IHSC Chapter 3

Chapter 3

The man’s name was Wen Feng Jin. He and Wang Xiao Mie’s previous reincarnation, Mian Deng, were disciples from the same sect. Since young, their relationship had always been good and harmonious. According to Wen Feng Jin’s words, they were a pair made in heaven.

Originally, the two intended to take a journey together for three years before returning to their sect to perform the marriage ceremony.

As a result, the trip caused them to be separated by death.

Wang Xiao Mie: Of course there’s death. It’s practically foreshadowed, that’s why I’m here.

In ancient times, people were blinded in their pursuit to become immortals. Because of this, many practiced medicines, some caused a lot of troubles, and others wasted away their life and wealth. The emperor and nobles, convinced that this medicine existed, sent a lot of envoys to find the immortality elixir.

And the two who were on their journey, luckily or unluckily, happened to save a man who was covered in blood. According to Wen Feng Jin, his previous incarnation, namely Mian Deng, had a cold face but a kind heart. He not only treated the man’s wounds but also fought back the people that came to kill him. 

But to their dismay, the wave of assassins was endless, and the man still died in the end. Before his death, he revealed that he was sent by the emperor to find the holy elixir. In his death, he passed the elixir to Mian Deng. 

Mian Deng and Wen Feng Jin knew that this elixir was a hot potato. 

However, those who sought eternal life will not let them go. Even if the elixir was destroyed, no one would believe them. 

They immediately set out to return to their sect for help but were surrounded by enemies before they could reach their destination.

After all, they were not invincible. By the time they escaped to the mountains, Mian Deng was seriously injured. He was on the verge of dying. 

Wen Feng Jin was no better. He only managed to persevere through the will to save Mian Deng. The pursuing army was playing tricks on them like a cat and mouse game, watching how they relied on each other for survival. 

Speaking to this point, Wen Feng Jin strengthened his arms’ grip around Wang Xiao Mie. He seemed to be deeply immersed in memories as his eyes turned scarlet. Wang Xiao Mie was scared speechless. 

Wen Feng Jin continued. 

In order to live, they decided to use the elixir. Even though they did not know whether it was authentic or not, they were at the end of the line. If one of them could survive, that was good enough!

At that time, their feelings for each other were deep, and neither wanted to live alone. It was not easy for them to finally decide that Mian Deng should be the one to live. But as it turned out, Mian Deng deceived Wen Feng Jin and passed the elixir to him using his mouth…

The elixir was real but ascending to immortality was not as glorious. Just take a look at the ending of those who sought immortality throughout history.

Although Wen Feng Jin survived, Mian Deng died. And Wen Feng Jin, he had turned into a corpse-like monster with no heartbeat, immune to pain, and unable to die. He killed all the assassins, carried Mian Deng’s body, and disappeared from human sight.


Many years later, a vengeful Wen Feng Jin resurfaced with his own organization and began to scour and plunder the land for precious treasures and medicines. Especially those rumored with the tag ‘resurrection’ attached, he had to get it by any means.

In the end, his wealth grew exponentially. He then ordered an underground palace to be built where he had found the legendary acacia tree. 

No one really knew if the tree could bring Mian Deng back. However, having tried every other means and method, Wen Feng Jin, without hesitation, accompanied a corpse to lay down in a coffin deep in the underground tomb…

Under the acacia tree for ten lifetimes in painful longing…

At present, Wang Xiao Mie had really come back to this body, after ten reincarnations where he finally woke up…

Having listened to the story, Wang Xiao Mie was not sure how to react.

Subconsciously, he did not doubt Wen Feng Jin’s words. The pain and hatred in his eyes when he talked about Mian Deng’s death did not seem fake. And the resolve to live down in the tomb also dispelled Wang Xiao Mie’s suspicion.


“I really do not remember that past….and my name has always been Wang Xiao Mie. Even if you call me Mian Deng, I still …” I still will not get excited and go ‘honey, I’m back. It must’ve been hard on you! weep!’ 

“No matter.” Wen Feng Jin drooped his head and showed a shallow smile: “what I desired most has already come back to me. No matter what identity you have, in any shape or form, it’s still you…”

“We can make a fresh start…” There was something profound about the zombie boss’s smile.

But Wang Xiao Mie just wanted to cry. Boss, we’re both dead, what’s the point of dating? So we can be called a couple of dumplings?

Wait, that’s not right.

Wang Xiao Mie suddenly recalled one thing: “After taking the elixir, aren’t you an immortal? That means you’re not a dumpling?! Then do you have a way to make me human again?”

Wang Xiao Mie was almost scared to death when he realized that he had no body heat or heartbeat. He did not want to become a zombie. There’s no way he can return to the surface being a zombie.

“Dumplings?” Wen Feng Jin tilted his head: “What do you mean?”

“Oh, dumplings refer to zombies. Sorry, I read too many novels.” Wang Xiao Mie scratched his head.

“Zombie?” Wen Feng Jin frowned and the red mark between his brows moved. “After taking the elixir, I’m as good as dead. I don’t need to sleep or eat. My wounds heal quickly but I’ve lost my heartbeat and body heat, almost like a dead man. And you, through the nurturing from the sacred tree and the tomb, you have become a non-rotting corpse. For the time being, I have no way to revive your body.”

So…I’ll remain a zombie?

Wang Xiao Mie lowered his head in despair.

“Don’t worry, even as a dumpling, you’re still the sweetest one.” Wen Feng Jin wrapped Wang Xiao Mie in his arms. He used the tip of his nose to smell, then used his lips to feel his skin.

Ah… Men, they all say that it’s a blessing just to meet but in reality, they can’t wait to pin you down on the bed and work hard.

Wang Xiao Mie gawked at the boss’s handsome face that was ranked up there with the demon lord’s beauty….he valiantly raised his hand ….and ….placed it on the boss’s chest!

When life gives you lemon, make lemonade! Only an idiot will not take advantage of this beauty!

Although Wang Xiao Mie was still confused about the whatevers of his previous life, but then ….but then in the twenty years of his life, this first beauty that he had landed, it’s just a waste not to touch!

Wang Xiao Mie put his hand into the boss’s clothes and molested to his heart’s content!

At first, Wen Feng Jin was stunned. But after that, the pair of eyes were shining bright. He even bent over in compliance to let Wang Xiao Mie feel him.

Mian Deng….

To think there’s a day that you have desires for me…..

Feeling the gentle stroking on his back, Wang Xiao Mie who was shelved by his friends in the gay circle even after being bent for so many years, had a little thought: if death meant that I will have such an affectionate (most importantly, with an incredibly high face value) dumpling husband, then it’s actually not bad.

It’s just….can zombies get ha~rd….?

I’m just gonna have a look…..keke, no other motive, just out of curiosity……..

Wang Xiao Mie lowered his head and secretly stole a glance at the boss’s crotch.

Even in such loose clothing, he could still see that that area had a slight bulge……

Hehe hehe~

13 thoughts on “IHSC Chapter 3

  1. Well this chapter ended on a funny note. The way it started I wasn’t expecting they were just just two horney dead people. Thank you for the chapter.


    1. I think there’s a line in there or the last chapter, where ML said that if wxm remembered then he wouldn’t let him be this close. And also I mentioned on the review page that ML is very deceptive

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  2. The change in the course of his thoughts is really fast but important for his future life …. I hope that your relationship is solid quickly and the little lies that you see, that ML released out there are irrelevant

    Thanks for the chapter! ^ ^)/

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    1. Lol I agree, MC’s thought process is all over the place. And their relationship is not very complicated, nothing angsty or anything but ML’s lies will come back to bite him

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