RCFN Chapter 67

Chapter 67

Aware of what Mo Di was thinking, Mu Tian Heng gently held his shoulder and comforted: “Be patient, I’ve sent for an investigation. If Qin Cheng Yi is really involved in this, we’ll know soon enough.”

“It won’t be that easy.”

Mo Di was inconsolable. He ground his teeth and said: “Brother, Qin Cheng Yi owns many underground casinos abroad and each of them is affiliated with a powerful local criminal syndicate. They’re corrupted to the core. It’s unlikely that we’ll be able to find anything.”

“But we did have confirmation that Du Wen Long is in Myanmar.”

Mu Tian Heng continued: “Qin Cheng Yi has three casinos in Myanmar, if we investigate them one by one, I’m sure we’ll dig up something. More importantly, I’ve found out that between Qin Cheng Yi’s two most trusted confidants, one has gone to Laos and the other to Myanmar.”

Mo Di raised his head and looked at Mu Tian Heng.

Mu Tian Heng patted Mo Di’s head, “We’ll monitor those two and from them, I’m sure we’ll be able to get more leads. Believe in me.”

“I do believe you, but…” Mo Di frowned, “What if they took him somewhere other than the casinos? What can we do then? It’s like finding a needle in a haystack.”

“That’s very unlikely. Regardless of how powerful the Qin family is, they are not untouchable in foreign countries. Du Wen Long left the country legally, he was not smuggled out. Therefore, if Qin Cheng Yi wanted to hide him, the best place would be somewhere he has full control over and that’s the casinos he owns. He will not risk keeping him somewhere out of his scope.”

Mu Tian Heng paused for Mo Di to digest before continuing: “More importantly, I’ve found something related to Du Wen Jing. Although nothing on the drugs yet, but it’s the reason I’m eighty percent sure Du Wen Long is tied to the casinos.”

“What is it?!”

“It’s something I accidentally discovered.” Mu Tian Heng paused and said: “Du Wen Jing comes from a strict patriarchal lineage. However, unlike the modern women who rejected the sexist idea of favoring the son and belittling the daughter to the point that they decided to cut ties with their own families, Du Wen Jing completely accepted this mentality. She practically worships Du Wen Long.”

“I made Lai De Si contact her former classmates under the ruse of trying to court her. He asked about her hobbies and interests but all of her classmates said that her only focus in life is to spend money on her brother. How much she loves her brother… probably even more than she loves her parents.”

Mu Tian Heng cleared his throat: “I also found out that when she just graduated, her job only paid 6000 a month and yet, she sent 3000 to Du Wen Long. With only 3000 left for expenses like food, rent, and transportation in this costly city, you can imagine how much she is willing to sacrifice for her brother.”

Mo Di was astounded. He had no idea that Du Wen Jing was this crazy about her brother.

When they learned about Du Wen Jing’s family background from Zhao Chun, there was a wave of sympathy for her. As not to hurt her feelings, they would never intentionally mention this in her presence. Furthermore, Du Wen Jing rarely talked about her brother, Du Wen Long, which was why they assumed that her mentality aligned with theirs. Who would have thought that she was doing it on her own volition and even devotedly so.

Mo Di was speechless for a moment.

“Don’t take it to heart.”

Worrying that Mo Di would blame himself because of this oversight, Mu Tian Heng took his hand: “No one could’ve known this.”

“That’s true, this is really unexpected.” Lai De Si’s voice interjected.

Seeing that Mu Tian Heng was taking his own sweet time in Mo Di’s room, Lai De Si suspected that he was engaged in animalistic activities but when he went to peek, the door was not even closed and the two were just holding hands.

Lai De Si was considering whether Mu Tian Heng was taking things a little too slow.

Mo Di looked at Lai De Si.

