IHSC Chapter 26

Chapter 26

Ever since Zhen Bei’s visit, Wang Xiao Mie had discovered a super fun hobby.

Wang Xiao Mie: “Wow, Zhen Bei is such a great guy! I think…”

Wen Feng Jin bit his lips as his face turned blue.

Wang Xiao Mie: “What do you say if we have a kid like Zhen Bei…”

Wen Feng Jin clenched his jaws and his larynx shifted up and down.

Wang Xiao Mie: “If we—hmmm hmmm!”

Wen Feng Jin was blocking his mouth. After calming down, he said: “Xiao Mie … stop talking.”

Wang Xiao Mie came out of his arms grinning despicably.

“If you don’t tell me why you hate Zhen Bei, I will keep talking!”

Wen Feng Jin had a hatred for Zhen Bei was something Wang Xiao Mie discovered yesterday. Otherwise, there was no reason for his disgusted look at the mention of his name. But the two of them had no prior encounter apart from the two times they met inside the tomb. Why would Xiao Wenzi have such a reaction? Wang Xiao Mie was itching all over with curiosity. 

But no matter what method he used, not excluding *cough* seduction, Wen Feng Jin refused to tell him anything.

Looking at his lover with the twinkle in his eyes saying ‘I’m dying of curiosity’, Wen Feng Jin’s mood was lifted. The deep disgust for that person had turned into somewhat of a humorous prank on his beloved. After keeping quiet for a while, he said: “Xiao Mie, stay away from him. He’s definitely not as simple as you think.”

“But if you don’t tell me what’s wrong with him how am I supposed to know if he’s good or bad!” Wang Xiao Mie rolled his eyes.

“You really want to know?”

“Of course!”

“Come here.”

Wen Feng Jin was sitting leisurely under the sacred tree with one leg bent. He raised his hand and gestured Wang Xiao Mie over.

Wang Xiao Mie sat down next to him and leaned into his embrace. Wen Feng Jin wrapped his arms around him and in a disgusted tone, began telling the story of a hardworking boss trying to resurrect his love when somehow from somewhere there was always someone coming to knock on his door screaming “Time to die, Demon Lord!!”.

And the most persistent of them had left an unforgettable psychological shadow on Wen Feng Jin.

“In total, I’ve killed him twenty-nine times. Threw him down a cliff six times, pierced through his heart seven times, destroyed every meridian on his body ten times, and several times, I was so close to cutting his head off.”

“But it was all useless. After falling down the cliff, he would always discover a hidden treasure or secret. After stabbing his heart seven times, I discovered that his heart was on the right side. After his meridians were destroyed, there would always be reclusive all-knowing physicians to help him recover. After that, every time we met I would try to kill him with a fatal wound… but it was useless.”

“No matter what I did, he would always meet up with some miracle and come back for me over and over again.”

Speaking of this, Wen Feng Jin bit his lips as a nauseous sensation swelled.

Even Wang Xiao Mie was creeped out with goosebumps popping up all over his body.


Isn’t this a protagonist halo?! And it’s not even a regular one, it’s eight levels of VIP! It can’t even be considered a halo anymore, he’s almost almighty!

No wonder even with Wen Feng Jin’s personality, he still found it hard to swallow. Opening the door to find the person he had killed reappearing in front of him time and again was indeed terrifying! This is worse than being haunted by a vengeful ghost!

A normal human would have been broken after coming close to death that many times but that man seemed to have no fear. It was like he was born to go up against Wen Feng Jin.

Wen Feng Jin said: “He doesn’t even seem human to me. More like a puppet from someone’s twisted creation. That thing would always smile regardless of the situation it was in, like a mindless freak who was only motivated by justice.”


“And the human called Zhen Bei bares a lot of resemblance to that person. Even the nauseating smell was very much similar.”


This new information stumped Wang Xiao Mie. It suddenly occurred to him that since he had been selected to educate Wen Feng Jin to be a person of high morality, then what happened after he failed his mission?

Could that person be a manifestation created by the system to kill Wen Feng Jin?! Damn!!!

This is too terrifying to think about …

“….but you still managed to get rid of him, that’s incredible.” Wang Xiao Mie said but Wen Feng Jin shook his head.

“I did not get to kill him even to the end.”

