RCFN 110

Chapter 110

Edited and Proofread by KitKat

Mo Di told Mu Tian Heng about his restlessness and discussed their next plan of action.

Should they cross the bridge when they get there or should they take the initiative?

Mu Tian Heng pondered and picked the latter.

“Those who want to harm us are in the shadows while we’re in the light. For people like Qin Cheng Yi and Mo Er Qian, it’s useless to bide our time. It’s more effective if we make the first move. This could also force them to show their hands.”

Mo Di contemplated and agreed.

“But how do we make the first move? We can’t touch them, unless…” Mo Di’s eyes lit up, “Unless we start with the Qin and Mo enterprise?”

“That’s right,” Mu Tian Heng smiled. He really wanted to hold Mo Di but the person was not within his reach, he could only hold on to his phone.

“Let’s start with their businesses. First will be the Mo family. They are no longer considered a third-rate family and the Mo Group is facing numerous problems. When I was trying to acquire the Qin Group’s businesses, I also did some digging and planning against them. As such, in less than two months, it should yield some results.”

“Brother, can you tell me everything that you have planned?”

“Of course, I will not hide anything from you.”

“Then I’ll go to your office this weekend and we’ll discuss the details. I know all their weaknesses from my previous life. I’ll make the Mo family fall even faster,” Mo Di grinned.

Ever since the competition ended Zhao Chun, Han Chao and Pang Qiang Lang had begun going to the studio prepared by Mu Tian Heng like veteran employees. They were there from eight to eleven almost every day, much unlike when they were working in the base.

For Mo Di, he was not only the boss but also the producer and programmer. On top of that, he still had to attend school, resulting in him having to run back and forth between school and the office.

On the surface, everything seemed mundane and peaceful. 

But there was a dark, invisible storm brewing.


A month later, the news of the Mo family’s tax evasion, bribery, and several other charges exploded on major news websites and media.

Overnight, the Mo family stock fell to rock bottom and their company was sealed. 

Mo Shi Qiang, Mo Shi Guo and Mo Yi Cheng were taken into custody. The Mo patriarch fainted on the spot. Waking up in the hospital, the old man was still in shock and subsequently, had a minor stroke which rendered him unable to speak.

When he was once again clear-headed, the Mo patriarch tried to speak frantically but all that came out of his mouth were drool and mumbling sounds. He ended up having to communicate with Mo Shi Hong, the only one who had not been arrested, through written words. He wanted Mo Shi Hong to round up their major shareholders and to discuss the countermeasures. But when they managed to contact them. It turned out that everyone had really jumped ship and transferred their shares.

And no matter how many times they asked, those people did not tell them who they transferred the shares to or if it was the same person. Before hanging up, they even advised them to stop wasting their time because the Mo Group was done for.

Upon hearing this, the Mo patriarch who had just had a stroke almost had a heart attack.

Ever since Mo Yi Cheng had taken over the company, Mo Shi Hong had not involved himself with any of the company’s affairs and led a very idle lifestyle. Otherwise, he would’ve been taken by the police as well. Now that things had come to this, Mo Shi Hong was incapable of handling the storm that was to come.

Needless to say, Mo Wu Hang and the others were even less suited to handle it. But as incompetent as they were, they could still tell that the Mo Group was almost certain to fall.

The Mo Group, although still had ‘Mo’ in its name, only had forty-seven percent of its shares under the Mo family. In addition to the twenty percent still circulating, more than thirty percent was now in the hands of another shareholder.

Technically, the shares in their hands should still give the Mo family absolute control but should the person with the thirty-three percent shares manage to obtain another fourteen percent, the Mo Group would have to change its name.

Mo Wu Hang and the other members had all come to this realization with cold sweat. Mo Liu Gui cried on the spot and had to be comforted by Mo Er Qian.

Only the eldest aunt refused to accept. “Stop thinking nonsense. How can that happen?!”

