RCFN Chapter 77

Chapter 77

After seeing Ye Cheng Feng being carried to the ambulance in a half-dead state, Mo Di turned and left with a smile on his lips. 

Ye Cheng Feng, he was indeed a cruel one.

Too bad he had to swallow the evil fruit he planted.

Were he to have drunk that wine, his end would have been a lot more ridiculous. His name would have skyrocketed to the top of the ‘country’s most infamous’ list.

When Mo Di returned to the villa, he went straight to his room and locked the door. He retrieved the recording onto a USB drive and connected it to his computer.

Mo Di muted the sound before playing the video.

Before him was a two minute R-rated clip with an eye-scorching dynamic view of what happened.

Mo Di watched the clip of Ye Cheng Feng acting like a savage animal with ridicule and irony.


Ye Cheng Feng had always been someone who maintained a good temperament and elegance in the eye of the public. The man who could even keep an upright and justified attitude when witnessing his tortures in the mental hospital was now revealing his animalistic side in such an unsightly way. And regardless of the medicine, the ugliness of a man rid of inhibitions is deeply rooted in his true nature.

Mo Di quickly placed a mosaic over Bai Wenwen’s face. Even if her clothes were still intact, she might not want to see her own face on the video.

Mo Di had no intention to spread this video. He planned to send it to Bai Wenwen anonymously at an appropriate time to help her out. 

And his help was detrimental to her survival.

The reason being that this matter had turned serious. Ye Cheng Feng was likely to be ruined healthwise. Even with extreme luck and he could recover, Bai Wenwen would still have to bear the brunt.

In any case, the Ye family would never let her off and Mo Di did not want Bai Wenwen to be threatened by them. Whatever she wished to do with the video, whether to sue Ye Cheng Feng, keep the Ye family at bay, or for her own protection, Mo Di would give her his support.

The truth was, his intended revenge against Ye Cheng Feng was notorious and unyielding. He wanted to tear off his fake mask and expose it nationwide. However, since this involved Bai Wenwen, he would have to put aside his vengeance and respect her decision. 

To Mo Di, everything in this life was turning for the better. He had friends, a wonderful lover, and a new home. He still intended to have his revenge without any mercy but he was not willing to turn into someone who disregarded everything else just for revenge.

Meanwhile, after Zhu Chenglang was notified that Ye Cheng Feng was drugged and had his ‘life stalk’ kicked, he almost lost his balance. In a horrified state, he staggered into the ambulance and called Uncle Zhang.

Upon hearing the news, Uncle Zhang’s voice was both furious and terrifying. Zhu Chenglang listened to his words as he held the phone with shivering hands.

He really wished he could just run away. But sadly, both his parents were working for the Ye family. If he ran, they would surely go after them. He was too familiar with how that family operated. He was not a good man and had done many bad things but he would not let his parents suffer in his place.

Zhu Chenglang was under severe pressure. He felt as though he could die from a heart attack in the next second. And that would actually be a preferable ending for him. At the very least, he would not have to face the punishment from the Ye family. Thinking of his bleak future, Zhu Chenglang was very scared.

Why didn’t Mo Di drink it? Why didn’t Mo Di drink it?!

Where did he go wrong?! 

If only Mo Di had drunk the wine, he would be the one making a fool of himself instead. The young master would still be fine and he would be rewarded. There’s even a possibility that his parents would receive a bonus. But now that this happened, it was all over!

Why didn’t Mo Di fall into the trap?!

At the same time, Uncle Zhang who had just reprimanded Zhu Chenglang furiously was facing the same fear. To the Ye family, although he was a high ranking subordinate, compared to Ye Cheng Feng, he was just as expendable as anyone else.

Furthermore, he was the one who came up with the plan for Ye Cheng Feng. No matter how glib his tongue was, the best he could do was shift the blame to Zhu Chenglang. Even so, he still would not be better off. On top of that, he knew too many of the Ye family’s secrets. They would not openly punish him but he knew how capable they were of operating in the dark.

