RCFN Chapter 71

Chapter 71

When they reached home, Suan Suan, who had not seen Mo Di in days, jumped at him excitedly. The tail attached to its back was shaking non-stop.

Mo Di picked Suan Suan up and gave it a kiss.

“Suan Suan, did you miss me that much?”

“This little guy is too snobbish. I’m with him every day and he doesn’t even move his butt. Now he’s almost shaking his tail off.” Mu Tian Heng came over and gave Suan Suan a nudge. “Snobbish dog.”

Mo Di laughed.

Seeing Mo Di’s hearty laughter, Mu Tian Heng smiled along. Nonetheless, he did not forget the topic at hand: “You said that you wanted to go to see the Mo house, what was that about?”

Mo Di gave Suan Suan’s head a scratch. He then explained slowly: “According to the timeline, no matter how busy Mo Er Qian was, he would come back for the Spring Festival every year. He’s a highly intelligent and cautious man. I’m worried that the camera I planted in the house might be discovered. And even if they weren’t discovered, he can still use jamming devices and by then, the two cameras would be useless.”

“So you want to plant another camera near the Mo house?”

“I want to set up one in front of the house and also hack into several feeds from the nearby shops and fast-food restaurants.” Mo Di was getting pale as he explained further: “Mo Er Qian is not on the same magnitude as the others from the Mo family. He has a high IQ and is incredibly forethoughtful. If he wants to deal with me, it’ll be very difficult for me to escape unscathed.”

“That’s why I wanted to have more surveillance so we might be able to detect something ahead of time. Whether it’s for defense or counterattack, we’ll be more flexible.”

Recalling Mo Er Qian’s information, Mu Tian Heng’s eyes turned dark, “Mo Er Qian is indeed troublesome.”

But he felt that it was not as difficult.

He and Mo Er Qian were alumni from H University and they are roughly the same age. 

His circle of friends extended all over campus including those who studied together with Mo Er Qian. And two of them were currently in the same research team as him and could not be contacted for the time being.

But their professor should still be reachable.

“No need to worry.” Mu Tian Heng decided on his next move and rubbed Mo Di’s hair. “We’ll be able to resist whatever that comes. There’s always a way. Mo Er Qian is intelligent but he’s not the only one. Smart people are everywhere and it’s not like they are outside the law. As long as he steps out of line, there will be evidence and he will go to jail.”

“I know.” Mo Di sighed and showed a faint smile, “I’m just a little anxious but he doesn’t scare me.”

“Don’t be a worry-wart at such a young age.” Mu Tian Heng pinched Mo Di’s face and looked at him adoringly: “You’re rarely free so just relax for today. We’ll go out for lunch later, how’s that?”

“Ok.” Mo Di nodded with a smile.

Suan Suan was whining at the side. It grabbed at Mo Di’s pants with its white fluffy limbs, indicating its desire to tag along.

“You can’t go with us to the restaurant but when we come back, I promise to take you for a walk, how’s that?” Mo Di caressed Suan Suan’s paws and went to its food bowl, “I’ll open a can so you can eat first. Good boy.” 


Mu Tian Heng took Mo Di out for lunch and drove him around for another half an hour. When Mo Di’s mood was improved, Mu Tian Heng sent him back to the villa before rushing off to work.

Mo Di kept his word and brought Suan Suan out for a walk. However, the weather was a little harsh for him and as he also feared for Suan Suan’s health, Mo Di carried Suan Suan home after only thirty minutes.

Mo Di then focused on finishing chapter seven of Infinite Life.

Maybe the correct balance between work and rest does contribute to improving work efficiency, Mo Di had managed to complete the basic draft to chapter seven by nighttime.


After breakfast the next day, Mo Di added the final touches to the chapters five to seven and they were uploaded to the game competition website.

In less than ten minutes after the chapters were submitted, the judge that had threatened them with a bad review posted a comment on his Weibo.

His name was Ru Wen Han: “It’s due tonight and you only uploaded it now! Just because Infinite Life is a highly anticipated game you think you can keep me on the edge by sending it in this late! I’m so mad I don’t want to talk anymore. I have to play the game now.”

This post made Infinite Life an immediate hot search but the ranking was not very high until the Weibo account of the game competition commented to Ru Wen Han’s post: “HAHAHA! Thank you, brother, for the reminder! We also have to start playing right now!” 

Infinite Life was shot to the top ten on the hot search.

A large number of people began to access the official game page to play Infinite Life. Since thirty percent of the score would come from the public, after the games were uploaded to the competition website, everyone would have access to test out the games.

With that, Infinite Life had gathered quite a number of players awaiting its update. Currently, it stood in the third position even with the limited chapters and zero marketing campaign.

