IHSC Chapter 25

Chapter 25

“That’s insane!”

“En… and my purpose is quite simple. I don’t think that man is a good person and this tomb is not that easy to enter…” Not to mention the big monsters guarding the place, the man named Wen Feng Jin is almost like an immortalized demon! In their previous encounter, he did not even see his movement and before he knew it, he was almost killed!

Zhen Bei touched his neck and said to Wang Xiao Mie and Wen Feng Jin: “If you can, I hope you would spare my big brother on behalf of me coming here to inform you guys!”

Wen Feng Jin chuckled softly. He slowly approached Zhen Bei, making his face paler by the second. The eyes with the large dark pupils bent and asked with interest: “You want us to let him go?”

“That’s right.”


Right after replying, he was suddenly overwhelmed by a paralyzing and malicious pressure. Zhen Bei’s eyes widened as he gasped for air. Breathing was becoming strenuous let alone making any movement. His pupils turned to look at Wang Xiao Mie.

Wang Xiao Mie was not in any discomfort, instead, he was wondering why Zhen Bei had stopped moving all of a sudden.

Am I the only one affected?

Zhen Bei watched helplessly as Wen Feng Jin used his index finger to tap at a point one centimeter from his right eye.

“What makes you think that I will help you, hm?” Wen Feng Jin in red clothes and black hair was just like a sinister spirit! The pressure around him was getting tighter and Zhen Bei was close to being suffocated! At this time, Wen Feng Jin used a voice that could only be heard by the two of them. It snorted and with disgust, said: “And the truth is, you don’t want me to spare your brother at all, am I right?”

Zhen Bei kept his painful expression and looked at Wen Feng Jin with confusion in his eyes.

“What… are… you…talking about? Cough!

Wen Feng Jin’s face was emptied of expressions. “Gratitude? Tipping us off? Heh~ You do indeed want us to know this, but why? Let me guess…. Because the last you were here and saw my Shixiong, you found that he was just an ordinary person with too much kindness.”

“He was not the savage and bloodthirsty monster like the others in the tomb. On the contrary, he actually seemed weak….”

“And then you realized that you could even leave the tomb in one piece even after your encounter with me….”

“How can such a tomb master help you to kill…” Wen Feng Jin pointed right in the middle of his forehead. He raised his chin and said in a voice of frost: “You got worried that your brother might be able to leave here unscathed as well, which is why you came here to disclose their information to us. This way, I’ll pay extra attention to him and even if I don’t kill him, I won’t let him off without punishment either.”

“And when the time comes, a heavily injured person in this deserted underground is bound to be at the mercy of anyone…” Wen Feng Jin’s words were like the whispers of the devil, exposing the deepest and darkest secrets in a person’s heart. He then gave a wanton laugh of ridicule.

It was at this moment that the fear on Zhen Bei’s face faded like a tide. His face was turning blue due to suffocation but with much difficulty, he managed to force out some words: “You’re going to kill me in front of him…”

“Of course. The familiar smell from you makes me sick.” A red glow emerged in Wen Feng Jin’s peculiar pupils, “It will cause me a little trouble but even if I do kill you now, he won’t remember a thing tomorrow.”

He won’t remember? Why? Are the legends true? The master of this tomb has powers besides immortality?!

So that’s how it is…

Haha, that’s it…

“You can’t kill me! I know…” Zhen Bei quickly whispered something in a low voice, causing Wen Feng Jin’s pupils to constrict. 

“As long as you help me, I will send it to your doorstep!”

By now, Wang Xiao Mie had noticed something was not right. He frowned and put his hand on Wen Feng Jin’s shoulder: “Feng jin, what are you doing?”

In a flash, the scarlet hue in Wen Feng Jin’s eyes dissipated and the oppressive force around Zhen Bei was also lifted. He fell to the ground, covered his throat, and started coughing and gasping desperately for air. 

His sudden ordeal gave Wang Xiao Mie a fright.

“My god! Buddy, are you having an asthma attack?!” Wang Xiao Mie hurriedly tried to help Zhen Bei but was pulled into an embrace by Wen Feng Jin.

He overexerted his strength and Wang Xiao Mie was slightly staggered.

“Don’t worry about him.”

