RCFN 112

Chapter 112

Edited and Proofread by KitKat

When he came to, Mo Di found that he had been thrown into a dark room with his hands and legs tied up. Dim lights came in from outside and the air was filled with dust.

Frustration and panic surged from his heart. He wiggled and felt a pain coming from his butt. The micro camera was still there. He heaved a sigh and was slightly relieved.

Mu Tian Heng bought the micro camera for him from a black market. It was a state-of-the-art product; even if it couldn’t capture any images, it should still be able to record the sounds.

As long as he could get out, the contents should be able to provide some evidence.

But the problem is…

Can he still get out?!

This kidnapping couldn’t possibly be an accident or for a ransom demand. The person with the audacity to even commit a crime within his school could only be Qin Cheng Yi.

And now that he had made his move, Mo Di believed that it would not end with just a threat. According to Qin Cheng Yi’s personality, Mo Di was sure… He wanted him dead.

Mo Di’s heart was beating fast. He began to scan his surroundings. 

He saw that there were a few shelves in the room. In areas with adequate lights, he could see that they were mats, basketballs, and skipping ropes. This seemed to be a sports storeroom.

… Sports storeroom?

So is he in a school or some sort of sports facility?

Mo Di’s eyelids twitched. A grim possibility dawned on him.

If this was a school, there were several primary and secondary schools near his university. But he did not think that after Qin Cheng Yi’s meticulous calculations, he would simply have someone tie him up in a storeroom of a school. Even if he staged a fire, there were too many loopholes and it could still be easily discovered. Mu Tian Heng would never let them go.

Therefore, this place couldn’t be a school or a sports facility near his university.

Jing Da was located in a fairy prosperous area but the eastern suburb was not the same. There were one or two schools and housing for migrant workers who worked on the various construction sites. The neighborhood there was rough and harsh.

Mo Di listened to the noises outside and was certain he was near one of the schools. 

If he remembered correctly, the two schools in the eastern suburbs were in remote locations but they were close to the freeway. One of them was right opposite a run-down nursing home and a mental hospital. There was scarcely anyone living nearby and the staff was very disorderly.

Mo Di bit his lips and frowned. The place he was kept in was probably close to the nursing home and most importantly, the mental hospital! It was the perfect place to cover up a crime!

Mo Di was starting to get anxious. He remembered an announcement Lin Jun Jie made to the class, asking for volunteers at a nursing home near the eastern suburbs. Students could acquire credits for their final grade if they participated.

He was too busy with the company and dealing with the Mo family, of course he did not sign up. But if someone was bribed to put him on the volunteers list, then there would be a reasonable explanation why he was here. And after he was killed, the case could easily be concluded as an accident.

Even if there was an investigation, although Lin Jun Jie and the others could testify for him, there was always the chance that Qin Cheng Yi would bribe the police to put pressure on them.

Mu Tian Heng could certainly help but Mo Di was fearful that Qin Cheng Yi would have planned a way to deal with Mu Tian Heng as well. Even as of now, Mu Tian Heng could already be in some sort of danger.

Mo Di felt restless and overwhelmed by panic. Unable to tear the tape off his mouth or take the ropes off his hands, he could only use his butt and feet to crawl towards the door.

Halfway there, the door suddenly creaked and opened.

Two men entered the room. Their backs were against the light, making it difficult to see their faces.


“I don’t want to work with her. She’s always tearing up for no reason, people are going to think I bullied her.” Sun Bai Qian took a trash bag and placed it next to the ponytail girl who made her team up with Mo Liu Gui, “Why didn’t you work with her?”

“I was already cleaning the floor. She’s supposed to clean the windows and we can’t just let her do it by herself. The boys and teachers were all watching, if one of us didn’t go with her, they would say that we’re picking on her,” The ponytail girl said with dissatisfaction, “If I knew this would happen, I’d rather not have volunteered.”

“Forget it, it’s only once a week. Two more weeks and we don’t have to do this anymore.”

