Chapter 96

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Qin Guang Jie was admitted to the hospital and the Qin Enterprise was in complete chaos.

After regaining consciousness, he struggled to sit up from his hospital bed and began making phone calls non-stop, trying to find ways to keep Qin Cheng Yi out of jail and keep his company in shape, but…

It was harder than he thought. Qin Guang Jie soon realized that he was powerless; whether it was protecting his son or the Qin Group.


Mo Di completely let go of matters regarding the Qin family and let Mu Tian Heng deal with them however he liked. He shifted his focus back to the game competition. 

After the quarter-finals, only eight teams were left and the number would be reduced to five after the semi-finals. The semi-final would be a step up from the previous rounds and each team would have at least three promotional videos which would have the chance of being advertised on various media throughout the country.

Furthermore, investors were also interested in turning one of the games into a movie. Being the top in the quarter-final round and also currently the most talked-about game in the competition, many directors and filmmakers were yearning to have a chance to work with Mo Di’s game

All this was well but Mo Di was concerned with something else. The Lantern Festival was coming which also meant that their school would be starting soon but the competition was still ongoing.

Mo Di mulled over this and finally made a proposal to the competition committee. He would attend school on the weekdays and come back to the base on the weekends for the video shoot. 

The committee staff wanted to reject his proposal right away but considering how popular Mo Di’s team had become and the excellence of their game, the staff decided to pass on his request to the higher-ups and let them make the decision.

After two days, Mo Di’s request was approved in the form of a new regulation being implemented. The regulation stated that students could return to their schools during the weekdays and come back on the weekends. A special card would be issued so that they could come and go without being questioned. However, this regulation was quite redundant because it only applied to Mo Di and his roommates as no one else in the other teams were still in school.

At the same time, Mo Di also received another piece of good news.

Qin Cheng Yi’s crime had been put on record and only his prison time was left to be decided in court.

It could be seen that Qin Guang Jie was truly concerned about his son. While struggling between his company and Qin Cheng Yi’s case, he had decided to focus everything on his son instead, relenting the entertainment and real estate companies to the acquisition. 

Ironically, no matter how good he treated Qin Cheng Yi and how much he had to sacrifice for him, in Qin Cheng Yi’s eyes, he was nothing compared to Mo Liu Gui. If Qin Guang Jie dared to harm her, Qin Cheng Yi certainly would not hesitate to cut down his own father for her.

As for the Mo Liu Gui of his heart…

She was finally being taken in for questioning by the police.

Mo Liu Gui was being charged for defaming Mo Di but it was quite a difficult case because she had been very clever with her words. She had never directly denigrated Mo Di. Her words were always implicative and she claimed that the netizens were the ones who had wrongly interpreted everything that she had said. She stated that she had asked them to stop abusing Mo Di but the netizens over-exaggerated everything and did as they pleased but that she had not encouraged any of their malicious behaviors towards Mo Di.

The two policewomen questioning her were also convinced by the story after listening to her statement mixed with sobs and cries.

To help her case, apart from Mo Liu Gui’s skillful acting, the Mo family had also been up in arms. After all, Mo Liu Gui was the heart and soul of the family. Her being arrested was countless times more horrible than any of the other grandchildren being sent to prison!

The Mo patriarch no longer said that the Mo family was out of resources to help his grandchild. He did not even need his crutch to walk and went straight to meet up with anyone who could help. Ruan Qing Dan was crying her eyes out.

At the same time, Qin Cheng Yi could also guess that Mo Liu Gui would be facing this predicament and hence, confessed that he was the sole mastermind behind everything. With this confession, Mo Liu Gui was clear of suspicion including the tampering of the medical report. She was only detained briefly and was released after the police confirmed her nonparticipation in said case.

Everyone in the Mo family was overjoyed, except for the First and Second aunts.


Mo Liu Gui was not the least happy being exonerated.

She knew very well that she could no longer captivate anymore ‘passersby’ to become her fans and her name was now in the dump.

Very soon, all her roles were discarded or given to someone else. The contracts that were still being drafted were all discarded. To top it off, she had to compensate for the breach of her current contracts due to her ruined reputation.

For the first time in her life, she felt that the sky was falling on her. Since her birth, she had never encountered such a dark and terrifying situation. 

She cried pitifully in her mother’s arms.

What should she do?! What would become of her in the future?!

If Mo Di were here, he would probably comfort her by telling her that this was not the worst that could happen; this was just the beginning.


