IHSC Chapter 2

Chapter 2

When Wang Xiao Mie woke up, he found that he was lying in someone else’s embrace. Even though his back felt icy cold, the chest he was leaning on was very solid. And to ensure his comfort, the man had adjusted his holding posture.

A few flower petals fall on the red wedding dress, like a star fire burning against the red background, a beautiful scene.

If an outsider were to see this scene: on a high platform in this magnificent underground palace, a pair of male lovers in red and black robes leaning against the dreamlike peach tree in such a posture, he might even felt a deep thrill.

If a rotten woman were to see this scene, she would’ve written a thousand articles in her head.

If… if it was not a dead person who was hugging me in this possessive posture, I would be very happy.

Not just happy, I might actually want to do it.

But Wang Xiao Mie was very scared, so scared that his face had no expression, yet his body was shaking like a Parkinson patient, like the old washing machines that buzzed when washing clothes.

A burst of low laughter sounded behind him. Wang Xiao Mie felt the man’s embrace tightened and he was using a certain perverted thing that was cool and soft to rub back and forth on his neck.

Preliminary identification, that should be his lips.

Wang Xiao Mie widened his big dog eyes. He was shaking so hard that his head almost dropped

“Bbbbbig brother, we can talk this over!” As long as you don’t bite me, you can do whatever you want!

“Mian Deng, why are you so cute in this life.” The hoarse voice with a trace of a smile echoed from the chest: “Mian Deng, that damned old immortal really did not lie to me. This acacia tree finally brought you back.”

Wang Xiao Mie was shaking too hard to understand a word.

He only heard the water splashing in his brain.

The man waited for a while until seemingly unsatisfied with Wang Xiao Mie’s silence, he turned him over. This move brought them face to face.

Wang Xiao Mie’s teeth were clattering due to his fear of zombies. The big dumpling brother facing him had a red crown on his head, a red pattern between his brows, and the narrow eyes with the large black pupils seemed particularly ominous.

“Mian Deng, why aren’t you talking?” Just a second ago he was smiling but now his handsome face was ferocious.

And yet what scared Wang Xiao Mie most was the powerful yet distorted look in those eyes. It was like seeing a lover coming back from the dead but this was a love that had turned to hatred.

They just wanted to take a bite at each other.

Wang Xiao Mie finally turned into vibrate mode.

Let me take back what I said before. These two aren’t a pair of love birds. This is more like the strangling of an adulterate wife in a fit of anger!

Wang Xiao Mie felt pain all over his body from the stare. The brain that was actually emptied started to spout words through the mouth: “Zombie big bro, spare me! I’m not Mian Deng. My name is Wang Xiao Mie. I live in Nan Gang, Wu Tong road. For over twenty years of my life, I have never cheated or picked up any girls. Although I cannot explain why I’m inside this body, but….!”

After saying the long paragraph, Wang Xiao Mie had to take a deep breath: “Brother, you must’ve mistaken me! Please let me go!”

Weep… I’d even kowtow to you.

Don’t kill me. I haven’t lived enough…..besides, Wang Xiao Mie’s heart was full of tears, I’m afraid of ghosts!

When he finished speaking, the demon-lord-like man’s complexion eased up. His expression was strange, like he had some doubt, and also some joy.

He hugged the Wang Xiao Mie who had frozen stiff like a wooden post in his arms.

The malicious expression changed into a soft gentle whisper. “Mian Deng, don’t you remember anything?”

Seeing his amazing face-changing speed, Wang Xiao Mie became even more frightened but he still managed to explain: “I’m….I’m called Wang Xiao Mie, not Mian Deng…”

“You really don’t remember anything….” If you had remembered what happened, how could you still let me be close to you? Wen Feng Jin looked at the face of the person he loved deeply. Although his body is still a non-rotting corpse, his soul had returned….that is enough….

Maybe him not remembering is a gift from heaven….

“Mian Deng….I have kept you under this sacred tree for more than 1200 years. According to legend, through a special condition, this tree can recall a spirit back here after it’s been through 10 reincarnations.”

On the man’s face was an unhealthy shade of pale blue but this did not affect his appearance. When those strange eyes full of emotions looked his way, Wang Xiao Mie actually felt a palpitation.

Covering his crazily beating chest, he quietly opened his mouth: “In this underground palace? For more than 1200 years….”

“Yes, but all the waiting is worth it.” He closed his eyes and put his forehead on Wang Xiao Mie’s. It was indeed true love.

Even if you don’t need to eat or drink, but to wait for your lover in a tomb to come back, it’s quite touching.

At least Wang Xiao Mie was not as scared of him now. After all, such a cheesy story could move anyone.

And…. I’m the 10th reincarnation of the person named Mian Deng?

Wang Xiao Mie: “What about me? Am I dead?”

That’s not right. He remembered that he was sleeping in his bed. He even had hiccups!!

The dark eyes opened and the man said, “That should be it.”

Wang Xiao Mie’s eyes widened: “I was at home, how could I die…”

The man smiled: “Natural and man-made disasters, nothing is impossible. And there are also thieves who would kill for money.”

Wang Xiao Mie was dazed for a moment. He lowered his head and remained silent for a long time before accepting this fact.

He did not happen to see the deep emotion in the man’s eyes.

After thinking for some time, he finally sighed and asked: “Me and you….what’s the relationship between us?”

“You and me?” The man half closed his eyes, covered his emotions, and slowly began to tell an old story.

15 thoughts on “IHSC Chapter 2

  1. Rereading this. Can’t help but cry since ML thought all these years that the MC hated him when it’s not the case.


  2. That’s endurance!! That many years waiting for his lover to wake up… but I’m feeling he had something to do with his death. Why else would he say it’s better if Wang Xiao Mie doesn’t remember if not because this Mian Deng hated him while they were alive?

    Thanks for the chapter!

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  3. you readers smell that smell, this story that the husband is going to tell me smells like a lot of lies, it may even have more truths there’s a lot of lies there, at least with my reading experience I feel it.

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  4. Wow !! 1200 years the wait has been long …. but I am intrigued by the backstory, I have so many questions that I will have to wait patiently for the chapters

    Thanks for the chapter! ^ ^

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