IHSC Chapter 5

Chapter 5

“According to the inscription, this magnificent mausoleum entombed two bodies. One dead…one alive!”

“Ha? Haha, Uncle, is that a joke? A living person buried in the soil will still be a dead one.”

Several others laughed as well.

The middle-aged man shook his head, “No, the inscription stated that it’s truly a live person. It is recorded that the tomb master and his fiancee once received an immortality elixir which was also the reason they were chased by countless forces. The tomb master and his fiancee were driven to the edge. Many wanted them dead so they could get their hands on the elixir. After his fiancee was killed, the tomb master drank the elixir and became an invincible monster.”

Speaking to this point, he lowered his voice, giving off a suspenseful vibe: “But, on the other side of the inscription, it revealed that the person was not his fiancee. The tomb owner had an unrequited love towards the person and in a dispute, killed his love by mistake during a struggle for the elixir… only after his love’s death did he regret it.”

“Many years later, after the tomb master had his revenge, he summoned all those with talents to search the earth for treasures and magic that could revive the dead, at the same time, amassing mountains of gold and silver. But in the end, he went mad when he failed to revive his love. He began a killing spree, leaving a river of blood in his track. His enemies and those related, young or old, were caught and hanged in this very tomb.”

“Then those mummified corpses at the door….”

“It should be those mentioned in the inscription…”

“This.. “ one of the graverobbers swallowed his saliva. Remembering the densely packed mountain of bones he saw at the gate as he suddenly felt the chilling air rise from the depths of the tomb.

In their line of work, a few skeletons were not enough to scare them. However, the same can’t be said with the heaps of bones on the ground and the hanging corpses that filled the ceiling, swaying like wind chimes, making clanking sounds as the wind passed through them.

There was obviously an evil presence around and several of their brothers even died here.

“And it was said that he used some sort of concoction to turn many of his subordinates into monsters, guarding the palace tomb for him while he and his love slumber under the sacred tree. The inscription stated that the tomb master’s gold and silver can even form a mountain; there are even legendary artifacts that can whip up a storm in the outside world!”

When it comes to treasures, everyone’s faces lit up brightly. The middle-aged man saw that the atmosphere was right and said: “This time our sponsor wanted something called ‘fish pearl’ in this tomb. As long as we can get it…”

His eyes sparkled and a broad grin spread across face as he thought of the amount the other party had promised him. .

“But the girl who the tomb master took a fancy to sure was unlucky. That guy did not seem like he was easy to deal with.” The guy from before came over and murmured. He then kicked his partner on the ground, “Wei! Wake up! Damn it! Do you think we’re here on vacation?”

The middle-aged man smiled slightly and stood up: “Who said it was a girl? According to the inscription, it stated very clearly that the tomb master was in love with the shixiong (elder martial brother) from his own sect!” 

“Ha?!” There were a few with a disgusted look on their faces. They spit and said: “so it was just a couple of fags. This tomb master sure is a pervert.”

“Two men, how can there be any fun?”

“Hey hey, you’re just too ignorant. There are many ways to enjoy.”

“Tsk! Get lost!”

The group of men with equipment on their backs joked and laughed. Under the watchful eyes of the middle-aged man, they calmed down and continued the exploration.

Wen Feng Jin was standing close by. Next to him, a muffled breathing could be heard echoing from an eerie pitch dark passageway of the tomb. The sound came from a man lying on the ground by his feet like a lizard, but if only that could still be called a ‘man’….


Because the ‘man’ had no skin or hair, what could be seen were similar to that of muscles and tendons. But on a closer look, the layer of muscles was his skin, with red blood running through and a layer of mucus covering his whole body…

The lizard-like creature emitted clicking sounds from his throat which Wen Feng Jin seemed to understand as he gave a cold smile.

“You’ve done well. Guide them to the tomb’s passage. Other than the middle-aged man, leave no one behind…”

Click click click…”

The red lizard-like creature had incredible speed. In a flash, it had left to execute Wen Feng Jin’s order.

Half an incense stick later (TN:15mins), heavy staggering footsteps were heard coming along the tomb’s passageway.

The middle-aged man had long lost his composure and complacency. His right hand was almost ripped off by something and he was holding the terrifying wound with his left hand. His whole face and body were covered with blood.

“Damn it! Damn it!” the middle-aged man endured the excruciating pain but in the end, he fell on the ground as the blood loss and panic took over.

The impact from the fall tore off his heavily wounded hand. 

“My hand! AHHHH!” The man clutched his severed hand as he stumbled on the ground, howling in pain. Suddenly, a pair of black boots with golden soles appeared in his sight.

