RCFN Chapter 22.3

Chapter 22.3

While the internet curses continued to ferment, Mu Tian Heng and Mo Di were sitting on the sofa of Han Lan Yi. 

Han Lan Yi was the woman Mo Di mentioned before. She was also Zhang Kuang Chang’s mistress. In the beginning, she was quite flustered and impervious to Mu Tian Heng’s questions. Nonetheless, with Mu Tian Heng’s skillful persuasion and the lucrative benefits he offered, she stopped putting on airs and let them in.

“I already said, I don’t know anything. My usual exchange with Zhang Kuang Chang is simply a service in exchange for money. And that stupid fatso is very stingy. He only gives me forty or fifty thousand a month and eight thousand goes to the rent for this place.”

Han Lan Yi lit a cigarette and crossed her legs, looking at Mu Tian Heng with a smile, “But if you’re the one seeking, then I don’t mind taking a little less.”

Mo Di immediately rolled his eyes and shot a glare at Han Lan Yi.

“Ha Ha Ha, I’m sorry, I forgot that there’s still a little brother here.” Han Lan Yi laughed. “Are you an adult yet? You should avoid listening to topics that are not suitable for children. Got it?”

“I thought that you’re a smart person.” Mu Tian Heng said abruptly. He swept a cold look at Han Lan Yi, “but now it seems that’s not the case.”

“You, why are you looking at me like that. I’m not easily scared.” Han Lan Yi’s fingers shook, causing the cigarette’s ashes to fall on her dress, burning a hole. “I already said I don’t know anything! Even if you give me a million yuan, I still do not know anything.”

“It’s a felony to give false evidence!” Mo Di chimed in: “Sister, if you’re helping Zhang Kuang Chang to falsify evidence because you’re trying to avoid certain troubles, when the police found out about this, you’ll be sentenced to jail. You can’t even imagine how hard it is in there!” 

“And I already know that you have proof,” Without waiting for Han Lan Yi’s refutation, Mo Di continued, “you have evidence to prove that Zhang Kuang Chang gave a false statement and framed Mo Di for buying the questions.”

Mu Tian Heng’s eyes narrowed, his family’s little fellow actually knew how to deceive people?

“Nonsense! What does a kid like you know?” Han Lan Yi was obviously flustered. But she kept her composure and said: “I don’t have any evidence. Even if you give me a million, I still won’t have it.”

Mo Di looked at Han Lan Yi quietly without flinching. Han Lan Yi was a very untrusting person. In order to ensure that she would have a way out, she had installed a pinhole camera at home shortly after becoming Zhang Kuang Chang’s mistress. In turn, Zhang Kuang Chang was an arrogant and greasy man who did not take Han Lan Yi seriously; he thought that the place where he was hiding his mistress was suitable to do business transactions. When he brought Ma Lian Chao and Huang Lie Hao’s parents back for the exchange, it was all recorded on the camera.

But after all, Han Lan Yi was still a coward. She only dared to place two cameras, one in the shoe cabinet and the other on the bedroom door frame. Zhang Kuang Chang was not an idiot. He had set up a special room and locked it up with keys in hand, not allowing Han Lan Yi to enter. He would discuss matters there and not tell Han Lan Yi about it.

However, with just the footage captured by the two cameras, it was enough to prove Mo Di’s innocence. That was because afterwards, the police would find a box that was believed to have held the items or cash for the exchange. Huang Li Hao’s father and Ma Lian Chao’s parents, they each should also have one. And their voices were also captured by the cameras in the mistress’s house.

Mo Di could guess why Han Lan Yi agreed to hand over the footage in his last life but not this time. In his past life, the evidence proved the actual crime Zhang Kuang Chang had committed, but now, the evidence would not only prove that Zhang Kuang Chang sold the papers but that he also gave a false statement. If she handed the evidence over, she might get into trouble. Moreover, if there was someone giving Zhang Kuang Chang instructions to lie, then she would be in even bigger danger. 

“Sister,” Mo Di looked at Han Lan Yi and said: “I can understand that you’re worried about getting into trouble but don’t you think that holding on to it is dangerous? You can only get out of this mess if you hand it over to us. We’re going to get the person behind this as well so you don’t have to watch your back every day.”

“Only ghosts will believe you!” Han Lan Yi regretted that she had agreed to talk to them for ten minutes at fifty thousand yuan. She said angrily: “It’s almost ten minutes. Give me the money quickly. Then leave!”

“Do you know who is the person behind Zhang Kuang Chang?” Mu Tian Heng asked coldly.

