Chapter 94

Edited and Proofread by KitKat

Even the netizens following the live broadcast of the game competition had been swept with the news; the users of other social platforms naturally would have received the news a step faster.

Especially Weibo –

It had exploded a long time ago!

Who would’ve thought that this matter could still be reversed?! 

…And what an incredible turn of events!!!

Mo Liu Gui’s medical report was fake! And there was irrefutable evidence to prove it. Furthermore, this news was disclosed by the Police Department and hence, there was nothing Mo Liu Gui’s fans nor the water army could say to salvage this.

Of course, there were still a handful of remnants who still insulted Mo Di and accused the police of going against Mo Liu Gui but they were mostly ignored or reported. Even Mo Liu Gui’s die-hard fans could not agree with them and had to stay quiet.

The revelation this time was too startling that it garnered even more attention than when Mo Liu Gui produced proof for her depression. This was because it not only involved a doctor producing fabricated medical reports but also revealed someone else who was quite a bigshot — Qin Cheng Yi, the son of Hua Xia’s richest man and also the current general manager of the Qin Group in name.

Why ‘in name’ you ask? Because, according to an insider, although Qin Cheng Yi was very capable and his true status was only second to that of his father, Qin Guang Jie, he still lacked the seniority to be put in a higher position.

And this outstanding and powerful man was the one who contacted Doctor Yang Qi Quan to have him make a fake medical report for Mo Liu Gui on top of hiring a powerful water army to fuel this scandal and maliciously besmirched Mo Di’s name.

The netizens had been busy following this series of events with great interests. At present, the top six hot searches were all related to this scandal:

[Mo Liu Gui’s medical report is fake]

[Mo Liu Gui deliberately defame Mo Di]

[Qin Cheng Yi paid off Dr. Yang Qi Quan]

[Dr. Yang Qi Quan falsified medical records]

[Mo Liu Gui is a high ranking white lotus]

[Mo Di is really unfortunate]

Many similar posts were popping up on every other forum and social media platforms. And to keep the newcomers up to date, several blogs and vlogs retold the whole story from the start, fully documented with pictures and videos. These posts were then linked and further spread exponentially. 

[Let me, a scandalmonger give you the whole scoop in chronological order:

It all started when Mo Liu Gui did a very rotten thing – she lied that she had severe depression before to gain sympathy. This not only disrespected patients with depression but also undermined the illness. Furthermore, she also tried to imply that her brother, Mo Di, was the cause of everything bad that happened to her and her family. This spawned a wave of hatred from the netizens towards Mo Di while making her seem like a saint with a kind and benevolent heart. I have to say that that’s just disgusting!

Attached below are the photos of her during the interview when she mentioned that she had depression. Actually the host was asking her about her childhood, Ms. Mo Liu Gui, don’t you think your answer is off-topic?

(Pic, pic, pic)

With photos as evidence, it can be seen that Mo Liu Gui intentionally wanted the world to know of her depression and how selfish Mo Di was (this poor baby is really unfortunate). Although her words did not explicitly point to Mo Di as the one at fault, the underlying meaning was very clear. She painted a picture of how she had to conceal her depression from her family because she did not want them to worry while Mo Di disregarded her efforts and selfishly caused trouble. This was all to show the contrast between her good nature and Mo Di’s insensitivity.

Mo Liu Gui also cleverly led everyone to think that the extremely biased treatment Mo Di received from the Mo family was all justified because he was the cause of her depression. From his father framing him for cheating in the College Entrance Exam to Mo Si Lang making his crazy fans attack him with acid, all this was justly done because they thought that Mo Di had mistreated Mo Liu Gui and that he deserved to be treated as such. 

For those who don’t know about this, you can watch this video: LINK

Next, when Mo Liu Gui’s depression claim was under suspicion, she posted a medical report two days later, bought a hot search, and hired the water army to publicize this matter. It was from this point that she had the netizens hoodwinked, gaining over a million fans and making them spread her goodness and further dragged Mo Di’s name through the mud.

Miss Mo then showed her specious generosity by asking the netizens to cease their attacks on her brother because no matter what he does, she would forgive him and treat him as her brother. It sounded harmless but her statement simply confirmed the netizens’ speculation that Mo Di was the one at fault.

As things progressed, the netizen’s anger towards Mo Di escalated to the point where they demanded his removal from the game competition. 

And just as this matter finally reached its peak, a shocking truth was revealed: Mo Liu Gui’s depression was all made up!