Lai De Si coughed and said: “As I said, this was a shock to everyone. As a female who has received higher education and living in this liberated era, it’s normal to reject the idea of favoring one gender over the other. In fact, she knows that her mindset will be disparaged by others so she was hiding it, only telling them details that would earn her sympathy. If we did not check with her high school classmates, we might not even realize this. Many of her University friends only knew that her family values son over daughters but not that she also felt the same. They all sympathized with her having to send large sums of money to Du Wen Long every month.”

“I can’t wrap my head around this.” Mo Di mulled for quite awhile only to express his baffling thought.

“Not many can, but there’s no need to.” Mu Tian Heng looked at Mo Di: “All we need to know is that that is her mindset and it’s also how Qin Cheng Yi was able to manipulate her to harm you.”

Mo Di was distraught. There was a certain frustration at being bitten for helping the wrong person.

“But that’s not right…” Mo Di found another problem, “When Du Wen Jing was paid 6000, she gave her brother 3000. When she was paid 8000, she gave him 5000. Why is it that when I paid her 12000 and even gave her the salary in advance she still only sent him 5000?”

According to Du Wen Jing’s habit of pampering her brother, she would have definitely sent him more than that.

“That’s an incongruent point indeed.” Mu Tian Heng said in a deep voice.

“I’ll tell Li Cheng to speed up their search on Du Wen Jing’s recent contacts and also transactions that stand out. We’ll get some results soon.”


What Mu Tian Heng said was realized by the afternoon when Mo Di had just finished his lunch. Li Cheng and Edmund had found something.

Du Wen Jing had asked a colleague of hers to help transfer 10 000 to another account, and half a month ago, money was withdrawn from it. 

And the withdrawal happened in Myanmar.

More clues were popping up and things were beginning to unravel. Mu Tian Heng took an extra step and contacted several influential tycoons in Myanmar who had wanted to work with him before. With their help, Mu Tian Heng was certain finding Du Wen Long was just a matter of time.

At the same time, he also had eyes on Du Wen Jing.


Mo Di went back to school after taking a day off.

Under Mu Tian Heng’s instruction, Xian Yu Chao did not disclose that Mo Di was ill to the rest of the team.

Mo Di wanted to catch Du Wen Jing in the act so after a few days, under the guise of wanting to watch the game competition’s live broadcast together with the team, he invited everyone to dinner.

As expected, upon receiving Mo Di’s message, Mu Tian Heng’s subordinate sent to monitor Du Wen Jing reported that she went out the same night.

She took the bus and changed at several stops before arriving at a dilapidated neighborhood in the eastern suburbs where the tallest building was only six stories high.

For fear of being discovered, Li Wenli, the person assigned to watch Du Wen Jing, did not follow her when she climbed the stairs of a three-story building.

After receiving the news, Mu Tian Heng told Li Wenli to wait at the stairway between the third and second floors. As soon as Du Wen Jing came out, they could determine which apartment she went to.

Li Wenli stood by for twenty minutes until he heard movements coming from the second story. He glanced below and saw Du Wen Jing exiting one of the eastern units.

In the span of several seconds while Du Wen Jing was closing the door behind her, he quickly turned the recording function on and then pretended to be on the phone while climbing up the stairs.

Du Wen Jing cautiously glimpsed up at him but decided that there was nothing unusual and left in a hurry.

Another ten minutes after, the door opened again and a bearded man came out. His complexion in a glance was very sickly, like a junkie who had been using for a long time.

Li Wenli secretly recorded the man and reported to Mu Tian Heng.

When Mu Tian Heng received the footage, he was looking through the findings sent to him from Myanmar regarding Du Wen Long’s exact location. He considered for awhile then ordered Li Wenli to temporarily trail the junkie instead of Du Wen Jing.

Once he got another breakthrough from Myanmar, this junkie who was distributing the drugs could be handed over to the police as definitive proof against Du Wen Jing.

As for whether or not Qin Cheng Yi was the one behind the addict, Mu Tian Heng assumed there was some minor connection like hooking them up but that would be it. This time, Qin Cheng Yi had been extremely careful every step of the way. Other than keeping Du Wen Long in his underground casino, nothing else could be traced back to him.