Mo Di stayed in the base for a few days till the Lantern Festival. As the Festival happened to coincide with the weekend, the competition committee ‘generously’ gave them a half-day off early.

However, Mo Di did not use this time to go home or visit Mu Tian Heng but attended a court session.

Qin Cheng Yi would be on trial that day and Mo Di had to appear in court, something he was happy to comply with.

Knowing that Mo Di was attending the court session, Xian Yu Chao and the others expressed their interest to tag along.

Mu Tian Heng had wanted to accompany Mo Di for this significant occasion but the acquisition of the Qin Group’s companies had transitioned to the final and most critical stage and Mu Tian Heng had to focus on it without respite.

In fact, for Mo Di, Mu Tian Heng could relinquish anything to be there for him but Mo Di insisted that he focus on the acquisition instead. Because, compared to this trial, toppling the Qin Enterprise was the most effective way to bring down Qin Cheng Yi. Mo Di told him that it would bring him more joy seeing Qin Cheng Yi lose his standing and power than him being imprisoned for this petty crime.

What else could Mu Tian Heng do? And how could he not love his Mo Di? 

His little one was just too sensible and rational that there was no room for argument. 

Mu Tian Heng relented and doubled his efforts to finalize the acquisition swiftly and triumphantly.


The trial began on the dot.

During the session, Qin Cheng Yi looked at Mo Di with deep-seated hatred. There was no change in his expression but there was extreme violence hidden in his eyes.

If there was a chance, he would definitely put Mo Di to death.

Unfortunately for him, he currently did not have the power to touch Mo Di.

On the other hand, Qin Guang Jie really did love this son of his. He had used up all his cards and owed countless favors for Qin Cheng Yi’s sake. He even had to put aside the troubles of his entertainment and real estate companies to focus his resources on helping him.

And his efforts paid off.

Although Qin Cheng Yi was found guilty of the charges, his sentence was reduced to the minimum of three months imprisonment.

Xian Yu Chao and the others couldn’t help but protest that there was definitely something exchanged under the table!

Mo Di did not think much of it and only smiled.

He was looking forward to seeing how Qin Cheng Yi would do in prison and more importantly, how the Qin Group would be after Qin Cheng Yi was released.

Most likely it would drop out of Hua Xia’s top five enterprises.

After the verdict was passed, the group invited Mo Di for lunch to alleviate his shock.

Mo Di could only laugh at them and said, “I’m not in any shock or frustration. I’m totally fine.”

“That’s even more alarming,” Xian Yu Chao said, “Anyway, didn’t you say that the big boss is busy so you won’t be visiting him today?”

“I’m going to see him tonight,” Mo Di responded.

“Exactly! You’ll only be going tonight so for now we should have some fun together. Let’s have hotpot and also some reunion noodles for good luck,” Chen Zhao said.

“Xiao Di, since we’re all free this afternoon, let’s do some team building activities,” Zhao Chun added.

Mo Di smiled at the expectant faces and nodded, “Ok.”

“Alright! Let’s book a cab then!” Pang Qiang Lang took out his phone to get transportation for the group, “The eight of us would probably need three cars. Han Chao and I will go together and the rest of you can split up however you want.”

Upon hearing his words, Mo Di squinted and remembered the strange vibe he was getting from Pang Qiang Lang these past few days. He did not give it much thought back then but now, he was getting a sense that Pang Qiang Lang was acting differently towards Han Chao.

But he was not going to meddle with their affairs. Although Han Chao was older than him age-wise, he did not seem to know much about homosexual relationships. His ignorance could only mean that Pang Qiang Lang had to work extra hard.

In fact, even Pang Qiang Lang did not seem to be fully aware of his feelings either. Maybe in his mind, he just wanted to be nicer to Han Chao.

It was overly crowded in the hotspot restaurant that they went to. The group had to wait for half an hour before a table opened up for them. 

After they left their things in the seat, Mo Di went to wash his hands with several of the boys. Right in front of the bathroom door, Mo Di happened to see someone he had not seen for a long time…

It was Gu Ran Ju!

Mo Di instantly remembered Gu Ran Ju’s rabid behaviors from their previous encounters and took a step back. Strangely, as soon as Gu Ran Ju saw him, he was surprised for a brief moment before his face started blushing which then turned into anger. He stood staring at Mo Di with an indefinable expression. Finally, he flicked his arms… And ran away.

Mo Di: “???”

It was baffling but Mo Di did not give it another thought. He entered the bathroom and washed his hands.

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