Chapter 46

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Ding Ding

Wu. Who is it this early in the morning?”

With messy bed hair, Wang Xiao Mie sat up with his eyes closed. He reached outside the coffin and felt for the ringing phone. Once he touched the vibrating phone, a small slit opened between his eyelids and he accurately pressed the green button.

“Hello,” Wang Xiao Mie said lazily after a long yawn, “Who is it?”

Lei Jie on the other smiled at his listlessness and said, “It’s me, Lei Jie, I …”

A pair of moist and red lips got close to the phone. To be exact, it was approaching Wang Xiao Mie’s ears. Its owner, still in a lethargic state, leaned his chin on Wang Xiao Mie’s shoulder and hugged him. His silver hair flowed down and covered them both.

“Who is it? Shixiong…” As though the husky and magnetic voice carried an electric current that could course through the phone, transferring the man’s sexiness and hormones right to the listeners’ ears and into their brains…

Even someone like Lei Jie felt a jolt and had to shift the phone from her left to her right. She rubbed her ears and her cheek turned slightly pink. 

Cough, did I disturb anything?”

“Um? No.” Wang Xiao Mie did not get her question. He took a look at his phone, “It’s already half-past six, we’ll be up in a minute.”

Wang Xiao Mie was oblivious but Wen Feng Jin was well aware. 

He slowly puckered his lips and deliberately clamped onto Wang Xiao Mie’s ears. 


Right next to the phone and earlobe, the sucking sound was infinitely amplified.

Wang Xiao Mie froze while Lei Jie rubbed the tip of her nose awkwardly. Why would you let this old lady who has been single for over thirty years hear these things? Curse you pair of male lovebirds!

“Stop messing around!” Wang Xiao Mie blushed and covered his ear. He gave the man leaning against the coffin full of smiles a warning to stay away.

The man closed his eyes and snickered. The low laughter made Wang Xiao Mie annoyed. He turned his back to him and continued to talk on the phone. Wen Feng Jin snorted and kept looking at him with hungry eyes.

It’s been quite some time since they last did it.

Wen Feng Jin rested his elbow on the edge of the coffin and placed his chin over his hand. His chest was fully exposed under the loose clothing and the silver locks were spread out over the red drabs of the coffin. A mind-numbing beauty but unfortunately, his target did not appreciate it at all.


“Lei Jie, did you want to tell us something?” Wang Xiao Mie asked.

Lei Jie took some time to digest the dog food then said, “Zhen Bei was sentenced to death and was executed yesterday.” 

Wang Xiao Mie was shocked. His sleepiness disappeared instantly. At the mention of Zhen Bei, Wang Xiao Mie could still remember his cheerful face and twisted personality.

“…En. I see.”

“The Zhen family is now a mess. Zhen Hao was killed by Zhen Bei and Zhen Bei was sent to jail. There’s only Zhen Mu left which puts everyone in a complicated mood. When Madame Zhen heard that Zhen Hao was gone, she went mad and even accused Zhen Mu of being the killer and wanted him locked up as well.”

Lei Jie remembered the scene where Zhen Mu was kneeling on the ground crying when Zhen Bei was being executed. 

Aside from raising a brainless son like Zhen Hao, they raised a vile being like Zhen Bei. And now they wanted to send away the only decent son they had.

“The Zhen family is just a bunch of idiots!” Lei Jie cursed, “Damn that stupid woman!”

Wang Xiao Mie was speechless at the news. What’s with spoiling your eldest son while suppressing your two other sons?

It’s indeed ‘the same rice that feeds all kinds of people’. 

(TN: 一样米养百样人 A proverb meaning we could eat the same thing but would turn into very different people)

“What happened next?” Wang Xiao Mie frowned and asked. 

Lei Jie sighed and said, “I’m somewhat close to Zhen Mu. When those crazy people become unscrupulous, of course I have to step in. But then everyone knew that I, Xiao Lou, and Zhen Mu were the only ones who had survived. This could be a little troublesome even for me…”

Before Wang Xiao Mie could say anything, Lei Jie laughed and said, “But don’t worry, I’m not afraid of anyone! All these years tempered by hardships, I’m not some pushover! Xiao Lou and I are resting in a friend’s resort. With the Liao Yue sword by my side, I’m now satisfied. I could always do something else to earn a living… Oh that’s right!”

“I’ve sold most of the things you had handed to me through the auctions. My lord, you don’t know how much money they have fetched. Just your teacup alone is enough for me to live in luxury for ten years.”

Wang Xiao Mie thought of the balance in his card and laughed.

I’m now a wealthy man. Heh hehehe…

Lei Jie was happy to hear his laughter. She just could not see Wang Xiao Mie as a big dumpling from a mausoleum. To her, he was almost like a child at home whom she couldn’t help but want to give his head a rub.

“One more thing, regarding the weapon you told me to research, the one that Zhen Bei used, I have some leads.”

