RCFN Chapter 22.2

Chapter 22.2

“Actually there’s a surveillance camera at the gate.” 

After coming back inside the villa, Mu Tian Heng took a bottle of milk from the fridge and placed it in the microwave for heating. 

“Surveillance?” Mo Di sat on the sofa and looked up in a daze.

Of course, Mo Di knew that there was surveillance outside the villa. Otherwise, he would not have particularly poured out his childhood stories and questioned the Mo family’s prejudice against him. This was to make the Mos reveal how different their brain circuits were from ordinary people. This would allow him to make good use of the recording.

“That’s right. I will trim the video of what happened in front of the villa.” Mu Tian Heng came over and sat beside Mo Di, looking at him: “If I release this video online at the right time, the Mo family’s plan to desecrate your name, before and after breaking off the relationship, will fail. After all, there are still people in this world with normal three views. Most will not agree with their ridiculous and disgusting logic and ideas.”

“But first, I want to ask you, little fellow, what is it that you want? If you don’t want to break off the relationship and still want to go home, then it’s not suitable to release this video. We have to think of another…”

“I don’t want to go back.” There was a little shiver in his voice as Mo Di said with red eyes and tightly clasped hands. He then said firmly in a loud voice: “I won’t go back!”

“They don’t like me. Ever since I was young, they’ve never liked me and would frequently hit me and scold me. I used to fantasize that one day they will also love me but now I know that’s impossible.” Mo Di wiped his eyes with his arms, “Now they have firmly believed that I bought the questions and cheated. They want me to admit something that I did not do, want me to go to jail. I don’t want to have this kind of family anymore. They are not my family!” 

Mu Tian Heng felt a tugging heartache and yearned to hold Mo Di in his arms but in the end, he only reached out and gently held Mo Di’s shoulder, “I get it.”


“Brother, do you think everyone on the internet is criticizing me right now?” Mo Di abruptly raised his head and looked at Mu Tian Heng with fear, “Are the police also on their way to catch me?”

Not waiting for Mu Tian Heng to talk, Mo Di continued: “I studied for it, It was all my own efforts! I have never met that man, I never…no wait.”

Mo Di stopped mid-sentence and stayed stunned. After five or six seconds, he turned around and looked at Mu Tian Heng: “Brother, I seemed to have met that man, Zhang Kuang Chang, before.”

Mu Tian Heng concealed his almost uncontrollable anger and heartache, smiled before Mo Di could see it and said gently: “Are you sure you’ve seen him before?”

“Yes…I remember seeing him.” Mo Di nodded. “I think it was the second day I started living in the apartment you rented for me. After school, I got on the wrong bus and when I realized it, I was already in the eastern suburbs. I waited for a long time but the return bus didn’t come. I got hungry but there were no fast food stores nearby, so I went to a bakery at the intersection and bought some donuts.”

“While waiting for the clerk to wrap it up, I happened to see several people with suitcases coming out of a place called Shui Quan Community diagonally opposite the bakery. One of them seemed to be the man named Zhang Kuang Chang, next to him was another man and a woman. The suitcases they had were pretty big so I took a longer look.”

“Shui Quan Community?” Mu Tian Heng’s eyes were focused, “The Shui Quan Community on Shui Huai Road?”

“En.” Mo Di thought back and nodded.

“Oops, almost forgot.” Mu Tian Heng suddenly sighed and walked out of the living room. As he entered the kitchen, he pulled up Weibo on his phone and tapped on the hot search.

He wanted to see if that Zhang Kuang Chang was arrested in Shui Quan Community.

Shui Quan Community has a tacit reputation in the upper circle of the capital which Mu Tian Heng had overheard at a certain banquet. This community could almost be regarded as a place where the rich and those with a little standing in the government kept their mistresses. 

And some mistresses, in fact, would know a lot of secrets regarding these privileged personnel.

