RCFN 104

Chapter 104

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The second day after his death, the Mo family had sent someone to have his body cremated.

No one from the Mo family had showed up. Only Mo Wu Hang had used a disgusted tone to tell the crematorium staff to dump Mo Di’s ashes into the trash and not wait for them to come and pick it up.

If Mu Tian Heng hadn’t arrived in time, Mo Di’s ashes would have been mixed in with the muddy water and thrown into dirt.

When he had found Mo Di’s ashes, the sky had been overcast with strong winds and dark clouds.

Mu Tian Heng had hugged the urn and covered it with his coat.

He had never experienced such deep hatred and sorrow in his whole life.

If it hadn’t been for Lai De Si’s extreme effort in counseling and holding him back, Mu Tian Heng would have done many irrational things that would not have been in accordance with any law.

But Mu Tian Heng was not just anybody. He not only had a powerful mind and nerves of steel, but he had also been very patient.

So, he had swallowed all his emotions and returned to America with Mo Di’s urn.

And then…

He had plotted his revenge.


Mu Tian Heng had been one of the richest men in the world. There was almost no one that would have turned down the opportunity to befriend him. And so, in five years’ time, he had established connections with anyone who would have been useful to his cause, seized Hua Xia’s market, and had expanded his influence.

And during those thousand and more restless days and nights, he would spend time tracking the Qin and Mo family’s footsteps and as a result, had been able to dig up a large number of illegal activities done by the two families and gradually, even the Ye family had not been able to escape his scope.

Amongst the three, the Qin family had been particularly hard to deal with. They had had no bottom line, were lawless and the crimes they had committed were enough to destroy them a thousand times over!

But then again, the benefits they had sent out as bribes had helped them form an iron fence that could protect them thousands of times over.

Therefore, he had had to remain patient and carry out his plan step by step.

Every time Mu Tian Heng had felt that he was losing control of his dark side, he would go to see Mo Di’s urn, to talk to his little friend, ask him if he should endure and wait a while longer.

But the cold and dark urn hadn’t been able to give him any response.

Every time that Lai De Si had come to find Mu Tian Heng, he would have brought along a wine bottle and gave him some advice. Something along the lines of ‘don’t be impulsive’ and ‘think positively’.

In the seventh year after Mo Di’s death when the both of them had been in their forties, Lai De Si had come as usual with his bottle of wine but this time, his head had been hanging low. He had not given his usual speech and persuasion but had instead drowned himself in tears.

“Say, what had happened to me? Only at this age did I find out that the man I’ve loved for so many years is dead.”

Lai De Si’s blonde hair had been mixed in with grey strands. His eyes had been red as he had cried: “He’s dead! He’s dead… the person I’ve thought about for so many years, dead! He died on his way to see that heartless animal!”

“Mu… Tell me why I only found out about this now, ha? Tell me why did it take me so long to find out that that motherf**ker is from the Mo family, Mo San Zhi! He had lied to Song Yu for so many years with his glib tongue and made him into his underground lover without him even knowing! He had dared not even tell anyone about his sexual orientation, or even that Song Yu was a man…I f**king want to kill him!”

“That animal had even pretended to be a good man. Song Yu died on his way to see him and he had dared not even fart….Dared not give him a proper status, or even admit his gender! He let the whole world think that he is the most faithful lover. A bunch of girls had wanted to marry him for this and those ignorant idiots had even said that Song Yu had been lucky to have him in his life. Pei! F**k that! To hell with that animal.”

Lai De Si had cried as he threw out curses. Mu Tian Heng, however, hadn’t paid him too much heed. He had only been focused on the pitch-black urn in his hand. Lai De Si had belched and said: “Say… you’ve been eating and sleeping with this urn for so many years, aren’t you tired? Ha?! Good thing I’m the one who came to have dinner with you and don’t mind you carrying that around. If it had been someone else, see if they don’t spread rumors about your hic…About your insanity….”