They have tracked every single one of Du Wen Jing’s contacts for the last two months and tailed her for several days but discovered she did not come in contact with anyone remotely connected to Qin Cheng Yi.

Every piece of news that Mu Tian Heng got, Mo Di naturally knew.

He did not stop his plan to create ample opportunities for Du Wen Jing to spike his drinks.

This was because she could not be acquitted with the previous bottle of grapefruit juice since there was always the argument that she did not know what was in it or even claim that it was Mo Di’s own doing. Therefore, Mo Di needed to catch her red-handed for a foolproof conviction.


The big day finally came when the results of the competition would be announced. After their afternoon class, Mo Di brought the delirious three to the hotel box that he had reserved in advance. There, they met with the rest of the team.

This special lounge was spacious and high-end and came with a small bedroom with a toilet, bed, and sofa included. The main space outside the bedroom was fully equipped with amenities like a super high definition TV and microphones for karaoke. The group ate and had fun till half-past eight when the live broadcast finally started.

Without a doubt, their game had entered the next stage of the competition. 

Infinite Life was praised by many judges as the black horse that suddenly charged right into the heart of the competition. Many loved the rich plot and beautiful graphics. The concept was new yet easy to familiarize with. The gameplay was challenging and addictive. One of the judges even urged them to have at least four more chapters out by the next deadline or he’ll give them bad reviews!

This time, the team was given high praises and their score soared them all the way to second place.

The group was overjoyed as they screamed and cheered.

Mo Di smiled and went to get a bottle of red wine and a bottle of sparkling wine with low alcohol content, intending to open for the celebration.

But just after picking it up, he frowned as he felt a pain in his stomach.

Seeing Mo Di’s reaction, Du Wen Jing who had been waiting for an opportunity quickly came over and asked: “Xiao Di, what’s wrong? Are you not feeling well?”

“I must’ve eaten too much, my stomach hurts a little. I have to go to the toilet.”

Mo Di blushed slightly and covered his stomach, “You guys can drink up without me. Don’t have to leave me any of the red wine, I can only drink the low-alcohol sparkling wine.” 

“Are you sure? This is a pretty expensive bottle of red wine.”

“I can’t drink it. I’ll pass out immediately with that level of alcohol. I’ll just have some of the sparkling wine.” Mo Di waved his hand and said.

“I can’t take it anymore, can’t talk, have to go.”

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  1. “One of the judges even urged them to have at least four more chapters ..give them bad reviews”. If it weren’t plot too thin, which is not. It’s power-abused coercion lol

    Mo Di, although I refuse that you shouldn’t be idol as a boring plot. I change my mind. You little actor lol


  2. Tbh I still feel for her, bc I know no sane woman irl would do this even if she says she did it out of her own volition bc its not true. No woman would subject herself like this if it werent for how the patriarchy has a knife on our neck and is brainwashed by it. But I shouldnt think too deep about this bc the villains here are not very fleshed out and are only foil for baby mo di so I shouldn’t rack my brain up xd


  3. No, that’s the thing, she worships her brother and thinks it is the right thing to do. She manipulates her story to make her seem like she is doing it involuntarily to get sympathy and because she knows her beliefs will cause disdain. It’s a codependent relationship between a user and an enabler, and should not be pitied.

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  4. Of course, what Du Wen Jing’s doing is very wrong, but I also find her pitiful – she’s been working her fingers to the bone to support someone unworthy, someone who won’t really appreciate her efforts. This time the threat is relatively easy to eliminate, but what will Mo Di have to face next?
    Thank you for the chapter ❤

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  5. hmmm, modi is laying a trap?
    seems like it
    even though i know modi is in control and he has ah heng with him along with others
    i cant help feeling worry for him all the time…

    thanks for the update and all the work ^_^

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