Chapter 98

Edited and Proofread by KitKat

The announcement was made several times but no one came to return Mo Di’s phone. 

When Mu Tian Heng tried calling it, there was a ring at first but then the call was rejected, and eventually, the phone was turned off.

Mo Di was now certain that whether his phone was taken by mistake or on purpose, the chances of him getting it back was very small.

He was too anxious to relax and his heart was sinking fast.

Knowing that the person who took Mo Di’s phone was refusing to return it to them, Mu Tian Heng was furious but seeing Mo Di’s disheartened look, he gently reached out and touched his cheek, then softly coaxed him, “Don’t be upset. That person probably didn’t hear the ring or maybe the phone is out of battery. Let’s try again tomorrow. Since there’s nothing important on it, you don’t have to worry too much. Let’s go to the mall before it closes and buy a new one.”

Mo Di looked at Mu Tian Heng. The bright lights of the park began to blur behind him.

Mo Di’s eyes became hot. He suddenly lunged into Mu Tian Heng’s chest and buried his head inside.

“Brother, brother… will you always be good to me like this?”

“Did losing your phone turn you silly?” Mu Tian Heng smiled. He hugged Mo Di and gently rubbed his head, “Of course I will keep being good to you and it’ll never change. Why do you ask such a question?” 

“Really?” Mo Di’s eyes were slightly red. He regretted writing that memo and hated himself even more for not deleting that stupid note after falling for Mu Tian Heng.

He had completely forgotten about its existence.

“Of course.” Mu Tian Heng looked into Mo Di’s eyes, “Don’t you believe me?”

“It’s not that I don’t believe you, but… I’m just scared. You treat me too well. No one has been this kind to me before, you’re the only one. You’re also the most important person to me. I fear that one day you won’t like me anymore.” Mo Di sniffed and his voice was shaking, “I’m scared…”

“Brother, why don’t you stop being this good to me? So when the time comes and you stopped liking me, I would still be able to take it.” Mo Di kept his head down and spurted words he did not fully understand himself.

Mu Tian Heng was not sure whether to laugh or feel distressed over Mo Di’s sudden sense of insecurity. 

“Silly.” Mu Tian Heng gave Mo Di’s forehead a pat, “What kind of request is this? Who would ask someone else to treat themselves badly?”

“Ah.” Mo Di was quite stunned by the hit. He looked up with moist eyes and covered his forehead innocently, “It hurts…”

“So you do feel pain. I thought you were sleeping and seeing some weird dream,” Mu Tian Heng said as he pulled Mo Di’s hand away from his forehead and rubbed it for him.

“Does it still hurt?”

“…Yes.” Mo Di gave Mu Tian Heng a grievous look. He was not feeling any pain but he just wanted to be pampered by Mu Tian Heng and make this moment last a little longer.

“Then don’t say such things again,” Mu Tian Heng said so but he regretted it deeply. He never wanted Mo Di to have to experience any pain but he had accidentally used too much strength just now. 

Mu Tian Heng leaned over and kissed the pinkish dot on Mo Di’s forehead.

Mo Di opened his eyes slowly. He could clearly hear the next thing that Mu Tian Heng said to him.

“How could I not love you? Even if you make a big mistake, at most I will hit you on the butt and after that, I will still dote on you. I will never stop liking you or stop treating you well. Therefore, don’t say words like this again. I will only think that I was not good enough and that’s why you’re feeling insecure.” 

“There’s no such thing! Brother, you’re perfect!” Mo Di shook his head immediately. “You’re really great, you’re the best!”

Mu Tian Heng looked at Mo Di’s earnest eyes and smiled, “Then that’s that. Stop giving yourself unnecessary headaches.”

Mo Di sniffed and glanced at Mu Tian Heng. He then plunged back into his embrace.

“Sorry brother, I was overthinking.”

“There’s nothing to apologize for. This only means that I have to work harder.” Mu Tian Heng lowered his head and kissed Mo Di’s hair.

“Do you still want to go for another ride?” 

“I don’t feel like playing anymore.” Mo Di shook his head. Although his fears were somewhat elevated, he didn’t want to hang around the amusement park anymore.

“Brother, let’s go get a new phone then go to the movies.”

“Alright.” Since it was Mo Di’s request, Mu Tian Heng naturally complied. 


No one from the amusement park got back to them about the missing phone and Mo Di had completely given up on it.

At almost midnight, Mu Tian Heng sent Mo Di back to the base. 