“He…who is behind him has nothing to do with me!” Han Lan Yi was unhinged by Mu Tian Heng’s indifferent gaze. 

“It’s the Qin family.” Mu Tian Heng answered, “The Qin family’s wealth is not solely from their entertainment and real estate enterprises. They also have an underground industry, do you know what it is?”

“W. . .what?”

“Casinos. Not just in Macau but also in other Southeast Asian countries. Although on the surface, it’s not under their name. And under the local influence, do you know what interesting exhibitions are displayed in front of their casinos?”

“Wh…what exhibition?!” Han Lan Yi’s hand shook and she had goosebumps on her back.


“They would cut off your arms and legs, pull out your tongue and dig out your eyes and turn you into a human staff which will be placed in a vase as a welcome attraction.” Mu Tian Heng looked directly into Han Lan Yi’s frightened eyes and said: “Isn’t it especially interesting? Miss Han, who do you think will become those ‘welcome attractions’? Do you really think that they’ll never discover you hiding this evidence? We’re here now because we found you by accident but Zhang Kuang Chang can easily give you up any time later. Will the Qin family not be suspicious? What if after coming here, they found out …”

“Ah!” Han Lan Yi shrieked and covered her ears, “Stop it, stop it! How is that possible? That’s against the law!”

“The law? They even dared to fabricate evidence to frame someone, do you think they care about the law? Besides, they have ways to make you disappear without facing any consequences. You’ve heard about the news a few days ago. A principal killed a teacher but was only discovered twenty years later. That was just a principal, he’s not even an ant compared to the Qin family. If the Qin family wants to….”

“Stop! Don’t say anymore! I don’t know anything!”

Mu Tian Heng: “If you tell me what you know and give me the evidence in your hand, you’ll not only get rid of this hot potato, but I will also help you to stay away from the Qin family’s sphere of influence.”

“What?” Han Lan Yi looked up in astonishment.

“That’s right. You didn’t hear wrong.” Mu Tian Heng said steadily: “I’ll have people take you to America. If you want, I can get you a new identity and give you five million yuan so you can live without worries.”

Han Lan Yi’s expression clearly loosened up for a moment, “How…how can I trust you?”

“At present, I’m the only one you can trust. The police might get here any minute. Besides, there’s no reason not to trust me. You should know about the ‘impression’ network. You can check who its founder is.” 

“Y…you?!!!” Han Lan Yi remembered vaguely a gossip she heard from her ‘sisters’ about the world’s most worthy man. It was the founder of ‘impression’ who was young and promising with incredibly high assets. He was more handsome than celebrities and more importantly, he looked like he was from Hua Xia.

Han Lan Yi frantically looked for her phone on the sofa and did an internet search. Three seconds later, her brain crashed.

“You…you, you’re really Mu Tian Heng?!”

“Of course. The money that I promised, I will give it to you. I will also arrange for your stay in the States. You can choose to stay here and be threatened under the Qin family, and then made into a human staff, or take the money and live in the US under a different identity, it’s all up to you. But, I’ll only give you five minutes to consider.”

“I … I… are you sure you can help me, give me money, give me a new identity, and let me live in America?”

“I’m certain. But if you don’t believe and want to refuse, that’s also not a problem….”

“I agree!” Han Lan Yi interrupted: “But you have to arrange for me to go abroad as soon as possible. I have a passport!”

“Give me the evidence and I’ll have someone book your tickets.”

Han Lan Yi took a deep breath and stood up feebly. She then rushed into the bedroom.

It could be clearly seen that when Mo Di and Mu Tian Heng left the Shui Quan Community their expressions were a lot less tense.

With this evidence and Han Lan Yi’s confession, the truth behind the College Entrance Exam fraud case should be settled.

“I’ll get someone to work with the police. I also happen to know a few upright commissioners, I’ll ask them to help shake up Zhang Kuang Chang and make him talk.”

“He will only admit to the frameup but won’t spill anything. However, I’m still very satisfied and happy.” Mo Di looked at Mu Tian Heng and let out an uncontrollable smile, one that truly came from his heartfelt feelings and not an act.

“I’m really grateful to you, brother.”

Although he could’ve turned the tables on his own, it would not have been this smooth.

Mu Tian Heng smiled back and gently rubbed Mo Di’s hair, “Good boy.”

When they got home, Mu Tian Heng ordered Assistant Gao to contact major networks and make sure to acquire a timeslot and layout on the most popular news channel for tonight. He then quickly edited the surveillance video from the villa gate when the Mos came and made n number of backups of the video from Han Lan Yi.

