RCFN 106

Chapter 106

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“Someone in the Mo family?”

“Brother, how did you know that?” Mo Di was quite surprised. Even he himself did not remember the Mo family members’ numbers. Furthermore, he was certain that if they were to call him, they would probably use a disposable number.

“During the previous investigations, I found all their private numbers and had them noted down.” Mu Tian Heng returned the phone to Mo Di and gave his hair a rub.

In truth, these numbers only came up when the ‘he’ from their previous lives began to investigate the Mo family.

“Brother, you’re incredible.” Mo Di’s eyes shone without a trace of doubt. Mu Tian Heng was the person he trusted the most.

“Brother, did you memorize all the numbers?”

“Almost. I have a good memory.” Mu Tian Heng had a gentle look but in a rather stern voice, he said, “Since this number belongs to the Mo family, they must be up to something. Whether it’s the base or at school, you have to be vigilant, or else I won’t allow you to participate in the competition or attend school anymore.”

“!” Mo Di was dumbfounded.

He did not expect Mu Tian Heng to become so strict to the point that he would stop him from going to the base and school. “Brother, did my story worry you? It’s actually not that bad. They don’t have that kind of power now, you don’t have to worry. Ain’t I a lot better in this life? Everything is going my way.”

“I am indeed worried which is why I want to avoid any risk.” Mu Tian Heng looked at him in all seriousness and said, “Of course I won’t make you stay at home forever, that would be my incompetence. At most, give me one year, at least until I give those scums their retribution. For now, you have to be extra careful and protect yourself, or else… I will have to suspend you from attending school for one year.”

“I know. Brother, you don’t have to worry.” Mo Di hugged Mu Tian Heng and rubbed his head against his neck. He then looked up at him and said in a sweet voice, “I was quite capable in my previous life. And in this life, I’m even more so. Didn’t we send them to jail one by one? You really don’t have to worry about me.”

Mo Di did not find Mu Tian Heng domineering nor was he worried about his freedom being restricted. He just hugged him and tried to soothe his fears.

Mu Tian Heng, in turn, held Mo Di tighter. Thinking back, he found that he was quite overbearing but Mo Di’s experiences and what he saw in his dream about their previous lives made him unable to calm down. Seeing that number was enough to send a chill down his spine.

The cold and lifeless urn was like the manifestation of his worst nightmare, haunting him with overwhelming despair and violent hatred.


“Second brother, why didn’t you let me talk?”

Mo Liu Gui grabbed her phone back and with a little frustration, she said, “It was really hard for me to finally get through. Xiao Di doesn’t answer our calls or strange numbers. This time I especially got a new number and he was willing to pick up. Second brother, why didn’t you let me talk?”

“Xiao Gui, calm down.”

Mo Er Qian looked at Mo Liu Gui with patience and tolerance, not even a hint of anger at the fact that she could not understand his intentions. “Even if you managed to talk just now, he would still hang up. When that happens, you’re the one who will be upset.”

“That won’t happen. Xiao Di won’t hang up on me. If I tell him it’s about mom, he’ll be sure to listen!”

“That’s unlikely. Mo Di had reached an unprecedented level for being a white-eyed wolf. Although I don’t want to sully my mouth talking about him, I still have to tell you that I’m right.” Mo Er Qian pushed his gold-rimmed glasses up, looking like a refined and elegant gentleman.

“His nature is that of an animal. Even if you tell him that third aunt is ill and had to be hospitalized, he would still ignore her.”

“No way, Xiao Di is not like that. He… he was the most obedient and caring child. When mom sneezed, he would run to get her cold medicine. He will not ignore her.” Mo Liu Gui’s eyes began to turn red. “Mom is seriously ill this time, how could he not go to visit her? How could he…”

“Xiao Gui, that was when he was a child. Although he was nothing good when he was a child, it was still a hundred times better than what he is now. At least back then he knew what filial piety was. Now he’s full of calculations and has no regard for his family. You want him to visit auntie, that’s not going to happen. Calling him again will only make you sad. So, listen to me, stop calling and just consider him as dead.”

“But, but…” Mo Liu Gui began to choke up, “But why did it turn out this way? Why? Xiao Di wasn’t like this before…”

Mo Er Qian patted her back and said, “Xiao Gui, he’s unworthy of your concern.”

Mo Liu Gui suddenly raised her head like she had just thought of something. She looked at Mo Er Qian with pitiful red eyes, “Second brother, do you remember I once asked you a question?”

“What question?”

“It’s… can a severe allergic reaction affect a person’s brain? Can it cause pathological changes?”

Mo Er Qian frowned, “It’s hard to say. This had to be analyzed case by case. What’s the matter Xiao Gui?”