Mo Di kissed Mu Tian Heng goodbye and did not mention the cell phone again. He waved at Mu Tian Heng, then ran back to the villa.

Mu Tian Heng watched as his little lover left, all the way until he had disappeared out of sight. He then took out his phone and dialed for Assistant Gao.

“Sir.” Assistant Gao was always on duty for Mu Tian Heng and hence, the phone was picked up after a mere three seconds. 

Mu Tian Heng instructed Assistant Gao to publish a notice over major media platforms to find Mo Di’s cell phone. A fifty thousand yuan would also be rewarded to whoever brought it back.

No matter how expensive a used cell phone was, it could not even fetch five thousand yuan. Now that the reward was fifty thousand, anyone in their right mind would know what they should do.

As expected, a call came in the following day regarding the missing cell phone.

The caller sounded like a middle-aged man with a slight accent.

“Is it Mr. Gao? I saw the notice and called to return the phone. I took my kid to the amusement park yesterday and only realized that I took the wrong phone after we had left. I’m very sorry about that.”

The contact information left on the notices was Assistant Gao’s number. He listened to the man without pointing out the loopholes in his story. “May I ask how you can confirm that you have the phone we’re looking for?”

“Of course it is! It’s absolutely the one you’re looking for. It has a blue case and there’s a picture of the sea on it,” the man quickly replied.

“About that, I’d have to reconfirm.”

“Reconfirm?!” the man raised his voice. “Are you making excuses so that you don’t have to give out the reward? You big bosses are so wealthy, how can you be this stingy?!”

“That’s not the case. I’m a man of my word. How about this, you use that phone to call the number on the notice, after I confirm that the caller ID is correct, you can bring the phone to me and I will give you the reward.”

“Alright, I will call you again,” The man said then hung up instantly.

Ten seconds later, Assistant Gao’s phone rang again. It was indeed Mo Di’s number that Mu Tian Heng had given him. 

Assistant Gao proceeded to give the man a designated location where they would exchange the phone for the money.

The man readily agreed.

Before leaving to meet the man, Assistant Gao reported the matter to Mu Tian Heng. After listening, Mu Tian Heng told him to bring along a police officer.

The day before, he had called the phone countless times and was rejected. The phone was then shut down which proved that it had not been taken by mistake and the man had had no intention of returning it. This behavior was a direct violation of the law and there was no way Mu Tian Heng would have let him go. The reward would still be handed out because he was a man of his word but he would make sure that the man was punished appropriately.


An hour later, Assistant Gao had settled everything and brought the phone back to the company.

When he was on his way to the chairman’s office to return the phone, Lai De Si came humming from the corridor.

“Old Gao, what’s up? You’re reporting to Mu? He’s having a video conference with those old men, it’s going to take a while.”

“…” Assistant Gao was at a loss but he calmly replied, “I’m not here to give a report. I’m here to hand Mo Di’s lost phone to the chairman.”

“Oh, it’s been found? That’s pretty fast. You can give it to me, I’ll also be attending the conference in a moment and I’ll pass it to Mu for you.” Lai De Si said.

Assistant Gao hesitated for a bit before deciding that there shouldn’t be a problem handing it to Lai De Si and so he agreed.

Lai De Si put the phone in his pocket and went back to his office.

Lai De Si’s office was also equipped with a small lounge furnished with a wardrobe, bathroom, and other amenities. Lai De Si placed the phone and his laptop on the desk before going to the wardrobe to get changed.

He was about to meet that group of grumpy old men later and under-dressing would cause him to be reprimanded. 

How annoying!

Just as he was changing clothes, his office door was knocked twice and George’s voice came through the door.

“Lai De Si, we’re holding the weekly competition. Have you prepared the challenge yet?”

“It’s done!” Lai De Si replied from the changing room. “This time is a decoding race. Whoever can decrypt the program the fastest is the winner. But I won’t be participating this time, I have a meeting later.”

“Then where’s the material? Give it to me.” 

“It’s on the desk, you can come in and take it with you,” Lai De Si said as he fidgeted in front of the mirror with a tie he had found in the drawer.

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  1. I seriously want to punch something rn. The coming angst/drama between their relationship is making me anxious. I mean I should have expected this; their relationship was too smooth sailing. Hopefully this “bomb” is just a painless one.

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  2. Geez, this Lai De Si is such a meddler! Busying himself with things that don’t concern him and not even being able to handle them well…
    Thank you for the chapter ❤

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