IHSC Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Wang Xiao Mie’s diary: Today is my second day of being a newly wedded wife in an underground palace…..

…..I’m hungry.

Standing under the big tree, watching the falling petals, Wang Xiao Mie’s eyes glowed green with hunger.

He swallowed his saliva, “Can this thing be eaten?”

“For the time being, this ancient tree is interrelated to your body. If the tree is damaged…” Wen Feng Jin asked with some confusion: “Shixiong, why do you ask?”

“Because I’m hungry!” Wang Xiao Mie looked at the only possibly edible thing and shed tears of grief.

This was already the second day he had been here. Why was he feeling hungry even when he was already dead? And the hunger felt worse than when he was alive. The sense of lacking and needing to eat was driving him mad!

However, within this proximity in this underground palace, the only solution was to gnaw on the tree bark. And because he had entered the ‘family tree’ and became ‘Wang Tree Man’, leaving the tree for too long will cause his skin to turn greyish-green, a very frightening sight.

He felt that he should solve his hunger asap as his instinct told him that something bad will happen if he didn’t.

Wang Xiao Mie swallowed his saliva wildly and squatted on the grounds, biting his nails. He was unaware that his eyes were gradually covered with a layer of ferocious scarlet glow.

I’m hungry…..I’m very hungry…..I want to eat…..


Seeing this scene, Wen Feng Jin slowly hooked the corner of his mouth.

He changed to a gentle expression and embraced the man squatting on the ground. He said softly: “This underground palace was originally a tomb, there is nothing to eat here. In the ancient books, there was no record that the resurrected will feel hunger. This is all my fault. I’ve let you suffer…”

Wang Xiao Mie’s head was foggy but he was still partially sane, he waved his hand and thought: He’s not to blame. I also did not think that zombies can get hungry.

“It’s not your fault…”

Covering his stomach, Wang Xiao Mie’s mouth kept salivating.

“Mian Deng….you’re still as considerate as ever.” Wen Feng Jin said: “But your symptom is strange, I don’t think it’s good to let this go on…. There is one more thing you can have in this underground palace.”

There’s food?!

“What is it?!” Wang Xiao Mie widened his eyes.

The narrow eyes with those large black pupils bent. Wen Feng Jin pulled aside the cumbersome collar to reveal his ivory white neck, then his nail extended and cut deep into the skin like a knife.

The gushing of blood one would have imagined did not happen. Such a deep wound but only a little blood was oozing out.

“If you don’t mind, please go ahead.”

The hell! Drink…blood?!

“I’m not drinking it!”

How can humans drink human blood? He’s not a man eating monster! The logic in his head denounced the idea but the famished stomach burned with anxiety.

Wang Xiao Mie did not know that the crimson glow in his eyes intensified as he was staring at Wen Feng Jin’s blood. The smell alone was enough to make his palms tremble. The originally beautiful face was now ferocious and monstrous with greyish pale skin and scarlet red eyes, with blue veins and blood vessels spreading across the translucent skin. Especially in his red wedding clothes, this appearance was all the more fearsome.

Is this still a human? It’s clearly a heart-attack-inducing monster!

But even to such a Wang Xiao Mie, Wen Feng Jin was still indulgent and gentle. His palm went through Wang Xiao Mie’s long hair and with a slight force, pressed his head towards the wound on his neck. 

“We are husband and wife, making sure you’re full is my duty as a husband.”

The rasp voice and slight chuckles carried an unspeakable bliss. As for Wang Xiao Mie, his consciousness blacked out the moment his lips touched the blood. All he knew now was to satiate the painful hunger that was torturing him!

Wang Xiao Mie, who had never even killed a chicken and would even tremble when watching a horror movie, was now biting firmly into fwj’s neck, trying to suck out large gulps of blood. Like a crazed animal, he even stuck out his tongue deep into the wound to lick it!