“Ha?! Then how are you…” alive and not been torn apart by him?

Wen Feng Jin smiled: “Because I don’t age or die. When I was only a hundred and fifty years old, his life span was already depleted.”

…..so you won by outliving him. Wang Xiao Mie remembered an interesting snippet he read somewhere: the old lady with a cigarette in her hand said: “The doctors who advised me to quit smoking are all dead!”

That was… an anti-climatic ending, sigh…

“But Xiao Wenzi, what did you do after my death…” That made the system send me back to your childhood to straighten you up and after that failed, sent a death-defying protagonist to kill and sicken you.

Wang Xiao Mie looked at Wen Feng Jin curiously.

Wen Feng Jin froze for a second then turned to him and said with an innocent smile: “I don’t know, all I did was find ways to resurrect you.”

Yeah right~ in addition to that, he also orchestrated mass killings of the entire sects, affiliated sects, clans, and tribes~ and finally, enshrouded the whole Northern Empire in darkness and tyranny for a hundred years before settling down underground! Wink~


Wang Xiao Mie who kicked the bucket when he failed the mission: I’d rather p**p upside down than believe you.

In essence, Wang Xiao Mie understood the gist of it. Wen Feng Jin was haunted by the protagonist with a bulked-up halo during those years which cast a psychological shadow in his heart. He did not hate Zhen Bei (Wen Feng Jin: No, I hate him) but only felt the similarities between him and the adversary he had faced many years ago, causing his head to throb. Like the saying once bitten twice shy.

With his curiosity satiated, Wang Xiao Mie yawned in comfort: “Zhen Bei said they will be coming to ransack our tomb in a week.”

Sigh, in what dimension are they living in that tomb robbers actually made an appointment before they come.

“Um.” Wen Feng Jin nodded like it was not an issue. He adjusted his posture to ensure Wang Xiao Mie’s comfort in his arms: “Why don’t you sleep for a while?”

“Ok… I am getting a little sleepy. Lately, I feel that my ‘charging tree’ is not as effective.” Wang Xiao Mie nodded.

Before, it was ‘charge for five minutes equals two hours of talk time’, now he had to sleep at least half a day.

“But they’re coming to raid the tomb.”

“Don’t worry, I already had this figured out.”

Wen Feng Jin smiled and held him firmly. The aromatic fragrance from the peach blossom enwrapped them, igniting warmth. Its petals sprinkled on their long black hair, creating a beautiful ornament.

The person in his arms had gone into a slumber. He had no heartbeat nor breathing, relying on the sacred tree to maintain his earthly look. In truth, he was already a corpse.

Slowly, blue and red veins emerged on the snow-white skin and a patch of discoloration appeared from his neck down.

Lividity was setting in.

The old man said before: “A corpse without a soul is fragile and cannot be cultivated. Even if it can move, it will still rot. It’s possible if you simply want to keep the body from decaying, but the Corpse Beads and Sacred Tree can only maintain his appearance, once he leaves…. If the tree managed to call back his soul and place it in this body, with luck, he might be able to wake up but won’t be able to move, but if luck forbids, his body and the Corpse Bead will turn into ashes along with his soul…”

“How to make this body ‘alive’ again?”

“You need a certain medicine.”

“Tell me.”


Wen Feng Jin hummed softly an old tune of the Northern Empire. He placed the lifeless man whose face had now been covered with blood vessels on his leg. He loosened his collar and cut deep into his neck.

The bitter medicinal fragrance was mixed with the subtle sweet scent from the peach blossoms. The man in his arms opened his scarlet eyes and quickly buried his head into Wen Feng Jin’s neck and began to suck.

The ancient tunes sung in a hoarse voice drowned out the savage swallowing grunts.

As he was turning weak, Wen Feng Jin stopped humming and closed his eyes. The long and bony finger slowly interspersed into his lover’s long dark locks, gently combing through it.

After a while, the man in his arms regained his lively complexion.

The red ferocious eyes closed shut and he peacefully laid back in Wen Feng Jin’s arms. Wen Feng Jin wiped the bloodstains on his lips with his finger and used the back of his hand to feel his forehead.

