her reputation disappeared. Why does she consider him taking his revenge on the family members who tortured him as taking revenge on her? She knows she is the only one in the family who treated him well. The more I think about it, the more confused I get. It doesn’t matter, she’s probably just lacking in IQ and logical sense.
    Thank you for the chapter!

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    1. I suppose her mentality came from the way she was brought up. Having everyone around her constantly saying that MD is a schemer etc and how she’s too kind and caring which eventually became her beliefs. 🤔 But of course, it doesn’t change the fact that her personality was already bad to begin with

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  5. wow, even in her confession she still believes that she is treating modi right?
    by stealing his company? thrown him into mental institute? ending up killing up? that is your definition of treating your twin brother good, huh mlg?
    this woman is so scary, even to the end she wont admit what she did is bad, since she is the freaking white lotus that can do no wrong, and she always have everyone’s sake in her twisted mind

    reading this chapter makes me so damn angry hahaha

    ah heng where are you?

    anyway thanks for the update and all the work ^_^

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