IHSC Chapter 33

Chapter 33

The door to the main chamber closed again.

Mu Yi, the head of the monsters grinned with a bloody smile. The ten tomb guardians already had their bellies filled. They surrounded Zhen Bei only to sniff and gawk at him as though they were watching a movie.

After all, he emitted quite a similarly vicious smell as themselves~

Zhen Bei threw Zhen Mu to one side. He then skillfully flicked the butterfly knife in his hand and squatted down to observe Zhen Hao. The man’s face was now painted with blood from the beatings he received. Zhen Bei smiled at him warmly like a gentleman, almost as if he was pulling out a handkerchief for Zhen Hao.

But what he pulled out was another knife…

Zhen Hao finally felt the imminent danger and ceased his swearing. He dragged himself backward in fear while Zhen Bei followed him slowly, step by step, with his head tilted and a smile that never left his face.

The exact image of a psychopathic killer.

“Big ~ Brother~~~ Let’s have some fun~ Ha ha ha ha.”

Zhen Hao bumped into a monster but now that he looked back, the brother who he had been calling an idiot was more terrifying!

The beautiful butterfly knife was raised and lowered.


Zhen Bei squatted down and rested his chin on his right hand: “It’s only one hand and brother, your scream was so loud! But….. that makes me so happy!”

“Let me go…..Zhen Bei…. Please let me go, when we get out….” Zhen Hao was in so much pain that tears and snot were pouring out of his eyes and nose. He forced himself to negotiate with Zhen Bei under intense fear.

“There’s no need.” Zhen Bei interrupted him: “You’re not getting out of here~ Big, brother.”

“You!” Zhen Hao’s face was distorted as he vented through a torrent of abuse: “You’re just a dog! You’re all my dogs! I — hmm!”

“You seem to not want your tongue anymore.”

Shaking off the blood on the knife, Zhen Bei’s three fingers swung the butterfly knife nimbly. “Oh right, we have to straighten out our differences. I still remember that you spent a lot of hard work honing your appraisal skills but one year, you failed to identify a replica Zhen Mu made. Ha ha ha! That was the first time you made such a big fool out of yourself.”

Zhen Bei was laughing out loud one second and the next, his face turned murderously cold. He patted the knife on Zhen Hao’s face: “But that was because you were blind. And yet you called Zhen Mu to your room and gave him countless slashes on both his hands. Big brother, do you think I should just cut your hands off right now?”

“Wu wu—!”

“And also, Zhen Mu is so much more talented than you and so you ordered him to risk his life in the tombs instead. As for me, I only showed a little knowledge in antiques and immediately you told everyone to cast me aside and called me an idiot.”

“Hai~~ ai! The more I think about it, the angrier I am…. Hah!”


The red liquid spurt over and over again. Mu Yi and the others whispered and laughed amongst themselves. A group of monsters encompassed a human and yet, the man in the center was more terrifying than any of the monsters….

Like a show, they stood and watched the man’s ‘performance’ and listened to the screams of his ‘co-actor’.

After a long, long time.

Zhen Bei, drenched in blood, stood up with a big smile. His peach blossom eyes blinked as red droplets dripped along his cheek to his chin, like tears of blood.

“I’ve had enough fun.” He threw away the butterfly knives stained with the sticky red substance, then took out a handkerchief and wiped his hands gracefully.

He lifted his sight and looked at the monsters: “Oh that’s right, send my thanks to your master. He kept to his word, and so will I. This guy…” He nudged Zhen Mu’s back with his feet, “I still have to send him out.”

Mu Yi and the others took one last glance at the man then turned around and disappeared out of sight.

Zhen Bei ignored them. He removed the grey sachet tied to Zhen Mu. The sachet was made with his clothes, it contained his scent. This was the agreement he made with the tomb master: do not attack anyone who carried his scent. 

After tossing the item, he put Zhen Mu on his back and bumped him up.

“But… I’m gonna come back~”

A glint of malice filled his drooping eyes as he looked at the direction the tomb guardians disappeared into.

“….. after all, as the mantis stalks the cicada, the yellow finch lurks in the shadow~”


Coursing through the magnificent tomb, one would feel as though he had traversed back to the glorious imperial palace of ancient times. Stone railings sculpted into dragons pathed the way and polished marble shiny as a mirror lined the ground they walked on. To the sides were rows of giant vermillion pillars etched with carvings of rising dragons. 

It was hard for a regular joe to fathom this majestic architecture.

Whenever they thought that had reached their destination, a light source would ignite as guidance, telling them that they still had a long road ahead.

“This underground palace is as big as ten imperial palaces! Who exactly is this Wen Feng Jin?” Xiao Luo was gawking obsessively at a vase that was bound to cost a fortune.

Even the roof beams were inlaid with jewels.

Before Lei Jie could say anything, Mr. Yan cut in: “Hmph, these are just the tip of the iceberg. Back then, the man could even cover the sky with his hand. That was how he ruled over the Northern Kingdom and areas further out. From the moment he came into power, whether it was the common people or powerful magistrates, everyone was thrown into the chaos. It took him only five years to reach the position of the ruler without even needing the crown! With a wave of his sleeve, no one dared to oppose him. He was practically worshipped as a god. The number of people willing to do crazy things for him was countless.”