Mu Tian Heng had cut a piece of cheesecake and placed it in front of the urn. He had spoken without looking at Lai De Si: “Whoever has the guts to say it, I’ll allow him to do so in my presence….”

“Oh, they won’t have the guts to say that out loud, but they will think it in their head…” Lai De Si had held the wine bottle and poured himself another glass.

Orange sunlight had shone through the window and had reflected on Mu Tian Heng’s eyes.

Looking at Mo Di’s urn, he had asked Lai De Si out of the blue: “If you had the chance to keep that Song guy’s ashes with you, wouldn’t you have done the same?”

“I…?” Lai De Si had been sluggish and his tears had fallen even harder.

“I don’t know. Song Yu, he hadn’t known about me, maybe he wouldn’t have been happy if I had kept his remains….”

“That’s right, you’re not like me.”

Mu Tian Heng had smiled briefly. His eyes had been red and slightly wet, “My little friend and I had been in love. He had said that he loved me so he’s definitely happy to let me take him with me, show him around. I’m different from you…”

“Drop the act…” Lai De Si had looked at the urn in Mu Tian Heng’s hand and snorted, he emptied the wine glass then said,“Your little friend was a lunatic, a fool! The hell he knew what love was. Stop dreaming…..”

“Ok, ok, ok, I won’t say anymore. Fine, you guys had been in love, alright?” Seeing that Mu Tian Heng had been staring daggers at him, Lai De Si had changed his tone and continued to drink as tears had flowed down his beard.

“You’re right, Mu, you’re luckier than me… But then what?” Lai De Si had glanced at the urn and said with a bitter smile, “Aren’t we the same in the end?”

“Not the same.”

Mu Tian Heng had suppressed the burning sensation in his eyes. He had looked up and gulped down the wine.


In the fourteenth year after Mo Di’s death, a series of scandals of the Qin and Mo family had erupted and swept across the nation, and eventually the world, with incredible speed. Their news had been broadcasted daily on every major network of every continent.

Not only that, but the laws that the Qin, Mo, and Ye family had broken had also been publicized with an abundance of compelling evidence and had been covered by every major news station and websites.

This had caused a sensation across the globe.

After all, the Qin group was then one of the top three giants in the world. Qin Cheng Yi would have been the richest man if Mu Tian Heng, the crippled old man, had not been holding on to the position relentlessly.

As for the Mo family, they had become the most prestigious family in Hua Xia and none other had even come close. Furthermore, Qin Cheng Yi’s beloved and the Mo family’s big miss, Mo Liu Gui, had been a world-renowned actress, regarded as the national treasure of Hua Xia.

Mo Liu Gui had been over forty but she was still as beautiful as she had been in her youth. She hadn’t only been the national treasure but also the standard of perfection across the world. The reason having been her beauty and kindness, had made everyone fond of her.

But now that the unethical and corrupt crimes that the Qin family had committed were exposed, and the Mo family’s unscrupulous means had also been revealed, Mo Liu Gui wasn’t untouchable. Her game company also went under investigation and had been found to have evaded taxes, plagiarism, etc.

These revelations had had a wide impact and repercussions and of course, the Qin, Mo, and even the lesser-known Ye family had all suffered irreparable damages. 

As the evidence had all been ironclad, there was no way for them to manipulate the law. If they could turn a serious crime into a minor crime, and minor crimes into nothing, then wouldn’t the law enforcement be a joke to the public?

But this process had not been easy. All the evidence had been collected a long time ago but the timing hadn’t been right. He still could not break the chain of corruption in the upper management. There hadn’t been anyone that he could trust to make coherent commands or showed credibility. So Mu Tian Heng had grit his teeth and held on to the evidence.

Fortunately, his wait and efforts for more than a decade hadn’t been in vain. When the time was ripe, Mu Tian Heng had offered his newest breakthrough technology to the higher-ups of Hua Xia, and very quickly, the orders had been passed along.