“Ha?!” Wang Xiao Mie quickly asked, “You know who made it?”

“Yes. Weapons of that kind appeared twenty years ago. Those who went underground would equip themselves with it. The person who made it is named Bai Cheng. But then those weapons and Bai Cheng suddenly disappeared and it was there that I couldn’t find any further information.”

“Is that so…” It seemed that those weapons were specially made to work against people like Wen Feng Jin and himself. Wang Xiao Mie wasn’t sure if he was overthinking but there was always a feeling of unrest lurking in his head.

Now that the trace was lost and even Lei Jie could not find anything else.

Lei Jie comforted Wang Xiao Mie and he smiled, “I might be worried for nothing. By the way, Lei Jie, after the storm has passed, can I trouble you again?”

Lei Jie sniggered, “What’s there to trouble? Just tell me what you need!”

Wang Xiao Mie’s eyes softened, “I want to build a temple on that mountain… The cost does not matter. And the name of the temple is Xuan Feng.”

Back then, the place he transmigrated to was Xuan Feng Academy. The saplings that he planted and the children he had taught were all deeply imprinted in his memories. 

He hated the Academy but not everyone in it.

Wen Feng Jin’s anger and despair that year had made him lose all kindness and tolerance, resulting in the merciless massacre of Xuan Feng Academy…

Even though Wen Feng Jin was smiling more frequently and a lot more gentle now, Wang Xiao Mie could still see through him after he had recovered his memories. Those smiles and kindness were all a show for him, like fulfilling a task in a game.

Wang Xiao Mie did not like killing so Wen Feng Jin sheathed his sword and changed himself. Wang Xiao Mie wanted an ordinary life so Wen Feng Jin willingly stayed above ground to accompany him, whether it was for a simple meal or a daily trip to the supermarket…

But Wang Xiao Mie was certain, if he were to die, Wen Feng Jin would reveal a whole different face.

Wen Feng Jin did not change, he just got used to disguising himself. Wang Xiao Mie’s death and rejection a thousand years ago had left him in irreparable despair. Now, it had turned into an instinct for him to be the perfect person in front of Wang Xiao Mie.

I’m the flawless replica of what you want, you can only choose me.

Wen Feng Jin’s love was exclusive, possessive and lustful, multiplied by countless times.

Saving people and abiding by the law were choices Wen Feng Jin had made just to please Wang Xiao Mie, just like playing a strategy game. 

Outside the game, Wen Feng Jin was still the same cold and indifferent person whose smile was as scarce as hen’s teeth.

Wang Xiao Mie turned and looked at the man smiling at him devilishly.

It’s not that he hated it… It’s just a little tricky.

After exchanging a few more words with Lei Jie, Wang Xiao Mie hung up.

The man with the medicinal scent lunged over. Silver hair overlaid the black ones as soft lips came crashing together. The hand holding the cell phone was caught and the fingers intertwined…

After the kiss, Wen Feng Jin put the gasping Wang Xiao Mie in his embrace and kissed his hair.

“I kind of want to do it.”

“No way. There’s someone downstairs, have you forgotten?”



“…..Quickly get up.”

Wang Xiao Mie got out of the coffin and Wen Feng Jin helped him to dress before buttoning up his own clothes that he had loosened up from before.

He had heard that Wang Xiao Mie wanted to build a temple on the site of the former Xuan Feng Academy but he did not care. 

Cold fingers carefully buckled up Wang Xiao Mie’s belt…

He had no time to remember the dead.


Downstairs, Baiyu was already up. He had wrapped himself in a blanket and was sitting on the sofa.

He wanted to leave… But there was probably someone outside waiting for him.

To stay… There were two people of an unspeakable species who slept in a coffin.

‘Why is life so hard?!’ Baiyu was shedding tears internally but before he was done with his self-pity, he could hear footsteps coming from upstairs. Baiyu’s hair stood on end as he stared at the two coming down.

“Oh, you’re awake.” Wang Xiao Mie gave him a casual greeting then went straight to the bathroom. Wen Feng Jin followed right behind.

 Baiyu, who thought that they would do something to him, was staring at them wide-eyed. ‘That’s it? Don’t you want to shut me up? Not even a threat?’

Baiyu continued to stare at them even after Wang Xiao Mie came out of the bathroom and entered the kitchen.

“You…” Baiyu raised his hands warily. “You’re just gonna let me go just like that?”

Wang Xiao Mie who was preparing breakfast looked at him curiously, “Or else?”

Baiyu: “….. At least threaten me a little. What if I expose your existence?!”

Before Wang Xiao Mie could say anything, Wen Feng Jin put down the bowl in his hand. He glanced at him and sneered.

Baiyu immediately shrunk back his neck. 

“Ah, I see.” From that reaction alone, Baiyu could feel countless knives called irony stabbing at his heart.

‘Sorry, I’m such a chicken.’

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