Uncle Zhang thought quickly and found a way out. Nonetheless, he still had to come up with a backup plan.

It would be best if he could just up and leave, away from the line of fire.


When Ye Cheng Feng was taken to the hospital, only Zhu Chenglang from his team came along. The others were not allowed to follow under Zhu Chenglang’s insistence. 

Bai Wenwen got out of her clothes and put them in a garbage bag. She then immersed herself in a hot bath.

To be under your male god while he vented like an animal was a traumatizing experience. She was disgusted but most of all, heartbroken. She had always looked up to him like the prince from a fairytale, a kind and gentle man one could only dream of as a lover. But that dream suddenly turned into a nightmare.

Now that she had calmed and was resting in a quiet place, she could finally sort out her thoughts. Whether it was the ridiculous end to her one-sided love or the shame of being seen in such a situation, she just could not take it.

She did not know how to face Ye Cheng Feng or anyone else on the team. She did not think she could continue taking part in this competition. She wanted to leave.


To leave or to stay, it was no longer Bai Wenwen’s choice to make.

The moment Ye Guosheng and the Ye patriarch heard of the accident, they exploded in rage. They quickly left for the hospital and at the same time, had the whole game base under surveillance.

By the time they arrived at the hospital, Ye Cheng Feng was mostly relieved of the medicine with only a small amount left in his system. But that should not pose a problem because, after that kick, Ye Cheng Feng’s little buddy was already crippled. Even with the lingering effects from such a powerful drug, there was no reaction from it.

Upon hearing the shocking news, Ye Cheng Feng’s mother broke down in tears and almost fainted. The Ye patriarch’s blood pressure skyrocketed and he nearly had a stroke. For that reason, he was directly sent to another ward.


The Ye family was in a mess. After Ye Guosheng was done with the hospital procedures, the first thing he did to vent his anger was to order Bai Wenwen’s removal from the game base!

However, due to the mess he made previously by dipping his hand into the game competition, his words were powerless in the eyes of the competition committee. Besides, his old-time nemesis, Zhao Zhiqiang, had been on the lookout for him, fearing he would cause more trouble. Therefore, when Ye Guosheng gave out his order, it was not long after that it reached Zhao Zhiqiang.

He immediately nullified his orders, claiming that he had no right to remove someone from the team and out of the base.

Ye Guosheng certainly would not expose that he wanted Bai Wenwen because she ‘crippled’ his son. And since he refused to believe his son was trying to rape Bai Wenwen, he felt that Zhao Shiqiang was deliberately getting in his way!

Ye Guosheng smashed his cup in anger. Madame Ye was crying beside him.

“Those vile people! Every single one of them, heartless! They all bullied my son! They all bullied my innocent son…”

Madame Ye cried so hard her head was in pain. She could not open her eyes but the tears kept falling. “Teach them a lesson! You have to punish them! Make Bai Wenwen pay! How dare she do this to my son! I want her to die a painful death! Wooo…”

“Be quiet! Now is not the time to say all these! Our family will be investigated!” Ye Guosheng’s brain was swelling with anger. “Do not say such things again. And don’t you dare order someone to deal with Bai Wenwen!”

“You’re trying to protect Bai Wenwen?! Cheng Feng was harmed! Isn’t he your son? Isn’t he our son? Ye Guosheng, if you don’t love our son and refuse to avenge him, just tell me! I’ll do it myself!”

“You know nothing!”

Ye Guosheng was getting incredibly annoyed: “Do you know that our family is being watched? If you act recklessly, we’ll be ruined!”

“Besides, I was not trying to protect Bai Wenwen. Of course I’ll have to deal with her but for now, we can’t do it that way. We’ll sue her and put her in jail for a few years. When the time comes, I can arrange anything, even if you want her to die of an illness. But for now, just stay still!”

Madame Ye was still sobbing: “But… you said it yourself that there are too many eyes on us. Can you really make sure that she goes to jail? What if you can’t? What if we can’t avenge our son? We can’t let that Bai Wenwen go scot-free. My son had suffered for no reason!”