Sun Bai Qian glanced at Mo Liu Gui who was wiping the window with a rag and was surrounded by several boys and teachers. She sighed at the fact that the good-looking always get more attention. They have been working a lot harder and more efficiently than Mo Liu Gui but none of them got even half the amount of praise that she received.

“What are you girls doing? Why isn’t anyone helping Mo Liu Gui? She’s cleaning such a big window by herself. Stop being lazy!” The manager of the elderly’s home, a greasy-looking man in his thirty’s named Zhang Yang, approached the girls and said, “Sun Bai Qian, you go over there to help Mo Liu Gui. Let Liu Lan Yue and the others do the work here.”

“Sir, I don’t want to!” Sun Bai Qian was disheartened. She was really sick of Mo Liu Gui!

“Sir, why don’t, why don’t I just do it by myself? I can do it,” Mo Liu Gui was fuming inside. She never had to do such heavy chores before. On top of that, those girls were obviously isolating her. How nauseating! If it wasn’t to gain a good name by doing volunteering work, she wouldn’t have bothered.

Mo Liu Gui maintained a calm and magnanimous attitude. With a slight grievance in her voice, she said, “I can do it alone.”

“That won’t do. Such a big window, it’s more efficient to have two people cleaning it from both sides.” Zhang Yang’s heart softened when he saw Mo Liu Gui’s eyes turning red.

“As for you, Sun Bai Qian, you’d better go clean the windows as well. Don’t even think of letting others do all the work, what kind of volunteer are you?!”

Zhang Yang turned and accused Sun Bai Qian of pushing all the work on others. His words were harsh and biased, as though he could not see the large pile of garbage Sun Bai Qian and her friends had gathered.

Sun Bai Qian was about to explode when the vice manager, Li Ruan Jie came to mediate. “I’ll clean the windows with Du Mei Mei. Mo Liu Gui, why don’t you go to ask the janitor for more brooms and mops? We had to split up the tools for the other areas and don’t have enough.”

“Ok, I’ll go ask,” Mo Liu Gui responded. With slightly red eyes, she went down the steps, “How many?”

“At least three more brooms and mops.”

“Why don’t I go with you? Those things are heavy and cumbersome,” Zhang Yang looked at Mo Liu Gui fondly.

“There’s no need, sir. I can do it myself. Since I’ve decided to do this, I should work hard. I really want to do more to help,” Mo Liu Gui said before running out.

Zhang Yang was even more distressed for her. He turned and stared at the other girls and made a mental note to discredit them when he could.

Mo Liu Gui left the yard and headed west. The nursing home was old and the elderlies lived in small rooms side by side. There were three or four rows of such rooms with a small courtyard in between.

Behind the resident area was a small field with some fitness equipment. Because the weather was a little chilly and there were volunteers out and about, the elderlies had all stayed in their rooms.

Further west of the field were two warehouses and a back door. A keeper would usually watch over the two warehouses.

Mo Liu Gui was running towards the warehouses when she realized that she had forgotten to inquire which one housed the cleaning equipment.

She saw the backs of two men entering the southern warehouse and assumed that they were students or teachers here for voluntary work as well. She went towards the southern warehouse and pushed the door handle but it did not budge.

“Is anyone there? I’m a student from Jing Da. I’m here to get a few brooms and mops. Is anyone in there?”

Mo Liu Gui knocked on the door again.

Mo Di saw that the two men were panicking and agitated. His eyes shifted and he lunged himself into the shelve next to him, sending out a loud bang.

The two men quickly pressed him down. One of them had his fist up and punched him in the face.

Mo Di tried to make some noise but his mouth was gagged too tightly, no sound could escape.

It seemed Mo Liu Gui had come here by accident. Which meant that she did not know that he was kidnapped here. As long as she could make a scene, he might be able to survive this.

Having heard the bang, Mo Liu Gui knew that there was someone inside. She continued to knock on the door.

“Hello, I’m here to get some brooms and mops, can you open the door?”


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  1. Well, of course if you’ve never lifted anything heavier than a sandwich in your life, cleaning windows is going to be hard work! But jeez, things aren’t looking good for Mo Di…
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  2. as if mo li gui will do anything to help modi.
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