They had also guaranteed him a speedy closure for these cases. In fact, the government had long been frustrated with the Qin family which had no regard for the law but they hadn’t had the opportunity to take them down. Hence, this was a good chance to cooperate with Mu Tian Heng and do good for the people.

So with the government intercepting, the case had been closed in only half a month after its outbreak.

Qin Cheng Yi and his close subordinates had been arrested, his properties confiscated and a large portion of it had been acquired by Mu Tian Heng’s company in Hua Xia. As for the Ye family, the bachelor Ye Cheng Feng who had been protecting Mo Liu Gui, had wanted to console her in her husband’s place was also arrested due to tax evasion and falsifying legal documents. The Mo family had been the main catch. Those who had forced Mo Di into the asylum, especially Mo Wu Hang and Mo Si Lang who had introduced the torture methods, did not have a good ending. The Mo family since then had fallen out of the upper-class circle.

Finally, it had been exposed that Mo Liu Gui’s game company had actually been acquired after forcing Mo Di into the asylum. This and several other reasons, caused its shares to plummet and had consequently been acquired by Mu Tian Heng. The Mo Liu Gui who was in her forties but still remained a soft and innocent girl had turned haggard overnight.

However, Mo Liu Gui was the darling of the world, even with Qin Cheng Yi, Ye Cheng Feng, and the Mo family members in prison, she hadn’t been affected. Her fan base had remained supportive and the roles she received were continuous.

But how could Mu Tian Heng let her off?

After more than ten years of painstaking investigation, Mu Tian Heng had been very clear of Mo Liu Gui’s personality: an extremely hypocritical white lotus. There hadn’t been a single thought of showing leniency to her in his mind.

He came up with a sinister plan. 

There was a female star who had accidentally ‘offended’ Mo Liu Gui, causing Qin Cheng Yi to take revenge by ordering his goons to gang-rape her. The female star had completely broken down and in the end, committed suicide. After her assault and death, her father had been enraged to the point of insanity. Sometimes he would be fine and sometimes, he would lapse into lunacy. Without any agitation, he could actually live a normal life. 

When Qin Cheng Yi’s crimes were exposed and broadcasted nationwide, he had seen it too and lost his mind again.

Mu Tian Heng decided to use this man after finding out about his madness.

So he had led him to the location where Mo Liu Gui had been filming a variety show. When she had been preparing to give her innocent and pitiful act, she had been assaulted by a madman who somehow managed to enter the set. Her stomach had been stabbed, eyes blinded, and her face had been slashed.

That year after his daughter had been raped, her face had been mutilated. Whether in his sane or insane state, he would never forget her look.

Mo Liu Gui had been disfigured, blinded, and stabbed in the kidney. She had screamed and howled in agony and had immediately been taken to the hospital.

Unfortunately, no matter how advanced the hospital was, it had not been able to give her back her face and those eyes that could only cry tears of hypocrisy. 

Even though the Mo family had collapsed, they had still been protected by Mo Er Qian, an academically accomplished genius. Giving Mo Liu Gui the best treatment and medical care was an easy task.

After six months of treatment, aside from the blindness, disfigured face, and a weak kidney, Mo Liu Gui’s health had been recovering.

However, her punctured kidney eventually developed into uremia.

Those that had been left from the Mo family were Mo Er Qian, Mo San Zhi, the two aunts-in-law, Mo Liu Gui’s mother, and Mo Liu Gui’s daughter of sixteen or seventeen in age.

As for the men in the family, none had had an offspring.

After all, those that had wanted to break up were broken up and not to mention, the closeted homosexuality. At present, the only one with a family was Mo Wu Hang who had been blackmailed into marriage after sleeping with a female celebrity and making her pregnant. But after the Mo family’s downfall, she had aborted the baby and fled.

So there hadn’t been many who could be a match for Mo Liu Gui’s kidney.