The other games competing against Infinite Life were a mobile game Love Cards, a love simulation game, and Legend, a hardcore action game. These two were already running an ad campaign since they entered the competition.

Love Cards was aimed at players who like relationship strategies and beautiful character designs. Most of their marketing was through bloggers and idols, appealing to the teenage demographic.

Legend targeted competitive players who prefer fast-paced action and therefore, their marketing was through livestream players and mainly the male demographic.

However, Infinite Life had never paid for a proper marketing campaign. The game’s popularity solely depended on its quality and appeal to a wider range of people. There was no specific target audience and people of all gender and age could play the game.

With its rich features and extremely diversified plots, it was highly rated for the replay value as each character has unique abilities that can shift the plotline in different directions. This was a huge pull for the game.

Besides, some NPCs were particularly likable and sympathetic due to their stories and personalities. There was even fanfic based on them. Mo Di thought of how he could give the characters more screen time… maybe add a feature for players to build their own adventure and include the NPCs into their team…

In short, according to the players’ reviews, Infinite Life was a fresh and addictive game with glamorous characters and intriguing plots. There were countless ways to delve into the game and that everyone could enjoy the adventure. 

Mo Di knew the hype Infinite Life had created and while it was on the rise, took the initiative to learn the marketing tactics of the other two games and planned a promotional campaign which he placed in a hard drive.

There were only fifteen games to be judged this round and hence, the results should be out by the end of the week. The program would once again be on live television and after that, would continue to be broadcasted once a week. 

As soon as the news was announced, many were confused with the ‘weekly broadcast’ part of the news. There was no way they could add new materials to their games in just a week. Only Mo Di knew what the organizers were planning.

The weekend came and the results were announced along with trailers of the games. There was never a doubt that Infinite Life would advance to the next stage. What was pleasantly surprising was that it firmly grasped the second position on the list.

Wen Ru Han who said that he would give them a bad review if they couldn’t give him at least eight or nine chapters to play with did not have one bad thing to say about the game. However, he still kept his threat that if he did not have at least four more chapters the next time, he would really give them a bad score.

The host smiled and continued to stir up the scene by announcing the winning teams. He then dropped a bomb and stated that for the next round, all the teams would make a formal appearance on TV!

Right after, Mo Di’s phone was bombarded with messages.

Pang Qiang Lang: What did the host mean? Are we invited to the stage?

Xian Yu Chao: AH AH AH We’re going to be famous!!!

Lin Jun Feng: So we’ll go on stage the next time they announce the winner? Should we try to give the game some publicity like talk about its creation story?

Zhao Chun: Damn! We’re going to be on camera? It’ll make me look fat! Zheng Jie Meng, wanna go have a liposuction tomorrow?

Zhang Jie Meng: ….I, I don’t think that’s necessary.

Han Chao: Calm down. We don’t even know what they really meant. Maybe they just need a video of us and then play it during the program.

Zhao Chun: AH AH AH That means I’m going to look even worse on HD.

Chen Zhao: Why are you so concerned with your big face? Pang Qiang Lang and Lin Jun Feng should be the ones who are worried.


Seeing the notifications had reached 99+, Mo Di decided not to get involved since his words might not even get to stay on screen for too long.

At the same time, this topic was also being discussed by someone else.

The Mo house.

Mo Liu Gui was on a video call with Ye Cheng Feng, talking about the game competition.

“Cheng Feng, I just saw that your game was promoted again, congratulations.”

Ye Cheng Feng gazed deeply at Mo Liu Gui, his eyes filled with infatuation: “Thank you, Xiao Gui. Can I see you tomorrow? We haven’t seen each other for days. I’ll take you to the restaurant you wanted to go to last time.”

“Well… how about the day after? I’m busy tomorrow.”

Mo Liu Gui was going to meet another director with Qin Cheng Yi the following day, of course she had to decline Ye Cheng Feng’s invitation. Again, she brought back the game competition, “The host’s announcement at the end, what did he mean by that? Are you going on stage?”

“That’s not it.” Being rejected by Mo Liu Gui, Ye Cheng Feng was a little disappointed but he still answered her in a gentle tone: “Then I’ll pick you up the day after tomorrow?”

“Ok.” Mo Liu Gui completely did not want to talk about this. She returned to the previous topic: “So what did the host mean then? Cheng Feng, do you know?”

“About that, I did hear something. The top ten teams will be living in an official base but I don’t know the exact details.”

So it’s true!

Mo Liu Gui frowned. It was the same as the dream she had.

Mo Liu Gui hid her emotions and said: “Maybe you’ll get to meet Xiao Di. I heard that he also took part in this competition and his game is very well received. That’s just great. If you see him, can you help me check if he’s been living well?”

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