It took no effort to find the article. As soon as the hot search was opened, the first result with the word “hot” attached was the article with the tag “college entrance exam”.

Mu Tian Heng ignored the comments and went straight to the video and report, looking through quickly from the beginning to the end.

Zhang Kuang Chang was not arrested at his mistress’s place but at a nightclub. The arrest was made at midnight but within just an hour, he had spilled almost everything except the location of the transaction records which he was using as a bargaining chip with the police.

This was really suspicious.

And since he was not caught at his mistress’s place, then their trip to Shui Quan Community right now would prove to be of great value.

After Mu Tian Heng had gathered the information that he most wanted, he took the milk back to the living room. He said to Mo Di who stood up as soon as he returned: “Come, drink the milk. Then brother will take you to a place.”

“Where to?”

“Shui Quan Community.”

Mo Di sat in the car and was secretly relieved that Mu Tian Heng’s mindset and his were really comparable, only their methods were different. He wanted to achieve his goal through hacking but Mu Tian Heng’s methods were more active.

Nonetheless, although he knew everything in his head, on the surface, Mo Di still pretended to be confused and asked Mu Tian Heng why they were going to the Shui Quan Community. Mu Tian Heng explained briefly that there might be important information about Zhang Kuang Chang there, and they had to find someone close to him and ask in detail.

Mo Di then pretended to be enlightened.

After arriving at the Shui Quan Community, Mu Tian Heng let Mo Di stay in the car and he would go to look for clues. But just as he got out of the car, Mo Di frantically grabbed him. He got close and whispered into his ears: “Brother, brother, I see the woman who was with Zhang Kuang Chang last time. She’s right next to the stone block!” 

Mu Tian Heng’s ear was numbed from the heat exhaled by Mo Di and his ear bones were crisp momentarily. He coughed unnaturally and said: “Where?”

“There.” Mo Di pointed.

Mu Tian Heng followed Mo Di’s finger and saw a woman in a back spaghetti strapped dress, buying Coke from a vending machine in front of the estate entrance. Judging by her looks, she was roughly twenty-seven or twenty eight, still quite young.

Young is good. Young people are generally very ‘understanding’.

Mu Tian Heng cast a sharp look and decided to take Mo Di to talk with the woman.

Mo Di and Mu Tian Heng did not pay much attention to the flow of things on the internet. One was that looking at those insults and curses would only bring him anger and disgust, not much benefit for his thoughts. Two was that at this time, they had more pressing matters to pursue. Thus, they were unaware that presently, the Mos had announced a piece of news using their enterprise’s Weibo account. It stated that Mo Di had tried times and again to frame and tarnish his sister’s reputation. He had insulted and reviled his family. He was unfilial to his parents. His conduct was bad to the point of fabricating lies. The Mo family were disappointed time after time and their feelings were completely crushed. They now decided to use legal means to sever the relationship with Mo Di!


A long document was attached below. It was the court issued approval certificate on severing the relationship and also, the submitted bill of indictment from the Mo family. And the submission date on the bottom right corner ….was six days ago?

When the enthusiastic netizens got wind of the announcement, some started throwing mud at Mo Di immediately. They berated him as the disgusting rubbish second generation who cheated; the unfilial and vicious son who hurt his sister and his parents; he’s the scum among scums; feeding him is just a waste of food; he’s just polluting the air; life imprisonment is too easy on him, he should be executed instead!!!

These types of comments were quickly praised by many and became a hot topic. But there were also those that stated that the Mo family’s behaviour was very strange. They broke off the relationship as soon as their son was in trouble. There’s just something secretive behind this incident. However, such a comment was instantly denounced by hundreds of thousands of netizens. 

There were also testimonies from Mo Di’s classmates: “Mo Di has always been such a hypocritical and disgusting person. Not only did he try to harm his sister, Mo Liu Gui, but he’s also very good at acting pitiful and flipping right and wrong. Some time ago, he even caused his sister to faint and was admitted to the hospital. Even so, Mo Liu Gui was kind enough and did not blame Mo Di one bit. Mo Di is just like a dog that does not recognize kindness and ran away from home. This caused Mo Liu Gui to miss a lot of classes to find him. If not, she will definitely be the top three scorers in the whole city!”