In the end, only Mo Liu Gui’s darling daughter and Mo San Zhi were suitable donors. But Mo Liu Gui’s daughter had also been the family’s treasure. Whether it was how she had been raised from young or that it had been in her blood, her character was the exact replica of her mother’s. So, after her naive and kind-hearted filial speech saying how much she had wanted to save her mother, it had been followed by various reasons why she could not do so. In the end, it all came down to Mo San Zhi.

But the current Mo San Zhi, could he have stayed as the selfless brother who had once only had his sister in his heart?

How was that possible?

He was now way past his prime. At fifty, his family was in decline. He had had a bad reputation for being a hypocrite and someone had even intentionally sealed his career path, not allowing him to be hired anywhere. He was just an old man with no money, wife, or kids. And now he had to lose a kidney as well?

In the past, there had always been someone else to take his place as a scapegoat so he could be a good brother. But Mo Di was gone, his sister-in-law Wen Ru Ya was gone, his status, power, and money were also gone. He just could not continue to be a good brother anymore.

He did not want to donate but hadn’t been courageous enough to speak up, so after it was decided, he had planned to run away. To his dismay, he had been dosed with anesthetic and sent directly to the operating table by Mo Er Qian who had already seen through him. His kidney had been removed and given to Mo Liu Gui.

Unfortunately, there was an accident during the surgery. Mo Liu Gui had been successful in getting a new kidney but Mo San Zhi did not manage to get off the operating table.

That was just great, the Mo second aunt completely lost it. 

A total of three sons she had. The youngest had gone to prison for Mo Liu Gui. The eldest had forced his brother into surgery and cut off his kidney for Mo Liu Gui, causing her second son’s death!!!

The second aunt’s hatred had escalated. She hated her eldest son for not thinking clearly but the one she had hated the most was Mo Liu Gui!

If it hadn’t been for Mo Liu Gui, the little money they had left would not have been completely gone. They could have bought her a kidney, her son would not have been in prison and her second son would have still been alive!!!

And that wretched ghost had still been pretentiously crying, acting aggrieved.

After the second aunt had held Mo San Zhi’s funeral, she had gathered all her hatred and with red eyes and gritting teeth, she had lit Mo Liu Gui’s room on fire and staged it as an accident to avenge her son.

Unfortunately, the fire had been uncontrollable.


The flames had burned the Mo family to the ground. Other than the aunts-in-law and Mo Liu Gui’s daughter with a burned face, there had been nothing left of the Mo legacy.

The big fire had been identified as an accident while being reported on the news.

But only Mu Tian Heng had known the truth. That fire hadn’t only been the second aunt’s hard work, but there had also been a little ‘help’ from him.

Although Mu Tian Heng hadn’t been satisfied with their retribution, which hadn’t even been comparable to one percent of what his little Mo Di had been through, he had ultimately avenged him.

After completing his revenge, Mu Tian Heng had returned to American.

He resided in the villa where he and Mo Di had lived for that one year. He would admire the flowers Mo Di had used to like, eat the cakes that Mo Di had used to eat, and try to catch the fireflies that Mo Di had tried to capture.

Later, Mu Tian Heng had also established many charity organizations, charitable hospitals, schools, libraries, and so on all over the world in Mo Di’s name.

He did not ask for anything else except that the people who had received the help pray for Mo Di in their hearts so that in Mo Di’s next life, there would be peace, health, and happiness.

Most people did not understand Mu Tian Heng’s request and thought that he was very strange. But those who had received his benevolence had complied with his wishes and prayed.

The day Mu Tian Heng had felt like he was leaving this world, he had called his nephew and passed along his will, leaving him a portion of his wealth and the rest had gone to the various Mo Di charities and had requested his supervision of them after he had passed on. 

And most importantly to take his ashes and put them in the urn that he had always had with him.

Finally, Mu Tian Heng had died at the age of seventy-one….

The same day he had found Mo Di thirty years ago.

(E/n: So touching to have come a full circle :’))

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