IHSC Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Wen Feng Jin

Since after Shi Xiong died, I’ve killed all the people involved, and tortured our enemies to death at the front gate of the tomb. As a reward, I let my abled subordinates use the failed elixirs made by the taoists priests to become powerful guardians for the entire tomb palace.

In order for the sacred tree to summon Shixiong, the main tomb had to be located at the very core of the palace. The four corners surrounding the main tomb were divided into countless stories of tall vaults, tombs and monuments, creating a labyrinth of catacombs that even I have not visited.

There are built in traps, mechanisms, underground gardens, towers and side palaces, underground rivers, streams and fountains, mountains of treasures and gold and silver…

…as if the whole royal palace was brought underground.

It is this level of grandeur that is worthy of being our wedding room. Uhm, that’s right, I am going to dress Mian Deng in wedding clothes in this underground palace. Even if death has taken him away, he will still sleep in my arms, become my bride, and sleep with me in the same coffin.

The black gold-gilded shoes slowly walked past the bloodied passage of the tomb, under the gaze of the monstrous tomb keepers who were once humans. He carried the sleeping person and walked across the suspended metal chain as if walking on solid ground, and towards the giant blooming acacia tree…

…where they were finally buried together.

In the dark coffin, I gazed at the sleeping Mian Deng and felt a small sense of bliss. Only in death would he be willing to be with me. He won’t reject my touch, he won’t talk to me with those cold eyes, he won’t call me a demon, he won’t choose to go from place to place to avoid me….

“Shi Xiong, I really like you. From the time you replaced shi fu in teaching me….I’ve always been the most special in your eyes, isn’t it? So what if I killed shi fu and those so-called clansmen? They refused to let us be together, how can I not retaliate?”

“They all looked down on me and hated my origin. Although Shifu took me in, he had never seriously considered me as his apprentice! And those fellow students? Oh they all deserve to die! All of them!”

“Only you, shixiong, only you. You’ve never isolated me, never looked at me with any disgust. You selflessly impart everything you’ve learned to me. When I was young, you even coaxed the timid and shivering me to sleep.”

“Why did this all change….you clearly said that you will stay with me forever, why did it change?!”

There was a sound of twisted laughter and someone questioning in a restrained voice.

But all that doesn’t matter now. Shixiong must have been wrong, he must’ve misunderstood me. He was just mistaken. He actually loves me. Look how happy he is lying next to me.

Wen Feng Jin raised himself with a smile and started pulling at Mian Deng’s wedding clothes.

“All that doesn’t matter now. We’re getting married. I’ve always been dreaming about this day, you also feel the same right? I’m really happy.”

With countless miracle herbs and treasures, the body was preserved so perfectly that it looked alive, seemingly able to open its eyes any minute soon.

The braided waist rope and pearl necklace were removed and set aside by thin and long fingers. The girdle at the waist and jade beads were scattered all over. 

The red large wedding dress was like an exquisite sweet wrapper and peeling it off will reveal the soft and sweet delicacy inside.

The cold and rigid, yet smooth and slender body was lightly covered by another slightly fresher one.

“Shixiong, you’re really beautiful. The most beautiful person I’ve ever met. I’m so happy …you finally belong to me. Shixiong…”

[lights out and harmonious music] 

11 thoughts on “IHSC Chapter 7

  1. Have you ever considered that the only reason we adore yandere MLs might be because we crave being a constant recipient of love and adoration because we can’t really get someone to be completely and utterly devoted to us readers in real life to get rid of our insecurity. 🌚 CTTO

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  2. Just when I was in the mood for a yandere ML, I run into this! I can’t help it- I like twisted characters! This is just the right amount of yandere for me: possessive and more than a little crazy, but so far not violently abusive. I can’t wait to see what’s next!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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  3. Wen Feng Jin, what kind of heavy tastes do you have?! Next time, make sure it’s consensual!
    Thank you for the chapter! ❤
    P.S. What's with ML's origins? Is he not human?

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