RCFN Chapter 76

Chapter 76

Feels like I should put a warning for this chapter so here goes: 

Warning: drug use and attempted rape but there’s nothing really explicit.

Having heard that, the two women immediately went back.

Seeing them go, the man had no choice but to follow.

Meanwhile, Zhu Chenglang was chatting with Zhang Meng Jie. He was trying to get her to eat a piece of cake dosed with a sleeping agent. Unfortunately, it was not working out and he was rejected repeatedly by her due to her weight loss program.

Zhu Chenglang was getting annoyed. He finally decided to get her some juice and spike it instead.

As he returned to the tent, he saw several of his members dashing away from the party and the direction they were going was towards villa #3.

“Why are you guys going back so early?” Zhu Chenglang ran over and asked the man. “Is the party over already?”

“No, but the captain seemed to be sick. Bai Wenwen went after him but we were worried she might need some help.” The man explained.

“The captain is sick? What sickness? What happened?!” Zhu Chenglang was panicking the moment he heard his young master suddenly got ill.

“Dunno. We’re going there to have a look. You want to come with us?”

Zhu Chenglang was grimacing.

Of course he wanted to check in on Ye Cheng Feng but he had not accomplished his work here. Without Zhang Meng Jie, Mo Di’s show would not be as exciting. All their efforts would be in vain!

He mulled for two seconds and decided that the matter at hand was more important. If this plan did not go accordingly, Uncle Zhang and Ye Cheng Feng would absolutely make him pay.

“It’s ok. I have something else to do. You guys go and check on the young master first, I’ll be there in a moment.” He said to the man: “Make sure to take good care of the captain.”

Zhu Chenglang said and went back to a tent at the side.

Mo Di narrowed his eyes when he saw his reaction. He quickly sent Zhang Meng Jie a message then left villa #1 to follow quietly behind the plump man.


At this time, Ye Cheng Feng’s body was burning up. The reaction at a certain place was getting unbearable. It had already been five minutes from the time he first realized that something was wrong. His reasoning was sinking fast.

Uncle Zhang was right. The medicine was incredibly potent, especially its hallucinogenic effects. 

Ye Cheng Feng used all of his willpower and only managed to stagger back to the front of villa three. His head was filled with Mo Liu Gui and a ringing pierced his ears. His heart thumped violently as the passion from within took over and everything else was a blur.

The female member was still following behind Ye Cheng Feng. She genuinely wanted to help him.

In the beginning, Ye Cheng Feng was still conscious and he managed to push her away. However, as time progressed, he could not help but be attracted to the warm body and the desire to hold on to someone.

Bai Wenwen had always liked Ye Cheng Feng. Many companies had offered her way higher wages but she decided to stay and work for Ye Cheng Feng’s startup company. Oftentimes she even had to do the job of a secretary with the pay of an intern. And yet she was still meticulous and considerate towards him, serving him tea and coffee.

When he was upset, she would feel the same; a smile from him would make her happy for the whole day. Her biggest dream was to have a date with him… and yes, it was just a dream because she knew it was impossible.

But now Ye Cheng Feng was holding her!

Bai Wenwen was ecstatic. She did not even mind that there was something wrong with Ye Cheng Feng. The important point was that he was hugging her!

… he even, even kissed her!!!

Bai Wenwen gazed adoring at Ye Cheng Feng’s face, feeling his intense strength around her and his passionate kisses. She put her arms around him as her heart softened. Dreams do come true.

But gradually, the situation was getting out of hand.

Ye Cheng Feng was grabbing at her clothes.

This was still outdoors!

“Captain, captain…?!!” Bai Wenwen tried to fend off Ye Cheng Feng, “Captain, captain, we’re still outside!”

Ironically, if Ye Cheng Feng was still rational then this medicine would have been in vain. On top of that, to make sure he would get a reaction out of Mo Di, Ye Cheng Feng did not hold back on the dosage.

“Captain, captain, Cheng Feng, Cheng Feng!” Bai Wenwen was becoming anxious. She pushed him off and tried to run but he caught up in just two steps. He pounced on her and they both rolled on the grass beside the villa entrance. 

The grassy ground was lined with fallen leaves and it strewed across their clothes as they struggled.

Bai Wenwen was infatuated with Ye Cheng Feng. If this was inside the villa, she might struggle for a bit but would ultimately let it happen. But this was the outdoors and it’s right outside the villa’s entrance!

No matter how much she loved him, she just could not accept this. Anyone entering or exiting the building could easily see them!

She did not want to be famous like this!!!

Bai Wenwen began to panic. She was now wholeheartedly rejecting Ye Cheng Feng’s advances. However, a man who had lost his reason to desire was no different than an animal. Ye Cheng Feng was terribly strong and Bai Wenwen could not get him off her. He kissed her aggressively while trying to tear off her clothes.

Bai Wenwen was ever so thankful that she wore a thick cashmere sweater and tight jeans. Ye Cheng Feng pulled vigorously multiple times but could not get them off. He eventually began to move with her still clothed.