The pair of shoes were beautifully crafted but it was obviously not something a modern-day man would wear! Moreover, no graverobber would wear this when exploring tombs!

The middle-aged man forgot his howling. He was in cold sweat and the face that had lost too much blood turned even whiter than a dead man’s.

The man donning the exquisite shoes crouched in front of him.

A cold hand with slender and long fingers pressed firmly on his head, raising his entire body upwards, until his sight finally focused on a man in red and black ancient clothes.

The man was very handsome. He had one hand behind his back and the other was holding him up. Like watching something interesting, the man had a smile at the corner of his mouth.

A red light rose from the center of his dark black pupils!

It’s a zombie!

There really are zombies!!

The middle-aged man wanted to open his mouth to scream yet he found that he was unable to move at all. Even talking was not possible!

“Insignificant thing, how did you get in here? Hm?”

The man struggled desperately but it was all in vain, as if something was taken away from him.

“Answer me, how did you and those mice get into my underground palace?” Wen Feng Jin added a little force and the man’s skull was almost crushed!

The man opened his mouth widely and let out a scream with all his might: “There’s..there’s a map! I have a map!”


“It’s in my backpack! It’s true! Please let me go! Let me—”

The next sound was muffled as liquid splattered on the walls and a sweet smell of blood wafted throughout the tomb.

The headless body fell to the ground, convulsed twice then became motionless.

Wen Feng Jin shook his hand and the sticky liquid trickled off his white and slender fingers, making plip plop sounds.

He then turned the corpse and retrieved the map from the backpack. He looked at the back with an indifferent expression before using it to wipe his hands.

All of a sudden, a tremble swept over Wen Feng Jin’s whole body!

“Mian Deng, please don’t be mad!” The cold looking handsome man said to the air in panic: “I don’t kill anymore alright? It’s because they bullied me, that’s why I had to kill them…”

Then, for some reason, his brain fixed itself and the handsome man calmed down. He told himself happily: “I know you won’t be mad at me. They’re all outsiders. Only you and I are the most intimate.”

Wen Feng Jin suddenly turned psycho, talking to himself while smiling gently at the air. 

TN: the crazies are called shén jīng bìng (神经病) but the author used a homophonic shēn jǐng bīng (深井冰) which literally means ‘deep well ice’ to describe Wen Feng Jin here. I think both terms do indeed describe him

If Wang Xiao Mie was to see this scene, he would be scared sh*tless and scurried away as fast as he could.

After quite a while, Wen Feng Jin calmed down. Almost as if he switched into another personality, he said: “Inscription? It seems the craftsmen who built the tomb were dishonest. They even dared to record this down.”

Wen Feng Jin lowered his head and said to the corpse on the ground: “It’s a good thing that you let me know. What if this thing was seen by Mian Deng?”

“Moreover, Mian Deng likes polite people, so I will have to reward you well.”

He crouched down and held the corpse’s hand like a well-mannered gentleman, then smiled at the dead body and said: “Thank you very much.”

He stood up with an unchanged expression and said towards the empty passageway: “Mu Yi, destroy any place with an inscription. And also make sure to reward our guest. He liked gold and silver so take his body to the side courts where those things are stored to satisfy his wishes. Do not be stingy, got it?”

Two clickings echoed from the dark emptiness of the tomb.

“Look Mian Deng, did I do well?” Conversing by himself, his face turned red abruptly. He bit his lips and said: “Shi Xiong, you don’t have to praise me, you’re the one who’d taught me well…”

He raised the corner of his mouth and spoke to the nothingness. And then as if receiving someone’s approval, he became slightly shy and turned to leave. His shoes, stained with blood from the ground, left a row of red prints behind.

And at the moment he turned to leave, the corpse on the ground also disappeared instantly.

Mian Deng is still waiting for me.

He has returned to my side.

This time…

This time…

I will never let him run away …

The author has something to say: how normal can someone who laid down with a corpse in a underground palace for over a thousand years be?

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  1. So 😨. Not the first time I’ve read a psycho ML. So I’ll allow it. For a psycho he is kinda cute. Still a psycho though so will light a🕯for MC.

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  2. after more than 1000 years alone, i would also speak to myself like that…i would be more surprised if the ML was sane after that long in a single place xD!

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  3. Ohooo.. are you alright ML? Omg.. our thirsty brother will surely run away if he sees this.. I wonder if this will be angsty~

    Thank you so much for the chapter!!~ 🙇🙇🙇🙇

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  4. Wow, I knew ML was crazy, but I didn’t think he was that much off his rocker… But it’s good he thinks the world of MC – hopefully that’ll deter him from harming MC.
    Thank you for the chapter! ❤

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