RCFN 108

Chapter 108

Edited and Proofread by KitKat

“An expert in this field?” Mo Di’s heart jumped but there was no change in his voice, “Uncle Song, this expert, is he someone famous?”

“That, I’m not too sure. The dean didn’t say. But this person only gives out guidelines, it’s the doctors in the First Hospital who will evaluate your psychological tests.”

“I see. I was not expecting a psych evaluation to be included in our school’s annual health checkup. Such a comprehensive test, the school is going to bleed quite a huge amount of money.” Mo Di said calmly, “Thank you, Uncle Song.”

“What’s there to thank? It’s just some casual talk.” Song Yu laughed, “The competition is coming to an end, are you done with the preparations? Don’t worry, I’m sure you can win the championship. I’ve played your game and even someone who had never played games before like me is addicted, I’m sure your game will continue to be loved by many.”

“Uncle Song played my game too?” There was an added excitement in Mo Di’s voice, “Do you want me to give you a back door with an invincibility mode?”

“I’m deeply touched but better not, there’ll be a loss of motivation. I’d rather you update more chapters for me to play.”


Mo Di and Song Yu chatted for a few more minutes before hanging up. After there was no noise coming from the phone, Mo Di’s face no longer had a calm expression. 

But before he could do anything else, his phone rang again.

This time, it was Mu Tian Heng.

Mo Di connected the call immediately, “Brother.”

“You don’t have to be scared or worried about this matter. I’ll look into it.”

Mu Tian Heng’s voice was calming and gentle. It had the power to appease Mo Di and with just that one sentence, the anxiety in his heart was partially diminished because he knew that this life was different, he was no longer alone.

“Ok.” Mo Di tried to smile.

“Good boy.” There was a sound of a door closing on Mu Tian Heng’s side. “Mo Er Qian could carry out his handiwork in the previous life because the Qin and Ye family were backing him. That was why he could do whatever he wanted to you but in this life, things are different. The Qin and Ye families have lost their standing. As long as he steps out of line, we’ll throw him straight in jail.”

“But he’s a highly sought-after genius, the higher-ups would try to protect him and even if he was sent to jail, he would be out in a couple of months.” Mo Di was especially unforgiving towards Mo Er Qian, he did not want his revenge against him to be just a period of jail time.

“Brother, I want him to have a taste of his own medicine.”

Mu Tian Heng paused momentarily before continuing, “That’s for sure. But at present, I haven’t come up with a way to deal with him so it’s best to put him in jail first.”

“I don’t want to overthink this but there’s always a way for them to strike. Qin Cheng Yi was only sentenced for three months and although the Qin family has been weakened, a lean dead camel is still bigger than a horse. With the Qins’ connections, they could probably get him out even earlier. When that time comes, he won’t let me off, and… He will try to get even with you as well.”

(TN: 瘦死的骆驼比马大 The proverb roughly means that although someone had lost their standing, they are still formidable)

Mu Tian Heng understood Mo Di’s conjectures. He said, “You mean… Qin Cheng Yi and Mo Er Qian will join hands.”

“Yes, and it’s not just baseless speculation. I’m quite certain it will happen.”

After all, they were the only people on Mo Liu Gui’s side who were still influential. If they joined up to retaliate against them, Mo Di and Mu Tian Heng could suffer some damages.

“Furthermore, I don’t think that Mo Er Qian’s plan this time only involved the psych evaluation. Even if he could label me as mentally unstable, he couldn’t possibly force me into a mental institution because we’ve cut off all ties. I’m sure he has something else planned for us.”

Mu Tian Heng remained silent and did not respond immediately. As soon as he heard the phrase ‘force me into a mental institution’, his heart shook violently. 

“Brother?” Mo Di couldn’t help calling out when he did not hear Mu Tian Heng’s voice.

“I won’t let them do as they like. The asylum is where they belong.” Mu Tian Heng said in an icy tone, “They won’t be around for long. Do you trust me?”

“Of course I do but brother, you cannot be impulsive. And don’t focus too much on taking revenge. The most important thing is to live our lives well.” Mo Di was afraid that Mu Tian Heng would act rashly and betray his own principles.

Hearing Mo Di’s concern for him, Mu Tian Heng’s heart warmed up and the dark feelings subsided. “Of course, I’m not stupid, don’t worry.”


After Mo Di spoke with Mu Tian Heng, his heart stabilized and his worries were elevated. He went back to the track and completed the remaining tests with the others.

The next day, the school administration organized a trip to the First Hospital for the students to take the blood test and X-rays.

As for the psychological evaluation, it was just as Mo Di had predicted. A link was sent to them in the evening and the students had to answer the questions online. The results would come back in three days.

Mo Di was almost certain that when the results came back, his name would be on a certain list. Mo Er Qian would do anything to have him labeled as a mental patient. 

But that would also mean that within these three days, he would be completely safe.

Coincidentally, the deadline to upload their game also fell on the same night three days later. He might just receive the ‘big health report’ right before the championship round began.