“Your way will not get us revenge and only bring trouble to the Ye family!”

“What’s going on? Why are you both arguing?” Ye Guosheng’s sister who had just come over from the patriarch’s ward when she heard the couple’s voices. “What’s wrong? Don’t you think we have enough problems already?”

“It’s fine. Sis, please have a talk with Chunrui. I said we have to sue Bai Wenwen first but she disagreed and kept insisting on taking matters into her own hands. Isn’t that just reckless!” Ye Guosheng waved his hand and turned to leave.

Hearing this, Ye Guosheng’s sister began to console Zhang Chunrui: “Sister-in-law, you cannot be impulsive. After putting Bai Wenwen in prison, you can do whatever you want to her. But if you touch her now and something goes wrong, we’ll all be in trouble. If the Ye family is not stable, it will affect Cheng Feng as well, am I right? You have to calm down…”


Ye Guosheng left to see the locked up Zhu Chenglang. He immediately gave him a kick on the chest the moment he entered the room.

Zhu Chenglang groaned in pain but he dared not say anything. His legs trembled and he could only grit his teeth while kneeling and begging for mercy.

Uncle Zhang was also present but their positions were obviously different. Bowing low, he spoke to Ye Guosheng respectfully: “Sir, Sir, please calm down. Zhu Chenglang was incompetent and allowed such things to happen to the young master. Punishing him is a must but first, we should hear from him what really happened if we want to sue the girl who hurt the young master.”

Ye Guosheng gave Uncle Zhang a cold stare. He sneered softly and said: “Is that so? Then you ask the questions, I’ll listen.”

Did Zhang Dachen think that he was stupid or that he himself was so smart he could fool the Ye family? Did he think pushing the blame to someone else could save his skin?

If it wasn’t for the untimely troubles, Zhang Dachen would not even be standing here!

Uncle Zhang saw the way Ye Guosheng looked at him and was certain of his impending demise. His back was drenched with sweat but he dared not let his fear show.

He went straight to Zhu Chenglang and yelled at him: “Exactly what happened with the medicine? Under what situation was the young master found in? How many were at the scene and what did they see? Tell me clearly!”

“I don’t know. I don’t know why or how the young master was the one who took the wine. We had this all planned out, Mo Di should be the one to drink it. I don’t know why the young master was drugged instead. I don’t know, I really don’t know.”

Zhu Chenglang cried his eyes out: “Sir, for the young master to have drunk this wine, Mo Di and Bai Wenwen must’ve done something. Both of them are the ones who tried to hurt the young master. It must be them. Sir, you can’t let them off. You have to avenge the young master…”

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  1. “To Mo Di, everything in this life was turning for the better. He had friends, a wonderful lover, and a new home. He still intended to have his revenge without any mercy but he was not willing to turn into someone who disregarded everything else just for revenge.”

    when you just want be happy and know how to do it without hurt somebody *chef kiss*


  2. I’m always impress by the way those character can be shameless. It isnt the drugs that YOUR son WANTed to give to someone else ? Why it is their fault ? In that cas , its your fault too to not have tell him not to do it. Dont give tje responsability to someone else knowing that your son is guilty. As if you would do nothing if someone was attempting to rape you.

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  3. This isn’t so much a criticism as a observation; why does one kick in the balls always equal impotency in Chinese novels, just like one dousing of rain equals a feverish cold?

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  4. Apart from sending the video to Bai Wenwen, Mo Di should notify Mu Tian Heng – he can stop Ye Cheng Feng himself, but dealing with Ye Guosheng and the whole Ye family is beyond his capabilities right now.
    Thank you for the chapter ❤

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  5. Bai Wenwen seems smart and capable, especially now that the halo effect has been removed. I’m sure she’ll see the danger of not making use of that video. You want revenge Ye family? Come to your own demise! Plot evil, receive evil.

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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