And at this time, Mo Di was browsing his Weibo. As soon as he opened the app, the top few hot searches with stabbing bright red characters exploded on the screen.


Other than the topics involving the college entrance exam farce, one was actually ‘The Mo Family Broke Off With Mo Di’.

Only now that Mo Di knew the Mo family had acted so quickly. Even the indictment was written beforehand and the court approval had been obtained. As long as he signed, they did not even have to go to court to complete the break-off. 

Yet this morning, they had the face to feign benevolence and said that as long as he apologized, they would not indict him or cut him off. Such an act was really…

Hypocritical and disgusting.

But then it had made things easy for him.

Mo Di immediately called Mo Shi Hong and agreed to the severance. He made an appointment to meet them later at the Civil Affairs Bureau, sign and go through with the formalities.

Mo Shi Hong swore loudly on the spot, saying that he would bring the police along to take him in as soon as the procedure was complete.

Mo Di only answered: “The police indeed will come, but I’m just afraid at that time, father, you would be even more unhappy.”

Having said that, Mo Di hung up and reported the matter to Mu Tian Heng.

Mu Tian Heng had just finished reading the comments online. His wrath and coldness were not concealed. But once he saw Mo Di, his eyes were gentle as he rubbed his hair: “Now that the public opinion has reached its peak, you’re right to break up with them. We’ll then release the two videos on the internet at the perfect timing.”


Mu Tian Heng personally drove Mo Di to the Civil Affairs Bureau. When they arrived, the place was already bustling with people hoping to catch a glimpse of the ultimate scum Mo Di being cut off and then taken away.

Someone even tried to smash Mo Di with an item but Mu Tian Heng raised his hand to push it away. He shot a look of intense fury back and the violator turned chicken.

Mo Di entered the Civil Affairs Bureau and saw that the whole Mo family had come. Actually, with just Mo Shi Hong and Ruan Qing Dan, it would have been enough. But the Mos were very united and they really wanted to give Mo Di some face, so the Mo patriarch, Mo Wu Hang, and those who could come were here. The only strange thing was, Mo Liu Gui was absent.

If it weren’t for the staff’s presence, Mo Shi Hong and the others would have started throwing their curses at Mo Di. But after all, at this place, they had to uphold their reputation, hence, they only stared at Mo Di and kept their vile words to themselves.

Meanwhile, Mu Tian Heng, who was waiting outside the Civil Affairs Bureau, sent Assistant Gao the two videos to let him pass them on to major networks and hire a water army to intensify the public opinions.

Mo Di signed quickly and the formalities were also handled swiftly. The Mos was a distinguished family after all, they had already made the arrangements in advance, hence no queuing was required. The whole process was done in less than twenty minutes and hereinafter, Mo Di no longer had any relationship with the Mos.

Using family as an excuse to send him to the mental hospital for ‘treatment’ or to directly take over his painstaking company…

The Mo family will never have that right again.

Mo Shi Hong endured until they exited the building when he could not hold back anymore, he scolded Mo Di: “You animal, in the future, don’t ever say you have anything to do with the Mo family. We do not have such a vicious and unfilial white-eyed wolf like you!”

 Then he said to the approaching policemen: “Comrade police, you’re here to catch Mo Di, isn’t it? We, the Mo family, are very reasonable, we will not cover up for him. We….”

“Indeed we need to take someone to the police station now, but it’s not Mo Di.” Mo Shi Hong was interrupted by a middle-aged policeman in the foremost front who suddenly took out a pair of handcuffs and placed it on his wrists: “Mo Shi Hong, you gave falsified evidence involving the case of the College Entrance Exam Leakage and violated the law. Now you have to come with us to the police station.”

A policewoman behind the policeman gave Mo Shi Hong and the others a nasty stare, then murmured the words: “Disgusting, human scums.”

The crowd was instantly dumbfounded. Someone was so infuriated that he wanted to report the police’s unjust behaviour on the internet but as it turned out, he was dumbfounded again after opening his Weibo. 

Reading two lines into the latest news, his face turned into different shades of red and then finally stopped at the colour of a pig’s liver.

Another bystander saw his abnormal reaction and after looking over, his face also turned red. He glanced at the young man’s back in the distance with an expression filled with guilt, anger, and sympathy. 

At the same time, these two weren’t the only ones that felt that their faces were hot and painful and that their three views had collapsed.

Within the whole network, anyone who had denounced Mo Di felt as if their faces were slapped over and again, leaving a scorching pain!

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