And how did you know so much…. was what Xiao Luo wanted to ask but he kept it to himself in the end. Ever since the man fed his subordinate to the monsters, Xiao Luo only felt his hair tingling whenever he looked at him.

But very soon, his thoughts would be occupied by something else.

Because they had exited the final hall and came to a large stretch of the terrace. The dim guiding light indoors was replaced with a bright array illumination. 

The moment he cast eyes on the scenery ahead, he was speechless. And he knew his mentor and the man were having the same shock.


In front of them was a vast space as large as the Olympic stadium. Along the walls were numerous protruding platforms with pavilion palaces constructed on them, just like scenic spots of cliffside temples.

And the three were standing on one of those red pavilions with a bottomless chasm under their feet.

In the center of this colossal crater was a massive pillar of towering heights with chains as thick as a man’s waist connecting it to the walls. At the top of the pillar was a platform where a giant ancient tree stood. A mystical tree with no leaves and only flowers. What was more intriguing was the crimson blooms that crowned the tree like a scarlet fire.

The glow emitted from the tree kindled a sense of divinity.

And their final goal, the coffin they came here for, was under the burning blossom tree.



“Looks like it’s time to go up.” Lei Jie licked her dried lips. She turned and looked at her apprentice: “After this point, things will only get worse. It’ll be hard to stay alive. You’re my apprentice and yet I’ve led you to your death, do you hate me?”

“No.” Xiao Luo shook his head and said resolutely: “Without you, I would’ve been a gangster my whole life…. But Shibo, we really can’t turn back now?”

“Turn back? What kind of situation do you think we’re in? Do you think those things will let us out? Our skills are not even worth mentioning in the face of such absolute power. I can deal with one or two of those monsters, but a group, that’s not possible.”

Lei Jie observed the man who had stepped onto the chain without hesitation. She whispered: “Ever since he got here, it’s like he’s been possessed. He must have something up his sleeves. Xiao Luo, remember this, when we get up there, we must not initiate anything, just stay behind him.”

“Yes! Shibo!”

The way up was the path of no return and below her feet was an abyss of definite death. Looking at the thick chains that linked the decisive platform, Lei Jie hooked her lips and took a leap…

The man surnamed Yan twitched his face into a strange expression as his eyes sparkled with incitement!

A millennium! It’s been a millennium!

He was finally able to see that man again!

Wen Feng Jin…..

With that in mind, he could not help but hastened his footsteps. Even if the chain shook turbulently, even if a misstep could send him down a bottomless pit, he still treaded on fearlessly.

Following closely behind him were a master and her apprentice.

The moment they set foot on the platform, winds raged from the abyss, beating against their sight and ruffling the branches of the burning tree, bringing it to life. Brittle petals floated off their branch and rose into the air like stars rising in the night sky! The scene was sacred and magical!

Under the sacred tree where swirling petals gradually drifted towards gravity, laid a coffin large enough for two. Next to it was a man admiring the tree with his hands linked behind his back. The petals danced around him as the wind rustled through his extravagant red and black robe fitted with a girdle that outlined his fine waist. His black hair was adorned with a red crown and only a patch of white skin from his neck could be seen….

….the image of an immortal.


The silence that followed gave birth to a strange sense of oppression so strong that none of them dared to breathe.

Lei Jie and Xiao Luo were dumbfounded.

Having laid eyes on this man, they no longer had any doubt about the elixir and what was written on the inscription. Only the thought ‘oh, so this is an immortal’ remained.

On the other hand, the man surnamed Yan had his sight locked on to the man’s back. His eyelids and muscles twitched as he bit down his lips. Even his fingers were clenched into a fist.

A moment later, he abruptly opened his mouth and breathed out three words: “Wen , Feng, Jin.”

The words were like mosquitoes buzzing but it got the man’s attention.

The man turned to look at them callously. He had a graciously beautiful visage but it bore an aggressive expression. And the eyes with the large obsidian pupils showed a lack of emotions as he looked at the ants in front of him.

The man surnamed Yan took a breath and they locked eyes.

Out of the blue, he laughed hysterically.

“It’s really you! It’s really you—”

His eyes then landed on the coffin next to Wen Feng Jin and his laughter got louder. 

In a crazy tone, he said: “Ha ha ha. You’re still watching over a dead man after so many years! What sacred tree? What resurrection? It’s all a hoax! Ha ha ha! This is retribution — Your retribution for abandoning me—!”

“Who are you?” Wen Feng Jin frowned at the man. Why is this face quite familiar?

Mr. Yan did not answer. He pointed at the coffin with hatred in his eyes!

“What is inside that coffin? A corpse? Or a handful of ashes? Ha ha ha. I’ve won after all! I won!”

As soon as these words came out, a figure suddenly popped up from the coffin.

They stared at each other awkwardly.

Mr. Yan: “…..”

Wang Xiao Mie: “…..”

The man’s boisterous laughter stopped midway! His eyes were opened so wide the eyeballs could fall out!

Wang Xiao Mie had goosebumps the longer he was stared at by him.


“Why don’t… I just lie back down???”

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