The way he looked… it was like a dog in heat, mating on the side of the road.

Bai Wenwen looked at Ye Cheng Feng and his image shattered right in front of her. He was no longer the person she had been longing for.

Looking at Ye Cheng Feng now only made her sick.

Bai Wenwen struggled to push him away but she was not strong enough. 

After a minute, she heard footsteps coming. 

At this point, her panic meter had reached its max. Since her pushing was futile, another method came to mind. Maybe kicking his lower half would help but she still did not have the heart to do so.

She worried Ye Cheng Feng would be destroyed or even die. Although she did not love him like before, he was still someone she cared for. She just could not bear to hurt him.

As Bai Wenwen was still entangled with the decision to kick him or not, two female voices were screaming.



When the two female members came running back and saw their captain with his pants down and moving like a dog in heat over their teammate, the two screamed in shock and disbelief.

And it was at this time that Ye Cheng Feng reached the pinnacle and let out a loud groan. His ‘desires’ stained Bai Wenwen’s clothes and as he shook, he called out the name ‘Xiao Gui’. 

Instantly, the disgust and anger in Bai Wenwen’s heart increased in heaps and bounds. The hesitation from before was completely gone as she raised her leg and gave him a brutal kick.


The direct assault to his lifeblood caused Ye Cheng Feng to screech in agony.

The plump man arrived at the same time as his female teammates. They witness the scene from the point Ye Cheng Feng venting his desires to whence he was kicked. At first, they were still in shock but at the final scene, they held their breath, thinking: Gosh that must really hurt! Their captain is going to be impotent.

Although the big man was deep in thought, his reaction was prompt. He ran to Ye Cheng Feng who was paralyzed with pain and helped him up. He wanted to bring him back to the villa first. Even if he needed to be hospitalized, he should still get dressed.

“What are you two doing? Go help Bai Wenwen up! Take her to get a change of clothes!” He said to the female members.

The women came to their senses and went to help Bai Wenwen with a complicated thought.

Before tonight, they would have died of jealousy knowing their captain and Bai Wenwen were making out but now, they did not know what to feel.

The sight of Ye Cheng Feng a moment ago was branded in their minds.

It was very much like dogs on the roadside….. A little disgusting.

Bai Wenwen saw the looks in their eyes and said: “Do not look at me like that! It was not consensual and we were never in a relationship!” Having said that, she pushed away their hands and ran straight into the villa.

She looked at her sullied jeans and was all the more disgusted with Ye Cheng Feng. Her previous feelings for him were now completely cleansed. She even contemplated leaving the competition.


What Mo Di did not know was that he had consequentially changed the fate of another cannon fodder.

In the previous life, Mo Liu Gui’s charm could cause a man to devote his whole life to her. And the important second male lead, Ye Cheng Feng, had a similar ability, only not as strong as Mo Liu Gui’s. 

And Bai Wenwen was the unfortunate soul that Ye Cheng Feng had hooked by the neck. By the time she was forty, she had rejected people who truly loved her and career paths that she could excel in. She toiled for Ye Cheng Feng’s company and finally made it to the position of general manager. 

However, a few rumors about her and Ye Cheng Feng happened to reach Mo Liu Gui. In her own ‘unintentional’ way, Mo Liu Gui subtly said to Ye Cheng Feng that it was good of him to have someone he liked and she hoped when they get married, she would be invited.

And so to show his undying love for Mo Liu Gui, Ye Cheng Feng publicly dismissed Bai Wenwen.

At the age of forty, Bai Wenwen had wasted her precious youth and hard work to end up being loveless and jobless.

With how things turned out this life, Bai Wenwen could free herself from the hook before it was too late.

Mo Di left after he saw the group of people entering the building from a distance.

Ten minutes later, the sound of sirens could be heard approaching the base and went straight to villa #3.

Mo Di acted surprised and went to watch the commotion with everyone else. He happened to see Ye Cheng Feng, who was now properly dressed, being carried into the ambulance.

Mo Di squeezed towards the big man and stealthily removed the badge. He then asked: “Brother, your captain was that ill?”

The man turned and when he saw Mo Di, there was a complicated look on his face. He responded with an ‘en’. He thought to himself: It’s quite a serious illness. With Bai Wenwen’s kick, even if it wasn’t broken, it will still be unusable.

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  1. I’m desperately hoping for double testicular rupture, though he would probably be immediately rendered unconscious if he suffered that, since the pain would be devastating.


  2. Good for Bai Wenwen! Though it’s rather painful to lose one’s love in this way, still, it’s much better than wasting time and energy on an unworthy person.
    Thank you for the translation ❤

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  3. Funny how things come back to bite you! Damn this Ye family though. I can’t ever forgive or have sympathy for rapists. They’re getting exactly what they deserve and I revel in it! Even better, no one was permanently damaged as the girls in this chapter managed to get away.

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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  4. MD did not do much for now but I like how this arc is literally ‘have a taste of your own medicine’. There’s more to come as the Ye family will do something so stay tuned.

    In the meantime, have a great weekend everyone!

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