Wang Xiao Mie wondered if it was just his instinct or that Wen Feng Jin’s words had a chilling effect. It was only a long time later that he realized it was Wen Feng Jin’s effort in trying to suppress an extreme murderous intent.

But looking at Zhen Bei’s distressed look, how could Wang Xiao Mie not care. The dude’s complexion was just frightening.

Wen Feng Jin stopped him from moving but he could still call out: “Zhen Bei, Zhen Bei, are you ok?”

After retching for some time, Zhen Bei remained kneeling on the ground and waved his hand: “I’m fine…” Maybe because of the intense coughing that his voice had changed.

Wang Xiao Mie responded with an oh and before he could say anything else, he was fully wrapped in Wen Feng Jin’s arms and his sight was blocked by his chest.

“What are you doing?”

“It’s dirty, don’t look.”

“Ha?” Wang Xiao Mie pouted. What’s dirty? 

Well, they were indeed standing in front of the toilet entrance for a while now. Is Zhen Bei affected by the fumigation?!

After some time, Zhen Bei stood up, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. His complexion had somewhat recovered and he managed to flash his sunny smile: “I’m alright. And just now, this sir had given me his word!”

“Wen Feng Jin promised to let your brother go?! When did you guys agree on that?” Wang Xiao Mie was confused, “Exactly what did you guys do just now?”

He looked up at Wen Feng Jin’s bulging Adam’s apple and chin, “Feng Jin, you really promised him?”

Wen Feng Jin made an ambiguous um sound and said: “You don’t like bloodshed so I’ll order Mu Yi and the others to drive them out.”

“I’m just not used to it….” Since he had turned into a zombie, it was inevitable that he had to fight with graverobbers. Moreover, the human’s heart is always biased. He whispered softly: “But we can’t just let them trample all over us. And Zhen Bei said that man is very bad and also powerful. He’s trying to get your heart, we should do what we have to do!”

Wang Xiao Mie’s eyes twinkled as he pursed his lips, “Even if we did something to him, it’s still self-defense. We’ve been dead so many years, the law doesn’t apply to corpses.”

Upon hearing his words, Wen Feng Jin was a little stunned. The grip on his body relaxed then tightened again, but this time with a touch of gentleness. 

“Shixiong, did you forget that I’m not actually dead?” Wen Feng Jin teased.

Fine fine fine, you’re an immortal. Wang Xiao Mie rolled his eyes. “You’re already over a thousand years old, I don’t think they’d have the heart to put a thousand years old elderly in prison.”

“If you work hard enough, you could outlive the millennial turtle! We might even get a Guinness World Record!”

Wang Xiao Mie giggled as he pictured their future in his head.

Seeing his delightful smile, Wen Feng Jin’s eyes eased and he also smiled.

“Do you get it? I’m not an open-handed person. If they really hurt you, I will stand on your side no matter what you do to them!” Wang Xiao Mie looked at him firmly and said: “So don’t hide from me anything that you’re planning to do, got it?”

Wen Feng Jin gazed into his eyes. Wang Xiao Mie’s words made his fingers twitched and the corner of his mouth hooked, “….I won’t deceive you, Shixiong.”

I’m sorry Xiao Mie, even this sentence is a lie. 

Hearing Wen Feng Jin’s promise, Wang Xiao Mie smiled again.

Zhen Bei was glaring at their backs in silence. Wen Feng Jin’s bizarre ability caused him to feel nauseous from the chest pain and dizziness. 

The master of this tomb is indeed powerful. Fortunately, he could be used.

But a mutated corpse and an immortal monster behaving intimately like two living beings…. Zhen Bei smiled to himself.

How disgusting…

Ugh~ Ughh~ it’s so disgusting I feel like throwing up.

Zhen Bei displayed a broad smile on his face.


After Wang Xiao Mie and Wen Feng Jin finished talking, Zhen Bei scratched his head and shyly approached them. “Thank you both. I did not expect that you’ll agree to my request, I really don’t know how to repay you. And this kind sir… thank you. Please remember to spare my brother.”

He looked at Wen Feng Jin with clear eyes.

Wen Feng Jin forced a faint smile and said: “Fine, I will spare your brother.”