“It’s alright, It’s fine now. When they enter the tomb, I will get what we need and we don’t have to stay underground anymore. You want the boundless sky or endless oceans, wherever you wish to go, I will accompany you…”

He eased his eyes and pasted the side of his cheek on Wang Xiao Mie’s forehead.

A red sinister glow began spreading from the iris of his strange eyes.

“I’m sorry Shixiong, I have to lie to you again. Those people, I will not let any of them live!”


The Zhen House

As soon as Zhen Bei, with this backpack on, entered the old street leading to his ancestral home, he stopped, adjusted his expression, and pasted on a big and silly smile.

“Second brother!”

Behind the bright red gate was Zhen Mu standing by. He was dressed in close-fitting black clothes. The wind blew and ruffled his short black hair. After seeing Zhen Bei, the sharp eyebrows bent as he showed a gentle smile.

“Now you’re willing to come back? Where did you go without leaving a word? I told you not to go underground with those people and just stay at home to study the antiques.”

Zhen Bei smiled and said: “Aren’t you also the same? Besides, don’t we have big brother to appraise the antiques? I don’t have his talent so why waste the time?”

“Nonsense. You’re very talented as well.” Zhen Mu’s smile faded slightly, “I’ll be accompanying our big brother for the expedition in a few days so let’s have a meal together, we might not get the chance in the future.”

Zhen Bei narrowed his eyes and jabbed his brother at the chest, “Why are you talking like you’ll be gone forever?! But if we’re eating out, it’ll be your treat!”

Zhen Mu laughed helplessly. He raised his scar-filled hand and rubbed his little brother’s head.

“Stinky boy, when did I ever make you pay? Hm?”

“Haha! Second brother is the best!”

Zhen Mu accompanied him to greet everyone and they left the old and dark Zhen house in cheerful chit chat.


In the guest room.

A man was sitting on a wooden chair. His face was emotionless like the mask he was wearing. Accompanying him was a refined gentleman of roughly thirty-something but looked exceptionally young and graceful at first glance. That man was Zhen Hao.

“How certain are you?” Zhen Hao questioned the man about the map and characters embroidered on the silk brocade.

The man nodded: “Worry not. Whether this map is authentic or not, I’m sure you can tell. The pieces in their possessions are all fake, the only genuine piece is this one which was left to me by my master.”

“Your two younger brothers had managed to enter the place and came back alive with the fish pearls. And if he wasn’t lying and the two tomb masters are conscious beings, then the legends are all true. There should be countless treasures buried in there. With my group of men and your second brother, there absolutely will not be a problem. The main issues at hand are the traps and the monsters guarding the place. But with this map, we should be able to avoid those dangers.”

“You’ve had the first-hand experience with what the fish pearls could do.”

“And there are other artifacts you have never heard of or only seen in ancient scriptures. Most of which are tens of thousands of times more precious than the fish pearls and they are all waiting for you inside that tomb… Don’t you wish to see them?” The expressionless man hooked his lips.

Hearing this, Zhen Hao clasped his hands. Joy filled his eyes as he said: “Let’s get ready, we’ll leave as soon as possible.”

The man nodded with satisfaction, “By the way, take both your brothers with us. They won’t betray us, will they?” In the face of wealth, even father and son would turn against each other not to mention siblings!

Zhen Hao snorted: “Don’t worry. They’re all my dogs. Very obedient.”

The man took back the silk map and gave him a brief glance.

“Good for you…”

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  1. as they say, do not judge a book by its cover because the pages can be made of poison I am a little disappointed with this family of brothers that all die and that our beautiful couple lives forever.

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  2. WXM somehow became a vampire of some sort or likea jiangshi perhaps? Aiyaaaa I wanna smack their Big-bro and the other one -_- now.. who’ll win.. haha

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  3. This chapter is super interesting so WXM needs medicine to move around, I wonder if the medicine is literally his blood itself because he’s immortal or something more mysterious? Plus I wonder how they’re gonna move from underground since WXM can’t survive without the tree? Also what’s up with this duplicitous zhen family? Accept for the second brother they’re all super evil.
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  4. Oho, I still wondering what the expense of turning our cute MC into a living being again

    Anyway thank you for your amazing translation! We really appreciate it ❤

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  5. Oho, I still wondering what the expense of turning our cute MC into a living being again

    Anyway thank you for your amazing translation! We really appreciate it ❤


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