“No one is capable enough to gather up almost fifty percent of the shares in such a short time. Even if he has the money, the shares are now plummeting, why would he bother with it?! Stop scaring yourself. The important thing to do now is to get my husband and son out! You people just know how to laze around and do nothing, don’t you feel ashamed of yourselves?!”

“Sister-in-law, how could you say that? It’s not like your husband and son are the only ones arrested, my husband was arrested as well ok! You should check your conscience before talking, your mouth is full of sh*t!” The second aunt immediately snapped back. She had long lost her sophisticated manners and civility in her words.

“It’s your husband and son who conducted all the briberies that caused my husband to be implicated!”

“And stop denying it,” the second aunt stared at the eldest aunt and said, “All the big shareholders secretly transferring their shares, it’s definitely bought by the same person. Even the Qins could lose their company, what are we compared to them?! The important thing right now is not to get them out but to stabilize the Mo family, got it?”

The Mo second aunt had come to a decision some time back. Since her husband is so unreliable, what’s most important are her sons and the Mo family’s properties. If they expended any more resources trying to free those people, it would be picking up a sesame and losing a watermelon’!

(TN: 捡了芝麻丢了西瓜 a proverb meaning losing sight of the bigger picture while focusing on trivial matters.)

Suddenly, Mo Wu Hang banged his fist on the table and yelled, “It has to be Mu Tian Heng! Mo Di, that animal, must be up to his tricks again!!!”

Only Mu Tian Heng had the financial capability to do this. He could even acquire the Qin Group’s company, buying over their shares was a piece of cake.

“Xiao Di?”

Water was starting to fill Mo Liu Gui’s moist eyes again. Her tears kept falling as she tried to hide the resentment.

Why? Why wouldn’t Mo Di let her go?! Why must he keep targeting her?!

Hasn’t she been good to him? Why is he so poisonous?!

He had ruined her life! He had destroyed her reputation, her chance of glory, her career, and the love she could get from beauty.

She should’ve gotten everything she had in her previous life: Being pampered by everyone, loved by countless people and at the peak of her career. She should be a goddess standing at the top of the world with everyone admiring her brilliance.

But Mo Di, he was just jealous of her and had tried to ruin her life on purpose!

If she did not have the dream about their past lives, she would not have realized how tragically different it was. She did not hate him and was always tolerant towards him, so why is Mo Di so vicious towards her?!

Wasn’t she kind enough to him?!!

Even in their previous lives, she had been extremely benevolent to him despite his continuous mistreatment towards her. He had never appreciated her kindness which was why he had eventually turned himself into a villain. But was that supposed to be her fault?!

Was Mo Di trying to get even with them just because of that?

How could he be so shameless?!

She thought that bit by bit, with her persistent effort, Mo Di could change but that did not happen. She too had a limit and after being bitten once or twice, it was impossible not to retaliate.

Therefore, she wanted to teach him a lesson so he would stop trying to ruin her life!

But she had forgotten that she could never win against Mo Di when it came to doing bad things. That was why all her plans had failed and she had fallen to this point.

It had been her misstep. She should’ve known better. To deal with people like Mo Di, she couldn’t afford to be soft. Only by trampling him to death could she stop him from further hurting her.

Mo Liu Gui collapsed on the sofa and her tears continued to flow. Mo Er Qian was both frustrated and distressed. He comforted her, “Xiao Gui, I will definitely teach Mo Di a lesson. He won’t be able to mess around for long. Believe me.”

Mo Er Qian thought that Mo Liu Gui would react as always, defending the white-eyed wolf but to his surprise, she looked up at him and said, “Brother, I’m so heartbroken. I don’t want to treat him as my little brother anymore. To prevent him from hurting us again, I want to help too. We have to stop him before he makes any more mistakes and to keep our Mo family safe…”

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  4. I thought she was sane haha… but im wondering… why did Mo San Zhi ruin Mo Er Qian’s face? Did he do something to him??

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