The mastermind behind the tampered medical certificate was Mo Liu Gui’s boyfriend, Qin Cheng Yi, who also happens to be the son of Hua Xia’s richest man. This fraud was officially disclosed by the Metropolitan police and there was no denouncing it.

And this is everything that has transgressed so far. I will update if there are other developments. Overall, I can only summarize that Mo Liu Gui is a white lotus of the highest level, I have never felt so sick of anyone until I met her. Let me just congratulate her for having her name known all throughout Hua Xia for inciting hatred towards her brother so she could feign kindness.

The end.

Wait, there’s something else I almost forgot. I strongly recommend the game Infinite Life produced by Mo Di’s team. It is an incredible game!]

This post, which was filled with detailed analysis accompanied by pictures and links, was quickly forwarded and flooded with comments.


Soon, the only impression of Mo Liu Gui left in the minds of everyone was how vile and terrifying she was. Who would’ve thought that a beautiful and sweet girl like her could have such a vicious mind?

This time, Mo Liu Gui’s plans backfired and she had received irreversible damage. 

She watched the barrage of condemning words online and cried till her eyes were completely red, causing everyone in the Mo family much distress. They tried to comfort her while cursing Mo Di.

Mo Liu Gui did not have the heart to fuel their anger anymore. She was in sheer panic. At this rate, she would be losing all her supporters and it would also be impossible to gain new ones. She would not be able to have a comeback!

As the last resort, she abandoned her pride and for the first time, took the initiative to call Qin Cheng Yi to ask for his help.

But Qin Cheng Yi did not pick up…

After all, how could he when he was in custody?

According to new regulations, forgery and tampering of medical records were now classified as serious crimes. Qin Cheng Yi, as the mastermind, was subjected to heavy legal liabilities and on top of that, he was also charged with defamation for hiring the water army to slander and insult Mo Di.

One could argue that Mo Liu Gui should’ve faced the same defamation charges but she had been too good with her words that it was only considered as being suggestive. The police could only place her under possible charges and couldn’t take the next step in questioning her unless a lawsuit was being filed against her.

As for Qin Cheng Yi, his rightful sentence would be a one-year prison time but Mu Tian Heng’s lawyer analyzed that the Qin family would use everything in their power to overturn this. After all, they had made criminal charges more serious than this go away.

Nonetheless, Mu Tian Heng absolutely would not sit still and let the Qin family have their way.



Mo Di only got his phone back when the ceremony was over. He browsed the freshly released news over the internet and found that everything was as they had expected.

The others were not as calm as Mo Di. Seeing that Mo Liu Gui was exposed and the public sending their apologies to Mo Di, everyone’s excitement went through the roof! They even cast aside the fact that not only was the group promoted to the next stage of the competition, their game had also scored the most number of points, making them the current top ranking team of the competition.

After Mo Di left the venue, he immediately called Mu Tian Heng to give him the good news.

But unexpectedly, Mu Tian Heng’s phone was turned off.

Mo Di reluctantly hung up and decided to take a shower before trying again.

At this time, Mu Tian Heng was holding a video conference with several other shareholders of Impression.

“…Therefore, this is a once in a lifetime chance.”

Mu Tian Heng, in a majestic posture, looked firmly at the group of people in front of him. In a calm and domineering voice, he said, “We will have to mobilize a large number of funds for this and there will be risks, but you should trust my vision and judgment. I can assure you that once the acquisition is successful, we will only benefit from it. The real estate and entertainment companies under the Qin Group are highly regarded in Hua Xia. Acquiring them will ensure us a strong foothold in Hua Xia’s market which will in turn allow Impression to delve deeper into the Asian market.”

“Mu, we definitely trust your judgment but the funds needed are too much. I hope you can give us some time to think about this,” said a blonde-haired middle-aged man on screen.

“Of course, however, I hope you can give me an answer within a day since such a large fund will require quite a bit of time to bring together.”

The shareholders looked at each other and nodded in succession, “No problem.”

Mu Tian Heng’s eyes darkened undetectably, “Alright then, we will hold another meeting; same time tomorrow.”

After toiling for over a month, Mu Tian Heng’s efforts finally paid off and he was ready to put everything into action. 

He was determined that this time, he would not only make sure that Qin Cheng Yi is punished but also that Qin Group could only stand back and watch him sentenced to prison.

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  1. Finally, Mo Liu Gui’s mask is completely torn off. Of course, the family won’t go down without a fight, but with their reputation in tatters and their staunchest ally in prison they don’t have so many options left.
    Thank you for the chapter! ❤

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