IHSC Chapter 40

Chapter 40

Editor & Proofreader: KitKat

Lei Jie went mad by just hugging the sword. 

Beep beep beep!!! Liao Yue! F**k! It’s really you! Give it to me!!! Beep beep beep!!! Liao Yue!!! Ahhhh!!!”

Xiao Luo looked at his master’s maniacal laughter and smacked his forehead.

Have you ever seen someone winning the five million yuan lottery? His master’s craziness was like someone winning a hundred million yuan!

“Liao Yue AHHHH! I can’t take it anymore!!! I need some heart medicine! It’s mine! Liao Yue, you’re mine!!! Ohhhh god, I can’t take it anymore! Ahhh! I’m willing to be your slave!!! Ah ha haha!!!”

Lei Jie hugged the sword and continued to moan and rave ecstatically. Like a bride on her wedding day (and night), she was bursting with enthusiasm and fulfillment!

For the sword, let alone help them to live on the surface, she was willing to help even if they wanted to live in the sky!


Wen Feng Jin and Wang Xiao Mie ordered Muji (#7), a monster who could consume minerals and produce a liquid that would form a sturdy stone wall, to reinforce the damaged areas. He was also ordered to forage for Zhen Bei’s strange weapon.

Wen Feng Jin said that this weapon was very special. This was how Zhen Bei could injure Mu Yi and the others to break into their chamber. That’s right, Zhen Bei did not just sneak back in, he charged right through and almost killed Mu Yi to Mu Shi. It was thanks to Wen Feng Jin giving them his blood in time that they could survive.

Wang Xiao Mie frowned, “One person against the ten of them, Zhen Bei is really something.”

Wen Feng Jin shook his head. He took the long hammer-like weapon and clutched its handle. Aiming at one of Mu Liu’s broken tentacles, he gave it a quick slash. It was just a normal attack but the tentacle made a sizzling sound and instantly turned to ashes!

Wang Xiao Mie: ….. ‘Something that could turn physical attacks into magical attacks really exists!! I couldn’t have transmigrated into some weird world, could I?!’

“This is a mysterious weapon that has been customized. According to my memories, only that old man was capable of creating this. Although I don’t know how he got this, whoever he got it from is no ordinary human,” said Wen Feng Jin.

But very soon, this issue was cast to the back of Wang Xiao Mie’s brain to accommodate something more disturbing. After they had packed a few items for the road, Wen Feng Jin told Mu San to carry their coffin to the surface.

The act not only baffled the eccentric Lei Jie who was acting as their guide but Wang Xiao Mie was also shocked silly.

“Wait! Why are you moving the coffin?! We don’t have space for that where we’re going!! Besides, it’s not like they don’t have beds on the surface.”

“No.” Wen Feng Jin was unexpectedly stubborn.

“Shixiong and I have been sleeping in this coffin for a thousand years, we can’t give that up.”


“It’s not like we’re not coming back…” Wang Xiao Mie looked at the coffin and made one final struggle.

But Wen Feng Jin only shook his head and said, “…..No, this coffin is the best.”


If there was ever a need, Wang Xiao Mie felt that Wen Feng Jin would be the most suitable spokesperson for people who could not sleep in an unfamiliar bed with the slogan: ‘Wherever you go, just bring along your favorite coffin (bed).’

It seemed like in this life he would not be able to escape the fate of having to sleep in a coffin. 

A tear fell silently.


With no other choice, Lei Jie had to switch the Land Rover she drove to a mini truck to fit the queen size coffin. 

…And this brings us back to where the story left off.

After dropping Zhen Bei at this place to be sentenced, they left the town. In order to avoid unwanted attention, they traveled non-stop along the countryside for two days and finally reached Lei Jie’s house in city B.

Trucks were not uncommon in these parts. After all, this was not a place of commerce. More often than not, there would be online deliveries of furniture for the residents. Most importantly, the reason why someone like Lei Jie would choose to live here was that the neighbors were also people of shady background. No one would be bothered about another’s business.

The only rule here was mutual non-interference.

The security guard recognized Lei Jie and nimbly opened the gate. Lei Jie could finally relax once they arrived at the villa. She said to her fellow passengers of three days, “Here we are. Let’s get unpacked quickly.”

She then jumped out of the truck and opened the door for Wang Xiao Mie and Wen Feng Jin.

“Don’t worry, it’s absolutely safe here. This house will be left to you for future use. There’s a lot of privacy here, no one will ask you anything personal. But that coffin of yours…”

“If I’m not wrong, it was made with a type of precious wood. It’s heavier than steel, we can’t lift it by ourselves. Do you want me to have someone move it for you?” Lei Jie asked attentively.

Wang Xiao Mie heard her and excitedly crossed his fingers and began chanting in his head, ‘I want to sleep on a bed. I want to sleep on a bed. I want to sleep on a bed.’

To his dismay, Wen Feng Jin shook his head and said, “There’s no need.” 

He then went to the back and opened the door like how Xiao Luo had shown him before, exposing the coffin covered with a white cloth.

Wen Feng Jin raised his hand and a roar blasted through the air as his sleeves began to flap under a non-existent wind!

Wen Feng Jin placed his palm on the coffin and, like a magnet, the one-ton coffin was attached to his hand and lifted off as though it was weightless styrofoam! 

Despite having his hope squashed, Wang Xiao Mie was amazed at what Wen Feng Jin did. It was like those martial artists using their internal force in those movies he used to watch!

Wen Feng Jin who was carrying the queen-sized coffin like a plastic bag looked at the petrified three and frowned. “Stop standing there. Move aside, it’s quite heavy.”



They ran to the door and opened it for him. Wang Xiao Mie followed behind Wen Feng Jin and carefully guided him up the steps. They had to be careful since their ‘bed’ was so heavy it might destroy the marble floor.

Xiao Luo lagged behind them and quietly tugged at his master’s shoulder, “Shibo.”

Lei Jie looked back at him, “What?”

Xiao Luo secretly whispered to her, “Shibo, should we be doing this? Look at how powerful he is. They’re thousand-year-old zombies. What if they have a sudden craving for blood and human flesh? And then those they bite will turn into zombies which will then infect others… Eventually, in just one night, everyone in this city will turn into zombies!!! What will we do then?!!! We will become the sinners that doomed humanity!!!”

After listening to him, Lei Jie replied in a whisper, “Xiao Luo…”

“Did you… watch ‘Train to Busan’ behind my back?! I told you to stop watching those zombies movies! Now look at you what you’ve become! Sigh… it’s hopeless, just hopeless.”

Xiao Luo: ‘I’m not the one overthinking this! My Shibo has already been brainwashed by them! This must be it!!’ 

*Sob sob.*

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