However, Mo Di would never have thought that he was wrong this time.

When the results came back around the same time as the submission deadline, Mo Di did not receive any special notice. 

Still, he kept up his vigilance while focusing on his studies.


In truth, if Mo Di could see what had transpired in the Mo house, he would know that his speculation was actually spot on. 

For some reason, ever since Mo San Zhi came back from prison, he had become a whole different person. His mood was unstable and he was particularly antagonistic towards his twin brother, Mo Er Qian. 

After dinner the day before, he had accidentally knocked over a scorching hot bowl of soup into Mo Er Qian’s face, almost blinding him. 

The Mo family panicked and Mo Er Qian was immediately taken to a hospital. As a result, Mo Er Qian had half of his face covered in gauze and his eyes had to be treated for at least a week.

The Mo patriarch and the second aunt were both fuming. Unexpectedly, even Mo Liu Gui lost her temper. She did not make her magnanimous speech and joined in to reprimand Mo San Zhi. 

Only Mo Wu Hang spoke up for him but Mo San Zhi did not appreciate it. He simply called him a fool and left.

Consequently, Mo Er Qian’s accident had caused a delay in his plan.

As for Mo Di, since there had been no one to pick a fight with him, he had spent his days peacefully until the day the winner of the game competition was announced.

The competition committee provided the teams with suits and dresses for the event. At 3pm, members from the three remaining teams would have their hair and makeup done, ready for the big announcement.

The gang was very nervous. This was a live event and would last for over an hour, they did not want to make a fool of themselves.

Zhao Chun requested the makeup artist who was over forty to give her a thinner face. Hearing that, Xian Yu Chao also called him ‘brother’ and asked that he make him look good. 

The rest also began to make requests. Only Mo Di was the least demanding but ironically, the makeup artist regarded him as his most satisfactory work because of how perfect it turned out even with minimal effort.

That night, the program commenced at 8:30 sharp during the prime time slot.

In just five minutes of starting the live broadcast, millions had already tuned in. And the number kept rising quickly.

Mo Di knew that Mu Tian Heng would be watching so he straightened his back and showed a gentle smile. His movement was immediately recorded into a gif and spread like wildfire.

Among the people who were watching the program, there was one person Mo Di would never have guessed to have tuned in.

Qin Cheng Yi.

In prison, Qin Cheng Yi never had a hard time, in fact, it was more like a vacation.

Although the conditions of this ‘holiday destination’ were a little poor, it was nowhere close to the living standards of an actual prisoner.

He not only had a lot of freedom but also the right to use electronic devices. 

It is no wonder that money indeed makes the world spin.

Seeing Mo Di having a good life, Qin Cheng Yi was filled with hatred and violent thoughts. He felt that he was too merciful before. In other words, he did not want Mo Liu Gui to be hurt, that was why his methods against Mo Di had been too soft.

This person, he should have killed him a hundred times already.

His softness had in turn cost him tremendously!

And then there’s Mu Tian Heng! That conceited, arrogant, and disgusting man! The both of them should just die!

Too bad he couldn’t get out yet, or else…

“Master Qin, are you done? There will be a room check later, you should put those away.”

A flattering voice interrupted Qin Cheng Yi’s train of thought.

A police officer came in and bowed his head. He smiled and said, “We still have to at least keep up a front…”

Qin Cheng Yi had a dark look but he did not get angry. He squinted at the man and said, “Of course, I can’t put you in a difficult position.”

“But…” Qin Cheng Yi continued, “I have a little problem, I wonder if Superintendent Sun could do me a favor?”

“What is it? Please do say. As long as it’s within my power, I will definitely help you!”

“That’s good. When I get out, I’ll make sure to send Superintendent Sun my thanks.” Qin Cheng Yi stood up and gave him an icy smile, “I’ll be writing a letter and I hope you can pass it to someone for me…”

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  1. I am a little lost, who is Mo San Zhi I mean what did he do to the MC !?

    Thank for the chapters and so excited for the 20 left 🥺❤️

    Note: about the novel you recommend could you translate it !? It looks promising but there was no update for it in 2 months.

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    1. Yikes, I checked and apparently Crescent Moon had not been active for almost a year now. Bummer, they were really good. I’ll try to contact the current translator to see if they still intend to work on it, if not I’ll pick up where they left off 😀

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  2. Guess who the letter is for. Hint: MD predicted this.

    Wow, only 21 chapters left. Problem is I’m not sure what to work on next when RCFN ends. I’ve been reading a few dog blood and face slap novels but none managed to keep my interest up like this one did…

    And if you really like RCFN, here’s a recommendation if you don’t know about it already. Try Beloved Marriage in High Society. I used to work on it when I was with Crescent Moon but now it’s being translated by another group I think. The writing is a little slow-paced but the story is a lot more down to earth compared to RCFN. I find the chemistry between MC and ML is a lot like MD and MTH. Check it out if you’re interested: https://www.novelupdates.com/series/beloved-marriage-in-high-society/

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