“That’s great!” Zhen Bei showed a bright and excited smile, looking much like a golden retriever.

However, Wang Xiao Mie was getting an odd vibe from him. Like looking at an ocean from above, the surface is visibly tranquil but something dark is lurking underneath.

Zhen Bei said: “Although the dig is scheduled to be a week from now, they will come here and set up camp two days in advance. At that time, I’ll be tagging along.”

Wang Xiao Mie blinked. He broke away from Wen Feng Jin’s embrace and asked: “You want a map?”

Zhen Bei shook his head: “That’s not necessary. I’m satisfied with you guys agreeing to my unreasonable request. And even after hearing that I’m coming to steal from you, you did not kill me….”

He looked down then up again at Wang Xiao Mie and said seriously, “Thank you Xiao Mie.” After which, he started giggling, “Haha, sorry, I just can’t take your name seriously.”

(TN: The mie in his name is an onomatopoeia for a sheep’s call, like baa baa in english)

“My grandmother said that a humble name is easy to raise….” Wang Xiao Mie was angry from embarrassment, “Your name is no better than mine!”

Wen Feng Jin raised his hand and stroked his head, comforting him: “Your name sounds good.”

And Zhen Bei said: “My mother told me my big brother gave me that name.” 

“Ha?” Wang Xiao Mie was speechless. “Your brother is really daring, and your mom is quite gutsy to actually keep it.”


“Anyway, I should get going now. I’ve sneaked out for a few days already. If I don’t return soon, I’ll get an earful from my second brother!” Zhen Bei remembered something and hurriedly went to pick up his backpack. He rubbed his nose and said with some embarrassment: “Err, I don’t know how to get out. Do you think you can …”

Wang Xiao Mie was about to answer him when Wen Feng Jin beat him to it: “I will tell Mu Yi to send you out.”

“Ah? That huge lizard?!” Zhen Bei shrunk his neck in fear.

Wang Xiao Mie comforted him: “Mu Yi is particularly obedient to Wen Feng Jin. Rest assured, he won’t bite you.”

“That’s good, that’s good.”

A foreboding sensation flashed in Wen Feng Jin’s eyes as he glanced at Zhen Bei’s smiling face. He turned and eyed the empty passageway. After a short while, clicking sounds could be heard coming their way.

The blood-red lizardman Mu Yi crawled in front of them.

When Zhen Bei was following the lizard to leave, he turned back and said to Wen Feng Jin: “After my brother comes out safely, I will repay you.”

With that, he turned and left with Mu Yi.

Wang Xiao Mie’s eyes following his back were covered by a big hand.

“Stop looking at him.” Wen Feng Jin’s face was cold.

Wang Xiao Mie thought he was being jealous and snickered: “Don’t get the wrong idea. I just think that his personality is not bad. Although he is a little dense, he came here alone and risked his life for his brother. Say, if my personality is like his, won’t you like it better…”

Wen Feng Jin: “…..”

Wang Xiao Mie: “Gah! Boss! What’s with that expression?!”

Wen Feng Jin: …. I feel like puking.

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  1. Dang it these plot twists are so logical yet I didn’t see them coming. Nicely done

    Love Zhen bei character it’s super interesting! Man’s judging others for their love when he’s plotting frateicide smh


    1. And Feng Jin should open up to Xiao Mie about his real personality. What if the incident during his coming of age ceremony happens repeats itself? He knows it could be resolved it they just talked about it

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  2. WFJ needs to resolve his communication problem or else!!! And eww ZB you think you could outsmart one thousand three hundred big dumpling and the dark lord himself? LOLLLLL

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  4. Ohooo something’s fishy~ maybe ZB is like a reincarnation of someone from the past or something? Tsk DIVINE RETRIBUTION for them!!! Aaaahhh!! How dare he deceived this cute cinnamon dumpling WXM

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  5. Zhen Bei has bitten off more than he can chew… only he doesn’t know it yet. And Wang Xiao Mie, what are you talking about? You’re also (not) a little dense and your personality isn’t bad either, why would Wen Feng Jin wish to exchange it for that faker’s character?!
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    Well at least they both kinda know he’s bad news. WXM is somehow very trusting bad has a great intuition when it comes to judging people.
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