“It just occurred to me… Xiao Di wasn’t always like this. He only changed abruptly after being hospitalized for his allergies last May! Could it be… Could it be that that incident caused a lesion or some tissue damage in his brain? Otherwise, how could a person change his temperament so drastically?!”

Mo Er Qian suddenly placed his index finger to his chin, seemingly in deep thought.

“And I’m worried…” Mo Liu Gui sobbed, “I’m worried that not only did it change Xiao Di’s personality, but it could also cause even more dangerous health issues for him!”

“Second brother, can you find a way to give Xiao Di a checkup? If you assure me that he’s fine, then I can be at ease. But if… If Xiao Di is unwell, then we should give him treatment as soon as possible. And maybe, maybe when he’s cured, his previous personality would be restored and our family could reconcile!”

Mo Er Qian showed an ambiguous smile.

He reached out to pat Mo Liu Gui on the head and spoke in a calming tone, “Xiao Gui is right. I might’ve been too ignorant. There could be some truth to this. If Xiao Di is truly sick, we have to try and help him. Although we don’t see eye to eye, we’re still a family. There’s always a chance that after he’s cured, he will return to the way he used to be.”

“That’s right!” Mo Liu Gui’s eyes lit up for a few seconds before she frowned with concern and said, “But Xiao Di has cut ties with us. What if he tries to hide his illness and refuses treatment?”

“That’s unlikely. If it’s a medical diagnosis from an authoritative doctor, how could he ignore it? He’s not that stupid.”

Mo Liu Gui looked down and rubbed her red eyes.

Of course he’s not stupid but had most likely been reborn. He would probably be traumatized by a mental checkup and would refuse any treatment. He might even suspect of it being a trap.

“What if, what if he refused the checkup?” Mo Liu Gui looked at Mo Er Qian anxiously, “We can’t force him but if we let this go on, it could get dangerous!”

“It’ll be fine. Even if he refused to see a doctor, his backer, Mu Tian Heng, will make him go. Mu Tian Heng on the surface seems to be his backer but in fact, the both of them are actually having that kind of perverted relationship. Xiao Di couldn’t possibly distrust Mu Tian Heng. As long as we get a specialized doctor to give a diagnosis, Mu Tian Heng will definitely take him to a hospital.”


“Xiao Gui, don’t worry.” Mo Er Qian pinched Mo Liu Gui’s face and sighed, “You’re too kind and worry too much. Let me handle this, I have my ways.” But I’m sorry to disappoint you. I have no intention of helping him. Instead, I’m going to make him suffer under the guise of an illness, regardless of whether he was truly sick to begin with.


Meanwhile, Mo Di had returned to the base. Before they parted, Mo Di had to assure Mu Tian Heng over and over that he would always be vigilant. 

When the gang saw Mo Di coming back, they all made fun of him, “It’s different when you have a big boss supporting you. Even your holidays are longer than ours. Xiao Di, where did you go? Did the big boss take you out to have fun?”

Thinking of what happened that night, Mo Di’s face started to heat up. He coughed and said, “No, we had some business to deal with. It’s very important… Cough. So it took quite some time.”

“What business?” Lin Jun Feng came over and asked, “Tell us!”

“This… It has something to do with our team.” Mo Di spoke calmly. After all, when they had dinner that night, they did talk about the game company.

“Something to do with our team? What is it?!” Pang Qiang Lang asked curiously, “Does the boss want to give us an investment or get us to work with his company?!” 

“As if.” Han Chao couldn’t help pointing out, “Our team has nothing in common with the boss’s businesses other than programming. I think the big boss was just helping Xiao Di sort out how to best develop our team after the competition.”

“Yes, yes, yes. You’re right.” Pang Qiang Lang quickly agreed.

His reaction made Chen Zhao roll his eyes. If it was him who refuted his words, Pang Qiang Lang was sure to argue…


Men… Especially those in love…

Chen Zhao snickered in his head. He then turned to Mo Di, “Xiao Di, the school had informed our class that there would be a physical examination and a health check, did you hear?”

“I did.” Mo Di smiled and nodded.

Xian Yu Chao shook his head and added, “But you guys might not know that this time our school coordinated with the First Hospital. They were willing to give us a full health examination from head to toe! We students are getting a free checkup!”

“A cooperation with the First Hospital?” Mo Di was surprised. “Such a large group, can our school afford to give everyone a full checkup?” 

“I think we might be required to donate blood and it might not be overly comprehensive. Most likely just a blood test, urine test, poo test and so on.” Chen Zhao said.

Zhao Chun who had wanted to join in their conversation was instantly stumped, “Did you have to mention the poo?”

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