Wen Feng Jin narrowed his eyes as he embraced the demon in his arms that only knew to suck his blood. His back against the full bloomed peach blossom tree, he closed his eyes and hummed a tune in happiness, as if enjoying this very act. When the tongue touched his neck, a red hue appeared on his face, making him place his hand gently on the back of Wang Xiao Mie’s head.

He pressed down a little harder…

“Oh Shixiong ~, oh Mian Deng, look at you. You used to hate me touching you before, and now? You even voluntarily came to me. I’m so happy, Shixiong….”

“Go ahead and drink…is it good? Be addicted to my blood and never leave me….it’s me who brought you back….”

The scarlet pattern in between his brows gleamed brighter and the frightening black pupils were glowing with excitement.

“How did I fall asleep?”

Wang Xiao Mie scratched his head and looked straight at the blooming tree above. He reached out his hand and sat up from the coffin. The last thing he remembered was him biting his nails in hunger under the tree, how did he end up waking up in the coffin?

Damn! Did I faint from hunger?!

Wang Xiao Mie knew that sometimes he would get low blood sugar but now that he’s a dumpling, can one still get that? Wang Xiao Mie unconsciously sipped his lips and suddenly felt odd.

Hm? There’s a strange flavour in his mouth. A little bitterness with the fragrance of medicine, and also a slight trace of sweetness.

He covered his stomach and kneaded, realizing that he was no longer hungry, Wang Xiao Mie was a little flustered.

“You’re awake?” A familiar male voice came from beside him. Wang Xiao Mie turned his head and found Wen Feng Jin lying in the coffin. His clothes were in disarray and his face was pale but the smile on his lips remained as gentle.

Since the first time they met, Wang Xiao Mie did not happen to see many other expressions from him.

And now whenever Wang Xiao Mie saw him, he always felt a particular sense of intimacy and warmth, like a beauty filter was added.

“What’s wrong with you?” Seeing how Wen Feng Jin looked as though he was sucked dry, Wang Xiao Mie asked him curiously.

“Call me Feng Jin. Just now when Shi Xiong was asleep, you kept putting your hand into my clothes, no matter how I pulled, it won’t come off.” Wen Feng Jin had a teasing expression on his beautiful face as he gave Wang Xiao Mie a profound look.

Wang Xiao Mie: “…”

Zombies don’t blush, otherwise, his face would have long been red as a monkey’s butt!

Pick up your integrity, it’d fallen all over the floor! Wang Xiao Mie spat on himself in his heart. Doesn’t matter if you’re a face fanatic or never had a boyfriend for over twenty years, control yourself!

“Feng Jin, about that, I’m sorry. Ha ha. I tend to move about when I’m asleep.” Wang Xiao Mie explained awkwardly.

“It’s fine. It’s very comfortable when you touch me.”


You’re behaving like a ruffian, aren’t you, aren’t you?

Interrupted by this, Wang Xiao Mie, who had initially wanted to ask Wen Feng Jin why his hunger was cured, just attributed it to the fact that he was a zombie now and sleeping can eliminate his hunger.

But this is strange. Why is there such a taste in my mouth?

Wang Xiao Mie asked himself in confusion.

Could it be…..because I didn’t brush my teeth???

TN: Chapter seven is available. It’s a short side piece retelling FWJ’s point of view when he brought Mian Deng to the tomb palace. It involves a little necrophilia but nothing graphic. If you’re not comfortable with it, it’s absolutely fine even if you skip the chapter altogether. It won’t affect your understanding of the main story. But if you’re feeling adventurous, here’s the link

7 thoughts on “IHSC Chapter 6

  1. Both can be monsters together, its cute in a way lol hope MieMie remembers next time and gets used to it, considering he is stuck as a jiangshi

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  2. Please tell me Wang Xiao Mie won’t lose his mind after getting addicted to Wen Feng Jin’s blood 😉
    Thank you for the chapter! ❤

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    1. His blood is partially an elixir, so it can actually make a lot of people crazy for it, especially dumplings. But he only lets MC have it anyways


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