This kind of classmate testimony had further aroused the fury of netizens.

In a short period of time, the cursing of Mo Di, the sympathy and understanding for the Mo family, the sympathy and love towards Mo Liu Gui as the kind and bullied girl, were at an all-time peak.

“Why is this Mo Di so disgusting! He dared to cheat in the exam! Another second-generation scum!”

“Really, cheating in the exam is already disgusting, he’s also unfilial and bullies such a good sister. This kind of guy will just grow up to be the most garbage of scums! Go to hell!”

“I feel heartache for his sister Mo Liu Gui. I also like how she’s perfect all around. Kind, beautiful, intelligent, and tolerant. How can there be such a perfect girl? It’s just that she’s too kind and soft. The garbage little brother is just disgusting. Little big sis, don’t be nice to him anymore. Treat yourself a little better. Heartache. [crying] [hugging]”

“Some men are just garbage. Especially this Mo Di. He even bullied such a good sister. So disgusting I just want him to die! But maybe because his sister is so smart, pretty, has a great personality, and everything about her is perfect, that’s why he got jealous and tried to set her up. He wanted to surpass his sister in the exam so he cheated. And even ran away from home so his sister had to find him and affected her learning. Fuck this Mo Di is just terrible!”

“The Mo family is also quite miserable, giving birth to such a white-eyed wolf.”

“Those who bought the exam questions should just die! The one who released it should also die!”

“From the cheating incident, could it be that the Mo family values man over woman? Otherwise, how could that Mo Di become so outrageous? The little big sis is so kind, so good, so intelligent, so beautiful, and yet so humble. Under such circumstances, she was still thinking of her brother. Damn it! Such a good sister, if you don’t love her then get lost! Those who bully their sister should die!”

“Everyone curse that scum Mo Di to be tortured and rot in prison for the rest of his life! Like if you agree!!!!”


“Plus one.”

“Plus 10086”


The tags “Cheating in College Entrance Exam”, “College Exams Question leaked”, “Xia Jia International Student Mo Di Buys Exam Questions”, “Mo Family disowns Mo Di”, “Heartache for Mo Di’s Sister”, “My First Love: the goddess Mo Liu Gui”, had all become the hottest topics on Weibo.

And in every post, the insults and curses aimed at Mo Di were endless. Even if there were opposing opinions, it would sink into the sea and be overwhelmed by other comments and criticisms.

For example, one one of the comments speaking up for Mo Di stated: “Mo Di is not like that at all. He had never bullied Mo Liu Gui. Instead, it was Mo Liu Gui who almost killed Mo Di who had to get emergency treatment. But the Mo family and many students still blamed Mo Di and swore at him. You people are all retarded do you know that. Have you joined some sort of cult and brainwashed by Mo Liu Gui?!!!”

This comment was denounced by the top five commenters immediately. Fanatical netizens now not only cursed at Mo Di but also at the people who would such comments.

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  1. I mean that last commentor in the chapter was not wrong….that is a cult and they DO seemed to be brainwashed by that lying b*tch!…..i came across a spoiler and now i hate her religiously

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  2. Yes its annoying. But I also understand because the world background of this novel is a mary sue ‘novel’ that has no logic at all, so…anyway, waitinf for more faceslapping!!

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  4. This family is, I don’t know blind… Stupid and rotten, all of them are only around the Mo girl, their precious girl. And something tell me she is not the pure, naive and noble girl that all believe, and she’s controlling everything with a mask of a nobless.
    Even Mo Di believe in her in his past live, gladly he take off the blind off his eyes in this new opportunity. And many other too, sadly the strength of the protagonist is strong right now.
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